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The Last Forge (Inactive)

Game Master drawesome1111

Deep in the halls of Kel Mar, the last dwarven stronghold, an echo stirs. Heroes are called forth to save their homes and traditions, lest they be lost forever...

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The king paces the long corridor of his main hallway. His dark eyes dart are focused in contemplation. His long thick black beard is tangled and messy, clearly not having had any maintenance recently. From a door to the right of the throne a dwarven woman with long red hair strides into the room.

"Ark...Come back to bed. What is it?" She looks genuinely concerned. He looks up from his pacing and adjusts his vest nervously. "I'm sorry my dear... Tarks returned and...well it seems that I may be needed soon. Down near the Wall."

She recoils a moment."The wall... I thought we'd rid ourselves of the outside world. Why there?" When he doesn't respond, the defeat is evident in her eyes. "Very well then. I will be watching for your return." with that she turns slowly and returns to the darkened doorway leaving the lonely figure pacing back and forth slowly. He sits on the throne and lays his head in his hands.

Here is the beginning my friends. Go ahead and update with where your character is now, and we will begin to bring it all together.

Male Dwarf Barbarian/1 18/18 AC: 15 Init: +2 Fort:+4 Ref:+2 Wil:+0

Killaim lights a candle and sets it on the litle wooden table in his cramped quarters. The small room contains only the most modest of furnishings. Bed, table, chair and a wooden chest. Small shelves cut into the limestone walls house his clothing and other assorted gear. A smoldering log shifts in a litle fireplace in the corner. Kilaim solemly collects his belongings, and systematically stows them in his backpack. Once his packing is complete he begins donning his armor. The stiff studded leather jerkin slides on with ease and he buckles his spiked gauntlets on. Grabbing his freshly sharpened armmaments he blows the candle out and strides into the stone passageway outside. Well hes grumbles to himself Can't stay in the barracks if'n I'm no longer in the Kings service... Silently he makes his way up the tunnel.

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Belvica(Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)not accustomed to living inside has set up her campsite where the outskirts of the encampment and the forest meet. She wakes and dons her Hide armor and the rest of her gear, excited to finally be amongst people of her own ilk but a bit concerned about being accepted by them because she was always an outcast in the expanse and that everything here is much colder than she is used to. May as well get acclimated to my folk as she blushes and marches towards the center in a wholly awestruck manner.

Male Daytona 500 DM / 12


Male Daytona 500 DM / 12

I just got in my hotel from a long day of travel for work. Tomorrow is a much easier day, and I'll get my profile done, and first post...if everything goes as planned.

I decided to use Maltese for Druidic, GM if you prefer something else let me know. Thanks!

"Issa Shemly, jimxu fuq u tagħti Polly xi kamra, li d-dritt. U NED! I wissiet inti dwar it-teħid l-umdità! Hemm ħafna biżżejjed għal kulħadd, issa jitwaqqaf!" "Now Shemly, move over and give Polly some room, that's right. And Ned! What did I say about hogging all the moisture! There's plenty enough for everyone, now knock it off!" Firbell natters on to the room in the strange Druidic tongue, a room lit by pale, effervescent light. The dim light shows a large circular cavern, carved very little, as if the owner desires the rocky chamber to look and feel as natural as possible. Underdark moss (the source of the effervescence), blind pale-bodied slugs, and many other strange but mostly docile creatures of the Underdark go about their business in the chamber. In the middle stands Firbell, smile wide and happy, as he surveys the newest addition, Percy, join into the small family of deep-tubers. His eyes are well adjusted to the darkness of the tunnels, and his steps are careful and sure as he avoids moss and insects alike. He shaved head, and missing beard stand out starkly, an unnatural state for any dwarf. Perhaps that's why he avoids the lit tunnels of his people, here he can be away from the judging eyes and chaotic boisterousness of his kin. Here the chaos was beautiful and slow and quiet.

The thought of leaving the dark cavern dims his wide smile for a moment, but not for long, and his rumbling belly will no longer be ignored. He makes his way over to the rough-hewn, stone door, carved to fit the contours of the surrounding cave. After checking several times that none of the caves denizens could wander out, he pulls strongly, cracking the heavy door open, and quickly scoots out, pulling the door closed again with a soft boom.

