The Legacy of Marianasu - DM Downrightamazed

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The great captain Korius Merit, of the Paladine of Izmir, summons a group of warriors of the air to retrieve twelve evil artifacts; the legendary Abominations of the long-dead archmage Marianasu.

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Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min wasn't alone when he arrived at the meeting room, he was accompanied by a woman with a celestial bearing, her bright eyes and shining, almost metallic hair clearly identify her heritage as not being completely human in nature. She stands clad in bright, polished armor and carrying several tubes along with Min. Min sets the tubes down and together the pair spread the differing routes out on the table for all to see, prior to explaining their traveling options Min cleared his throat and introduced his new companion.

"May I introduce Sophitia Kirion of Heartland, Hospitaler in the employ of Izmir and an old friend of Lin and myself. She aided me into putting together are two routes and offers to join us on our endeavors as well."

She nods to everyone, unable to really curtsy in the armor she was wearing while trying to be respectful to Min's comrades. "It is an honor to meet you all, Lord Min speaks highly of you and I hope to be able to aid you if you wish." With her introduction complete she quickly leaves the room without protest nodding once more to the group before departing. Min had told her before that what they would be discussing wasn't for anyone outside of the their group to hear. So she took up guard a ways down the hall, hand on the pommel of her sword and her eyes glowing as she searched the halls for unwelcome intruders....

Once she was gone he turned to the maps arrayed on the table and explained the two simpler routes he had come up with.

"Aside from alternative ways of travel we have two options before us as I understand it..." He indicates the first set of maps, detailed with a line showing the intended route of travel and indications of approximate time to each place. "Our first option has us traveling south-southwest over the Plains of Bennalad, then cut east here at Manaus so that we travel along the border of the desert of Rass-La and the well-guarded borderland of Jawwu Sallaq. This route would allow for stops not only in Manaus, but also Kars and Tumkur before skirting the border between the blasted and bitter steppes of Enhathlad and the mysterious Old Land, which will also give us a chance to stop at Baotou before completing our journey with our arrival in the Imperial Capital of Lanzhu. If we fly slow enough for us to stay together it may take six weeks or more."

He waves his hands to the other set of maps, which clearly indicate a sea bearing route. "Ironically it may be faster to charter a boat; House Del Solarion, a shipping house of Mamban has docks here in Stormfare and will charter fast ships for those that can afford them. I've heard they are manned by strong soldiers and powerful druids to safe guard their journeys and quicken the ships pace as well. It will be uncomfortable but we could arrive in a couple of weeks instead of six weeks or more Sir. I am, however, unsure if they have a ship large enough for Lin. Worse come to worse her and I can meet you in Lanzhu, while you take the quicker route and find the abomination."

It was the work of a few minutes but his preparations allowed him to speak of their options quickly and easily. Now he had to wait for what they decided. He kept his outside activities to himself for now, at least until he could speak with Damian more and find out who the Slain Throes mysterious commander was...

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

"Opportunities abound in tha route o flight, but tha timetable involved sets us on a course tah arrive tired, possibly harried tha sea route is faster an offers respite...."

"Could we not fly from tha ships at some logical point along tha way?"

Belsarious has a point; you could leave your ships off the coast of the southern jungles and fly in a diagonal to Lanzhu, shaving a few days off your travel time. If you docked in the Bay of Dambulla that would be ideal. However, the downside to this is that you then have to deal with what's going on in the south (remember what Mai found when he flew a scouting mission over Maho), and have to fly over The Old Land, which is a dangerous route. It's definitely an interesting option.

Male Silastrix Magus (Bladebound Kensai) 11 (HP 83/83 AC 30, T 23, Flat 11 - F+9 R+9 W+8 Init +12; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +13

"I've got something you might want to add to your maps." Maiathreen studies Min's maps for a minute before marking the map. "This is where the Ink Well of Vicious Intent is supposedly located....and the location where Livain and myself were born and created." He pauses for a moment to collect his thoughts.

"These stones hold the souls of warriors defeated by powerful daemons. I've also been shown how to free the souls within, supposedly they can help us...though I don't know how they will appear, or what condition they will be in when freed. I also don't know how long they will remain with us when freed for all I know they will say a word or two and then fade away."

Male Human Battle Herald 11

Damian looks over the map, his eyes fixed on Lanzhu. He doesn't even look at Sophitia or acknowledge Maiathreen's suggestion. It's unclear to the others what he is thinking, or where he has been for the past few hours. The leader that they have come to know over the last few months seems as distant and inscrutable to them as any stranger. He taps the Empire of Mists with his finger a few times, emphatically. "We have intelligence that the Magnifying Glass of Total Reversal is here, and in the hands of an agent of the Red Dragonflight. He has already used it to kill - no, utterly destroy - the last, best hope we had for victory in this war. Should he unlock its full potential, this war is over and we have lost. We cannot wait weeks, or even days. These routes will be useful when we return, but Kyras Erodal will most likely be gone by the time we arrive should we take such a time-consuming route. He may be gone already." He rolls the map back up. "However dangerous, teleportation may be our only option. Even if we must step forward in the Everywhen again or teleport through the dangers of Limbo, no risk is too great compared to allowing the Red Dragonflight more time with the artifact. Min, do you still have the magical capability to make this happen, or must we petition for the aid of the dragons?" He says the last word - dragons - with outright derision and spite, far at odds for the respect and gratitude he used to show them.

Female Sylph Magus (Staff Magus & Cabalist) / 9| HP 72/72 AC 23*or more*, T 14, Flat 18- F+9 R+8 W+9 Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 60ft; Per +9(+11))

Aylaeth looks and listens closely and Min lays out their travel options once again. She looks up curiously and with no little surprise and approval when Belsarious makes his suggestion.

However once Damian begins to speak, her brows begin to frown and her expression becomes less and less pleased.

