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The Kaer Magan Stories (Inactive)

Game Master GM Idyll

A city of outcasts. A city of strangers. Welcome to Kaer Maga.

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Hello, everyone and congratulations on being selected for this adventure. If you haven't already, please complete your character sheets using the character creation criteria below.

Character Creation Guidelines

1) 20-Point Buy, 1st Level

2) Choose two traits. You can't have more than one of each type of trait (regional, combat, faith, etc.) 

3) Max HP at first level 

4) Max starting gold for your class

The Plan
As you know, I've taken two groups from the recruitment. This is possibly foolish, but I'm pretty sure I can handle it. That said, we will definitely finish the Godsmouth Heresy module, and then we'll regroup to determine how to move forward. We may merge groups, we may kill one off or we'll continue to tell three separate stories.

How We'll Play 

I like to have fun and err on the side of fun over rules. This is usually in your favor, so if you show creativity, we may be able to avoid a dreaded dice roll (the dice roller on this board often hates my players).

I will roll initiative and use your passive perception for you when necessary. This speeds up the game considerably (so please include your initiative and perception scores high on your character sheet). If you wish to make an active perception check, please state so and roll the dice. If I don't want to use your roll (or if it's stupidly low) I will simply reject it.

When doing a skill check, go ahead and state what skill you're using and roll the dice. Again, I might reject your roll if it is unnecessary, but it speeds thing up if I don't have to ask for it.

The More You Know...
Finally, please let me know what level of knowledge you have of Kaer Maga - namely if you have the "City of Secrets" book. Many of your backstories displayed extensive knowledge of the city, which is awesome, but not required. And if you have the book, it will be much easier for you to picture or know what I'm describing, particularly once the urban portion of the adventure commences.

If you don't have the book, no worries at all. I'll post all relevant maps and do my best to describe the sites and sounds of the fascinating environs. If you have some scratch that's burning a hole in your pocket, I would recommend picking up the book "City of Strangers" because it's a really great guide and such a cool setting.

Let me know if you have any questions and when your character sheet is ready for review.
I'm looking forward to getting started!

Liberty's Edge

Male Half-Elf Wizard 3/Fighter 2

My knowledge of Kaer Maga is very limited to the point of non-existing. I have access to a copy of the "City of Secrets" book so I've seen a map, and have skimmed the rest of it. If you'd like I can read over it more to get a better knowledge of the city, its inhabitants, and its history. Other than that I look forward to playing in your game.

I've read through City of Strangers casually, mostly just focusing on things I thought sounded awesome, which were quite numerous.

Numbers here are ready for review. However, I wasn't sure to include weapon focus (unarmed) in my grapple CMB, so I didn't.

Here's my character for perusal.

I have City of Strangers and have read it, but that was I while ago and I can't say I have an intimate knowledge of the place. I was planning taking a second look at it, unless you would prefer to keep us a little in the dark.

@Kellen - can you post your stats in your alias, please? It looks like you've spent 5 too many ability points.

@Vigan - You can't take Weapon Focus at level one as a monk. Finally, how many shuriken did you purchase?

@Ogrim - I'm showing that you should have 12 HP instead of 11. And how many bullets did you purchase?

Liberty's Edge

@GM Idyll- Post them in my alias how? As for my scores for spent at a cost of 5 points to much they weren't. My scores, with costs, before racial modifiers were: 13 (3), 16 (10), 12 (2), 14 (5), 10 (0), 10 (0).

Update: I swear I want to shoot the board software sometimes. I swear I had his stats in there but they must've been eaten. I re-added them.

HP 13/13, AC 17, (T12/FF15), Init +2, Perc +0. F+5/R+3/W+1

I believe Hagar is/was ready right from the start. If you find anything problematic while reviewing, I am at your disposal.

As for my knowledge of Kaer Maga, I do have City of Strangers book, and similar to Vigan, I skimmed it and read parts which sounded interesting enough.

Just for my understanding, there's a second book called City of Secrets, which is different from City of Strangers?

GM Idyll wrote:

@Ogrim - I'm showing that you should have 12 HP instead of 11. And how many bullets did you purchase?

