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The Legend of Venya: The Dark Avatar

Game Master Meowselsworth


Blue suit: 19 (Dying!)
Suit gal: 18
Taikahana: 16 (KO!)
Mica: 16
Fancy red 2: 15
Jampo: 12
Palila: 9
Tikaani: 9
Siba: 6
Fancy red 1: 3

Mica is up!

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3 people marked this as a favorite.
Female Helmet Cat

Fire. Air. Water. Earth. When I was a child, my father told me of his travels with Avatar Korra. He told us that the age of Korra was one of great change and about how she brought back the Air Nation, defeated the dark spirit Vaatu and restored the connection to the spirit world. Even in the last decades of her life, Korra and her friends traveled across the nations in order to keep peace and to help their leaders make it a better place for benders and non-benders alike. As with all things, her time in this world has come to an end, and the cycle of the Avatar continues. It is now our responsibility to find and make sure the new Avatar has the guidance to grow into a legend.

-Jian Beifong

Female Helmet Cat

Avatar Korra died in 213 AG, her lifespan shortened due to the poison that ravaged her body in her youth and her reliance on the Avatar state. She died at the age of 60. This campaign takes place in 229 AG,

This campaign will be Gestalt, Kineticist of your element plus a martial arts class of your choice. Only one of each bender type, you can determine among yourselves which you'd like to be. We also have space for one non-bender, who will be a Gestalt between any two non-magical classes that would fit thematically within the Avatar universe.

25-point buy. I will be providing a set of campaign traits that you might be interested in that will fit the flavour of the world.

You are part of the team that is searching for the Avatar, who has not yet been found despite being 16 years of age, the age that the Avatar is normally told about their destiny. You are each a representative of your own nation, gathered together by Jian Beifong, daughter of Bolin and Opal Beifong. If there is a non-bender, that PC is a representative of Republic City.

Your background should include your nation and why you, in particular, are suited to be part of the Avatar's spiritual journey. It's expected that once you find the Avatar, you will be travelling with them through the four nations and providing guidance on how to bend the element you are associated with.

The order that the Avatar is to learn the elements is earth, then fire, then air and finally water. Because the new Avatar is an Earthbender, it's expected they are in the Earth Kingdom (Kingdom in name only, as it is more of a Confederacy now with a monarch as Head of State).

I'm in! My order of preference:

  • Nonbender
  • Fire bender
  • Earth bender
  • Water bender
  • Air bender


Preference is definitely earthbender at the moment.

Totally in! My preference order

Water Bender
Earth Bender
Air Bender
Non Bender
Fire Bender

My name is Bong. Dan Bong.

I even have a name! No element yet, but a name. Our preferences are falling out well so far.

Female Helmet Cat

I'm going to ask that you start at second level. You'll have accomplished some minor things before being picked.

Also, if you want to be using unchained monk as your base rather than monk for your base class, we can talk about modifying the archetypes to fit, and I'll work on balancing it out. If it can't work, I'll say as much, but I'll do what I can to make sure we get the flavour for making your characters feel right.

Legendary Merchant of Pins

It looks like my character will either be a pyro or an aero if people all get what they want so far.

I'm willing to work with whichever is left over once we have our fifth. No need for the new guy/gal to not have any choice! are we handling the idea of healing? 3.P is built assuming healing is available if not through a healing class but access to potions/scrolls/wands and even NPC services.

Will we have ki healing abilities, or would it be allowable for one of us to have a healing class as their secondary Gestalt?

I am interested Meowsel, (Thank you for the notice)

I am also trying to be realistic about my PbP's, BUT I loved the original series, and I like the Korra series, so I am definitely interested! :)

In answer to Pin, IIRC, aren't the Water-benders also the healers? (No idea how to reflect that in a keneticist/monk campaign, I haven't played either of those classes yet!)

If You allow me in, I'll happily take whichever is left after Pin picks his element. Firebender and airbender both sound like fun to me!

Female Helmet Cat

Actually, pin has already claimed the last one standing, Ragadolf, so it's your pick!

As for healing, yes, the waterbender is going to be able to heal, and there is healing available with the water kineticist. Also my campaign traits will be a little bit above the power curve and will help round out the characters, depending on location, and the southern water tribe trait should help with healing.

However, I will let pin speak for himself on the matter of choosing air or fire or abstaining. If you both abstain, I will flip a coin.

It sounds like the comp would be:

Leoian: Waterbender
Mahorfeus: Earthbender
pinvendor: Air or Fire
Ragadolf: Fire or Air
Treppa: Sokka

This is going to be a pretty house rules heavy game, so be prepared for that. If there's ever any issues, feel free. Now, allow me to round out my campaign traits so that you'll have plenty to choose from!

WOnderful Meows!

Thanks again!

Pinvendor, Do you have ANY preference at all which to play?