The room just-entered is also pitch black, a buffer for the caverns denizens, he puts his notepad and carrying case into their proper places, put his work coat on its customary peg and moves to another door, opposite the heavy-stone door. Stopping a moment and taking several deep, steadying breaths, he squints his eyes nearly closed, and pulls this next door open, a stout wooden door this time. Light from the hall floods his main chamber, and Firbell exits and closes the door quickly. As his eyes re-adjust, several of his kin troop by, avoiding his smile and ignoring his soft greeting. With a heavy sigh, Maybe today will be different he thinks to himself, without much hope, but trying to stay positive. The pale, small, druid makes his way to the mess hall with short nervous steps, dirt trailing behind him.

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

While making her way through the dense crowd outside of the cave complex, and suffering many indignities due to choosing the incorrect term for the king, like chieftain, shaman or medicine man, which made her even more selfconscious about her folk. One extremely rude craftseman received a stiff backhand slap for laughing at her. Belvica, at long last, is able to climb to the entrance of the citadel(fortress, cave complex, or whatever is clever :)). With a sharp whistle of relief she turns around to see her triumph and soaks in the culmination of her many league journey from the Expanse.

Two uniformed guards in plate mail and carrying Halberds stand at attention, one male and the other female.

"Halt, who goes there!?! says the female, obviously the ranking dwarf.

"Hello, my frieeennnns, my name is Belvica Insareba, I have come many a mooonn to offer my service to your chie uh er king and join your legion..." she states with as large a grin as she can muster, and trying her best to curtsy which she doesnt really know how to do. Her cheeks turn a bright red as she blushes in embarassment and awkwardness.

Male Dwarf (Mountain) Paladin 1 Moradin, AC18, HP 12/12, Per. 11, S+3,D+0, C+2, I-1, W+3, Ch+4

Sturgiss took another foot in front of the other, as he had been doing for close to a year now. Living almost his entire existence in the deep halls of Cinderstone Deep had left him unprepared for the immensity of the world. Everything was different out here...and most of it worse in his opinion. Still he really had no choice.

When his grandfather passed in his sleep a little over a year ago, he became the last resident of Cinderstone. For over a month after seeing his Grandfather respectfully given back to the stone, he had moped about the endless corridors, prepared to spend his eternity alone in these hallowed halls...then the dreams began. After several restless nights, he took his few belongings, the meager surplus of gold from the family coffers and set forth. Clad in his strange archaic armor, and his beard burnt and patchy he got more than one strange glance. And when he spoke those he addressed either laughed at his accent, or looked at him with puzzlement. Even his god had a different name out here he learned...Angradd....but still his prayers were answered. Persistantly he had traveled onward. His feet, and his sturdy boots heading ever towards where his dreams led him. Finally he crested the steep incline, and his well worn but sturdy boots let him down. As he stepped over a small rockfall the sole came off his left boot. He picked it up in his hand, and looked with sadness at the condition of his companion. Is everything that I have known destined to failure or ruin.

Then he heard a noise. It seemed to come from around the next bend. He hustled onward, limping to favor his unshod sole, and came across the entrance to the structure. It was the vision from his dreams. He had come to the end of his journey. He watched as a leather clad female dwarf was admitted, then began the last leg of his quest....Or was it the first. He started towards the gates.

You each hear a crack as if thunder is rolling in the area around you. On the wall nearest you a blue mark etches itself as if by an unseen hand.

Roll a skill check, im not partial to any one in particular, as long as it makes sense for the check.

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Knowledge Dungeoneering 1d20-1= 15-1=14

Almost in mid curtsy, she looks at the blue mark on the wall behind the guard.

Male Dwarf (Mountain) Paladin 1 Moradin, AC18, HP 12/12, Per. 11, S+3,D+0, C+2, I-1, W+3, Ch+4

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (17) + 4 = 21 Knowledge Religion

Firbell stumbles back a moment, but his curiosity quickly overcomes his concern at the disembodied mark, and he draws right up to it, studying it closely.

K: Dungeoneering: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (20) + 4 = 24 or Spellcrafting: 1d20 ⇒ 9

Male Dwarf Barbarian/1 18/18 AC: 15 Init: +2 Fort:+4 Ref:+2 Wil:+0

Kilaim drops onto a crouch, spear ready to strike. Scanning the dark empty tunnel and seeing no one he lowers his weapon and approaches to a safe distance.
Intelligence:1d20 ⇒ 2
I have no knowledge skills yet

A wave of energy pulses out from it, and a voice echoes in your minds. You...You must come... Kel Mar... You must... Arken...Find Arken...

