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The Legacy of Marianasu - DM Downrightamazed

Game Master downrightamazed

The great captain Korius Merit, of the Paladine of Izmir, summons a group of warriors of the air to retrieve twelve evil artifacts; the legendary Abominations of the long-dead archmage Marianasu.

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Female Silastrix Archer 11 - HP 93 AC 24, T 16, Flat 18 - F+7 R+8 W+ 4 Init +8; Senses: Darkvision Low-Light Vision)

Livain felt saddened by the young orc's reaction and gently inquiries about his scars which the gnoll mentioned. "Please child show us your scars."

Diplomacy:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7

Male Silastrix Magus (Bladebound Kensai) 11 (HP 83/83 AC 30, T 23, Flat 11 - F+9 R+9 W+8 Init +12; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +13

"Trust me Grukk, if there is anyone in the world who understands what you've been through its the two of us." Maiathreen says as he goes to one kneel and attempts to look the young pecking in the eyes.

aid another:1d20 - 1 ⇒ (7) - 1 = 6well....

So I was thinking....orcs are crazy and is a low diplomacy with an orc actually a high diplomacy?

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5


@Min and @Aylaeth: The two of you make your way carefully through limbo, cautious and quiet. The children are horrified, cowed by the endless blankness and deafening silence around them, and follow meekly along, not as if they had much choice in the matter.

After a minute, or a month, or a millennia -- time is funny in this place -- you see something in the near distance, a faint blue tracery and a solid thing, shaped like a pyramid. Employing as much caution as possible you approach and see there are two humanoids; an elf and a human, both women. The elf is absolutely regal in bearing, and astonishingly beautiful, with platinum hair that shines like a star. She is seated on the bare rock of this floating pyramidal chunk and has a couple books open. A full haversack sits next to her and she carries a magicked bow and wears armor made of silver dragonscale. She is engaged in looking at something neither of you can see in or on the ground around her, then making notes and consulting the large volumes she has open.

Standing behind her is the human, and she is a tall, broad-shouldered woman with sun-colored hair and piercing eyes and thickly-muscled arms visible between panels in her own dragonscale armor, made of brass dragon scales. She has a darkwood buckler with a symbol of Sarenrae on it and a heavily magicked scimitar on her belt and very little else. She consults with the elf a bit, but mostly appears just to be watching.

The curious thing is that as you approach, they are upside-down from you. Or you are upside-down from them; the face of the pyramid-shaped rock they are sitting on is 180 degrees inverted from what you had assumed was "up", yet neither seems at all perturbed by this.

As you approach, the human notices and looks at you. For a brief second she seems about to reach for her scimitar, but stops when she notices Min. "Oh." She says. "It's you. Are you trapped here, too?"

Min only:
Your heart sinks a bit at the same time you feel some relief; these are the Tuathan Crown Princess Minaethiel Ellethwin and her companion Nurianna, sun druid and Justice of Sarenrae, whom you relieved of the burden of carrying several of the Abominations not a few weeks ago in the woods south of Hallas. Bardas is nowhere to be seen. Your heart sinks because you know that in the social hierarchy of Tuatha, the full-bloods lord over the half-breeds like yourself, and never let them into the sacred center of the forest. It's not something done necessarily out of malice, but rather is just "the way things are." Nonetheless, old habits of cowing to full-blooded Tuathan elves -- and especially royalty! -- are very, VERY hard to break. Even after all these years, and you find yourself instinctively bowing to her, even here.

DC20 K(Nobility), Aylaeth and/or Ada'an only:
You have no idea who the human is, but the elf is Minaethiel Ellethwin, Crown Princess of Tuatha. To see her outside of her native lands is exceedingly rare. To see her in the middle of limbo, researching something on a rock with only a single companion to guard her, is damn-near an impossibility. You have never spoken with any of the royalty from Tuatha, but you are familiar with their long, proud lineage, and know that they are generally quite well thought-of as protectors of the woods and natural things, and seekers of knowledge. You also know that they have some rather strict social norms and strictures about how half-blooded Tuathans (and, to a lesser extent, half-bloods in general) may interact with full-bloods. This conversation might be dicey if Min doesn't watch his tongue.

@Minathiel and @Nurianna: As the two of you work frantically to decode the Telestari symbols embedded in this rock fragment, thankful that the Ethereal Stalkers have, for the moment anyway, withdrawn, you are surprised to see a small party of people approaching you; a sylph, a half-elf, and three bound younglings -- an orcling, a gnoll pup, and a kobold kit. The three children are bound with ropes.

The sylph, while with her delicate features and intricate, swirling designs upon her skin, is not unattractive, something about her serious mien does not lend one towards romantic thoughts of any kind. While her unique racial features do make her somewhat striking, the eye easily passes her by in a crowd. Her pale skin matches her silver/white hair, which seems to move gently in a breeze, regardless of the fact that you are in Limbo, where no breezes blow.She moves with an almost inhuman grace and a fierce intelligence shines behind her deep blue eyes.

The half-elf you both recognize as Min Bein'Meleth Rámalóce, the half-breed Tuathan dragonrider and scout who is a member of Sir Damian Lamorak's Skyknights, who relieved you of near a half-dozen of Marianasu's Abominations in the woods south of Hallas, while you were on your way to Izmir. Standing five foot and eight inches Min is an impressive looking half-elf. His skin is a pale almost ivory color and his eyes are like liquid silver with flecks of grey. His hair is short and silvery in color, his facial features are a lot like you would expect from a Tauthan bloodline but are more rugged and somewhat human besides the odd coloring of his skin. He sports a tone and lean physique, as if he were truly sculpted from marble or ivory, but his shoulders and biceps easily betray their strength as they seem to strain against his chain armor.

Almost as curious as their appearance here, though, is the fact they are upside-down from you, a perfect 180 degree inversion.

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Some would say at moments like this you were walking on eggshells for Min it was more like walking on broken glass. One false step and he'd regret ever opening his mouth. He normally carried himself proudly but in the face of a full blood, especially Royalty, he was cowed into bowing his head, less he insult the Crown Princess. He focused and quickly righted his wrong angle so that they didn't have to crane their necks to look upon him as he flipped to face them on as evenly as possible. He waited to responded until spoken too as the pair looked rather busy with whatever it was they were doing and he didn't wish to be rude in the slightest. The compulsion to kneel was as overwhelming as the first time they met, but in this plane it would prove more difficult to perform.

He was doing his best to remain silent but yet again he was caught off guard by their sudden presence, even in the dark never ending reaches of Limbo they were the last people he'd thought he'd see. Had he had some warning he would have told Aylaeth who they were in advance and now he was torn between telling her or remaining silent until the Princess spoke. When Justice Nurianna spoke to him he responded warmly and appropriately as he was sure that she too outranked him in this social dynamic. As he spoke he remained with his head bowed and bowed deeper in reverence to the Justice of Sarenrae. "Nae saian luume' Justice Nurianna, may I introduce Magus Aylaeth Brely'an. In answer to your question, yes, we are sadly trapped as well. Our teleport had not gone as planned but if all goes well my companion and these children will carry on. Are you in need of assistance?" The last part he added hesitantly, not trying to be too bold but unable to counter his nature.

