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The Last Forge (Inactive)

Game Master drawesome1111

Deep in the halls of Kel Mar, the last dwarven stronghold, an echo stirs. Heroes are called forth to save their homes and traditions, lest they be lost forever...

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Firbell nods back at Belvica before turning to the guard, "You don't know if the Advisors name is Arken do you... ouch!" he looks down at a very innocent faced Gidma, and scowls at him, "Never mind, we'll see the kings Advisor, and gladly." As they enter the doors and have a little distance from the guard he leans closer to Belvica, "What's that about rhino's?"

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

Duran remembered his first time at the capital. The Davadar Estate was just recently bought, renovated, and expanded. His father took him here to introduce him to the nobility and their children as the firstborn son and chosen heir for House Davadar.

The large stonecarved estate is not just as grand looking as it was then, even though the colors dimmed since childhood. The building was in between the traditional boundaries of the noble district and the merchant district, but its size mirrored the wealth and status of the family, surpassing that of nearly buildings. Only the other nine Great Houses and the royal family had similar or better estates in the capital.

Duran remembered how he first met the King and his younger children at the ball his father held. All of them were rascals at that time and played a trick on one of the invited nobles what Duran doesn't recall clearly anymore. His father was furious with him but the King just laughed and dismissed it saying this is the time to be children, and it will never return.

Two guards stood at the gate to the Estate, the red and golden flag with the family symbol was hanged above it, and a nearby lamppost gave enough light for the few travelers at this time of day. Duran was reminded by this scene how he tried to sneak out to see the city itself, but the guards caught him. He had to wait eleven more years before he was able to explore the city better on his own, well with an escort anyway.

Since then he met the King only two more times, both of these were when his father was also present, he didn't see any of the other members of the royalty since childhood though.

The estate looked dark, probably his father already slept, or was still negotiating or perhaps visiting a tavern with one of his old friends.

Duran stepped before the two House Guards. "Hello there, is my father home? If it isn't a problem please ask one of the servants to prepare a room for me, I plan to stay here for a while and discuss something with my father." This close to them any guard of the House should recognize him, so Duran had no reason to be extra formal, and the tired guard probably also preferred to get the preparations and the talking done with quickly this late.

You realize what you first thought was a large dwelling is in fact a small compound. You walk through a small court and you see guards practicing with swords and bows. Off to one side is a large building with the word Stable printed in runic characters. The guard escorting you leads you up to a white marble building just off the main palace. He gives two sharp raps on the door and steps back.

The door swings open and an aged dwarf pokes his head out, "Ahh Silva, what is it? He looks down at the odd trio in front of him and the guard replies, "Pardon the intrusion sir, but these two were asking to see the king. I know that he is preoccupied, so I thought I would direct them to you."

The aged dwarf looks at the two of you again... "Fine fine, I was just reading about the creation of the Wall in the divide, but please come in and interrupt my studies." You see the hint of a smile at the corner of his lips. He steps back and ushers you into a room. You can see a large conference table in the center of the room and it is cluttered with books and charts and scrolls. He offers you a seat and closes the door leaving Silva outside. "Now then, what issue would you like to bring to the king?"
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
The guards hastily stand at attention when you draw near. The one you address hesitates then responds, "Your father has taken to the palace, the king has called a meeting of the Nine Houses." He motions to one of the servants and the grab your bags and lead you into the grand house. The guard follows as you walk. "I'm sorry m'lord, I was not aware you would be coming to stay with us."

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Just having fun making up expansean Idioms

Belvica looks at Firbell in wonder... "You mean you do not use this saying...hmmmm.... Yes, no Rhinos in Kel Mar...HAHAHAHAHA... I meant to wish the guard luck because Rhinos very dangerous and big and can be fast when angry...HAHAHAHA" she then smiles with an enormous grin.

"This be big fun, yes? Me start to like North Ale, not as sweet or strong as South Palm Ale but good"

They make their way to the advisor's chambers which is pretty close.

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

Duran decided that sleeping can wait, and now knowing where his father was he began to walk towards to join the meeting of the Houses, of course it isn't called the meeting of the ten Houses as the tenth is the royal House, but that is just formality.

He looked once more at the guard and replied. "Me neither friend, me neither." He smiled at the guard with the puzzled look on his face as Duran went to join the meeting using his noble right to this as the heir of House Davadar.