Finally, when he finishes, she stands and looks him directly in the eye. For as much as she has been trained her whole to follow the orders of her commanding officers, perhaps even more so, she has come to expect that those commanding officers deserve to be followed "Captain! Sir, I must protest and insist that before we go any further, certain matters must be addressed. Something has happened to you, Captain, and ignoring that fact is not only foolhardy, but potentially calamitous! I do not know all that happened to those of you who went through the Everywhen, perhaps you do not even know, perhaps it is not possible to know. But something did happen. You are different. And I for one need to know that enough of the old, or, ah, perhaps I should say previous Captain Lamorak remains. Why, just look at how you now refer to and seem to think of dragons! Yes of course some of them are deadly enemies, but others are our most steadfast allies. Surely you remember this??"

Pausing for a moment, she reaches out to place her hand on his shoulder, but then seems to think better of it, allowing her arm to fall by her side. Captain...Damian, please. We are your soldiers, your Knights, yet we are also your friends. Let us in, let us help, whatever it is, whatever has happened to you, we can, we will face it together. If you let us."

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Nice one Bel! I hadn't thought of that at all lol!

He hadn't thought of the fact they could slingshot and create a new course from their sea voyage as Belsarious had so rightfully suggested. He lifted his head to listen to Damian's words and did his best to avoid letting Damian's tone grate upon his overprotective sensibilities. Mai's statement though about the souls of warriors in gems made him look at the magus in alarm but before he could say anything Aylaeth stood up and spoke to their estranged Captain. Despite her words ringing true with his own feelings, it was obvious Damian wasn't the same man they had began the journey with...

At least not since the Everywhen and until he stepped over the line or insulted his companion, then Min was more then willing to keep his opinion's to himself. If Damian wanted them, he'd ask.

"Excellent work you three, lets hope we don't have to use those poor souls, but we'll keep that option open." He really did hope that they wouldn't have to use those souls, instead freeing them to their deserved rest when the time came.

With that said he stood and marked down the location of the Inkwell as Mai had suggested and, despite his personal feelings, he spoke calmly as he responded to Damian's question as was proper being the Captains Lieutenant after all. "Our trip through limbo sir wasn't without incident, in fact we had Slayers waiting for us when we appeared part way through our journey and we were lucky that there were only two of them. These Slayers are very strong and in the depths of Limbo there are great swarms of these creatures that are completely devouring those traveling through there. They also were able to anchor us somehow, making it so we could not escape until whatever magic or natural ability they used had worn off. Granted, we found another way out but I'd rather not rely on luck and happenstance to ensure we make it safely to this Empire. The Everywhen may be our best option to avoid encountering said swarms." He looked to Mai, Belsarious and waved a hand to Aylaeth. "How much teleportation magic do we have left available to us now? Aylaeth and I used only two scrolls while the rest of you traveled the Everywhen. I'm sure your scrolls made it intact correct? If we need more then I can see what we can gather from our allies here in Stormfare."

As he waited for their combined answers Min pulled off the black blade that hung on his hip and slide it over to Livain, who was luckily just across the table from him. "By the way, I think you'll be able to use this blade better then I can, its just not waited right for my tastes... Besides I owe you both for the items you've given me, hopefully this will be enough." He gives her a small smile, slightly unsure as to what her answer would be before turning his attention back to the arcane members of their group.

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

"We are going to Katapesh, correct?"

"I had thought tha abominations were our goal, an one reportedly lies in tha desert north o Katapesh."

"Let me see tha maps."

Moves in for a closer look....

Male Human Battle Herald 11

Damian snaps at Belsarious, slamming his fist on the table. "One lays in the sands, while another is held in the hand of the Red Dragonflight! Which of these do you think is more important? What happens if they use it again? Imagine this Kyras standing above Izmir or Stormfare, erasing it from existence in mere moments! And you prattle on about Katapesh..." He moves on over to turn his attention to Aylaeth. "I've seen how hopeless our cause is. A hundred, a thousand futures in which there is no victory. There is only a small, tiny sliver of hope that we can succeed, and it grows dimmer by the day. We must keep fighting to keep that hope alive and delay the doom of this world as long as possible, but there are few futures in which freedom survives. I choose not to simply lay down and surrender, but I accept the likelihood that this world is ultimately doomed."

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

"Fool! were they able to do it again they would ave by now!"

"A dark abomination lies within a swamp tha was men, within tha desert plains north of Katapesh, by the highest peak Mother's Tooth, Tha Gembasket lies, havin tha guise o a plain, metal goblet a large one with two handles and unseemly carvings and trim and jewels upon it, havin tha powers only an abomination ken."

"That is were we are going!"

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min who was still standing looks between his Captain and the eccentric witch, before shaking his head at their arguing. He tries to diffuse the situation with simple logic. "ENOUGH both of YOU! Belsarious, Damian is right, the sooner we take the magnifying glass, then the sooner we move on to abomination of which you speak. If we use teleportation magic we can be in Lanzhu in less then a few hours and have it in our hands by weeks end at the latest. I won't have it lost to the wind, if you can't see the importance of that you may remain here. Understood?"

He then fixes Damian with a firm stare, he was his Lieutenant and to talk back to him was against every protocol he knew but his words didn't sit well with Min. Not well at all. "I've seen far bleaker situations than this sir, how many times now have we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat? I wouldn't follow you if I saw our efforts were for naught, if you had half a mind you'd see that. So pull yourself together sir and forget this nonsense of Ultimate Doom, or have you given up your faith in the Inheritor as well?"

"Now How much teleportation magic do we have? Or are we going to use the Everywhen?"

Female Sylph Magus (Staff Magus & Cabalist) / 9| HP 72/72 AC 23*or more*, T 14, Flat 18- F+9 R+8 W+9 Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 60ft; Per +9(+11))

So she was right, something serious had happened to Damian in the Everywhen. His hope had been taken away, and without Hope, what was there? Yet no one besides herself seemed to fully appreciate the seriousness of what had befallen their commanding officer. Just look at them after all, arguing and squabbling like orcs at a feeding trough. This had never happened before. The old, or the previous Damian would never have allowed such a thing to happen, would have inspired something greater. Perhaps this was something only women could sense/

Looking to Livian as a potential ally, the Sylph Magus stands firm, refusing to discuss anything else until this most serious matter was addressed and healed. For if their morale was not improved, if their leader was without hope, then they were doomed before they even began.