My ONLY preference will consider the fact that I am currently playing a fire-heavy wizard in another PbP currently, so I am leaning towards the Airbender, ;P

But I happily allow YOU first choice! (You were here first!)
If you still defer, I will ask for the Airbender. :)

Either way,... COOL! :D

My name is Bong. Dan Bong.


I'm comic relief?

M'kay! But kinda got that going with Nicea.

Female Helmet Cat

Haha, you don't actually have to be comic relief! You can be the Asami if you want to be. Just a joke about you being a non-bender.

I will be posting my traits into discussion one by one, because they are not final. I will have 6-8 campaign traits available.

My first example for a campaign trait:

Campaign Trait: Spiritualist:
You've always been attuned to the spirit world and your community has looked to you for spiritual guidance. Once while you were doing your meditations, you found yourself in the spirit world and you had an encounter with a spirit who would change your life. You were a natural choice for helping the Avatar on their spiritual journey.

Benefit: Once per day, you can project your consciousness. Your projected self is treated as if under the effect of the spell "Etherealness" but your physical body remains where it was. After the first minute, you must succeed a DC 10 will save to remain in this state. For each subsequent minute, add 10 to the DC of this save.

That fateful day, you met:
Koh the Face Stealer: You recognized this spirit and remembered not to show any emotion during your encounter. +1 trait bonus to Bluff and +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (Spirits) and one of these of your choice is always a class skill for you.
Wan Shi Tong: You were somewhere that you were not supposed to be, and you came across Wan Shi Tong in his library. While you spent some time there, you realized that the owl spirit meant you harm, so you escaped after learning what you needed to. +1 trait bonus to Sense Motive and +1 to Knowledge (History) and one of these is always a class skill for you.
Iroh: While not technically a spirit, you met Iroh, a former fire nation general. You shared Jasmine tea with him and something he said still stays with you now. +1 trait bonus to Diplomacy and +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (Bending), one of these is always a class skill for you.
The aye-aye spirit: While he was once a lesser spirit, the aye-aye spirit was around in the time of Avatar Wan and has developped accordingly. He told you about Wan, but also insisted on calling you an unpleasant name. +1 to Knowledge (Nature) and +2 to Knowledge (History) on matters having to do with the Avatar. One of these is always a class skill for you.

If you are thinking of taking this trait and would rather have met a different spirit than the ones listed, I am open to discussion. This campaign trait is not associated with any nation.

My name is Bong. Dan Bong.

nonbending questions:
1. Is chi blocking available? 2. Are the White Lotuses still around? 3. Are the Kyoshi Warriors still around?

Nice Trait Meows.

I am not 'up to date' on Gestalt characters, is there a book/website/etc where I can find out how to do this? Or are we multiclassing? (1 lvl Keneticist/ 1 lvl monk?)

Mahorfeus had a link earlier.

Here's the gestalt link.


Oh yeah! I remember this!
I made a gestalt once for a now defunct game. Basically made a Magus before Magus was a class. :)

Thanks again!

Legendary Merchant of Pins

Ragadolf, you seem to be leaning towards Air bender, so I will be happy to make the fire bender!

Thank you Pin, Most kind. :)

Airbender it is!

Now,... the most difficult choice of all,... The name. ;P

Female Helmet Cat

Non-bender questions:
1. Yes, I'll create an archetype if anyone wants to go down that route, essentially an alteration on Stunning Fist. 2. The White Lotus exists, Jian is a member. 3. The Kyoshi warriors exist on Kyoshi Island.

Edit for Spiritualist: After discussion, the trait offers power too far above the power curve. Instead of allowing spirit projection, it gives the user the ability to see spirits and people who are projecting when otherwise they would not be able to. Most of the discussion I've seen surrounding spells such as etherealness or ethereal jaunt suggest that the power is in bypassing obstacles. While the version I presented here is limited by being tethered to the body, I can see why it might be seen as too powerful.

Campaign Trait: The Order of the White Lotus:
"The quest for truth beyond all else." The White Lotus is dedicated to preserving knowledge across political divides, but it also is tasked with finding and protecting the Avatar. Because you are a member of this organization and Jian Beifong has recognized your accomplishments in choosing you for this mission, it's expected that you will keep the Avatar's best interests and the interests of the White Lotus in mind.

Benefit: In any city, you may spend 1 hour searching for a fellow member of the White Lotus. After this time, if such a person exists in the town or city they will be available to give you and your allies free room and board. You may also attempt to get an item from them with a Diplomacy check with DC 5 + the value of the item in gold pieces, and present an explanation for why the item is required in accomplishing your goals.

This campaign trait is not associated with any nation.

Legendary Merchant of Pins

Firebending samurai - Taikahana!

Legendary Merchant of Pins

Update to some of the character creation information!