Elven translation:

"It has been too long, Justice Nurianna."

He doesn't hide the fact that even after righting himself he stays close enough to Aylaeth and the children that he can interpose himself between them and a possible attack. After all unlike them Min had more ways to survive in this empty void of a plane and knew that if all else failed...

They had to make it, especially Aylaeth...

@Mai, @Aylaeth, @Sir Damian: The orcling stands his ground; he folds his arms over his chest, blocking the laces to his simple tunic, and stands fast. "NO!" he growls. He makes no threatening moves as it's obvious to him that any of you could crush him in an instant if he were to step too far out of line, but he also does not appear willing to capitulate.

@Belsarious: After the group of travelers leaves, you are left in Stormfare with Lin, Tora'an, Brook, and Sarish. Without anyplace else immediately in mind to visit, you head back up to the university with Van-Haera to await the return of your companions. At least you hope they'll be returning.

Huge Female Silver Dragon 9 HP 79/79 DR 5/magic AC-28, T-12, Flat-26, F+9, R+8, W+8 Init +2; Senses: Darkvision (120 feet), Low-Light Vision, Scent; Per +13

Lin stands her ground in the quad, entertaining the various student who stop and marvel at the appearance of a huge and sparkling silver dragon in the middle of their University. She entertains them all, answering questions and flexing her wingspan for the more... scholarly among the students. As strange as it was to have her wingspan and claws measured, she found it harmless and enjoyed being insightful to some at least...


Female Sylph Magus (Staff Magus & Cabalist) / 9| HP 72/72 AC 23*or more*, T 14, Flat 18- F+9 R+8 W+9 Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 60ft; Per +9(+11))

Knowledge(nobility): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (6) + 7 = 13
Ada'an Aid: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8

Sense Motive on Min: 1d20 + 5 + 2 ⇒ (12) + 5 + 2 = 19
Ada'an Aid: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

Sense Motive on the other two: 1d20 + 5 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 5 + 2 = 22
Ada'an Aid: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

Knowledge(planes) For significance of being 180 degrees different that the other two: 1d20 + 16 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 16 + 2 = 34
Ada'an Aid: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14

Feeling like she should recognize the pair, especially with the odd way Min reacts to them, the Magus Scholar nevertheless finds herself at a rare loss of information. Perhaps she was simply too distracted by their current predicament. Following Min's example, she turns herself 180 degrees, helping the children do so as well. Once righted, she bows her head at Min's introduction, figuring the Elf must be some form of Royalty.

She spends a few seconds trying to get a good read on the three other players involved in this somewhat tense little tableau before speaking, choosing to do so in her flawless Elvin. "Selaan vcilw vmaaanelvla ane aey, aeym Irevirlalala, Quylaanenya Lymeilllil. E ils selaan tycaillaaw ane irilela alnyeylanamaw tyeanalaneilc ilcceala laynyir illa aeymlaacelala el anirela wailwca tycilnya. Illa E ils layma ean sila nyilylaa aey hyalaaneel, eo lean nyelnyaml, ama irilela malanyyaw aniralaa nyirecwmal omes il iremmefca laeanyilaneel, illw amama el meyana ane anilna aniras ane Laanemsoilma, anirama ane laaan lailoa irilelal oem aniras. Anira felwelvla ilma oem aniraem eaml tymeananyaneel, lae anirilan aniraa we lean laaan ane ocaa illw tyamiriltyla fmelv irilms ane aniraslaacelala."

After giving a polite moment for them to respond if they wish, she continues "Eo E sila fa lae fecw, ean iltytyailmla anirilan aey ilma malaailmnyirelv laesaanirelv anirama? E illan oem, illa amacc illa faelv il Silvyla illw laecweam, E ils ilclae il lanyirecilm, illw E ameycw fa elama vcilw ane ilew aey el amirilanaelam oillaireel E sila, alatyanyeilcca eo ean laamelala ane oelw ill alanyiltya oem ilcc eo yla omes anirela 'tycilnya'."


"Most glad greetings to you, your Highness, Justice Nurianna. I am most pleased to have encountered potential allies such as yourselves in this deadly place. As I am sure it may cause you question, if not concern, we have rescued these children from a horrible situation, and were on route to take them to Stormfare, there to seek safe haven for them. The bindings are for their own protection, so that they do not seek to flee and perhaps bring harm to themselves."

After giving a polite moment for them to respond if they wish, she continues "If I may be so bold, it appears that you are researching something there? I ask for, as well as being a Magus and soldier, I am also a scholar, and I would be very glad to aid you in whatever fashion I may, especially if it serves to find an escape for all of us from this 'place'."

Before the Eldritch Knight is able to head back to the University, Tora'an easily moves to stand before him, blocking his way. With a snort from nostrils he says in his strained, unique voice "No. We go seek Abominations. Now." his somewhat intimidating physical presence as well as his tone make it clear his speech is not intended as a suggestion.

Male Silastrix Magus (Bladebound Kensai) 11 (HP 83/83 AC 30, T 23, Flat 11 - F+9 R+9 W+8 Init +12; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +13
DM Downrightamazed wrote:
@Mai, @AylaethLivain you mean, @Sir Damian: The orcling stands his ground; he folds his arms over his chest, blocking the laces to his simple tunic, and stands fast. "NO!" he growls. He makes no threatening moves as it's obvious to him that any of you could crush him in an instant if he were to step too far out of line, but he also does not appear willing to capitulate.

Maiathreen gives a sigh of annoyance at the orclings refusal before standing up. He turns to Damian while shrugging his tunic back on. "Was there something you needed Captain? I'm assuming it wasn't just to break up a fight between our new wards."

@Aylaeth: You realize there's no particular significance, necessarily, to being rotated 180 degrees, but it IS an abrupt reminder of the subjectivity of things here in limbo; what is "up" for you is up to you, and will not necessarily be what some other creature would consider up.

The two on the rock simply appear curious and cautious at the moment, nothing else. The elf is distracted since she's currently engaged in working on something, but that's obvious to anyone.

Female Sylph Magus (Staff Magus & Cabalist) / 9| HP 72/72 AC 23*or more*, T 14, Flat 18- F+9 R+8 W+9 Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 60ft; Per +9(+11))

Anything on what their feelings/reactions to Min might be? I realize this may be a question for the Players to answer, so this is equally directed towards them

Yeah, I'm gonna let them speak for themselves in that regard. To be honest, I don't even know. I mean I can guess, but since the actual players are here, I'll let them handle it. :-)

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5
Tora'an- Celestial Pegasus Lord wrote:
Before the Eldritch Knight is able to head back to the University, Tora'an easily moves to stand before him, blocking his way. With a snort from nostrils he says in his strained, unique voice "No. We go seek Abominations. Now." his somewhat intimidating physical presence as well as his tone make it clear his speech is not intended as a suggestion.