"No." she says calmly "We are not going anywhere. Not until this matter of what has befallen our Captain, what has happened to you Damian, has been healed. You say you have seen a thousand futures which contain our defeat, yet have you considered who or what showed you these supposed futures? How do you know your supposed 'visions' are not some trick of our enemies? Imagine some agency or entity, perhaps Kalroth himself, who knows the mission of the Skyknights is to destroy the Abominations and does not wish that to occur. Why, what better way to sabotage that mission then by demoralizing the leader of the Skyknights? What hope or chance of success do we have if our leader is already sure of our failure and ultimate defeat??"

Taking a step towards him Aylaeth now does place both her hands on Damian's shoulders "Captain, sir, please, I know not exactly what happened to you, or how it was done, or by what or whom, but I do know that this is not you! This is not the brave, noble, valiant commanding officer I met what seems like ages ago and whom I was immediately moved to follow and pledge my life and allegiance to. You are not behaving like the adamant and undefeatable warrior of light I know you to be. Sir, Damian, I ask you, I beg you! Throw off these chains of misery and doom which drag you down, and therefore threaten to drag all of us down with you, and perhaps the entire world as well! YOU are our leader! You are our beacon of hope and light. YOU are the blessed of the Inheritor Herself! So please, look within yourself, look Deep within, and find your Real Truth. Find the confidant, hope filled man you used to be and who I know you still are. And, if you feel you have lost your way, then, turn to your Light. Turn to the Inheritor. She has blessed and favoured you so often before, surely she will not abandon you now, in this, perhaps your time of greatest need! If you feel you have lost your hope Damian, then Pray to get it back!"

Not sure if Diplomacy rolls would work in this case against a PC? And also, if possible, Aylaeth would like to make a faith check herself, praying to Abadar to intercede and help between Damian and his Goddess. Feel free to roll for her.

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

"Aye Sir Damian must pick from tha futures an pick through tha threads, sort tha lines o time an fate, tis not reasoning his mind is used tah...perhaps tha lines err illusion simply meant tah impair yer judgement. Abandon tha path o tha chronomancer Sir Damian, tha chrnomancy lies beyond mah magical ken, an return instead tah yer gut instincts an we shall make haste tah destroy tha threats yer vision shows, then we can turn tah tha deadly cup in a swamp."

"Let us away an let Sir Damian lead at tha front o battle where his mind has not time tah be clouded an confused."

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Technically rolls against PC's don't work, but you can do it to help convey your point like DRA did with the Bishop in Izmir. A high roll could really convey how much you mean what your saying and a low roll could be interpreted by Damian as a lack of conviction on your part. Etc. Etc.

For a moment he had enough, again he asks a simple question and instead of a simple answer he got nothing but aggravation. He was no more a lieutenant then the scholar was a trained soldier and while Belsarious continued to spout nonsense, Mai and Livain curiously remained silent and that only added to his mounting frustration. They had a job to do and through success they could erode their Captain's sudden pessimism, but instead of action they continue this dramatic farse. Before his frustration could bear words he stopped, wincing as his eyes flashed momentarily as his will was brushed aside. Like a leaf in a windstorm as Lin's powerful command echoed in his mind. After a long moment he sighed, he was unused to this new found ego his companion had. "As you wish." He focused his frustration on his maps and started plotting a route in reverse from Lanzhu to Katapesh and the swamp that Belsarious spoke of.

K-Geography 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

As he plot it out he writes on a small piece a parchment, calculating a rough idea of how long the journey would take from the Empire to Katapesh. He calculated the journey to include rougher then normal weather patterns.

Male Human Battle Herald 11

Damian regards his troops with an intense stare. The weight of his conviction and magnetism has not lessened with his weariness. He shrugs off Aylaeth's touch, though there is nothing rough or disrespectful about the act. "Whatever it was that happened to me in the Everywhen, I know that there is little hope for victory on our part. We have a duty to fight as hard and as long as we can against this dark tide. There is a chance, however small and however unlikely, that we may be able to stave off our enemies long enough to give a chance for survival to the world, but there is no room for error. There is neither time nor luxury to question what has happened to me or to second-guess my orders." It isn't clear if that is intended more for Belsarious or for Aylaeth, or which he is more cross with. "We are going to the Empire of Mists immediately. After we have killed Kyras Erodal and secured the Magnifying Glass, we will seek out the remainder as quickly and efficiently as we can. There is to be no further discussion on this strategy, though tactical suggestions are welcome."

Male Silastrix Magus (Bladebound Kensai) 11 (HP 83/83 AC 30, T 23, Flat 11 - F+9 R+9 W+8 Init +12; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +13

Maiathreen watches their Captain intently the thoughts behind those draconic eyes heavily guarded.

"Captain, if I may." Maiathreen starts but then continues without waiting for his approval. "I won't try to understand what exactly happened to you when we traveled the Everywhen, but there is an interesting thing that came of it. The lizards you acquired...there were six of them correct? Now I no not if that is important...but when along with learning about our 'home'..and the bloodstones I visited Mamban in astral form. There was a fountain and statues around most cases one for each of us except yours Damian. There were exactly six all in a cluster each one slightly different from the next." He says home with obvious derision meaning it as a slur rather than truth.

"As for this journey to The Empire, I'd advise using teleportation rather than the Everywhen. Even with the slayers there at least we can fight those or maybe not even get caught...but with the Everywhen as we have seen with the lost children, Warbanians, and even our own Captain here. You can't predict what will happen in there. To be honest it'd be even better if we could rely on the dragonsingers since however their magic works it seems the slayers can't stop them."

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min nods at Damian's words, still not entirely agreeing with his opinion but remaining silent, and listens intently as Mai speaks. Knowing that there was a statue of them was a bit unsettling and Mamban was one of the places that he was hoping to avoid especially with the Fountain being there. Kalaroth couldn't be allow to enter the bond again.

