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The Kingdom of the Boundary Veil (Inactive)

Game Master Wren McGalliard

Chartered adventurers set out to explore the region of the Stolen Lands known as the Greenbelt.

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Male Human Ranger 1
(Per+6, SenMot+2, Stealth+5, Surv+6, Fort+2, Ref+5, Will+2, AC 17 (touch 13, flat 14), +4 +2 STR comp longbow 1d8+2) Sheet

Guillame returns to his fellows. He gives a bland smile when he sees he might have interrupted something, and coughs throatily. Then he informs the others of the bandits' progress.

"Four brigands traveling north and west. I do not like it. Even injured, they go that way, is easy to change the course and sweep by the Trading Post, e'? I vote to follow these ones. We save the hale and hearty ones for another time. What do you say?"

Male Human Cavalier 1
(Per +1, SenMot +1, Stealth -8, Dipl +6, Fort +6, Ref +0, Will +1, AC 20 (touch 10, flat 20), +4 sword/lance/flail 1d8+3) Sheet

At Guillame's cough, Colin's right hand, which had been sliding southward along Crytalis' back springs back to true north like a compass in a maelstrom and he turns to face the ranger.

He listens, and then says, counting on his fingers, "Four came and freed five... then they split and only four slow ones went northwest."

"I think we know two important things. One, I'll bet Kressel went with the healthy bandits. Maybe they healed her with a potion or maybe one of them is a cleric. She's probably the most important and they are probably headed back to their fortress with the Stag Lord."

He bites at his lip as he thinks. "The other important thing is that maybe Muadhnait is not even with them. We haven't found any signs of a struggle or that they have a prisoner. That might be a risk to assume that is the case but I feel like we would have seen some sign at least."

Lastly, he adds, with some brightness, "Maybe we do go after the injured ones. They may be unarmed so they would both need our protection and also are less of a threat due to their state. If they parted ways, perhaps they have had a change of heart and no longer will serve the bandits. Or, they may take their chances at the Trading Post. For their sake or Oleg and Svetlana's, I think we chase them down first, too."

551 to 552 of 552 << first < prev | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | next > last >>
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