Oh snap! Umm, do we know Kel Mar or Arken?

Firbell tries to shield his face as the wave of energy pulses outward, but all the happens is a voice speaking in his mind. He looks around to see if anyone is watching or if he can see a speaker. Seeing no one, he thinks, I must come? Find Arken? What in the Underdark is going on here!?

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

After almost falling over due to the strange voice in her head, because she could tell it was not the voice of either of the two guards. One of the guards snickers at her mild trip. She decides its best not to ask the obvious question "did you hear that?." Her face goes bright red from embarassment and bewilderment. She then composes herself after two beats, primarily putting her two legs squarely beneath her and summons up the courage to ask:

"Do you know of an Arken? And if so where can I find him or her?"

Would my character know that Arken is a man? If so, pretend her is omitted :)

"You new around here? Arken is the king of Kel Mar citadel." The guard smiles and looks at his partner.

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

"Why yes,I have travelled many a moon from the expanse, HAHAHA, and was sent for King Arken, the Great Chief of Kel Mar by almost supernatural means" Belvica flashes the brightest smile she can possibly muster exposing as much teeth as she can. "Maychance I gain an audience with this Great Arken?"

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

Meanwhile, at Castle Stonewood...

Adric watched Duran speak with the elven ranger in their native language. The elf just recently arrived at Stonewood and then asked for an audience right away. Elves were perhaps the most uncommon to be seen here among all races, and were usually the target of many crude dwarven jokes, but Lord Duran didn't raise a single eyebrow when he heard of the visitor, and granted the audience right away.

Soon the elf man slightly bowed before Duran, then left the castle. Chamberlain Adric wasn't fond of the elves and the actions of Lord Duran often irritated him, but he learned during his 5 years since they met that his method to tackle both the traditional aspects of nobility and the more free thinking of the common traders is what makes him a better leader than Adric ever would be. Not to mention, in the more traditional Great Houses a commoner born dwarf like Adric would have never gained the position of a chamberlain, as even lower positions would be filled by members of lesser nobility. As an afterthought Adric was grateful for Lord Duran not being as shortsighted and traditionalist as majority of the nobility.


"Adric." Duran waved to Adric to make him step closer. The chamberlain of Castle Stonewood seemed to be lost in his thoughts. "Did you hear what he said?" Duran stood up from his chair and walked to the balcony.

"Yes, my Lord. Although I only understood the start of the conversation, before you changed to the forest speech." Adric came to his senses as he was addressed, and quickly answered.

"It is those bandits again, the last patrol I sent out to keep the trade routes in the forest safe ended up dead. The ranger was kind enough to inform us that he found their rotting corpses, and he also mentioned that there were no trace of the actual bandits so he was unable to follow their track." Looking down from the balcony of the castle, Duran sighed as he watched the people of Stonewood below the castle go on their business, and took a glimpse at the marketplace before turning around. "Did I make a mistake to send them out?"

Adric was surprised, it isn't the first time such a question is given by Duran, but this casual way of conversing felt still unnatural to him. "No my Lord, you sent some of the best from the garrison, and the size of the patrol was double of the usual, you even sent a Cleric of Ereshkal with them as additional help. If they were still defeated then they were either overconfident, or outmatched." Lord Duran was still a youngling considered by dwarven age, and Adric knew he was often overprotective of those serving under him, and started to understand what he may think of now and then. "Nothing would have changed if the Lord were to go with the patrol, it would have been just one more sorrowful and unnecessary death." Adric knew Duran was considering how the events may have turned out if he were there personally.

Duran turned back towards the balcony again, for a moment he was silent, only the chilly wind howled at them. The sky was gray and clouds were gathering. "My options are few, even if I may lose prestige in the eyes of my father I can't handle this alone. These bandits are not the usual weaklings, we don't even know what exactly they may be. Alwic can have his entertainment for all I care, I have to inform father about these events, even if it increases the chances of my brother to be named heir. I was trained my whole life to lead others and to fight unknown spawn of the dark underground, I fought off bandits and creatures in the tunnels and the trade routes, and I learned how things are done here in the bordertown of Castlewood. This, this situation is different."