On the way to the Advisor with Belvica
The druid smiles in understanding, "Yes I imagined it meant something like that. Let us hope the guard can figure it out. And yes, this will be huge fun. "

With the Advisor
Firbell exchanges a look with Belvica at the Advisor's inquiry, "Well Sir Advisor, sir, I'm not sure the best way to say this... So I best just get it out. I'm Firbell Moleskin and this is Belvica Insnareba (I think that's your last name??) and we have been summoned by a blue etching in the wall and a voice to the aid of Arkan. Miss Insnarebe and I only met a few moments ago outside the gates, and just discovered our experiences 'calling' us here were so similar. I happen to believe the summons came from Arkan, or someone close to him, andI believe we need to offer him our assistance at his earliest convenience... sir."

After finishing he takes a great big, audible gulp of air, hardly breathing during his strange introduction. I'm sure he think's I'm a loony now... He looks over to Belvica again, shrugging as if to say, If there was a better way to handle this, it's too late now!

Diplomacy: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (11) - 1 = 10

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Belvica stands and nods as Firbell makes the introduction and then slightly blushes as she hears herself being introdduced as Miss.

Afterwards, she adds "I fully agree with him, your excellency" and then she curtsys.

She then looks at Firbell with a 'sounds good to me' look.

Male Dwarf Barbarian/1 18/18 AC: 15 Init: +2 Fort:+4 Ref:+2 Wil:+0

Kilaim wakes with a start. Bleery eyed and groggy he jumps up from where he had been leaning against the tunnel wall. Eh! What's this 'ere? By Torags beard, I fell asleep during my rest! Kilaim quickly collects his belongings and hurries off again. Bah! What strange dreams I be havin. The KING living on the surface! How utterly ridiculous!

Haha I couldn't help myself.

Making good time with as few stops as he could manage Killaim finally reaches the city proper. He immediately makes his wayto the Kings palace.


Male Dwarf (Mountain) Paladin 1 Moradin, AC18, HP 12/12, Per. 11, S+3,D+0, C+2, I-1, W+3, Ch+4

"Well then I guess my poor old boots won't have to hold up too much longer then". "Thanks for the help...and I'm sure I'll see you around".

Sturgiss heads off in the direction the guard indicated, oblivious to the stares around him due to his archaic armor.

You make your way to the palace and approach the guard who simply nods at your arrival and opens the gate. You proceed through to a long low building behind the main palace. When you knock on the door a voice from the other side speaks up,"Who goes there?"
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
"Ahh, pardon me, My name is Melthos, Davryn Melthos." He looks up from the work he's doing when you mention the blue etching. "Wait, hold on, what did you say? A blue mark? What did it say? Tell me specifically everything you remember." He looks intently at you and makes sure his quill is ready.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
very nice

You make your way and enter the city, the city is magnificent. You are so enthralled by the opulence of the city that you bump into a dwarf in full mail with a large warhammer.

Enter Sturgiss
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

Male Dwarf Barbarian/1 18/18 AC: 15 Init: +2 Fort:+4 Ref:+2 Wil:+0

Ere now, pardon feller. Kilaim says patting the dwarf on the shoulder. Didn't see you there... Kilaim stops and stares at the burnt and patchy beard in a moment of shock. By Torags beard! What happened to YOUR beard! Are you alright friend? Do you need to sit down?

Firbell does his best to detail the exact experience in the tunnel, what the blue etching said and what he heard. He occasionally asks Belvica if her experience was similar or for anything new or different than his own experience. If Melthos asks further questions the druid does his best to answer. Finishing after several minutes he gives the advisor an apologetic, but curious look, "I wish I had more information for you, but does any of what we've said mean anything to you? You seemed to have some interest in the blue mark, do you know what it was?"

EDIT: Sturgiss, after reading Kilaims post, are there two of us with clean-shaven faces?? We can be brothers! ;)

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Belvica mentions a few details about how she wasn't the only one present during the occurrence and that the people around her were completely unawares.

"Maychance you be helping us, your excellency?" she says while trying to remain positive.

She looks around the room and is in complete awe of what she sees. In the savannah, the stone work doesnt become this nice until you are really deep because the topsoil is filled with clay.