"Most assuredly those are tha objects of our seeking."

Backing off ans seeming satisfied with Belsarios' answer, Tora'an steps towards Lin and with his nose points towards her saddle bags Things, clues, in there."

Female Elf (Tuathan) Druid 1, Ranger 2, Sorceror 12

It's the sound of Nurianna's voice - that tone that holds caution and query - that pulls Minaethiel's attention begrudgingly from the tome laying in the lap of her crossed legs. Her forest green eyes flicker upward from her tilted visage to the non-ethereal stalker oncomers, still hunched in studious pose with the possibility that this was some issue Nurianna would handle. She was so close to deciphering...

Is one of them was bowed before them? Minaethiel would sigh, if it were appropriate to do such a thing aloud; the voice and figure is unmistakably that Half they met in Hallas --Min was it? Her gaze slides over the motley assembly, pausing for a longer moment on the orcling before returning to Min.

Snapping the book shut, Minaethiel presses up to standing, adjusting portions of her armor that have kinked from the long time she was sitting. Her lips part to speak and raise Min up from his bow when Aylaeth pours forth a scroll's-worth of Elven, clearly learned from books and study rather than life, as it lacked natural influence of the cultures' environment. She's not quite sure how the sylph knows her lineage, as she did call her highness. Perhaps Min told them of their meeting a time ago- a foolish thing, but not unlike a Half to speak in awe of the royal line.

While Aylaeth speaks, she eyes all of those before her curiously. Her eyes narrow slightly as they pass over the monster-children to linger longer on Min and the sylph.

Perception: Looking for anything unique or of note (Telestari items, dragon gems, Dragon door keys, odd tattoos, religious affiliations, symbols, heraldry, abominations, etc.) 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (20) + 19 = 39

Diplomacy 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (12) + 11 = 23

Sense Motive 23:
Make no mistake, no matter how kindly she might treat him or engage him before others, Min is not equal to her - or any elf or human - in any way in her reality. It is not spitefully projected, but it is clear in her carriage and demeanor that the concept of a half elf as equal to a full blood of either race is as foreign as a cuisinart.

Minaethiel holds up a slim-fingered hand. "Greetings, and my condolences." She gestures to the velvety dark surroundings, the movement reminiscent of the eddies of leaves. "First, it would be best to speak in common, so all may converse. Next, Min - please rise, although I confess to be impressed that you conducted such reverence in the midst of Limbo so gracefully when we are so far from the forest." Amusement plays in her tone, a clear invitation to Min for casual interaction after the bowing and scraping displayed.

"It appears this rock formation keeps the stalkers at bay, which is ideal, considering all the screams one hears about here. I am studying symbols I have found on them, hoping they offer a key. I regret that Telestari was not a part of my studies as a youth, more's the pity."

Then she pauses, looking at the string of monster children and then to Min, an eyebrow arching. "What is this nonsense?"

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min raises his head but averted his eyes, never looking directly at the Princess or even the Justice for that matter. Her tone had him confused and he couldn't sense whether this was a ploy or somehow amusing to her but he wasn't a fool. He knew he was no equal to the full blooded, he was a diseased Wretch to them, nothing would ever change that. His stand didn't change much by raising his head, he was efficiently cowed and as much as he hated it he had no choice

He never put his lifebow away and kept a firm hold on it the whole time he was before them, not just because the possibility of an attack but because it was the only comfort he had. Aylaeths presence didn't bring any comfort either for all he cared he stood alone and was surrounded on all sides.

Sense motive 1d20 ⇒ 19

As the Princess spoke he barely avoided steping between the pair and the children, a natural instinct gone wrong. He didn't try to hide it though, if it damned him then so be it. As he answered his voice betrayed no amount of his opinion of the situation and answered truthfully, he had nothing to hide and his mothers honor hanged in the balance.

"As you wish Princess. We recently disrupted a Red Dragonflight ritual where a number of children were involved in it as well. We are escorting them to Stormfare so that they may live free of further torment. My apologies, Lady Ayleath knows more then I do as to what they were trying to do Princess."

Each word flowed easily, in the presence of royalty he was an open book, truthful, insightful and completely under her command without being forced.

Female Sylph Magus (Staff Magus & Cabalist) / 9| HP 72/72 AC 23*or more*, T 14, Flat 18- F+9 R+8 W+9 Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 60ft; Per +9(+11))

Aylaeth barely suppressed a frown at the way Min was bowing and scraping before the Elf and the other. He was practically abasing himself before her. She had learned in her studies of the strange and particularly strident racism the Tuathan had towards the half-blooded, but this was the first time she had ever seen it in practice, in person. Seen Min being treated this way, letting himself be treated this way left a decidedly unpleasant taste in her mouth and necessitated a significant portion of her will to keep her temper. Now was most certainly not the time or place to discuss a serious difference of opinion.

Min's confirmation of the Elf being royalty did significantly aid this process for Aylaeth though as the soldier in her was long accustomed to accepting the authority of those ranked above her. Still though, there were some things that were just not right.

Placing a companionable hand on Min's shoulder, Aylaeth also steps, not so subtley, in front of the children saying in a polite yet firm voice "Forgive me your highness, I had assumed all here spoke your native tongue, and there is no need for the children to hear our conversation. But it shall be as you will. Regarding the children, as I stated, they are under our protection. They have known nothing but terror and torture their entire lives, and it is our intention to give them at least a chance at a better life."

Wishing to change subjects and hopefully also indicating that the conversation regarding their three wards was finished, the Sylph takes another step forward, gesturing towards the rock and the book. "You say this particular rock formation keeps the Stalkers at bay? How fascinating. I would very much love to know the mechanism by which that is achieved. But even more important to our current situation I believe is that fact that not only do I know ancient Telestari, I specialized in it." as she finishes she gives what she hopes is a an earnest and friendly smile.

Sense Motive DC6:

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6

The magus is actually quite furious over the treatment of Min, as well as the implied threat to the children. She is quickly developing a dislike for the Princess but at the same time, is determined to ignore it for now and work together to seek their mutual release from limbo

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

sense motive 1d20 ⇒ 1

Min was getting nervous, he was way out of his league here, clearly there was more afoot and he couldn't get a read on any one around him. He wasn't skilled at sensing deceit and clearly he wasn't as manipulative as some of the people around him. He was more nervous as to how the Justice would respond as well, although it didn't really matter so long as he was within the presence of the Princess he would not do anymore then what was expected of him. For his mother sake he'd take a beating before he dishonored her...