Duran was trying to hunt down the bandits for three weeks now, at first they were rarely attacking lone wanderers in the woods towards Stonewood, but as time went by they became more daring and aggressive, and also stronger as it seems. Now the trade routes to the mountains and the town were in a real danger, even merchant caravans from the human lands were not safe anymore. Duran didn't want to disappoint his father and tried to handle the situation on his own, without requesting aid from the family, only using the resources he had at Stonewood Castle, but now this was not anymore about the political games he had to endure due to his younger brother, people were dead and Duran was unwilling to risk even more casualties because of too much pride to turn to his father for advice and aid.

"Where is my father right now?" Duran asked from Adric as he followed a human trader leading his cart with a mule towards a tavern in the town with his gaze.

"In the capital my Lord, at the family estate. As far I have been informed, he has business there with the King, and also plans to get support from all Great Houses for the renovation of the Obsidian Road." Adric replied as he also stepped outside to the balcony, the fresh, chilling air was nice and exactly what was needed to organize his thoughts.

"Prepare an escort Adric, I am going to Kel Mar. I want you to only prepare two of my men for the journey and in secret, I don't want the citizens panic because I leave or because I take too many of the garrison with me." Duran turned to Adric and pointed with his left arm into the direction of the forest. "The truth is out there, and I want to believe I can find it and stop these bandits or whatever else they may be."

Adric bowed to Lord Duran. "As you wish my Lord, I will prepare the escort and supplies for the journey immediately, you will be able to leave this night already." He then hurried left to make the preparations.

Duran looked for a while how his chamberlain ran off, smiling under his beard at the loyalty and hard work this exceptionally talented commoner has shown to him since Duran choose him as the replacement for that old snobby nobleman who had the position in the castle before him. As the chamberlain stormed out, Duran looked around in the room, and his gaze stopped at the old stoneplate armor in the corner. This armor was once worn by the former Lord Commanders of the castle, it looked worn and just as old as it truly was, but that wasn't why Duran didn't wear that suit of armor instead of his field plate. He just didn't feel worthy of it yet.

Duran was resting his arms on the balcony as he was thinking about what he should prepare for Kel Mar, he already listed his expeditionary equipment he used to go with when going on expeditions towards the top of the mountain, and he decided to also take a change of noble clothes and his cape with him to the capital. As he prepared this mental list of items Duran felt a sudden cold sensation on his right hand. He turned back towards the town, and noticed that a few snowflakes fell upon his hand. It began to snow as he was standing on the balcony.

Duran sighed again, and looked once more towards the forest past the walls of Stonewood. "Winter is coming."

Male Dwarf Barbarian/1 18/18 AC: 15 Init: +2 Fort:+4 Ref:+2 Wil:+0

Will:1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5 ROFL saving throws are clearly not his thing. Hopefully he does better tearing bad guys apart!

Sorry, I wrote the will save, thinking since you wouldn't know. But then I changed it so that everyone got the same message.

The guards look at Belvica and then bust up laughing. "Aww she requests an audience with the king! HAHAHAHAHA! Who do you think you are? The king doen't have time ta talk to just anybody. You'd be lucky to make it past his advisors. HAHAHAHAHA."

Seriously? Winter is coming...someone's got GoT on their mind.

I hope 'Winter is coming' was a joke, cause I laughed. :)

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

I thought that was the "Easter Egg" mentioned in the discussion

Belvica's red face which a moment ago was embarassed gets more crimson by being mocked. She looks around seeing that she is in their city decides to bite her tongue:

"I was summmoned, but let me speak to these advisers then. I care not."

She then walks through the gate with disdain an Insnareba always pays her debts(sorry it had to be done)

Upon entering the gate she is struck by all of the new smells for her, they seem foreign but familiar at the same time...

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

Now all we need is a Tyrion Lannister kinda dwarf as the advisor. And yes, the winter mention was one of the half dozen easter eggs I made.
Sorry about it, was in the mood for these.

A wave of energy pulses out from it, and a voice echoes in your minds. You...You must come... Kel Mar... You must... Arken...Find Arken...

After taking several moments to collect himself and decide what to do, Firbell made up his mind. He runs his hand along the blue mark in the wall before turning and running back to his room, robes trailing behind him. Opening and closing the door quickly behind him he gathers what he'll need for the several hour journey.

Kel Mar was nearly two hours away traveling overland, but in the tunnels it'd take him close to six. "Gidma! Get up and lets go!" A shape which previously may have been mistaken for a pillow on the bed shakes itself and stands, revealing a small sized wolverine. Gidma blinks as it's eyes come into focus, yawning to reveal a pink tongue tucked behind long sharp teeth. After a good stretch the wolverine descends from the bed and goes to the door, looking at Firbell expectantly. The dwarf has not been idle, packing a backpack with various items from his room. He straps his scimitar to his waist and secures his heavy wooden shield to his pack.