Added bullets (just 10, those things are heavy)

HP: I'm guessing that would include my favoured class bonus? If so, I think I'll use it to get the extra skill point instead and take heal.

@Valkyn - Your stats are different on Kellen's profile. It's showing 11, 16, 14, 14, 10, 12 - which is a 20-point buy, but different than what you just posted.

@Hagar - Oops - I called it City of Secrets in my original post, but it's just City of Strangers. Not sure what the Secrets book is about.

@Ogrim - Sounds good.

Liberty's Edge

GM Idyll wrote:
@Valkyn - Your stats are different on Kellen's profile. It's showing 11, 16, 14, 14, 10, 12 - which is a 20-point buy, but different than what you just posted.

The stats in my profile are after racial ability modifiers. Unless you're using a table that's different from the book or the PRD there's no way the array you just said is a 20 pt buy.

Str 13 (3) -2 (race) = 11
Dex 16 (10)
Con 12 (2) +2 (race) = 14
Int 14 (5)
Wis 10 (0)
Cha 10 (0) +2 (race) = 12

Fixed feats and inventory.

Also, I just made up that monk order, but was thinking there's no reason not to be part of the Brothers of the Seal. So I changed that, too. Really, it fits well with the planar focus. He would totally see both sides of the factional argument and find it quite difficult to resist the temptation to investigate the seal.

Male Human Fighter (Unbreakable) 1 HP: 16/16, AC 18 (T11, FF17), F: +4/R: +1/W: +1, Init: +1, Percep: +1

Checking in. Profile is being updated currently. I'll chime in when it's all done and ready for inspection.

@Valkyn - I'm not sure either. Whatever, the current array looks good.

@Vigan - I agree. You should join that faction. Though I do think you should choose a side in the conflict. I'm not sure there are any in the middle. It sounds like you'd choose to investigate, rather than protect, the seal.

Liberty's Edge

Look if it's going to be a problem I can opt out. It's your game, and both of us don't need the stress.

Oh, no. It's totally fine. I didn't mean to imply anything. I think I missed the "before racial modifiers" bit in your earlier post.

Male Human Fighter (Unbreakable) 1 HP: 16/16, AC 18 (T11, FF17), F: +4/R: +1/W: +1, Init: +1, Percep: +1

Profile is mostly set, just have a little more shopping to do.

Yep, he'll side with the Scions. Its just a personal motivation more than Aldair's rhetoric, though.

Liberty's Edge

Ah ok. As for Kellen's deity I got the two games I'm in mixed up. He's a follower of Desna.

As a couple of you have noticed, the first gameplay thread is up. Feel free to post and get to know one another. We'll get rolling as soon as everyone has their character ready to go.

HP 13/13, AC 17, (T12/FF15), Init +2, Perc +0. F+5/R+3/W+1

If my fellow players will allow me just a friendly suggestion - take one sunrod each, even if you don't need it (darkvision, magic, etc...). From previous experiences in my RL game I run, torches (or sunrods in this case) could sometimes be needed, even (especially) if you have darkvision. There were situations that characters without darkvision were "surprised" in a way, loosing their light source, and a situation when some of them do not see anything, while others (with darkvision) are scrambling to find reserve light sources in someone else's backpack, while something else is happening in the same time....aaaaaahhhh, priceless, simply priceless (and it did remind me a bit of Tucker's kobolds)

Male Human Fighter (Unbreakable) 1 HP: 16/16, AC 18 (T11, FF17), F: +4/R: +1/W: +1, Init: +1, Percep: +1

A valid suggestion. Different circumstances but I've run into the sam thing, thinking my character's magic would be enough and then a situation arises where I wish I had a cheap mundane item instead. Updating my post accordingly.

Male Human Fighter (Unbreakable) 1 HP: 16/16, AC 18 (T11, FF17), F: +4/R: +1/W: +1, Init: +1, Percep: +1

Hey, quick question. For those of you with the full stat lines in your name, which section of the profile did you fill with the info to get it to display? Just curious what you filled in for that.

If we are concerned about light, we could abuse cantrips and just have the magus cast light on everyone and everything every hour on the hour.