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

@Tora'an- Celestial Pegasus Lord

"Clues you say! What have you?"

The mighty pegasus snorts again in frustration and once again points towards Lin's saddle bags "There! In there you look!"

Huge Female Silver Dragon 9 HP 79/79 DR 5/magic AC-28, T-12, Flat-26, F+9, R+8, W+8 Init +2; Senses: Darkvision (120 feet), Low-Light Vision, Scent; Per +13

Lin gives a snort of laughter at the witch Belsarious being browbeaten by the usually less vocal Tora'an. "I had forgotten about you Bel! So deep in the tomes you were..." She nods to Tora'an and in one smooth stride is standing next to Belsarious with the saddlebag aimed towards him. "There is a map tube in the side pocket there and an artifact of interest That Dantoor gave us in the halls beneath the city. Perhaps you can decipher more of it."

The scroll from Dantoor actually contains a small metal artifact. It has arcane characters in it that center around divinatory magic, and gives off a very weak aura of the same kind of magical energy, as well. In his note, Dantoor writes; Lin, Tora'an, I got this charm from an old Gnoll who came here from the south, from the Bay of Katapesh. He lives above the bar called "Charna" and claims it will lead you directly to one of the "Items" you seek. He warns you, though, that it is protected by one of the Three Great Red Dragons; Felltouch. Good Luck, and I look forward to our next meeting. -- Dantoor

"Perhaps we could hunt down this Gnoll? Although I won't be able to do much to help..." She indicates her massive size with a smooth roll of her powerful shoulders and flexes her great wingspan. Easily towering over Belsarious now that she had increased in size, she couldn't wait to shock Min with the changes he missed.

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

"Interesting indeed, Where is Min?"

Female Elf (Tuathan) Druid 1, Ranger 2, Sorceror 12

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (13) + 7 = 20

Having never worn a crown, despite being a princess of her own people and queen of another, Minaethiel has typically avoided such posturing outside of Tuatha, preferring to not be noticed if possible - not only to her benefit, but to the benefit of her people. It impeded the flow of knowledge, and Mina would rather rest on her own laurels in the world before she was forced to wear the heavier ones granted her by birth.

Min's self-abasement made this now impossible, and his companion's irrationally defensive response and issues with proper authority were poorly disguised at best. She didn't blame Min - he was behaving as expected. But for his own sake, she might have counseled him to consider his association with such unfortunately socialized friends. However did this sylph last in Lesotho for so very long with this attitude?

Then again, she had had the same issues with the last scholar of Lesotho that she'd met. Briefly, she wondered if he'd survived.

But now, there was another matter at hand; the sylph's defensive rudeness about the monsters made it clear that they were actively protecting an orc. To Aylaeth, the elven woman blandly replies, brushing aside the clearly feigned friendliness. "Mm. Well, we shall get to the rock in but a moment."

Minaethiel focuses her gaze directly on Min, a hardness creeping in even as her voice smooths. "You are protecting an orc." She pauses to let the fact of this sink in before continuing. "Perhaps your blood cannot feel the twisting blade such an action is to Tuatha, so I must explain for you and your magus friend."

"Even if the whole of the Land were not at war with orc armies, and even if Tuatha was not even now surrounded by orcish armies that threaten the destruction of our entire race and the millenia of culture and knowledge ensconced there, Tuathans would not suffer an orc to live in their presence if they had means."

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min's eyes snapped to the Justice who had remained oddly quiet, before finally resting on the Princess. His stance remained the same as he was prepared to protect those under his charges uncompromising, even in the face of death.

"My opinion isn't based on blood which is also a constant reminder I'm not Tuathan in anything more then flesh, Princess. I am however bonded by word and oath to protect the innocent, so if any try to harm those in my care I will stop them. " There was no threart in his words, he was merely stating a fact as he looked the Princess in the eyes. Min almost felt like Avenaada hummed in his hand as he floated there, his confidence and strength building as his purpose emerged once more. He'd take any punishment in the children's stead if he had too. "These children are not part of the war, their purpose is not set and their life can take a different path, I don't care what the rest of their kind do. Purpose is all that seperates us, what we perceive only reinforces age old hatreds and I hope to save them from a meaningless existence by taking them to a place where they will prosper."

He'd have shook his head at the thought of these children being slaughtered based on race alone, without reservation that they weren't even old enough to protect themselves from the monsters of the world. It didn't matter though Min had nothing to hide, he spoke truthfully, and would protect even a black dragon wyrmling if he had too to show the truth of his resolve.

Female Elf (Tuathan) Druid 1, Ranger 2, Sorceror 12

Minaethiel's green eyes flash. "There are no innocent orcs, Min Bein'Meleth Rámalóce. Your word and oath to protect the innocent extends to this orc but not to the Tuathan people who will fall beneath its blade and have for centuries? You have a strange sense of honor to my eyes."

"You will learn soon enough that there is nothing on this Land that is not a part of the war. All Lands are one Land."

The voice of the Enhathladi seems so much closer now than before, even closer than when the words were spoken to her. Hearing them come from her own lips practically unbidden shakes her momentarily, wanting to recoil from that presence somehow. Minaethiel has long ceased searching for the connection within her, but just now, she dearly wishes to reconnect with home.

Minaethiel sighs, feeling her blood carry the weight of thousands of years of experience and tradition as it courses through her veins, waves of hatred towards the orc relentless inside her. She ponders how leaders are made and unmade in such a confusing Age. She would not repeat the mistakes that were made with the drow orcs - to that, she was certain her name should never be tied.

Her arm arcs back to her quiver, drawing from it a blackened arrow with a vicious point; her bow remains on the rock behind her. "Take with you this arrow. In Limbo, we may waver between the planes, and you may assert that the reality here is different. I will not enforce Tuathan enmity here.

"But in our Land, what I have said is fact." She waves him forward to receive it, a breeze of a motion. "This arrow is bent for the orcish throat - I leave it to you when you return to our Land to choose how your honor lies. Perhaps you will use the arrow immediately, as you should. Perhaps you will not use it until many years later when you accept the truth of orcish nature. You claim this orc as your charge and under your protection: then it is upon your head every drop of blood it spills from now until its death."

Diplomacy 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (3) + 11 = 14

Min only, no check:
This interaction is familiar to you. It is clearly a charge from an Elven Royal - Mina is not asking. Min must take the arrow or forestall her offer of staying her hand against the orc here in Limbo. And she fully expects Min to assume complete responsibility for this orc as his ward for life.

Sense Motive 14, Min only:
She could have demanded that he kill the orc and been well within her bounds. In a backward, brutal way, it could be seen as a gift - a headnod to the possibility that an orc child could become something other than an enemy. The charge comes off more, though, as a wild experiment than any faith in Min or orcs ever changing.

To the orcling, she turns her pale visage. "Your hefi heiz em lez lamjz, orq."