Stopping a moment and looking around the room his eyes settle on the door to his cavern. He doesn't fear to leave them, the mini-ecosystem would probably survive long after he was dead, but he felt a twinge of sadness of the same. Gidma does a great impression of rolling her eyes, and coughs loudly, bringing his druid friend back to the present. Sighing, he takes a moment to don his armor and make sure his pouch was loaded with ammunition for his sling. Lastly he takes his water-skin out and mutters a quick spell, and out of thin air a small deluge of fresh water appears above the water-skin. Most of it makes it into the skin, but the rest cascades to the floor, and Gidma waddles over happily to lick it up.

Moving to the door, his meal forgotten and all things prepared, "Come on Gidma, we have a walk ahead of us." Firbell begins the journey towards Kel Mar, looking for this 'Arken', Gidma swaggering easily alongside.

Seven hours later....

Covered in a glistening sheen of sweat, Gidma panting alongside, Firbell felt very good. It'd been awhile since he'd taken such a long horizontal trip, usually he was descending towards the Underdark and then ascending back to the familiar halls of his clan. He approached the guard post in the lower tunnels slowly, while this was a common tunnel used by his clan to reach Kel Mar, he knew his appearance was strange at best. He raises his hands up near his head, so the sentries could easily see his empty hands, "Ho, dwarves! Firbell of clan Orbanstone." Having identified himself he approached the wary dwarves, ignoring their shock and disgust at his missing beard and shaved head. "This is probably an impossible question, he says, leaning on the tunnel wall for a moment, "but do you know any dwarves by the name of 'Arken'? I have an urgent matter I must discuss with him."

Male Dwarf Barbarian/1 18/18 AC: 15 Init: +2 Fort:+4 Ref:+2 Wil:+0

Kilaim stands stunned for a moment. Again he looks up and down the dark passage, looking for signs of life. What in the pitts of hell was that? The only Arken I know is the King... he thinks to himself. Quickly adjusting his gear he hustles off toward Kel Mar I best get going if the King is in trouble... his voice echoes down the empty corridor and he suddenly feels very alone.

As you move through the city you are amazed by the sight. While most of the dwarven settlements in the range are ramshackle and crude this citadel is magnificent. All of the buildings seem to be cut from the rock around them by a master craftsman. As you walk through the streets you are called out to by various vendors hocking their wares. Are you going straight to Arken?

The guards look strangely at you, "The only Arken I know is the king. But most don't call him by his full name."


You make your way down the road toward the capital. You pass very few travelers on the way and make very steady progress on the journey.

"Ah, yes of course, the king. King Arken.." Firbell says sheepishly, suddenly uncertain. The blue mark wants me to find and help the King?! he thinks to himself. Remembering himself, he asks for directions from the guards and heads straight to the King.

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

man, how come your guards were so helpful? ;p

Belvica looks at the differing hockers,buys herself some shashlik of mountain goat and an ale. "Thank you for the shash and ale!" while handing them the cash. She starts to munch on the delictable meat on a stick and swarths the fine brew. "Being that I am new here, could you point me in the direction of the King and possibly give me some important information about the area?" Persuasion check 1d20 -1(because of fellow dwarf) 14-1=13. If necessary.

You cross through the tunnels and come up in a temple district of Kel Mar. Large ornate buildings with various shrines of gold and silver rise around you. You can see the palace in the distance. and you head in the correct direction.

The merchant takes your money and pockets it quickly then turns and points behind him. "Ya see that? Behind that wall up there be the palace, and inside be the king."

You look up and you can see the streets of the city seem to spiral out from a hub at one edge. The hub has a huge wall made of a deep red stone. You can see even from far off the towers that spire behind the wall.

Male Dwarf (Mountain) Paladin 1 Moradin, AC18, HP 12/12, Per. 11, S+3,D+0, C+2, I-1, W+3, Ch+4

Sturgiss watches for a bit, and notices others talking to the guards for a moment, then seeming to have no trouble entering. Well this must be the place. It just feels right. Then just before he starts down the path, the unexpected Rune has the nerve to raise it's voice to him. He frowns at it and listens to it's message.

Well I'm no fool, but I'd be willing to bet my best chisel that that place down there is Kel Mar...and that this Arken is somewhere inside. No time better than the present to find out.