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

"I am Duran Daemric Davadar, I am here to invoke my right to join the meeting of the Nine Houses as the heir to House Davadar." He then smiles and continues in a softer tone. "I know it already began, I am fine with just standing in the background so I can hear the ongoing discussion without disturbing the other esteemed guests."

Male Dwarf (Mountain) Paladin 1 Moradin, AC18, HP 12/12, Per. 11, S+3,D+0, C+2, I-1, W+3, Ch+4
Kilaim Orefinder wrote:
Ere now, pardon feller. Kilaim says patting the dwarf on the shoulder. Didn't see you there... Kilaim stops and stares at the burnt and patchy beard in a moment of shock. By Torags beard! What happened to YOUR beard! Are you alright friend? Do you need to sit down?

"What"? "Oh no"! "I'm fine", just a little late night accident". "Sturgiss is the name". Sturgiss stops and gives the man a giant smile, though with his thick accent, the man might have trouble understanding him.

"Thanks for pointing that out though". The strange Dwarf reaches into his pack and brings out a poorly made, and mangy false beard, which he proceeds to slip over his ears, and run his fingers through some of the matting, before continuing his journey. "I'm off to see King Arken I think".

He looks thoughtful for a moment then with a sudden jolt he launches out of his chair and begins to dash around the room with uncanny speed for such an aged individual. He pulls books off their shelves and flips through them quickly moving on to the next. "No...that's not it...Hmm...Could be...Nope..." With each negative reaction he drops a book to the ground and pulls another, finally he removes a tome from the shelf and shouts excitedly, "Eureka! Here it is!" He cackles gleefully and moves back to the table. He flips through the pages and then stops on one. He mutters under his breath as he reads the words, and he goes on taking notes as if he has forgotten you are in the room.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
The door opens a small crack and you see an eye peek out at you, upon recognizing you the door swings open and you see the heads of the Houses seated around the table with the King in a large chair at the head. You stand at the back of the room, you just catch the king finishing a statement, "...and that is why I must check on this issue. Surely you must understand the importance of this." He looks sullenly at the group and notes your entrance. You look down and see your father sitting two seats right of the king. He nods to you and gestures you to come to him.

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

"My King, esteemed representatives of the Great Houses, I hope I didn't interrupt you. I will just stand here quietly by my father's side, please continue." As he says this Duran walks over to his father, Lord Aemaric, then bows towards the king.

Male Dwarf Barbarian/1 18/18 AC: 15 Init: +2 Fort:+4 Ref:+2 Wil:+0

Aye well met friend, Kilaim Orefinder. Late nights at the forge can get ye into trouble for sure. Kilaim thumps his fist on Sturgiss's chest a bit roughly. That's some solid armor ye got. Just don't make like that anymore. Hearing Sturgiss mention his business with the King his eyes narrow. That's strange. I be headin' to the King as well. Why don't we go together and you can tell me of this fine armor of yours.

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Belvica getting excited after hearing the words "Eureka," moves up to Melthos, gently touches his shoulder, after getting his attention. Says So what have you found, King Aider?"

The advisor looks up at her big green eyes and friendly smile.

The king nods politely as he notes your entrance. You stand behind your father as you see one of the other dwarves at the table stand. "It is an outrage Arken! You've no right to ask this of us. We have been loyal to the crown for centuries and you expect us to just allow you to do this. We will not stand for it!" He emphasizes his point by slamming a fist on the table.

The king stands in response, "I am not asking you to do anything Feldern. I'm telling you what is coming. This is not something you can take lightly! If you do not heed this, it could mean the end of everyone you care about. How can you stand by?!"He looks weary as though he is out of breath."My friends, what is done is done. I must leave. And I will leave tonight, my offer remains. If any of you want to join me in this cause I will be at the gate at lanterns-out." With that he takes a deep breath and walks out of the room.
The advisor looks surprised when you place your hand on his shoulder.
"Oh my yes...I'm sorry. I tend to get lost in my thoughts. The mark you saw it has great meaning yes."
He traces to the spot in his book, He begins to read in a hushed tone:[b]"As the lantern fades, so shall the houses. The last forge remains at the sight of the dawn. Those marked by blue light, will lead the way home.He smiles gleefully. "See! Marked by blue light. Just as you described it. You said no one else noticed it but you yes?"