Your life lies in his hands, orc.

Once Min has taken the arrow, Minaethiel allows a corner of her mouth to lift in an attempt at a pleasant expression. "You should all come to the rock so as not to attract slayers. Min, tell me what you saved these...children....from? Something with the Red Dragonflight? And Magus Brely'an, you if you look next to that tome, you'll see the sigils I spoke of - clearly Telestari. I have deciphered left limb, but not gotten much further."

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Sense Motive 1d20 ⇒ 1 JUST CAN'T GET A BREAK! xD LMAO how many in a row now? 3x Fail. Lol! xD

Min's eyes flashed, the silver flecks reflecting despite there not being a single source of light in the dark of the void. Avenaada was warm in his hands and he took a deep breath as his knuckles cracked as his self-control eroded. He had been walking on glass and now he was bleeding for his good nature, he had known he had overstepped and didn't care, the Royal command was clear though. Although he wondered if it was just the orc or if he had to take the others as well. He moved forward and took the arrow as he was bidden, never breaking eye contact with the Princess.

Min couldn't comprehend how such cruelty could come from something so radiantly beautiful and the hatred that radiated from her act made her so ugly. He looked at her sadly, ignoring the black arrow in his hand. He’d rather she had spat on him, it would have been easier but this was too much to bare. As he stepped back he spoke, his voice strong and unwavering despite how much he would come to regret his next decision. "Remember this." He broke eye contact and looked to the children, one by one, letting the words sink in and watching as the little orc looked fearfully at the arrow. Min brought his eyes back to her’s. She never said he couldn't carry the arrow in pieces. Mother, forgive your wretched son… He closed his eyes as he pictured her hugging him and flexed his injured hand, tensing as his knuckles cracked the arrow into four pieces…

The sudden release of magical energy had to go somewhere and instead of finding orc flesh it found his and tore through his hand. Ripping through the flesh and splattering blood across his armor, even speckling the poor children as they stared on. Tears burst from his eyes, yet he didn’t cry out in pain. He wouldn't give them the pleasure, he opened his eyes and looked at her again. ”All peoples are one people...” He finished what the Princess had started to say and slipped the pieces into his quiver, his hand barely flexing in its wrecked state. He looked back at her, remembering the moment he bonded with his lifebow and the oath made that fateful morning. The sudden realization that the world was bigger then him. Then even her.

“I swore to protect the innocent, of every race. I swore upon this Lifebow and every moment of every day I hear them cry out. Despite the endlessness of the task before me I will not compromise, even in the face of certain death and I will spend my short life fulfilling that oath. I am not an honorless wretch, I feel the Laylament in my bones, the pulse of a dragon beating in time with my soul and bare the strength of the Enhathladi in my hands. I am made whole by these bonds and do not need nor want understanding." He bows, deeply, then. "I, Anamenyafeml, will do as you commanded and stand ready, Princess.” His name came across strange even to his own lips, he hadn't spoke it in years. But he was done with the scraping, she'd never look at him more then an honorless halfbreed and she could be damned for her close mindedness. So now he stood ready for his punishment, which he knew was coming and tried not to shake out of fear or anticpation.

He was Anamenyafeml warrior born of Tautha, Min Dragonrider of Fallen Heartland and Lieutenant of the Skyknights of Izmir.

He didn't have much but he did have~

Those bonded to him...

The Skyknights, his friends...

A Mother who loved him...

and Lin...

And wanted for nothing.

Aylaeth, no check needed:

Despite his injured hand Min makes no move to stem the flow of blood or heal himself, instead bleeding as he defy's his betters. Whether this act is foolish or not is yet to be seen...

Since you joined the Skyknights you'd never seen Min shake and a few moments after his words he is shaking ever so slightly. Yet he doesn't ask for help, whether or not hes trying to keep you out of this is unclear. But he has

Sense Motive 1d20 ⇒ 5 lol, gotta use up these low ones! :)

Princess Mina and Aylaeth 5:

Its apparent that Min was pushed over the edge but has enough resolve to remain respectful and civil, if horrendously blunt. Despite his strong words he is sincere in his acceptance of the Orcling and truly means what he's said without any indication of falsehood. As you watch him though he remains bowed and starts to shake ever so slightly, his elven armor betraying him. Whatever punishment he believes is coming he expects it to be very very bad...

Elven meaning of Anamenyafeml and Min:

This is Min's true name, given to him by his Mother. It mean's Twiceborn and represents his dual nature. It wasn't given to him out of cruelty but to be a constant reminder of how he stood apart from pure-bloods. Given to him in the hopes that it made him stronger, proud to be what he was. He hasn't spoke the name out loud in over a decade...

His Other Elven name was given to him by Lin and he bore it more proudly as he was ashamed of his Tauthan nature and couldn't bare to think of it any longer. It means One Great Love, Sacred Defender

Huge Female Silver Dragon 9 HP 79/79 DR 5/magic AC-28, T-12, Flat-26, F+9, R+8, W+8 Init +2; Senses: Darkvision (120 feet), Low-Light Vision, Scent; Per +13

in looked at Belsarious and tilted her massive head, she had felt the bond awaken a couple of times but...

Perception? to detect a direction, upto DRA! :) 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (16) + 13 = 29 Ha NICE! My dragon rolls like a champ! >:D

Merry meet again, Meleth, stay safe my rider. She knew the thought would not reach him as the bond had been inert for too long. It did make her feel better though.

"I'm not sure, I felt something, I know he is alive and well at least... More then that I cannot tell Belsarious. Without the Tapestries their return will be delayed, perhaps they are unable to return because of the creature the Izmirians spoke of." Noticing the placement of the sun and remembering her own oath she looked back at Belsarious. "Let us continue though, if they return I will be pleasantly surprised."

Female Sylph Magus (Staff Magus & Cabalist) / 9| HP 72/72 AC 23*or more*, T 14, Flat 18- F+9 R+8 W+9 Init +4; Senses: Darkvision 60ft; Per +9(+11))

Sense Motive on Min: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22

As the Princess at first rebuffs her overture to work on the book and finding a way out of limbo and instead focuses her hatred on the orc child, Aylaeth frowns and moves to place herself even more protectively in front of the young ones.

She opens her mouth to speak, to defend them, but Min does so first and does so very well, and eloquently, and turning from looking at him she looks back at the Tuathan and nods, assuming and hoping, that it would be the end of the matter.