Min considers Mai's words and then adds the knowledge of what he saw in Limbo. "Mai you may not be grasping exactly what we saw there, there were swarms of these Slayers. It's not a matter of being caught but how many will be waiting for us when we arrive. We couldn't even react to aid a group porting in because the battles were short lived and Limbo was vast beyond imagining. Aside from the Slayers if any of us get struck by there ability we are stuck there until it wears off. Which we don't know how long it takes to wear off."

As he spoke he continued to look at the maps and judge distances between each destination as best he could. "Perhaps if we do this in a series of jumps..." He points to Manaus. "If we jump to here, we could possible avoid limbo entirely or is it outside of your range?" He looked to the wizards then hoping they had more to add. "Then from there we can jump to Lanzhu or somewhere nearby and fly the rest of the way to avoid using too many resources."

I was trying to guess at how many miles per inch and judged between our jumping from Maho to Stormfare it was at least two jumps, one ending us in Limbo because of how far we were jumping.

Male Silastrix Magus (Bladebound Kensai) 11 (HP 83/83 AC 30, T 23, Flat 11 - F+9 R+9 W+8 Init +12; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +13

I knew I forgot to add something I meant to suggest just that idea. Small jumps to limit time in limbo.

Knowledge (arcana): 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (6) + 18 = 24
Spellcraft: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (7) + 18 = 25
Knowledge (planes): 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (14) + 16 = 30

To see if Min's idea could work.

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

yay the Material plane scout has a good magey idea ( /^.^)/, thanks for making the rolls Mai as Min realistically wouldn't have the slightest clue about teleportation magic. >.>;

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

Belsarious smiles a small bit....

"So let us book passage an be ready to fly should tha ships sink from neath our feet."

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

The sound of an ink jar crashing to the floor and shattering into a dozen pieces brought him back to reality and still the hairs on the back of his neck were standing on end. His muscles were taut, ready for the fight of his life and yet there was no one to fight now.

{Min whats wrong... Min? What is happening?} His companions concerned voice echoed in the bond and yet everything moved so slowly. He fought down the fright that threatened to overwhelm him as his eyes scanned the room, his instincts screaming him to ready for combat, as a small part of him cried out that he should Run hard and fast. He was the only one who reacted so far to the crashing inkpot and he started to step back from the table but stopped as he knocked his chair to the floor. It was hard to think, fight or flight, fight or flight.

With the sound of his heart hammering in his eardrums he marshaled his resolve, this was happening and he wouldn't be forced to back down. "You've got my attention, the contract is made ba*&^% and I won't recant." The Bishop was right but it's too late now, I will see this through and drag that ba^&*d Tanner Stormblade down with me when I find him. As he spoke his hands were shaking as the adrenaline burned through his being.

He started ruffling through his maps as he tried to find the words to speak, but he was too full of adrenaline and his mouth suddenly felt dry. Like he truly had been there...

Huge Female Silver Dragon 9 HP 79/79 DR 5/magic AC-28, T-12, Flat-26, F+9, R+8, W+8 Init +2; Senses: Darkvision (120 feet), Low-Light Vision, Scent; Per +13

Lin was on her feet, this form of fear was unknown to her and was completely alien in regards to her Riders way of thinking. Whatever had caused this fear was powerful indeed and she couldn't help but ready for combat. She looked to the children that were still in the quad and looked readily towards where Min and the others were.

The Bond:
{Min are you...} She paused in mid sentence as Min's voice weakly echoed through the bond.

"I'm fine, just wait in the Quad there is nothing you can do Vaera. This is my mess and I plan on cleaning it up, so just listen in and don't interrupt please. I think that Tanner didn't just doom the Lionhearts, he doomed those that even try to help them in any direct way..."

Female Silastrix Archer 11 - HP 93 AC 24, T 16, Flat 18 - F+7 R+8 W+ 4 Init +8; Senses: Darkvision Low-Light Vision)

At the word “everywhen”, Livain’s heart sank for a moment in remembrance of those lost within it. She listened intently to any plans spoken of. She couldn’t help but wince once more at the idea that there was a statue of all of them. She wished that she could understand what that meant for them all. Were they in grave peril? Was this just a representation of them? Limbo…”Could my dear brother be there?” She thought for a moment and then shook her head to regain focus on the conversation. Her mind was scattered like fragments of broken ice, melting and reforming thoughts. Within those fragments move the faces of her brother, the children lost to the dark void of the everywhen and that abhorrent canvas. For once, she had nothing she could contribute, for in her silence she found solitude, a temporary asylum in order to digest what may come next. She surfaces again to the words spoken by Min.

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min clears his throat feeling extremely parched and worried about how his comrades would take the information he was about to reveal. He tapped on the Northwestern edge of Tautha and began to speak. "When i met the Princess in Limbo she told me that Tautha was surrounded by the Black Dragonflight. So I decided to hire a force to perform recon and gather Intel for a more aggressive campaign in the future. The guild introduced me to the Slain Throe, who i believe to be a remnants of the Lionheart chapter because they display a Lionheart banner in their hall. I signed a contract hiring them mere hours ago and just now I experienced a vision of hell, Lin did not thankful but I believe that it will get worse." Min was shaking from the adrenaline in his system but deep down he was afraid of what was going to come next.

Male Human Battle Herald 11

Damian's face grows still and silent when Min mentions the Lionhearts. "Those who follow the Lionhearts are doomed to share their fate. Send them in, but do not trust, do not aid, and do not rely on them." He is silent again for a moment, then looks at the map again. "Teleportation it is, then. Including the mounts that carry us, how many scrolls or wands would it require to make the trip as safely as possible? I will make the arrangements with our hosts."

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min felt foolish, but only for a moment, as he had forgotten the simple warning they had received. It was too late to back out now, now he had to find a way to reverse this curse or whatever it was that plagued the Lionhearts. He nodded at Damian's words and rose from the table"Understood sir, I will make preparations for our departure and will be ready by morning. Shall we reconvene in the morning Captain?"

"Please let me know what you come up with Mai, if the idea of avoiding Limbo is possible or not."

He rolls up his map's and returns them to their scrolls, intent to further research their return route when he had time. For now he was going to get all of his items gathered and finish his remaining business in Stormfare before they left on their journey to The Empire of Mists.

