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The Khallan Civil War

Game Master FireclawDrake

If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.
-Julius Caesar

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Average hit points as well.
Another level in summoner.
No changes to Diricawl Griph until Level 4.

Added Corrosive Touch and Message to my spells known.


Alright guys. My pace has been crappy for the last month and a bit, but I'm going to try to rectify that starting today.

Lysi: 5
Diri: 5
Me: 5

What's with that!?

Shadow Lodge

Okay, so soon my posting schedule is going to take a large dip. :( Probably no more than once or twice a week. Just thought I'd warn you before it happened.

Please note I'll be mostly away Monday and Tuesday.

Please note I'll be away from Friday to Monday.

My vacation plans are pretty much settled.

Approximately, I'll be away:

June 14-17, no access
June 23 to July 24, no access
July 28 to August 5, spotty access

Post coming tonight. Delayed too long this morning. Mah bad. Might be able to slip in a post or two at work to keep us moving.

My plans have changed dramatically (in a good way in fact), so I'll be bearer a computer than I thought this Summer. I'll give the dates where I can't post as usual.

Please note that I'll be far from a computer from Thursday the 28, until probably Sunday the 8. I might have limited access, but nothing is certain at this moment.

Male Tiefling (Devil-spawn) [Native Outsider] Inquisitor of Asmodeus (Infiltrator)

What are you doing? Tramping through the Amazon or camping? LOL.

I wish! But no, just visiting a friend.

After the 29th, I'm afraid my posting schedule is going to take a drop. Not as severe as not being able to post, but still a drop.

He/Him/Um's Smurfold Social Justice Witch 7/Edgelord Fighter 4

Heading to Paizocon. Be back Monday!

Hey guys, sorry for my lack of posting the last two weeks. Keep getting distracted at home and my usual posting place (work) has been without internet lo these past three weeks. I will make an effort to get the game back on track, with a goal of at least 1 GM post a day.

Male Tiefling (Devil-spawn) [Native Outsider] Inquisitor of Asmodeus (Infiltrator)

Seems like this campaign is pretty much dead. No campaign post for almost a month. I'm going to step out of the campaign. I've lost the feel for my character concept and personality at this point.


It was a pleasure gentleman and ladies.

Female awww, but that would be telling unknown

I will still be around if this game gets started again. But I understand if the time commitment was too much, FCD. I had a similar problem the first time I ran a PBP. It's a lot of work and much more time consuming than folks realize before they try it.

He/Him/Um's Smurfold Social Justice Witch 7/Edgelord Fighter 4

Yeah, I'll also still be about if things get moving again. Good game, y'all! :)

Happy to be here

I am around, but I also would understand if you feel it'd be best to stop.

My own experience is that running a campaign without modules or APs, and worse, a homebrew with everything different and to be defined, is an incredible amount of work as a PbP.

I enjoyed it so far :)

Shadow Lodge

I have too, and will still be around if it starts up again.

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