However when the Elf not only fails to be moved by Min's words, but actually escalates matters and hands Min an orc bane arrow and virtually orders him to slay the child, right then and there, the Sylph feels a protective fury rise up in her and her eyes flash dangerously and her hair begins to thrash violently. Gripping her quaterstaff tightly in her hand, she takes a step forward, opening her mouth and preparing to lambast the virulently and uncompromisingly orc-hating noble. But once again Min beats her to it while at the same time Ada'an urgently speaks in her mind with the voice of reason "Mistress! Please! I understand your anger, but also please recall where her feelings are coming from! Her people have been at war with Orcs for milenea! So it is at the very least understandable, is it not, that she cannot look upon an orc, even an innocent child, without thinking, and feeling, all those thousands of years of built up hatred towards them. Please, calm yourself, if we are to ever escape this place we need their help, and a battle between us all will help none of us. Min is of her people, is her subject for that matter. Is it not best to let them determine this matter between themselves? After all, he has done an excellent job of it so far, has he not?"

Gritting her teeth but knowing the truth of her familiar's words she steps back, and places a comforting hand on the orcling's shoulder, giving it the clear message that it is not alone, and that she and Min do not share the same feelings as the others.

As she listens to the dragonrider's speech, and watches his brave and difficult actions, her pride and respect for her ally raise exponentially. She can see how incredibly difficult his defiance of his liege is for him, and as well how unswerving he is in his beliefs and his willingness to protect the children, at all and any cost. Her heart swells with love and affection for the brave and noble ally and friend that stands by her side.

Moving to directly stand beside him, in a way that completely blocks the children from the view of the others, Aylaeth's places a hand on his shoulder, giving it a strong and supportive squeeze. Then turning once again to look at the Princess, pride and defiance shining in her eyes, she says "Min speaks as well for me, your highness, in his pledge to protect these innocent children in our charge. No harm shall come to any of them, from any quarter, while either of us yet draw breath."

Giving a moment for her full meaning to sink in, she continues, gesturing once again towards the book "If we are all in understanding on this matter, and if we can agree to be allies, with a vow that all of us shall be safe from harm from the other, then we will join you on the rock, and I will be most glad to peruse your book and help you as best I can."

Still gripping her quarterstaff tightly, ready for anything, the Sylph waits for the Elf's response.

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

Cocks his head to the side, mirroring the dragon.....

"No surprise shll there be in the re-uniting of tha lin-min complex, amalgom, humm tha nature o tha bond eludes me....does it at times include physical intimacies?"

Huge Female Silver Dragon 9 HP 79/79 DR 5/magic AC-28, T-12, Flat-26, F+9, R+8, W+8 Init +2; Senses: Darkvision (120 feet), Low-Light Vision, Scent; Per +13

Physical intimacies?

Lin contemplated that for all of a second before it hit her like a stone to the head and for a long moment she said nothing at all as she gathered her wits. So much was shared across the bond that it was hard to explain with a few words. Finally she nodded slowly, speaking a lot quieter then normal as she was not quite sure what it was he was asking. "Emotions are shared across the bond when we are close together, at a distance I can feel how he is physically. But not emotionally... It is difficult to explain. If he stands free of whatever is disrupting the bond I could point in his direction without fail, I could find him anywhere in this world."

Male Human Battle Herald 11
Maiathreen Gyssearnith wrote:
Maiathreen gives a sigh of annoyance at the orclings refusal before standing up. He turns to Damian while shrugging his tunic back on. "Was there something you needed Captain? I'm assuming it wasn't just to break up a fight between our new wards."

Damian likewise ignores the orc child so long as there is no violence between the children. The nature of discipline, in his tradition, required it to be a conscious choice as a willing member of a group greater than himself. The Dragonflights ruled through fear and power, and he would not force the child - prisoner as he may be - to submit to his will beyond requirements to keep the peace. The Captain turns to Maiathreen to answer his question. "Min and Aylaeth have been gone for a while, longer than I expected. We know that there have been issues with teleportation, as we utilized the powers of the Dragonsingers to get to Ormir's castle. We have the option of using a door to something called the Everywhen to try to return to Stormfare. I need your opinion as an arcanist. Is this advisable and safe considering our number and charges, and is their absence something that should cause us worry?"

Nurianna, justice and all, is oddly quiet. She is trying to listen to what isn't being said, on this rock, in this nothing. A nothing they need to get out of.

A rock, in the nothing. Mina will figure it out.

When Min and his companions show up, it is slightly alarming, only because the only thing to approach them has been a slayer (or several), but when she recognizes the dragonrider, Nurianna is comforted to see a familiar face. And then, discomforted to know that more beings are trapped here.

She watches this odd back-and-forth with Min and Mina. It takes her a bit to recognize the message in Mina's speech, that this is one of those times where the difference between elves and half-elves is worth belaboring. Nurianna understands this is part of Mina's upbringing, perhaps all elves' upbringing... but she ignores it.

She also sees that Min is being extremely subordinate, maybe even to her, which Nurianna finds odd. Yet, correcting his behavior is not what Nurianna can see as the way to make him more comfortable. There are habits we all take comfort in, to help us through this world.

And then where did things go awry? There were sharp voices and arguments over the orc child. The children. Behind the sylph, protected. Yet bound. Nurianna, still listening to the nothing around the noise, frowns. If Red Dragonflight were involved, she wonders if it was the same nonsense as she witnessed in the temple in the south. And if it was... well, it still doesn't explain why they are tied up. After all they must have been through. They look so scared.

Assessing the health of the children, identifying conditions, wounds, etc.
Survival 1d20 + 24 ⇒ (13) + 24 = 37
Perception: 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (19) + 16 = 35

She is watching the children while Mina speaks. Mina's bearing seems to Nurianna to be a mixture of royal outrage and extreme devotion to her belief system. It isn't something that Nurianna ever questions, but now in the face of the half-elf guardian of an orc child, she wonders Why now, Mina?

And now Nurianna senses an exchange of an item; she turns her glance from the children back to Mina to see her hand over an arrow. Nurianna is surprised that Mina is parting with it, but as Mina speaks, it becomes clear exactly what Mina has given Min. And when Min destroys it in front of the frightened orc child, Nurianna senses a shift, and this time is not surprised that the sylph is at the ready to defend Min.

We are about to argue in limbo, about things which, if we were on the material plane, would also take forever to resolve.

1d20 + 13 ⇒ (10) + 13 = 23
Diplomacy DC 23

"Please," she says, to all three, still standing beside Mina but facing Min and Aylaeth. Nurianna is calm, and her hands are at her sides. "These are issues that will not be resolved in limbo, nor any other plane." Looking between Min and Mina, she continues to address all present: "We can all agree that beings of honest and trustworthy bearing, when called to their duties, must answer those calls fully. The nature of those duties does not sully the fact that they remain honest, trustworthy beings." Nurianna turns to Mina. She addresses her quietly, as her friend, but still well within earshot of the others, and looking her in the eye, says: "There is gnoll among them." She cocks her head inquisitively: "Shall I slay it?"

Nurianna makes absolutely no move towards the children, towards her scimitar, nor does she move at all. But she does raise her eyebrows, waiting for an answer from Mina.