Meowselsworth via mafia chat wrote:
  • 12:18:11 ‹Meowselsworth› Max 1st level wealth for whichever class you have that has higher wealth.
  • 12:18:33 ‹Meowselsworth› Restrictions [on types of items most likely found in Pathfinder sources] are pretty much, anything magical or alchemical, ask first.
  • 12:19:00 ‹pinvendor's iPhone› Meowselsworth: so the tech guide is on the table? :shock:
    12:19:31 ‹Meowselsworth› I don't know what's on it, but if you want anything, ask.
    12:19:46 ‹Meowselsworth› Lots of tech exists... like, motor vehicles exist in the setting.
    12:20:11 ‹Meowselsworth› But most of it is not terribly portable.
    12:20:25 ‹Meowselsworth› Except for said vehicles, which transport themselves.

Also, Meowselsworth said plasma swords are A-OK and can be dual-wielded!


um, yeah...she didn't say that...

Um,... But your a fire samurai,... you don't NEED a plasma sword! :)

EDIT- You ARE a Plasma Sword! ;P

Female Helmet Cat

I've updated the campaign tab to reflect what I said. If there is any question you're unsure about, I'd be happy to work with you in order to realize your concept.

Campaign Trait: Student of Ba Sing Se university:
You have always been interested in learning about the world around you. You could not pass up the opportunity to spend a couple of years learning in the university.

Benefit: Choose any knowledge skill as your major, and any other as your minor. Both skills are always a class skill for you. In your major, you receive a +2 trait bonus. If you have access to a library and spend 1d4 hours in the library, you receive an additional +1 circumstance bonus to knowledge checks in your major or minor. In addition, once per day, you may make a any knowledge check untrained.

This trait may be taken by a person of any nation.

Campaign Trait: Pro Bender:
You have had some success in the pro bending circuit. Even though you may have won some great matches, it's hard not to feel a little bit more pride for coming up with your team's great name.

Benefit: You gain a +2 trait bonus to acrobatics and acrobatics is always a class skill for you. In addition, choose one of Perform, Diplomacy or Intimidate. Whenever you are in Republic City or in your own nation, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus on that check. This bonus increases to +2 if the NPC or NPCs you are interacting with are fans of pro bending.

This trait is available to water benders, earth benders and fire benders. Air benders still don't have enough interest in the sport to make them team members.

Next trait on the slate is Airbender Tattoos. If you have feedback for any of these traits, please let me know. I still have a few more to make.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
My name is Bong. Dan Bong.

♪♫ Secret tunnel.. through the mountain... secret secret secret secret tunnneeeellllllll! ♪♫

My name is Bong. Dan Bong.

Xin Fu is Nathan Explosion!

So 'Airbender' rally screams classic Monk to me.

Am I missing any other class that might work for the airbender I am missing?

Airbenders seem very Buddhist to me - vegetarian, generally pacifist, etc. I agree, classic monk. Maybe the ki mystic or monk of the four winds archetype? Not sure how four winds and air kineticist would combine.

EDIT: I think they will be fine.

Cool, thanks Treppa!

Meowselsworth wrote:
If you have feedback for any of these traits, please let me know. I still have a few more to make.

I think you're pretty much on target for the 0.875(feat) traits. I thought "Student" might be a bit OP, but then remembered knowledge skills are not considered as important as "active" skills. Making two knowledge skills class skills shouldn't be a problem power-wise.

Female Helmet Cat

If you want to use monk unchained I can redo a monk archetype of your choice. I want the characters to feel right to you guys.

Female Helmet Cat

Yeah, student was one that I thought was a bit more powerful, but also a bit less desirable for you to choose unless you're inclined to a scholarly character. A lot of the cross-class options for benders will require sacrifices in order to get a high enough intelligence to focus on knowledge, and I know that they also don't tend to give a lot of access to knowledge skills that I want your party to have available.

I wanted that to be an option and it's a character type I know how to integrate into the setting.

Meowselsworth wrote:
If you want to use monk unchained I can redo a monk archetype of your choice. I want the characters to feel right to you guys.

Many thanks, but I'm not that familiar with the Monk itself. I need to peruse the 4 winds (and maybe other?) Archetype. I haven't even glanced at Unchained anything yet! ;P

So, that does lead to my next question, (which may answer itself once I get to stop traveling /vacate/work and actually read stuff)
But has anyone figured out how things that were common in the series (although admittedly by high-lvl characters) is going to work?

Here's things I've thought of so far;

Wind-assisted speed boost/riding air ball = Longstrider or haste

Flying w/ glider staff = Fly/Wind walk/etc (With glider staff only?)

moving small objects by forming small air sphere around it?= Mage Hand or similar

Move large objects = Telekinesis

Again, I haven't had time to explore the specialties of the classes yet, so this may likely be a lot less complicated than I am trying to make it! ;P

Female Helmet Cat

Campaign Trait: Airbender Tattoos:
You have earned your airbender tattoos, not necessarily by being powerful, but by exemplifying what it is to be an airbender. When the Avatar needs assistance in learning this discipline, everyone knows you are accomplished enough to be up for the task.