The Bond/Lin out in the Quad:

Lin had settled herself back down, her usual warmth all but vanished as she contemplated the plight her rider had placed himself in. His headstrong and bold attitude had firmly placed him in the mire this time, except she didn't know of any way to get him out of it. She had to watch as he sunk further into it and hoped that she could keep him from drowning...

She smirked though, looking on the brighter side as she commented through the bond. {At least we can finally pay for those clothes we had made in Manaus, I'm sure that Merchant has a word or two to say to us.}

Mins response was about what she expected too, an irritated vibe arrived prior to his words across the bond. {An angry merchant is the least of my problems, i'd take a thousand of them over the debacle that i've caused.}

Lin shrugged her great shoulders unconsciously. {It was bound to happen, we were seeking Tanner were we not? So would that not have been aiding the Lionhearts? Eventually we would have faced this, it just came sooner then expected. Have Faith Bein, it will all work out in the end, we just have to work harder now is all.}

Min shook his head, Lin's comforting words did little to stem the disturbing thoughts of of how much worse his predicament could get.

Male Silastrix Magus (Bladebound Kensai) 11 (HP 83/83 AC 30, T 23, Flat 11 - F+9 R+9 W+8 Init +12; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +13

"As much as I'd like to avoid these slayers it would cost us hundreds of thousands in gold in teleport magic because the individual jumps would be so miniscule as to be ridiculous. I feel our best bet is to simply make as few jumps as possible and just cast any defensive spells we might need before jumping.

Oh and before I forget, these are for each of us."

He says as he pulls bags of gold out of a larger sack....though it stills seems like all those bags should have been in able to fit in the bag.

"Captain, if there is nothing further...I have some research I need to conduct before tomorrow. I know you want to get to the Empire today, but I'll be honest Min and Aylaeth just got out of Limbo, we lost over half the children we went to save, and you've lost at least 10 years of your life. I'll be honest we all need the rest..."

Bluff: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (19) - 1 = 18

Male Silastrix Magus (Bladebound Kensai) 11 (HP 83/83 AC 30, T 23, Flat 11 - F+9 R+9 W+8 Init +12; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +13

sense motive 18 or Livain:
Something is bothering Maiathreen but he isn't saying what it is. But it appears to be related to his 'research'

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min nods to Mai, taking his share of the gold from the items that they'd been salvaging for the last week. "Thanks Mai, *grunt* good day at the market then? Also, I trust your opinion in that matter, as my knowledge of such magic is limited, I will look to see if I can find some defensive items because we'll need them." Perhaps he had been misunderstood, which was understandable because he didn't know the working of teleportation only what they saw in Limbo. He finishes rolling up the last of his maps and sealed up the scrolls tubes once more. At the mention of the children Min's ears twitched as he added another thing to his to do list.

Cost Synopsis for Min~:

6,614 GP Begin With

-1500 Gp for contract to the guild
-300 Gp for Crystianne

Gear for Lin-
-10%? For being in the Protectorate
Exotic Saddlebags - 4.5 Gold
Exotic Saddle - 54 gold

5055.5 GP remaining

Out of curiosity he asked. "Has it been decided as to what happens to those children?"

Sense Motive - I'll bite :) 1d20 ⇒ 8

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

Belsarious looks on feeling a bit satisfied with himself that Sir D needs to be in battle not deep in thought, as the action might cause undue hardship.

Grabs Maiathreens arm
"I also got some research tah get done......I will go with."

Sense Motive
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12

Female Sylph Magus (Staff Magus & Cabalist) / 9| HP 72/72 AC 23*or more*, T 14, Flat 18- F+9 R+8 W+9 Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 60ft; Per +9(+11))

As Damian reprimands Belsarious and herself, Aylaeth remains quiet and tight lipped, though from the look in her eyes and the way her hair dances around agitatedly in a breeze all it's own, it is clear she is just as angry as her captain is. However, since he is her captain and commanding officer, this time, she keeps her anger and comments in check.

Staying silent while she collects herself and tries to cool her temper, she looks over with significant interest at Mai when the Silastrix mentions the statues of the Knights in Mambann and she makes a mental note to ask him about it in greater detail at some later point.

As the others continue to speak, she takes the time to calm herself more. Finally, her hair finishes it's agitated dance, other than the remaining occasional flicker of annoyance.

Before everyone begins to depart and go their seperate ways, she finally speaks again, the fact the she is still significantly less than happy apparent in the tone of her voice "Very well, Captain, it shall be as you say. So, seeing as we are going into a city none of us have ever been in before, to look for a person none of us have ever met, or even know what they look like, to take on the Red Dragonflight and hopefully obtain an abomination we hope they still have, if they ever had it in the first place, I most strenuously agree with Mai that we all needs must have at least one good night of rest first. In addition, I will share with you all later what information I have gathered that may help us find what we are looking for while we are in Lhanzu."

Looking down at the maps that have not been put away yet, she continues "As for how to get there, I agree that, despite the dangers of the Slayers, that teleportation is our best bet. The main problem Min and I encountered was not directly because of the Slayers themselves, which we were able to dispatch with little difficulty, but because we were foolish enough to not bring any other teleportation magic with us. Had we not run into the Tuathan Princess, we might be stuck in Limbo still. I shall make sure that we have more than sufficient teleportation magic this time. "

Straightening up again, she looks all of her comrades in the eyes, resting last on Min as she says "Finally, the major problem that I do foresee with the Slayers, should we encounter them, is that we have no means of determining how large a group of them we might meet. Min and I were lucky to meet just two, but we did see much larger groups attack travelers. Perhaps I can discover or determine some means to protect us from the dimensional locking ability. I shall do my best."

Then, turning to Damian, her manner much more stiff and formal with him than she has ever before been, she stands at attention and asks "Captain, if I have your permission to depart?" and, if she gets it, she leaves straight away, her steps quick and with purpose.

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min hearing the latest retort from Aylaeth to their Captain, decides to take the higher road instead of questioning why they had left Maho if they had been under supplied for the journey. "On second thought I will find out for myself. Merry Part, good luck and let me know if any of you need help. In the mean time I have to get ready for a previous engagement." Ye Gods do I need a drink.

