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The Journal of Horatio Flynn

Game Master dain120475

The following is the log of Horatio Flynn - it records his life as he starts out on a series of adventures on the high seas.

In the Skull and Shackles: Campaign this is my character.

This is his log of personal musings, notes and theories - and a general record of what he finds to be pertinent in terms of notes and findings on his quests.

It shall serves as both a record of what he discovers as well as a summary of his personality via his writing style - and, finally, his notes will function as a "Quick Reference" point to all of his observations during the quest.

Ships Bells - time on board a ship

Religion and Gods

Pathfinder Wiki - all sorts of good stuff.

Note: By GM fiat - you can use a pistol to "club" someone for 1d4 points of damage.

Note: By GM fiat - you can use a two-handed firearm to "club" someone for 1d8 points of damage.

Note: GM ruled that a double-barrelled musket has a range increment of 40 feet, not 10 feet.

Note: Via IM on FB on "7/18" GM ruled that Advanced Firearms resolve touch on first 5 ranged increments.

GM's House Rules For Crafting:

1. Calculate DC
2. Pay 1/3 GP in "parts".
3. Roll appropriate Crafting Check.
4. If Check succeeds - the multiply DC x Check x 1/2 x Gold.

In short - if you are crafting a "weapon" and the DC is 15, and the weapon costs 30 gold and you roll a "Craft Weapons" check of 20 - your total is 15x20x.5xgold = 150 gold completed in seven days. Or - 21 gold pieces in one day of work.

Further Notes:

The following is where Horatio gained much of his lore about Black Powder and Fireworks.

He had a Minkai mentor named Matsudaira-noh-Uraga.

His mentor was an Ashigaru and taught him the ways of Black Powder.

An example of such a warrior can be seen here.

More can be found on the Matsudarira line.

More notes can be found here on the family clans.

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