Allowing Belvica a moment to answer, since no one had been around to his blue light, "I don't suppose you'd care to translate that for me good sir?"

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

Duran watches the King leave, then turns to his father, Lord Aemaric. "Father, I believe we both have news to discuss with each other, shall we take a leave and speak at the estate?"

As he stands there he also tries to catch whispers of other nobles, perhaps a chance to understand the situation better may occur thus.

Perception 1d20 ⇒ 13

The advisor looks puzzled momentarily, then realizes what you mean. "No no no... I mean was there anyone around when you saw the blue light?"
Aemaric nods and quickly exits the chamber.As soon as you are out of the room he speaks, "I'm sorry for not being at the home when you arrived, I hadn't expected the council to last this long. How was your journey?"

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

"Yes there were two guards, one female and one male. However, neither of them sawn it, your excellency"

she blushes a moment, [b] "Be forgiving me, for my touching, by us it is quite normally done, HAHAHAHA"[/b} as she tails off nervously.

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

"Not quick enough." Duran looks at his father silently for a while as they walk before he speaks up again. "It doesn't seem like you are surprised to see me, did you await me for some reason, or did you already hear of what is going on near Stonewood and knew I am coming?" His dad was obviously aware of his arrival.

Firbell tries to be more clear, "I'm still not certain what the passage you read means exactly. What is the significance? Assuming we two are 'marked by blue light'... then where is the home the tome refers to? Why were we told to find Arkan?" Firbell takes a slow breath to avoid becoming over excited, he always felt like things moved too quickly the close he got the the surface! He lets out a small sigh as he awaits the Advisors response.

Aemaric looks at you, "Of course I knew of your arrival. I sent my messenger to the house just a few days ago. Did he not tell you?" He pauses for a moment then continues,"What has happened near Stonewood?"He looks concerned now.
"Yes yes yes!" the old dwarf dances almost excitedly. "That's what I mean... there's something about you specifically. You two have been fate or the gods or what have you." He smiles wide at you. You can see that several of his teeth have been replaced by some metal shaped like teeth.He turns to Firbell, "Aye, no one knew what it meant until now. It's an old prophecy contained in this book from the diviner Alphonse I. It's over 1000 years old, and needless to say it's one of the lesser studied prophecies. When you told me of your tale it struck in my mind. As to what it means I haven't the foggiest. Although you were sent to Arken because he is the King, I would assume. However he is unfortunately indisposed for a few days. Perhaps we could find you a place to stay until after the council has met..." He trails off.

Firbell looks at Belvica for confirmation, "Don't you think if what's happened involves prophecy the king should be informed right away?"

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Belvica stands in astonishment and her head starts to spin a little upon the news.

"May the lioness guide me in this endeavor" as she kneels down, closes her fist and springs back three feet.

She regains her composure after her quick religious experience. Smoothes her Rhino hide armor and looks at Melthos then Firbell.

Witch Doctor's prophesies wait not for kings in the expanse, shan't we see the king now? If not, please explain what you know about this prophecy.

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

Duran was concerned now, his father has sent for him about the time he left on his own, most likely crossing the way of the messenger without noticing each other, his father will also have important news if he was willing to call him back from the castle.

"Father, for a long time now merchants and travelers in the South, from the human lands have been attacked on their way on the trade routes to Stonewood. These attacks continued to become more frequent and stronger and now even caravans are attacked, not just lone wanderers." Duran sighs and strokes his beard. "At first I believed the attackers to be mere bandits, but I decided to send out a strong and experienced patrol double the size of the usual a week ago, which also included a cleric. Before I decided to come to see and inform you, an elven ranger came to Stonewood Castle to notify us that he found the remains of the dwarves from the patrol. Other than that, the elf didn't see any signs of battle or any trace of movement, not even the weakest track he could follow."

Duran looks in the eyes of his father as he stops his steps. "I wanted to get rid of the bandits on my own as Lord Commander of the Castle and protector of the town and the trade routes, but I failed. I don't know what the aggressors are and there were never any survivors left, so I had no other option than to turn to you as I rather face my shame as a failed commander than to continue to try on my own, and leave the people at a risk. I never got your message, I left for Kel Mar on my own after the ranger visited me."