With that Min heads out, not waiting to be dismissed, and goes about completing his various projects before nightfall.

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14


Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

Nose in a book looking for safety in the everwhen and accounts of previous travelers.....


Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

bumpo :)

Female Sylph Magus (Staff Magus & Cabalist) / 9| HP 72/72 AC 23*or more*, T 14, Flat 18- F+9 R+8 W+9 Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 60ft; Per +9(+11))

Posted for Aylaeth two weeks ago and haven't heard much response, except from Min, since then. Damian? All the rest of the Knights? And just to answer Min's unanswered question (and give a reminder), we left the rest of the teleport magic behind because we were only 5 and there were Lots more to 'port behind us. Some things changed though and they took the Everywhen instead. At least that means we still have the unused port magic

Female Sylph Magus (Staff Magus & Cabalist) / 9| HP 72/72 AC 23*or more*, T 14, Flat 18- F+9 R+8 W+9 Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 60ft; Per +9(+11))

And Wow! DRA's last IC post was Nov 6th!! : o

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

You answered the question before, I had only asked because Min wouldn't have expected that Aylaeth would have gone underprepared for such a long journey when we were going to grab supplies and return, i thought anyways. ;)

DRA may be like me, busy as hell, all of my games player/DM are being neglected as I try and get some sleep. My new camp involves me sharing a room with another guy who's snoring shakes the walls I swear... I slept in a running pickup outside of my camp just to get a few hours of shut eye lol! I'm going to post a lot tonight, at least 15 posts to catch up and One here for Min as well. ;)

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min used his time as wisely as he could, moving swiftly to the markets and finding someone who could enchant his armor with more protective wards. Giving that darkwood buckler had been a good option for Livain but for Min he remained woefully inadequate in his own personal protection. After his near death experience with the barbed devil he had to do a better job of protecting himself. He did however consider some of the other enchanctments this particular enchanter offered but for now though he was more interested in protecting himself then anything else.

Diplomacy 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (4) + 16 = 20
-1,000? GP

With a price agreed upon Min stripped out of his armor and left it with the enchanter, before moving onto his next task. Hitting the local brewery and ordering up a few kegs of ale and some bottles of wine to celebrate the newly created contract with the Slain Throe. He ignored the nagging feeling that this would end badly for him and pressed forward, ignoring the images of hell that were soon to haunt his sleep. He still believed he had made the best decision and felt he was putting both them and himself on the road to redemption...

Now I have to find Tanner... Or my soul may be lost to hell.

1 keg = 248 US cups - Google :p
3x Kegs of Cayden Brew = 37.2 GP 248 cups x 5 cp (Rough Math :p)
3x Kegs of Linnorm(?) Mead = 37.2 GP
10x Bottles of Fine Wine = 100 GP
Total: -174.4 GP[/ooc]

With the Kegs and wine being gathered Min decided to clean himself up, mend his battered clothing with his bond magic and talk with Lin and Sophitia before heading out to meet with Crystianna. Sophitia wasn’t pleased to hear that he hadn’t spoke more with Damian about her accompanying them, she also seemed very tense around Min as if she could sense something was off with his aura now. Min calmed her protests and explained to her that Damian was leaving his Squire here in the city, much to Sophitia’s surprise that a knight such as Damian would continue on without his squire. She then understood why Min had asked her if she liked children, a glorified babysitter was the second option and unsurprisingly Sophitia accepted the task if she had to. Especially after Lin spoke of the demon that had risen from the sinkholes that had appeared around Stormfare. And the traitorous guardsmen who had his heart ripped out.

Dark times everywhere, there is no time for hesitation. I must put my faith in the Lionharts, we don’t have any other choice. It’s a gamble I’m willing to take and the dice have been tossed, I can only hope to break even...

With his time withering away he cleaned himself up, strapped on his mothers blade, shouldered his lifebow and left his buckler hanging on his belt. If there were enemies about he couldn’t be caught unarmed in the streets. He made a mental note that he would go and see the gnoll district and try and make contracts there if he could. For what he planned in the future, he would need as many contacts and allies of every race and walk of life. Or his idea would fail and failure at this point wasn’t an option.

Diplomacy 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (16) + 16 = 32

He got directions to one of the finest restaurants and made arrangements before going to the guild once more, along the way he bought a blooming rose and made sure that he arrived around the time that she was just finishing up her duties for the evening.

Male Human Battle Herald 11

With their plans seemingly set - dangerous plans at that, skipping through Limbo in order to reach the Empire of Mists to find Kyras Erodal and seize the Magnifying Glass of Total Reversal - Damian seeks to improve their odds of victory. He seeks heads to the stables, where he knows that Keythan and Brook will be. He enters the well-kept (for a stable) enclosure, finding his squire sadly doting over the griffon. His own steed glares at Damian from a few feet away, while Brook tries to hide his reddened eyes. Damian looks at the boy for a few moments before speaking. "Brook, where we are going, it is too dangerous for you. You've assisted greatly, but the limits of your youth prove too much of a potential liability. I am not severing your service, know that, nor will this status last forever. I expect you to continue your martial training in my absence. I have made arrangements with the city's leadership for you to assist them until I return or send for you. In the meantime, I need you to take my armor and shield to the marketplace and find a worthy enchanter who can enrune them." He hands Brook a bag of gold coins - his share of the plunder from the volcano - to pay for it. "Wear your uniform to identify yourself, and ensure that it is ready before I leave in the morning. Also, please ensure that Keythan is prepared for the departure. Do you have any questions for me, Brook?" While still far harder than before his trip through the Everywhen, Damian seems the most open he has been since his return.

Damian is looking to upgrade his armor enhancement bonus from +1 to +2 for 3000g and his shield enhancement bonus from +1 to +2 for the same amount.

