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The Last Baron

Game Master Tarlane

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I already rolled my hitpoints *Doh* but I can reroll them in view if you want.

The Exchange

Zarif is a "Dashing rogue" type, and certianly fits, but I'm not sure he'd going looking for trouble like that... Unless of course his Black Blade had designs on sending him to your character.

So I could see Zarif doing it, so it's up to you, if you want him or other volounteers

Liberty's Edge

Well that certainly sounds like positive feedback about the idea, so I'll be getting those two discussion threads up as soon as I am finished with this so we can finish fleshing out the characters.

For HP, rolling is fine though you are elite so if you get below average(overall) go ahead and bump it up to average.

Elyas, I do realize that there isn't as much healing on that side and am going to take that into account. Even if you don't have a lot of healing spells, they are available on the class' list so with the introduction of wands the party should be able to heal up after combat at least.

Also, depending on how your team acts this module is as combat heavy or light as you want it to be. The adventure is pretty much equally prepared for a frontal assault as it is for the total subtle approach. It would be difficult, but I can genuinely see a dedicated group completing the module killing two weak mooks and killing an unequipped villain.

Apocalypso, don't worry about non-costly spell materials, the only time it will come into affect is if you lose your component pouch for some reason.

For a PbP primer I intend to give a bit of an example of my style of posting before we get started. I'll be using google-docs as a way of posting maps and images for you all, I find that using a spreadsheet works great as a combat map and lets everyone see where things are. Anything posted on there can be viewed without an account so you don't need to worry about that, though anyone who has a gmail account I can give access where they can edit and move their own characters.

This is the first PbP I have done since the introduction of the private messaging on the site so I look forward to seeing how that works with things.

Liberty's Edge

Alright! Discussion threads have been created.

Iridae - Aasimar Oracle
Jodokai - Human Magus(Kensai, Bladebound)
Omaz - Human Fighter
Sam'hain - Human Paladin(Holy Tactician)
Liandra - Half-elf Rogue/Ranger(Urban Ranger)

Go to this thread.

Maeltheron - Elf Rogue(Sniper)
Willy - Human Barbarian(Invulnerable Rager)
Gerivor - Human Rogue/Wizard
Meera - Half-Elf Ninja/Monk
Hugh - Human Inquisitor

Go to this thread.

Liberty's Edge

Unfortunately Gerivor has had to drop our of the campaign before we have really gotten off the ground so we are trying to pick up a quick replacement for him if anyone is willing to volunteer for the slot.

The party can really use either some arcane help or a more focused healer, either would be a welcome addition.

The first post in this thread will cover character creation and background though don't feel the need to put up as heavy of a character history as I was working before since we were hoping to get started, just submit your character and offer me a connection to the Andoran army and we'll get you in!



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