Duran continued to slowly walk along. "Our entire outside trade is at risk, especially the trust in our trade routes we built up during the last generations, not knowing what the enemy is it may also be of risk to the town, or even to all underground settlements if it manages to pass through the town into the Obsidian Road. Now, the first snow has fallen at Stonewood, Winter is coming. It won't be the easiest to fight unknown and unseen enemies in the woods but it has to be done."

The advisor looks at you momentarily,"Well yes he will be made aware of it. In due due time. Currently I know that the king has more...uh...pressing matters at hand." He looks to Belvica, "Hundreds of prophecies are divined every day my lass...we oughtn't worry the king until we know more of what this means. Besides Im afraid he's in no state to receive visitors." He looks flustered as if he's made a mistake...
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------
Your father looks solemn at the news and tugs slightly at his beard. "Hmm..most grave circumstances. Bandits have long been a problem, but clearly my eyes have been blinded to how great a threat it is..." He trails off and looks thoughtful.

" You haven't shamed anyone. You're my son, and no bad decision is gonna change that." He smiles a bit, "You remember the time I caught you playing with my axe? Ha you looked like you could take on a whole army by yourself." His face seems much older now. The familiar lines on his forehead seem deeper. His beard is much greyer than last you saw. He rests a hand on your back and speaks softly,"Let's continue to discuss this over a fine meal shall we. I'll have them bring up the choice ale."He smiles bitterly then walks on to the estate.

Sense Motive on Advisor (untrained): 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16

Firbell can't keep himself from asking, "What's happened to the King? And equally as concerning, don't you think a prophecy being fulfilled right now - in which King Arkan himself is named - should be given weightier consideration than the other 'hundreds of prophecies divined each day'? What if he needs our help this very moment?" Firbell isn't quite sure why he's so concerned about this, but he did pack up his wolverine and travel for hours just to see this through, so he may as well commit to see it played out.

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

Duran showed a tired smile. "As you wish father, and about that axe, I did actually consider taking the matter directly in my own hands, but training as commander and wisdom prevented me from rushing straight into a likely doom. I feel bad for all those lost lives in the patrol and among the travelers, but I know if I sent more than the usual double amount of troops and they ended up like this, then I have to swallow my pride and anger, and as a proper commander I have to report back first."

Duran followed his father silently for a longer time after this discussion, listened the distant voices of talk and laughter in the city, and the even more distant noise of pickaxes and hammers as workers of the night shift continued to build, repair, or expand the city.

As the mansion got into their line of sight Duran spoke again. "Father, I do hope I could be among the men next sent against the unknown enemy, if you allow me that. I know I have my duty as a commander but I am still a dwarven warrior and a Stonelord of Ereshkal, I don't like to sit back and watch those under my command die. Now, I can't await your own story about what just happened at the meeting."

Duran then opened the door of the mansion before his father, and stepped into the obsidian and white marble decorated ornate hall after him.

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

"Mayhaps, these things are connected, would it not be prudent to seek his guidance, hahahahaha!" She then looks in Firbell's eyes for reassurance, assuming acquiesence, continues "Were there any dangers to the realm, we could be of some help"

She smiles and then curtsys

Male Dwarf (Mountain) Paladin 1 Moradin, AC18, HP 12/12, Per. 11, S+3,D+0, C+2, I-1, W+3, Ch+4
Kilaim Orefinder wrote:
Aye well met friend, Kilaim Orefinder. Late nights at the forge can get ye into trouble for sure. Kilaim thumps his fist on Sturgiss's chest a bit roughly. That's some solid armor ye got. Just don't make like that anymore. Hearing Sturgiss mention his business with the King his eyes narrow. That's strange. I be headin' to the King as well. Why don't we go together and you can tell me of this fine armor of yours.

"Sounds like a fine idea to me". "Hopefully I wont slow you down". "I've about walked myself out of my shoes lately".

Sturgiss falls into step with his new acquaintance. "There is much finer armor in my clan's hold, but no armor smiths to adjust it for my I had to just wear my old armor". "It's been good to me over the years...see nary a scratch on it". "Quick in combat I am". Then with a quick smile, "Do you know the way? .