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Perception 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (11) + 11 = 22

Min never shifts but his ears perk at the justices words and his heart sinks. As Aylaeth places a hand on his shoulder he flinched ever so slightly as every muscle was tense, his armor strained to contain him as he readied himself. He was a bodyguard after all, he'd sworn to do what he must and as proud as he was to have her near him. Giving her full support he was saddened to turn it away. His voice wavered ever so slightly as he whispered to her.

"No matter what happens to me this is my own undoing my friend, please do not involve yourself... And... don't tell Lin..."

He added the last part as barely a whisper, he knew Lin had changed and with it everything about her would be different but if she found out about this...

He cast it from his mind instead focusing on waiting, for what came next, to block an arrow or blade with his flesh, to be railed upon by Royalty. The mountain did not bend before the howling wind, and neither would his oaths...

Female Elf (Tuathan) Druid 1, Ranger 2, Sorceror 12

There has not been a moment when she has raised her hand in offensive action; Minaethiel cannot understand why Min cowers as though she will beat him or kill him. He is not her slave, is not her underling.

Min is not even her people. In this moment, a dark stalker is more her subject than he is - a discomfitting thought at best. As much as he bows and scrapes, Halfs are not Tuathans, though many often conduct themselves as citizens in some vain attempt to remain connected to the homeland.

Perhaps he behaves as such because Min feels the leylament...did she know Halfs could inherit that? Yet another thing she might have learned had she remained in the forest.

Logically, she knew Min did not have to accept her charge, and yet he did. But her nerves thrum with the recognition that he believed he was disobeying her by breaking the arrow, and that should be enough to earn him disfavor.

It's Nurianna that cuts through the blood; when she asks if she should slay the gnoll, Minaethiel blinks and gives a half shrug, her stiffened posture retreating a bit. Her beautiful features twisting with some conflict as she turns towards the Justice with heated words, her anger dissipating as she speaks them.

Druidic to Nurianna "Does it destroy you to see the gnoll live, Nurianna? Make your skin crawl? My father may already be dead from those orc armies - you remember my mother delivered that news back in Harun. My entire people, my culture that is the longest beating heart of this Land, my homeland on the edge of being obliterated, held at bay only by this ridiculous marriage to Lash and a contract with demons. Can you tell me that this screaming in my blood is wrong in the face of all of that? Min does not recognize the gift I granted in giving him a choice, the chance to show his belief that an orc child is innocent, in spite of how wrong it feels to consider the possibility."

In common, Mina continues. "As I said, this is Limbo and not our Land, and I stated very clearly I would not act against them. Anamenyafeml has accepted responsibility for his choices and oaths. However his beliefs might disgrace him in the eyes of Tuathans, his actions are not dishonorable." Her use of Min's proper name seems almost ceremonial, a seal upon his words and her own.

Male Silastrix Magus (Bladebound Kensai) 11 (HP 83/83 AC 30, T 23, Flat 11 - F+9 R+9 W+8 Init +12; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +13

"The Everywhen is a possibility it will certainly get us to stormfare quickly, but I must warn you it can be extremely dangerous. There have been...accidents before and those accidents have caused whole cities to be destroyed and more than a few cases of men becoming their own grandfather's...

As for Min and Aylaeth's is hard to say...I mean they could have been held up in Stormfare...I'm sure showing up with an orc, kobold, and gnoll child is probably not something Van-Haera expected...especially if they made Livain's request that they be treated as victims and orphans of war rather than as monsters. I do admit though...that even then at least one of them should have returned by now.

Is there a reason you seem....anxious to leave? I assumed we'd just wait for their return even if it took a bit longer than expected."

Male Human Battle Herald 11

Damian gestures back to the room that he and the Warbanians came from. "The runes are being destroyed by a dragon native to this volcano, along with a number of elementals. It was the dragon's suggestion that we leave via the Everywhen. Should the destruction have adverse effects, I'd prefer that we be gone." Damian sighs with the decision's weight. "After our last experience with the Dragon Door, I'm reluctant to use a non-traditional method of teleportation. However, we may have little choice. Were Aylaeth or Min back by now, I'd feel more comfortable with teleportation magic, but their absence worries me greatly. If they are in Stormfare when we arrive, all the better. If not, Stormfare has the resources that we will need to find them."

Damian announces his decision to the group. "We travel via the Everywhen. This is dangerous, without a doubt, but we will be profoundly careful. Maiathreen will lead us through with his knowledge of the arcane and of the planes." He leads the group to go track down the door to the Everywhen and hopefully return to Stormfare with all haste.

Male Silastrix Magus (Bladebound Kensai) 11 (HP 83/83 AC 30, T 23, Flat 11 - F+9 R+9 W+8 Init +12; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +13

how do you navigate in the everywhen
Knowledge arcane1d20 + 18 ⇒ (8) + 18 = 26
Planes1d20 + 16 ⇒ (17) + 16 = 33
Any dangerous creatures
Knowledge arcane1d20 + 18 ⇒ (9) + 18 = 27
Planes1d20 + 16 ⇒ (7) + 16 = 23

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Amen was confused somewhat, he had expected the worse and yet nothing came. At that moment his train of thought shifted and his opinion of the Princess rose slightly, although it didn't change the fact of where he stood in the social order of the elves. He knew his place very well, but he perhaps he had misjudged the Princess, had he known that Tuatha was so embroiled with conflict he would have moderated his tone. It did however give him an idea in how to aid in the conflict and in essence aid not only his people but his mother as well...

He stood and waited for whatever exchange was occuring to be done before interrupting. He had as of yet answered the Princesses question and honestly wasn't sure if he could as well as Aylaeth.

"When we arrived we were confronted by several Red Dragonflight soldiers, a pair of priests who were accompanied by a pair of powerful demons and a amassed assembly of chained, empty minded black dragonflight soldiers. The children were in another room, where they were going through some sort of horrid ritual, fighting one another and such. The reason they are bound is so they don't scatter into this void, these three were the most seriously injured and they were chosen as the first to go to Stormfare." He paused and looked hesitant to continue, looking at Aylaeth as he said. "There was a room full of rooms, its still beyond me as to what it was and... We have an item in our possession, a painting most... Foul. Do not look upon it if at all possible."

Her wings were rended... Amen visibly shook and looked away from Aylaeth and the strange painting, visibly shaken once more. I couldn't reach her... He marshalled himself and feigned a poor smile as he ignored the images. Somewhat. "Aylaeth, you go first the children will follow and I will be right behind you. Best you get to work as I don't have the foggiest of how to read Telestarry..." He butchered this last part, badly, and the slight twitch on the scholars face made him smile before he shrugged. "Can't help it if they have a strange name..."

Female Elf (Tuathan) Druid 1, Ranger 2, Sorceror 12

Minaethiel's expression changes as Anamen/Min answers her earlier question, tension smoothing away from the lines of her neck and hold of her shoulders as her green eyes focus on him, as though absorbing the story. She fires off several questions immediately to him, her tone curious and sharpened, on the edge of scholarly excitement. It is almost the mercurial opposite of her mien but a few moments ago.