Sturgiss approaches the guards and speaks his clan's ancient welcome.
"Till the mountains fall or the fire rises, the clans of old gather as one". "I ask the shelter of your stone, and in return offer my skills to your hearth". He then reached down, heavily pounds the dirt beneath his feat with his palms, and tugs his beard in greeting.

You just gotta know how to talk to people ;)
Firbell marvels at the wealth on display around the huge temples. As he tries to stop squinting in the brighter lights, he feels a pull back towards his cool and quiet caves. However, at this point, so near to the his strange journeys end, he is resolute. It is difficult to ignore the looks from the halls filled with dwarves, and over a dozen conversations have stalled as he walked past. The reasons for his departure are at the forefront of his mind as he walks, Gidma at his side, the small wolverine equally taken by the smells and sights.

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

cultural relativism, I guess, growing up in the savannah away from her people chiselled her into this conglomeration of weird... :)

"Thank you! May your ancestors smile upon you!"

Belvica finishes her shashlik and ale returns the mug and keeps the stick, which she uses to clean her teeth and puts it in her belt. Lets get a move on, if this chieftain needs my help then I shouldn't keep him waiting.

She then deftly meanders her way through the crowd to the spire, gaining many a strange look due to her overall appearance. Once in the spire, she makes her way to a large oaken door and knocks bruskely... Hope this works she thinks to herself.

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

Duran left Stonewood in the capable hands of Adric and under the cloak of darkness left with his two guards the chamberlain picked for him. It took two days march to reach the closest settlement under the mountain along the Obsidian Road, here in the village of Bromhal the local Mayor Ingard Orefinder was paid a silver to loan the young Lord Davadar a wagon with two war boars pulling it without everyone knowing of it.

After one more day travel his little group arrives at Kel Mar late in the night at one of the lesser used side entrances, he steps out of the wagon with one of the escort guards in tow, and calls out to the dwarf at the gate. "Open the gates, I am Duran Daemric Davadar." He made it sure that the family symbol on his armor can be seen.

The guard returns the old greeting. "I've not seen that in a long time. Welcome to Kel Mar my friend, what is your business here this day?"
You cross through a gate into a market district. Gidma sniffs and looks around at the various items of food being offered. You make your way up farther through the city until you reach the large gate into the palace grounds. You arrive just as a female dwarf in ranger's garb is talking to another guard.
A small panel in the door slides open and a pair of eyes look back at you. "Can I help you?"
The guard notes your emblem and nods to you. "Welcome m'lord. What brings you to the capital today?"

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I assume this is Belvica I see, and the guard she is speaking to is the one behind the door panel?

As the druid and Gidma approach the strange-looking female dwarf, She looks almost as odd as I do! Quite attractive in an exotic sort of way... who knew dwarves could even look exotic?

He waits a few paces back and to the side, waiting in polite silence for his turn to speak to the guard, hands folded in front of him. If she happens to look back he nods his head respectfully, "Sir.., uh Ma'am.. Sir."

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

"Family business, friend. I am going to our estate here, as I know my father is also here." Duran smiles at him while patiently waiting for the gates to open so he and the wagon can pass through it.

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

"I have been summ-..." she starts to say to the guard as she hears the footsteps behind her due to the inside of the spire being empty.

She turns around and sees a bald dwarf and a wolverine and blushes uncontrollably as she hears.... [quote Firbell said] "Sir.., uh Ma'am.. Sir."

After an awkward silence... "I am no chieftress, hahaha, my name is Belvica Insnareba, may chance I might can have the pleasure of yours, hahaha?" she says a little embarassed. Then she looks at the wolverine. "Hello, my friend." as she moves in a unoffending way with her hand cupped like a paw and scratches the wolverine at the back of the ear.

Male Dwarf (Mountain) Paladin 1 Moradin, AC18, HP 12/12, Per. 11, S+3,D+0, C+2, I-1, W+3, Ch+4

With a smile, and a weary sigh, Sturgiss Replies, "I am Sturgiss Fauxbeard, last of my clan". "As to what brings me're guess is as good as mine". I know only that I seek a place called Kel Mar, and a person named Arken". "Beyond that...? Well see".