The advisor looks around as if searching for the answer somewhere in the room. Then he looks back at you and clears his throat. "As I said, the...uh...King is occupied with other matters. He has a great many things to deal with at this time..Uh. Do not worry I will work on the prophecy and see if any more of it...uh... bears interest. I'll have the guards find you suitable accomodations." He smiles and ushers you to the door. He opens it and whispers something to the guard standing by outside. The guard nods and the door slams shut behind you. "Let's see if we can find you a place to rest." The guard's voice is stern but genuine. He leads you down to a small cottage like building. "Make your selves at home, and if you need anything. Just let me know."He smiles and opens the door for you.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------
Your father laughs.."You always were headstrong, You are truly your mother's son. Do not worry about these issues. The god's will shall keep us."

He leads you down the familiar halls of the manor into a large dining area where it appears a meal has already been prepared for you. Fresh game and dressing, potatoes and other vegetables, and at the end of the table a keg of your favorite ale. You eat the meal swapping stories with your father of various times gone, and of family. After the meal is over he motions to a servant and they leave the room.

He refills his mug with ale and takes a swig before speaking. "I know that you wish to return home son...And I appreciate your loyalty. But I have a request to make of you, one that far exceeds the danger to our house." He pauses a moment as if unsure how to continue. "There is a danger coming, the king has sensed it. He believes it is a threat to the whole realm." His voice is low and he speaks carefully measuring each sentence before saying it, "He has decided to seek out this threat himself, which no one is happy about. I would like for you to accompany him, as a protector of sorts. He is too proud to ask for help, but I know that the kingdom would fall without him. You heard us discussing his departure earlier. Meet with him this evening at the gate to the palace. I will return home and deal with the situation there. Just please, promise me this one thing."

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

Duran listened to his father, considered his words, then replied. "Home for me is where family is, where dwarves gather, where mountains rise. Just as House Davadar has a home in the deepest mountains in Stoneward Plains and at the feet of the mountains outside, at Stonewood, or here at Kel Mar."

He smiles. "Father, if our king requires my aid who am I to decline it? I will of course help keep our home safe, but please be careful when you go to deal with the issue at Stonewood. I don't think I am ready yet to lead the House, and you still have many good decades ahead of you."

Duran drank the fine Moryllic human brewed mead which he loves so much in one go. "I believe it would be best if all proper, available Davadar soldiers would go with you, I will hire some sellswords and adventurers for House Davadar to travel with the king. I am sure if our Great House is over-represented in his escort the other noble houses would cause an problems due to uproar, this should avoid the problem."

He wiped off some of the mead that got on his beard. "I plan to get informed on current events for the next days, please explain to me in details what the king wishes to do, I will in return show you the location of attacks or where the patrol was found. By the way, do you have an idea where I could hire those mercenaries? As I heard the usual place for them to gather is at taverns."

Something is definitely wrong here, the druid thinks to himself as their led away, the sound of the slammed door reverberating around them. As the guard tries to usher them into the 'guest room' Firbell marches a few steps towards the door and then diverts to the side, before coming back around in an odd little circle to finally face the guard. "You know, Firbell says to the guard and Belvica, "Gidma really needs to go to the bathroom, is there a garden or restrooms nearby?" Before the guard can say anything, "Belvica, would you like to join us?" Unless he's stopped by the guard he continues on (hopefully with Belvica in tow) for several hundred feet and out of sight of the guard. I'll wait and see if this flies before going on. I have a feeling the guard will have other ideas. We'll see! :)

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

Join you? in the bathroom? o.O

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Before they are ushered out Belvica does a Sense Motive check 1d20 +1 = 17+1=18. @Firbell, Are you trying to pull an Austin Milbarge? ;) Sensing something amiss is afoot...

Just the wolverine bathroom ;). Hey it worked for Dan Ackroyd

Male Human Bard/Psychologist/Writer.

Just cause Dan Ackroyd does it doesn't mean you can too :P

The guard stops short and says, "There is a garden he may fertilize near your chambers. Please follow me. " When you try and sneak off he looks at you and puts his hand on his hilt. "I have specific instructions to escort you to your quarters. Please do not disobey the kings wishes. It would be a shame to cause problems now." He looks stern and continues leading.