"When you arrived where? Can you describe the ritual? A Painting? Did it move? You have it with you? Any symbols of a large red dragon head?"

She waves her hand for them to come closer. "If the Ethereal Stalkers are to be kept at bay, you need to all touch the rock. Magus --not the book itself, the symbols are on the rock next to where I laid the book.

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min guides the others onto the rock as he tries to summon up the best answers he could. He was caught off guard by her sudden interest and did his best to remember where they were just hours ago. Or had it been days? It was hard to tell.

"The painting, it showed me..." His mouth literally snaps shut, not of its own volition and for a moment he tries to figure a better way to put it. "It moves and shows you something terrible... It drove me to panic and flee from it. Its useless..." She looked to him for help, the item was in his hand. Why couldn't he reach her? He nearly shook his head to remove the image, the cold rock face, his death, her death. He would burn that damnable painting if he was left alone with it...

Who was the elven man though?

The ritual... A better question. "It was all within a volcano, several channels were being carved into the floor by the black dragonflight soldiers, they were chained and... Mindless. Then the Red Dragonflight priests activated something, filling the channels with a foul green liquid that did something terrible to their captives. It filled them, forcing them to hover off the floor and made them glow some baleful green. We succeeded in stopping the flow, Captain Damian destroyed the mechanism, but the Rune room... I never really looked around inside there Aylaeth would know more." He looks to Aylaeth then remembering something she said. "Somewhere in the south towards Maho I believe. I didn't have much time for scouting."

He works up the courage to ask and finally speaks. "Have you seen something similar? And... Is the fighting that bad around Tautha? How does Haelith fair?" His mother was one of many worries on his mind but to know she could be in danger filled him with some fear but what could he do. He couldn't keep her any safer whether he was there or in Limbo, besides she knew more about fighting then he ever would.

Male Elf Witch 5 / Ranger 1/ Eldritch Knight 5

"Twas a joke I thought some levity, though at times tha bond struggles tah be maintained. Mayhap likened tah tha bond o mine own familiar, tis limited in several ways."

Female Elf (Tuathan) Druid 1, Ranger 2, Sorceror 12

"You say you have it in your possession; might I see the painting myself?" She gives Nurianna a brief guilty look as she asks. Hopefully the Magus is reviewing the symbols - they shouldn't waste any more time.

But there is so much to discuss.

"Near Maho--we were in a mountain there once, where they were creating undead monks that could use the powers of Ki Ale. Your description sounds familiar. What interests me most is the fact that the Red Dragonflight is now utilising the Black Dragonflight for their own purposes." Minaethiel shakes her head, still musing. "I wonder what Veriala thinks of her troops being used to resurrect Kalaroth. Perhaps she is insane enough to believe it fits her plans. It was good of you to destroy that ritual space." Looking between them, she asks, "You both do know of Kalaroth, yes? The twelve handed clock? The confluence draws near."

She takes a breath. "I regret to say that I do not know how Tuatha fares, nor Haelith. The last I'd heard, the Black Dragonflight army encircled them. An unlikely alliance has allowed my people to keep the battle at a standstill, but this news is many moons old already." Skipping the part where her father may well be dead, making Minaethiel the actual ruler now, she adds, "Limbo is an unfortunate stop in my path south to there."

Huge Female Silver Dragon 9 HP 79/79 DR 5/magic AC-28, T-12, Flat-26, F+9, R+8, W+8 Init +2; Senses: Darkvision (120 feet), Low-Light Vision, Scent; Per +13

Lin gave Belsarious a filthy grin as she responded. "This is the only bond I have known of, if it anything like our bond then you spend a lot of time thinking back and forth.

She looked to the artifact in his hands. "What can you discern from that strange object? Dantoor thought it was important enough to give to us."

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Since I honestly don't remember anyone telling Me/Min about the confluence or the clock I will assume I am totally unaware of this lol! I tried searching my own posts and Min hasn't talked about it so... Yeah. I need to take notes! D:

Min looks to Aylaeth and then back to the Princess. "If you are sure you can handle it, Lady Aylaeth carries it. It came in handy when we were ambushed by the Stalkers, sent one of them screaming off into the void. I'm sure its still running..." I know I did when I saw it. He hadn't forgot how he tried to punch through a wall, his hands still ached, his shoulder as well. Sheer madness had gripped him that day.

At the mention of Kalaroth, Min's features actually color, a mixture of anger and fear. It hadn't been a fortnight since what had happened to him and Lin, he'd never forget that day... He spits to clear the foul taste from his mouth at the thought of Kalaroth. "Yes, I know that thing I cannot traverse his dragon doors because of what he does to the bond. He infects it and twists it into something else. I don't know what this confluence is or this clock you speak of, but I will not see it resurrected if I can help it."

He nods at the news of Tautha before turning and looking away, off into the void. Between the Painting, mentions of Kalaroth and the thought of his mother, nay, his birth place being completely surrounded it would be an understatement to say he was anything but deeply troubled. "Once we have dealt with the Legacies, I will go home and do what I can..." He didn't say it to anyone in particular. Mumbling that to himself as he stared out into the void and thought.

Maybe its time we did something...?

Male Silastrix Magus (Bladebound Kensai) 11 (HP 83/83 AC 30, T 23, Flat 11 - F+9 R+9 W+8 Init +12; Senses: Darkvision 60ft Low-Light Vision (X2), Per +13
Min Bein'Meleth Rámalóce wrote:
Since I honestly don't remember anyone telling Me/Min about the confluence or the clock I will assume I am totally unaware of this lol! I tried searching my own posts and Min hasn't talked about it so... Yeah. I need to take notes! D:
Bishop Janssen wrote:
"You want to not gaze too long on the seven-handed clock. Any other artifact of Kalaroth, just avoid it. Better yet; destroy it! They do not good in this world, so we can only benefit from their utter destruction." The three of you exit the tunnel, where battle clerics await, thumping their staves into the ground...

Female Elf (Tuathan) Druid 1, Ranger 2, Sorceror 12
Minaethiel Ellethwen wrote:

"You both do know of Kalaroth, yes? The twelve handed clock? The confluence draws near."

Seven-Handed Clock is what I meant. Player mistake because I'm playing without my notes.

Male DraRid 9 - HP 66/66 AC 23, T 14, Flat 19 - F+7 R+10 W+6 Init +4; Senses: Superior Low-Light Vision (X4), Darkvision 60ft; Per +14

Min snaps out of his daze, and looks back to the Princess as he remembers the warning he received from Bishop Janssen. "I was warned about the clock and about the dark fountains as well. Each of these places and things can allow that cretin back into the bond... I'm sorry though I know little else, I do know of some of the locations where the dark fountains are."

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