@Min: Your time maneuvering through the city is surprisingly pleasant, despite the darkness implied by some of your tasks. Folks in Stormfare tend generally to be fair and friendly in business dealings, and the city itself takes on a stormy hardiness in strange times and bad weather, when the wind whips in off the sound and turns the the warmth of shops and restaurants into a kind of divine intervention; you are safe here. The architecture of the city's buildings makes more and more sense the longer you're here to experience firsthand the welcoming embrace of the rounded gables and curved masterwork doorways, the bent-wood joists and built-in bookshelves. Citizens in Stormfare follow the maxim of "keep in your life only those things that you know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful", and their city is made that much more worthy a place to spend time because of it. It's a metropolis that feels like a friendly hamlet in the western plains.

You arrive at a restaurant you are assured is one of the finest; a place near the wharf called simply "fish". Any doubts you may experience from the minimal name are quickly erased when you step in and are immediately subjected to a mouth-watering array of food smells wafting around the room; crisp, battered near-shore fish, the wild, almost peaty smell of deepwater swimmers, fresh greens, oven-roasted potatoes in fresh herbs, swampy bottom feeders grilled over open flame...all of it tantalizing in the extreme.

When you check in, the waiter nods. "Ah yes. The young lady you are meeting is already here. This way, please, sir." He leads you back to the cozily-lit booths on the ocean-facing side of the restaurant, where the crash of the surf makes a pleasant counterpoint to good conversation, and to a booth where a great, horrid, red-skinned devil sits glowering, massively muscular arms folded grumpily and a frown on its face, its head equal in height to yours even though you're standing and it is seated. A pair of wire-rimmed spectacles is perched precariously on its aquiline nose and its obsidian eyes look searchingly at you but reveal nothing. It has huge horns jutting out its back that are decorated with long scrolls covered in infernal writing. Its nails are all as black as its eyes.

The devil makes an exasperated gesture at you when you come up to the booth, as if to say where the HELL have you BEEN?! and says "Ah, Min, so good to see you!" When it speaks, its mouth moves but Crystianne's voice comes out. The waiter nods politely and replies that your server will be around shortly for your orders.

As soon as the man leaves, the devil says -- still in Crystianne's voice -- "Well, sit already. I'm starving. My name is Verious. Villicent was my oath-brother. I believe we have a number of things to discuss, you and I."

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min smiles grimly, hiding his surprise, he should have expected this but he had hoped for a short reprieve before the fun began again. He hands the flower to the devil, continuing to play along as making a stand in such a public place would not only prove useless. But it would do more harm then good, he also didn't want to underestimate the power of his devil either...

"Merry meet, I remember your oath-brother. He died well and honorably, a pity the way it ended. Now i have one question before we begin, is she part of this to? Or is she spared from your niceties..."

@Min: "Don't patronize me, mortal." the devil hisses back hotly. "Villicent's spirit endures, 'twas trapped in that silly instrument of his and caged by flame. He'll be released -- in a new form, of course -- once he has paid the price for his failure. He is greatly anticipating tracking down you and your companions and exacting revenge upon you all, you know. What was the turn of phrase he used? Oh yes; 'One appendage at a time.'"" The creature gives a thin-lipped smile. It's not at all clear if it is taking any pleasure at all in the message, the content, or the delivery of same.

"As for the girl, I have no idea. She isn't my problem; you are. I would imagine she's probably unhurt. She has no part in our dealings, anymore, so I am not allowed to use her as leverage, though I hasten to add that those whose problem she is most likely enjoy doing their jobs thoroughly. If you take my meaning." Again the same mirthless smile, more punctuation than emotional indicator.

Before you can respond, a tall, lean man with a shock of white hair atop his head, ice-blue eyes, beautiful pale skin, and an elegant outfit that makes you immediately think he is a noble, sort of materializes at your table. He is looking fiercely at Verious, but speaking to you. "Sir. I know not who you are, but if this...thing has you here against your will, or is seeking to make a deal with you, I would urge you most fervently--"

Verious, who is rolling his eyes in exasperation and making dismissive flapping motions with his hands, cuts off your interlocutor. "Oh for the hate of all mortal things, begone, will ye! This is legitimate business! He entered the contract of his own free will and it's a legally binding extension of an existing Infernal Pact, as outlined in all the relevant subsections of Clause D. Now shove off and let us get this done so I can be quit of this miserable place!"

The white-haired man snarls and neither moves nor takes his eyes off Verious. "What he says means nothing, sir. I can aid you if you seek to fight him. I am just a couple tables away, you have only to shout." He finally turns to look at you. "My name is Tarien, of House Desserou of Stormfare." He stands there, seeming to await some word from you before moving.

DC10 K(Local):
You've never heard of this "Tarien" person, but it's common knowledge that House Desserou is one of the noble bloodlines of Stormfare, and part of its aristocracy.

@Damian: There is a pause that holds the weight of the world, and it hangs between you and this boy. For weeks his purpose has been to be at your side, to learn the arts of war first-hand, and all that it means to be a flying warrior in the service of the Inheritor, and of the City of Light; Izmir. Now, to be left in this storm-soaked and dark place on the corner edge of the Land, surrounded by academics and nobles, inquisitors and milquetoast dilettantes, mercenaries and itinerants, far from all he knows, while you go off without his aid...

Brook understands what is happening, and though his heart aches more than any wound or embarrassment he has suffered thus far, he still has the companionship of stout Sarish, and poor, broken Kevin -- brother of the Seer -- and a regiment of Izmirian Paladine and Warbanian Bravos around him. He will endure, and he will make you proud of him. He knows you will be back.

Thus it is he stands at attention, shoulders thrown back perhaps a bit too forcefully, but basically in proper position, and says -- simply and clearly; "No, sir."

The moment is interrupted by a gruff voice across the stables; "There'll be plenty for a good squire like that to do around here. He won't want for attention or duty, that's for certain."

A raspy-voiced, older human female is approaching you. She is clad entirely in black, but elegantly so; like a Lady of Court who has a military background. Her clothes look smart, but are practical as well. Her once-raven hair is streaked heavily with silver and she walks with a slight limp. As she approaches, you note she is surprisingly tall, nearing 6', and strongly-built. Her shoulders are wide, like those of a climber or acrobat.