Re: stat line: you can do it a couple of different ways, but I just put all my info into the Classes/Levels field on my profile

Wow. That's a rough way to get things started...

Sorry about that, Darius!

Hey I'm confused about the initiative order, did Hagar and I get switched? Also, surely doesn't matter but my perception mod is 6 not 4.

Whoops. Edited.

And I've got your Perception updated in my files.

Male Human Fighter (Unbreakable) 1 HP: 16/16, AC 18 (T11, FF17), F: +4/R: +1/W: +1, Init: +1, Percep: +1

Well damn lol.

Question. How exactly were the sunrods extinguished? My Light spell is a magical effect, the sunrods are alchemical. If my Light spell was snuffed there should be some kind of save or something vs magical darkness.

If it works like the darkness spell then you have to have a higher caster level than the darkness for it to continue. There isn't a save. The light spell isn't dispelled and the sunrods aren't ruined, they just aren't strong enough to penetrate the darkness effect. I would suspect once we get out of the darkness area those light effects would spring back to life, but its just a guess.

Male Human Fighter (Unbreakable) 1 HP: 16/16, AC 18 (T11, FF17), F: +4/R: +1/W: +1, Init: +1, Percep: +1

That's what I'm guessing but you never know.

While we're waiting I was wondering if Valanthe answered my question about the priests and weird hour earlier when she was showing us the missing body locations.

Oh...sorry. Yes, I missed that. The priests tend to the bodies 24 hours a day - most of the tending is just prayers or rituals, but there are routine tasks like cleaning away any cobwebs or preparing the bodies for viewing by the families.

HP 13/13, AC 17, (T12/FF15), Init +2, Perc +0. F+5/R+3/W+1

Just to check - after my first hit, you wrote that the creature was hit for 6 damage, while I rolled 8 (2+6) for damage. Is that a typo, or you know something we don't? ;-)

That was a typo. I'm having some issues - hopefully those will decrease as we move on.

Hey everyone. I'm heading out of town today and tomorrow, so my posting will be minimal. Have a great weekend!

HP 13/13, AC 17, (T12/FF15), Init +2, Perc +0. F+5/R+3/W+1

Not to meta-game here, since I said that I am trying to see that writing which Kellen mentioned, may I look in Spoiler, or Hagar still does not see it?

You can see it since Kellen pointed it out.

Well I was hoping to lure that spider out from cover by moving to AS23 to prevent what just happened to Ogrim. I'm not sure that Hagar ever wanted to move to AT24 to lock him in. No big deal, just saying.

We're awaiting Hagar's move, correct?

HP 13/13, AC 17, (T12/FF15), Init +2, Perc +0. F+5/R+3/W+1

Sorry for the wait, posting immediately

EDIT: Bleh, for rolls of 2 and 3, I should not have hurried :-(

HP 13/13, AC 17, (T12/FF15), Init +2, Perc +0. F+5/R+3/W+1

I have updated my character sheet with -1 to my CON score, but my HP (12) and Fort save should remain unchanged, since I have only gone from 13 to 12 (bonus is still +1), right?

You just need to make a Fort save - it's only temporary stat damage.

HP 13/13, AC 17, (T12/FF15), Init +2, Perc +0. F+5/R+3/W+1

When am I allowed a new Fortitude save - I guess you will inform me when the time comes or...?

You can do it now. We're out of initiative.

Kellen that frustrated look wasn't for/because of you, just playing character. I mentioned you and the door because I expected you were going to check for traps, but GM just moved us along anyways.

I never said it was because of me.

Have we stalled? Anything I can do to prod the group forward?

I'm still checking here multiple times a day, but yeah, definite stall.

Male Human Fighter (Unbreakable) 1 HP: 16/16, AC 18 (T11, FF17), F: +4/R: +1/W: +1, Init: +1, Percep: +1

I thought someone was going to attempt to disable a trap. I could try but the outcome wouldn't be all that great lol.

I assumed we were waiting for Kellen to try to disable a trap, but we could always just go for the tie a rope around the statue and pull route.

I'd like to see you try, Darius!

Have we lost Kellen?

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