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The Last Forge (Inactive)

Game Master drawesome1111

Deep in the halls of Kel Mar, the last dwarven stronghold, an echo stirs. Heroes are called forth to save their homes and traditions, lest they be lost forever...

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Welcome Thom :)

Belvica, Sturgiss, Firbell- 150exp for second leg of travel. and 150exp for everyone making 2 successes in the challenge :)

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Welcome Thom! In the old days dwarves couldnt be magical but awesome...

Those other characters... one could have fallen off a cliff and the other one maybe dysentary... :)

Male Half-Orc Wizard 2/Rogue 1

For a name, I've got Morg "Tinker" Blackflame. Not settled on the first name. Any ideas?

I think we'll take it slow cause of the holiday weekend... hopefully we can get everyone on track by tomorrow evening or tuesday.

Male Dwarf Wizard 3

Morg? Still tinkering with some gear...

What skill would "lens cutting" or making glasses be a part of?

I think that would be Craft: Glass worker, or Craft: glasses

Male Dwarf Wizard 3
DM_Awesome wrote:
I think that would be Craft: Glass worker, or Craft: glasses

Yeah, I guess glass... That's what I took originally. Just verifying.

Morg... I like Morg, short and to the point. Sounds half-orcish a little, but I'm about as far from a name expert as one can get.

You should take a course in linguistics. Very interesting.

Male Paladin, AC 17, HP12, F4, R2 W2

Hello Folks, I'm one of the replacement Players. Thanks for picking me, I look forward to the dwarveny-goodness!

Welcome fellow dwarf! Glad to have you and welcome to the party.

Male Paladin, AC 17, HP12, F4, R2 W2

i'll try to be caught up by the end of the week with the gameplay thread, feel free to Introduce me whenever

Male Paladin, AC 17, HP12, F4, R2 W2

ok, All caught up, and ready to Jump in if you like. I'll follow the DM's Lead.

Male Dwarf Wizard 3

A first level Wizard needs to be, well... creative. Morg was taking precautions.

And, he's got a paranoid warped (having been a captive for years), trust no one... aspect to him.

It was all Matthias' idea... I swear!


Oh no you don't... don't bring Matthias into this... he had nothing to do with it. He might've thought it was funny, but he didn't plan anything :P

Shifty whiskers... can't trust em

Aww you don't trust my rat? Would you trust him if he was Master Splinter?

Well yeah!

Male Dwarf Wizard 3

@Insnare - I can legitimately explain any of Morg's in-game actions or my descriptions. Full disclosure. Ask away.

I don't want there to be any sense of "cheating", it's not my style.

Male Dwarf Wizard 3

Skill challenge?

You got the hang of it :)

Male Paladin, AC 17, HP12, F4, R2 W2

Still here! enjoying the Banter, If you want to set up a scene, I could be at an Anvil, re-forging someones weapon or something..

Male Dwarf Wizard 3


On a side note, nice to know the die roller "blows" consistently across all my games.

Well it's important to be consistent you see. :)

Init- Belvica, creature, Firbell, and Morg.

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Sorry was a bit busy today...

No prob, just had request to repost initiative.

Male Dwarf Wizard 3

Sorry, but that was tailor made for him. How many are left... Did the drums/chanting abruptly stop?

Hey all, I'm not feeling particularly well today. Hopefully I will have something good for you this evening. Sorry for the delay.

Male Dwarf Wizard 3

Sorry folks, server lost my one good roll... kept showing it as preview and wouldn't submit. That's why the two test posts to flush any cache out and apparently flush my 17 + 4 down the toilet, too!

Apologies. uber busy weekend, I'll get some breathing room back monday

I've submitted a map of the general area to this link: 2.jpg

The port is very far south just out of frame, but it's the farthest from you now. To go in order the closest would be the city, then the Enclave then The Port.

The password for that link is lastforge

Also excellent work everyone, 200exp each for killing the orcs, 150 for completing the day, and 150 for skill challenges. that's a total of 500 exp each :)

Male Dwarf Wizard 3

Wand(s) and Potion(s)... yum!

Male Paladin, AC 17, HP12, F4, R2 W2

i'm goignt o be afk for a few days, due to move to a new apartment, if you coudl GM PNC me till liek wednesday. thoradin will do his best to kep his companions out of harms way, even if it means putting himself in more danger..

Male Dwarf Wizard 3

We're level 1, we got money?

Ugly work week and the next is looking only minutely better. FYI and apologies. I'll post as soon as I can. Just gotta get past this hellish time of year! bot me as needed.

Male Dwarf Wizard 3

Money is essentially zero...

But, if you wanted to give wands with 10 or 20 charges... and level 1 potions, that's 'cool. Just need to know what the limits are.

between the orcs and things you find 50gp each, you find a two nice swords and some armor that is made of a strange material.

Male Dwarf Wizard 3

Could Morg scribe a 1st level scroll as night? 12.5gp, each. As well?

Hey guys sorry for the disappearing act. I had a family emergency and this is the first opportunity for internet,

Hopefully i'll be able to post regularly sunday.

Male Dwarf Wizard 3


I'm ALIVE! and I'm glad you're all doing ok too, especially those near Sandy! Be safe. This is the first time I've logged in since my last post. I'm not out of the work-woods yet, but I'm about 3/4 of the way there. Things have eased up slightly though and so I wanted to pop my head in and let you all know the scoop.

Have no fear of me disappearing - long term. I appreciate the patience and I will press on as soon as I can. Yay for gainful employment!

Yay glad to hear it :)

I have a question... is everyone still having fun with this game...? There seems to be delays(Of which I have caused some) Do you guys wish to continue or would you rather end this here?

Female Dwarf Ranger(Guide)

Im having fun, but it does seem to be a bit too sparse with the postings...

Male Paladin, AC 17, HP12, F4, R2 W2

I'm enjoying it, but maybe the story needs to move a little quicker. Part of that may have been having the king with us, as a very lawful character, having to wait for the koing to decide what needs to be done can slow things down. Also, I'm in training for a new posityion at work, so my posting might eb delayed a bit.

Ok sorry guys... but life has really hit me hard in the past couple of weeks and Im gonna have to bow out. I enjoyed GMing for you, and I hope we can play in future games together.

SOrry again.

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