When you reach the building he mentions to let him know if you need anything and shows you the garden inside the courtyard of your villa. The building is very well maintained with a sitting room, kitchen, dining area, and several bedrooms. In the center is a square about 15x15 ft that has various plants and a small fountain.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
Your father discusses the details with you over the next hour. He then says "If you want to go get your supplies together and hire hands you only have a short while until the king departs." He points you to a district of town and as you depart he smiles ,"May the gods watch over you my son!"

You make your way back down to the tavern row. The smell of fine ales and good food fills the air. You hear hearty laughter coming from a small pub labled The burned Goblin which has a sign out front of a goblin in a large cauldron with black x's over its eyes.

Upon entering you see dwarves of every family in town. At the bar a busty barmaid is hoisting drinks to patrons.

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

"Guard, do you happen to have a deck of cards we can borrow?"

She shrugs, gives Firbell 'the it was worth a try' look.

Sighing mightily the druid slumps his shoulders and follows after. Later, after Belvica's question he turns to the guard with one of his own, "Pardon me sir, no disrespect, but you said 'the kings wishes', do you mean to say that the Advisor speaks for the king? or were there instructions regarding the two of us?" Firbell is delighted by the guarden of the villa, and Gidma romps around each room sniffing mightily. He does not, ironically and to Firbell's chagrin, use the facilities.

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

"Hello there girl. Bring me a keg of the best mead you have." Duran sits down at a shady corner table, just as "tradition" dictates.
As the barmaid comes back with the drink he stops her from leaving, and places a gold coin on the table. "A clever girl like you needs to know of recent arrivals of travelers, adventurers, and mercenaries. House Davadar is hiring a few non-house bodyguards and I am interested in those people, especially capable ones, or those that stirred up many rumors about themselves. Help me out and the coin is yours."

Diplomacy 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19

Male Dwarf Barbarian/1 18/18 AC: 15 Init: +2 Fort:+4 Ref:+2 Wil:+0

I'm just waiting for a que from the DM :) Kinda want to get through he "and your walking" part lol

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Who in da club gettin tipsy? ;) I feel ya, FIrbell and I are on house arrest, like we had been purpetrating some sort of larcenatious actions....

After the guard speaks with them and leaves

Firbell spends some times exploring the house, finally ending up near the garden. Finding a seat he speaks loudly so Belvica can hear him, "So tell me about the 'mawa-rhino-spanse' or wherever you're from. It sounds very interesting. Also, I've been trying not to stare, and since we have this whole place to ourselves... if you show me yours I'll show you mine."

After a few heavy, drawn-out seconds Firbell pulls out his scimitar, flourishing it slightly in the light. "I noticed you are armed as well, and what is that armor you have on?" Don't worry, keeping it P.G. people! :D

Ok, sorry fot the delay everyone. We're back on now. I think I'm gonna retcon and say that this is all happening same day. It makes it easier. And here we go...

You come across a tavern labled the Burned Goblin, you hear a chant coming from inside. "Long Live the KING! Long LIve the KING!!"
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
The guard nods to your request about the cards and steps inside with you. He opens a cabinet with a small brass key. Inside are various documents but along with them a deck of cards. He hands it to Belvica, then turns to Firbell. "Yes, the king has given his advisor authority on guests in the palace. What his excellency says is the king's word. "

He turns on his heel and exits. The day moves by slowly. At around supper time opens the door again and several servants come inside bearing plates of food and bottles of various drink. When you are finished with your meal he bows again and exits the house. The magics that light the city begin to dim as night falls. About 8:30pm you hear the sound of guards talking outside.and then it is silent....

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------
"A keg sir? That'll be hefty coin." When she sees the coins she nods and darts off coming back with a medium sized barrel on a cart. When you stop her, she listens intently. "Aye sir, This be the place for you. The Burned Goblin hosts more adventurers than any other tavern in Kel Mar." She winks at you and flashes a smile, "Ask anyone in here I'm sure you can find a good hand to aid in your business. For the right coin of course."

She saunters back over to the bar to deposit the gold. You look up and a bard has stood up on a nearby table singing a ditty of some king who lost a horrible battle. As patrons recognize the song they throw mugs of ale, booing at him. He looks upset and steps down someone from the back of the bar begins chanting, "LONG LIVE THE KING! LONG LIVE THE KING!!" Soon enough the drunken crowd are all chanting along.

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