[b}"Could you point me in the right direction"? [/b]

At the gate to the palace grounds

A feeling of relief flooded the bald and beardless dwarf as Belvica turned around, apparently not offended at his oafish greeting. After several seconds he realizes he was staring, and the lady had asked him a question. Grinning his wide smile, made even larger by the distinct lack of beard, "Yes! you may, I am Firbell Moleskin, at your service." He gives a little bow, and out of the corner of his eye he see's Belvica reach towards Gidma, and he freezes. He's about to shout a warning, but to his great surprise the normally disgruntled wolverine leans into the scratch contentedly. He looks up in amazement at the ranger, "I've never... he gives his head a shake, as if to shake off his surprise, "He likes your scent, Gidma isn't normally so accepting of others, much less being touched by them!" Thinking to himself, I've never met such a friendly dwarf, at least not since I began shaving!

The druid rubs his dirty robes self-consciously, "So, Belvica, what brings you to the palace?" He eyes the hole in the door, his eyebrow raised, where the watchful guard's eyes have been watching their entire exchange.

When you guys have introduced yourself, the guard will resume.

The guard bows deeply and ushers you in.

I assume you've been here before and know your way to the palace.

"You're in Kel Mar. King Arken resides in the palace, although I don't know if you'll be able to get an audience with him at this time." the guard points up and you see the spire of the palace in the distance."Ya can't miss it."

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

After petting Gidma, she looks up at Firbell and says "Well, I am in the palace because of an odd, uh, you wouldn't believe me if I told you...hahaha." she blushes nerviously. And then whispers To see the king, because of a blue mark and voice..."

She looks back at the door a bit and then back to Firbell. "How bout you?"

He raises his eyebrows at Belvica's explanation, giving a short, cautious laugh, before leaning in to speak quietly enough the guard can't overhear, "Well... I happen to be here because of a blue mark and a voice... in my head, asking me to come." He gives her an odd look, "Did you happen to come from the tunnels under Clan Orbanstone?"

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Befuddled, she blinks nervously and then her voice cracks while telling her story, "I come from the savannah from way to the south of here called the Expanse. In the city of Kibwe, a fellow dwarf that came from the Obsidious Boulevard or street or something... hahahah... told me there were more of our kind up here. So I trekked my way through bushveld, jungle and desert. Anyway, earlier when I arrived in the hamlet er city, yes city, I was talking with some guards and this blue mark appeared on the wall and someone said to see Arkan."

She looks back and forth really quickly and turns back to Firbell and continues "Mayhap you know the custom here better than Belvica, yes?"

Firbell wishes he could state otherwise, but forges ahead, "I'm not exactly a frequent visitor, or a welcome one, but I am probably more familiar than you. I can say that was the first time I heard a voice in my head that wasn't my own!" He shrugs, feeling extremely unhelpful, "Maybe we should just to find King Arkan, perhaps he'll have an explanation?" One that hopefully doesn't include, 'you're a loon'!

If she's agreeable he turns back to the door guard, "May we enter?"

Male Dwarf Stonelord Paladin

well as character sure, but you could lead my char through the roads to the estate if you want, plus arrange a meeting with npc-s or pc-s on the way

Duran turns towards his escort. "You two, get some rest at an inn hen return to the castle, take the wagon with you too and hand it back to the owner." As the two agree they pass through the gate together with Duran, then go on their own ways.

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Belvica nods her head and moves with Firbell to the door.

When asked she replies [b] "Belvica Insnareba of the Expanse"

The escorts nod and move off down the street to your left. You continue on up until you come to the gates of the large stately house of your family. You press your fist into the seal and the magic reacts swinging the door open. You remember the first time your father brought you to the great city from your home.RP your memory, then we move on
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------
The guard looks at you strangely. "The King isn't accepting visitors at the moment, however his advisor is in, perhaps you could speak to him instead?"

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Belvica looks at Firbell and says..."The advisor might could work, worst case scenario, he tells us when the king be back."

well if Firbell disagrees we could always hold a sit-in :), if he agrees we walk into the chambers of the advisors, my character attempts to curtsy and says "May the rhino run around you, always." to the guards

Male Dwarf Barbarian/1 18/18 AC: 15 Init: +2 Fort:+4 Ref:+2 Wil:+0

Breaking out onto the surface world for the first time in months Kilaim stands squinting in the light. His head spins at the openess and he begins to feel queezy. Steadying himself by holding onto a near by lamp post he begins to settle. Quickly orienting himself to the city he soon sets off toward the Kings palace. No self-respecting dwarf lives above the ground. he grumbles to no one in particular.

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