Benefit: You get a free sky bison along with a saddle. As well, you have access to purchase an airbender staff from any of the air temples for 100gp. To use the airbender staff as anything but a regular quarterstaff, you must have Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Airbender Staff).

Only an airbender may be a master airbender. I will stat out the airbender staff later.

Ragadolf: A lot of that is available with the Kineticist class. Since to be a bender, you must have Kineticist specializing as your element as one of the two classes for your gestalt, a lot of the abilities you describe are available from that path.

Air cushion, air's leap, and flying are all things that can be flavoured as airbender ability, and all are utility infusions for aerokinetics. This is why benders have the kineticist class as one of the two. You'd most likely be monk/kineticist gestalt.

My name is Bong. Dan Bong.

My first (and very much best) option for traits is Order of the White Lotus, followed by Spiritualist (modified).

Thanks MEows. I was hoping so, but am still traveling/working/vacate, and haven't had time to look at it yet. :)

I like all of the traits you came up with! But I'll likely stick with Airbender Tattoos. :) That makes the most since for an airbender looking for the Avatar.
(Just trying to decide if I'm going 'full on- TV's kung-fu peace-loving Airbender', or one of the newer, more free-thinking ones) ;P

So, SInce 'Airbender staff' likely isn't a 'Monk' weapon, I'll need to spend a feat for Exotic weapon proficiency to use it (completely/properly) yes?

Female Helmet Cat

The Airbender staff is not a 'monk' weapon, since I don't want every monk to be fully proficient with it, but if you do not have the exotic weapon proficiency, you can treat it like a quarterstaff for all purposes. It would be one of those 'special (see text)' sort of scenarios. If you take it, it will help you with maneuvering if you take some of the aerial infusions, but I need to fully build it out.

Male Southern Water Tribe Gestalt Kineticist/Flowing Mnk 2 HP 15/24 AC 21 Touch 17, FF 17 FDef 24

Just about ready for some water bending. Not sure what traits to go for yet though.

My name is Bong. Dan Bong.
Tikaani Kesuk wrote:
Just about ready for some water bending. Not sure what traits to go for yet though.

Good pic!

Meowselsworth wrote:
The Airbender staff is not a 'monk' weapon, since I don't want every monk to be fully proficient with it, but if you do not have the exotic weapon proficiency, you can treat it like a quarterstaff for all purposes. It would be one of those 'special (see text)' sort of scenarios. If you take it, it will help you with maneuvering if you take some of the aerial infusions, but I need to fully build it out.


Yeah, I always thought that Monk was confusing,... until looked at the Occult book. O_o

I'll muddle through it (fully) once I get back home this weekend. I've played enough RPG'S, I'll figure it out. ;)

I am BACK in town!
(And unlikely to leave again anytime soon. Piggy bank is empty)

Soon as I get caught back up at work on my REAL work, I will complete the PC post-haste!

My name is Bong. Dan Bong.

I put down White Lotus for the campaign trait but have figured out a way Spiritualist would work both for my backstory and for the party/campaign. I will be happy with either one.

tl;dr If you want White Lotus, I will take Spiritualist.

I'm here,
And Working on it,.... :)

Female Helmet Cat

pinvendor - Taikahana (firebending samurai)
Treppa - Palila (wild child rogue of the spirit wilds)
Leoian - Tikaani Kesuk (flowing monk waterbender)
Mahorfeus - Earthbender
Ragadolf - Airbender

What I know so far. I'd like to get this going as soon as "Who Goes There?" concludes.

I'll try to get everything into an actual format by tonight. :)
(I use a LONG keep-track-of-everything list usually. I'll try to fit it into something more manageable.) ;)

Still playing with things, but I think I have it now. ;P

ohmyfreaking gosh I thought a MONK was MAD!?!? ;P

Just,... hammering everything into shape,... with WIND! ;)

Serious question,

I see that a monk loses many of his abilities when he wears ANY armor, yes?
But, I also see that there is Silk armor, (not much AC, but it is better than nothing!) which even a Wizard can wear, (NO penalties to casting while wearing it) Does that still count as armor for going against the monk abilities?

Female Helmet Cat

I would rules that it counts as armor, since it counts as light armor, unless I'm looking at a different entry than you. Silken ceremonial armor still counts as light, and a wizard is not proficient with it.

It doesn't matter that the wizard is not proficient with it, though, because if you apply the non-proficiency penalties it comes out to zero.

For a monk, the class adds additional penalties for using light armor which the silken ceremonial armor seems to count as.

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