"I'm Lady Diana del Raina del Covas. I think I might be able to help you, if you will walk with me." She stands a few feet away in a non-threatening posture, but as a seasoned combat veteran it is clear to you that this woman knows how to handle herself in a fight, should you or anyone attempt to overpower her.

Neither of those enhancements you asked about will be a problem in a city of this size, of course.

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min glares steely eyed at the devil, at the mention of Vilicent returning he chuckles which only seems to make the devil before him more angry. He ignores the threatening message the devil imparts to him from his oath brother, merely chuckling again like the joke it was. When he was about to retort a man appeared and, surprisingly, offered to aid him if he needed it. He couldn't hide his surprise and nodded when the man introduced himself. " Tarien, of House Desserou, I am Min and thank you very much for your offer of aid. If I have need of I will call most assuredly."

K-Local - untrained(?) supposedly we can succeed at a dc 10 but i'm not sure if that falls under the same guideline, please let me know boss man~ :) 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (17) + 1 = 18

Once the man was gone or not ;)

Min turns his steely glare back to the Devil. "I see. Your oath-brother remains ignorant and he must truly enjoy reporting his failures to his superiors. Although." He raises three fingers, counting them down as he names conditions. "If he harms anyone outside of our band or those among us who are not soldiers in an attempt to cause us harm I will make it my mission to destroy his essence entirely and forever. Be so good as to let him know that." He smiles, wondering how the priests of Izmir would react to a devil trapped in an instrument being delivered to them. "Lastly, if I find the Guild mistress harmed in anyway I will take great enjoyment in hunting down those who have done it. Now lets get down to it." He leans on the table fingers steepled as he doesn't give the devil time to respond and continues to speak, his tone was certain and to the point. As much as he feared losing himself to hell, he was going to get the most he could out of it so he could find a way to succeed.

"Now, this existing contract is something I am most curious about, as such I want to have a copy so I may understand what I am bound to. The underlining contracts and clauses as they are defined as well. This shouldn't be too much trouble should it?"

Diplomacy - Get a copy of the Contract in its entirety. 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (18) + 16 = 34

Male Human Battle Herald 11

Damian offers the noblewoman a polite military salute. "May the blessing of the Inheritor be upon you, Lady del Covas. I am Captain Damian Lamorak, which I am certain you are already aware of." His invocation of Iomedae seems rote and formal instead of its normal warm genuine style. He turns to Brook to excuse the brave young man. "You will find my armor and shield in the quarters. You've exceeded all my expectations thus far, so I have strong faith that this will be done. Please excuse us."

With a salute, Brook departs to fulfill his duty while Damian turns back to this woman. "How can I be of service today? Shall we walk?" He takes a similar stance to her own, mirroring her body language.

@Min: Since you do not dismiss him, Tarien does not leave. Instead he motions a waiter over, orders a drink, and proceeds to adopt a casual air, as if the three of you were good acquaintances who met by happenstance in this trendy restaurant and are simply catching up on the latest news. If Verious is at all perturbed by this, the devil gives no sign of it.

At your request for a copy of the contract, Verious nods absently and points to a passage on a scroll. "As a new contractee, bound only by extension but not original terms, you are permitted one copy of the passages relevant to you, as outlined here in Section F, Sub-Clause 12, Lines 188-1073; you may obtain your copy by visiting the appropriate infernal scribes' offices during normal business hours down on the 8th plane beneath B'al'zuv's Diseased Rectum. Be sure to bring appropriate identification." The devil looks utterly bored as he runs through this clearly well-rehearsed and oft-repeated little spiel.

He takes a drink of what appears to be boiling, spoiled milk, and continues. "Conditions;
1. Entering of your free will, you gain employment and servitude of one regiment of Lionheart cavaliers under the following restrictions:
1a. You, nor anyone else may directly command them. (See appropriate subsections)
1b. You, nor anyone else may directly support or equip them. (See appropriate subsections)
1c. You may not in any way impinge upon their utter and total freedom.
1d. You may not get them drunk.
1e. You may neither add to nor subtract from their ranks.
1f. You, nor anyone in the regiment may have any contact with one Tanner Stormblade, erstwhile leader of the Lionhearts, until the end of the world or equivalently cataclysmic event as determined by contract holders, on penalty of forfeiture of your immortal soul to torment at the hands of 999 Infernal creatures to be named at such time as punishment becomes enacted.

Verious glances at you. "Clear so far?"

@Belsarious: In your quest for knowledge about the Everywhen and chronomancy in general, and your queries about the dragonsingers and the role (if any) of ley lines, you find yourself directed to a strange, large house in a cramped student housing district. The exasperated research assistant you queried said you would probably get faster (though possibly not as thorough) answers here, at this sizable but ramshackle-looking house. "Ask for Warden Grace, " you were told, "I wager he'll have a thing or two to pass on."

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

"Thank you for your assistance."

Turns to the large house walks quietly up to the door, then knocks waiting expectantly for the door to be answered.....

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Of I thought I had dismissed him, oh well ^^; as long as he doesn't look angry to be standing here with Min. I guess it would be alright. Min will also pay for his drinks and whatever else, or handwave as you wish lol. >.>;

Despite his promise being ignored entirely he continued to listen intently. Min felt in some ways defeated, as 1f clearly and utterly crushed his attempts to find Tanner in anyway. Now he understood the dark humor in their hall, they understood all of this just as clearly as he did. Despite feeling a great fool he continues to listen unflinchingly as he searched for loopholes. The terms didn't stop him from doing his duties with the skyknights. "Crystal. Three questions, Can this contract allow more of your kind to track my movements then? If there is a breach, what happens to those bonded to me? And also what consists of a regiment? Because as my contract with the guild states, I hired a platoon. Not a regiment, or am I misreading the fine print?"

We can do this in PM's as well if it comes down to it. Honestly Min isn't going to roll over and meekly accept these terms without scrutinizing it in what ways he can. Despite not being Lawful he's learned a thing or two from his companion as she is more analytical then he is and becoming more so with every change. But we can do this in PM's to make it easier to move forward, however you want to do it boss.

BTW this is interesting as hell, never been put in this position before lol... So yeah! Scary but fun. :D

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