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The Island of Fey

Game Master Nexumis

A new Island has been discovered south west of the Continent of Garund! The Pathfinder Society is looking for a small team, 3-6 members, to subcontract out to go investigate this Island and possibly begin colonizing it. Although not

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Ok, here's my CS so far for my character..

Go to Jakiim Ondir

nearly finished, but i got a late start on it, and it's late, so i'm going to bed.. I said I would have it finished today, and my apoligies for not having it done already, time just hasn't been on my side today it seems.... oh ya,, gotta roll for Hit Points...
1d8 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9; 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8; 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11

I'll wrap up my backstory in the A.M. as well, and get that to you via a PM. I have some.... Ideas....

Just FYI, I have meetings all day today and will be expected to take our visitors out for dinner and drinks tonight, so I will not likely be able to flesh out Jacen today. Hope that doesn't put you off.

I should be able to sneak a peak at the boards every now and then, just to keep up.

For hit points, can we just take half the hit die?

Sorry for the delay everyone. My children have... Whooping Cough.. And its not very friendly.

Everyone rolled Rowan, I figure you should too.

It seems Everyone is basicly in,

Ekembe, Octivin, Miggen, Rownan, Delisar, Jakiim and Jacen.

With Jacen, Rowan and Jakiim not quite finished with CS, we'll stall a bit more. I really like what I'm seeing and hopefully this group sticks together :)

Kricket Song Inn: Day 1

The door slides open without the normal creak it makes the dwarf that presents himself doesn't remind most of you of any dwarf you've ever seen.

Gornack Silvermane is a darkly tanned dwarf almost with a reddish hue, he has no hair but a red beard in braids to his chest, various beads decorate the braids as well. He carries a overly stuffed pack with pots, flasks, other bags, and a rope dangle about as he makes his way to the bar. Dressed in a yellow and green swirled shirt and green half length pants. His face seems plump for a dwarf and no mustache to be seen ether.

Yergel! He calls and within seconds the barmaid come from behind the wall,

What Gornack! When are you leaving? I'll be glad to spend a day without seeing my reflection in your head.

Bah, Lass. Jest gimmie some ale. Which she fetches without hesitation, except for the cross look. Gornack grasps the flask showing off a ring on every finger of his right hand. 3 gold and 2 silver. He downs the ale in seemingly a single gulp, then turns to view the occupants of the Inn. Noticing the group gathered in a far corner, he makes his way to the party.

Ey, I'm the Silvermane Dwarf. Gornack's me name, I takes it your all here to see the Island of Fey ey?

He grabs a stool from a table nearby and sets his pack down beside it, setting hard on the squeaky stool, he takes a moment to peer and the legs, gripping on the side of the seat giving it a nice shake, making sure of its hardy construction.

Looking up and meeting everyones eyes systematicly, he says,

Any questions? Or we ready to set sail lads?

Sneaking a look between meeting points. I'll get th CS done ASAP. Are you going to move this to the campaign thread once CS are done?

for sure :)

Hit Points:

1d8 ⇒ 5

1d8 ⇒ 7

1d8 ⇒ 3

+8 for first level, +8 for con bonus x4 = 31 Hp total.


Hey Island DM, a couple of rules questions for my character.

1. When I use Wild Shape, do I get racial skill bonuses of the creature whose form I take?

2. Any issues with me Wild Shaping as a dinosaur?

Delisar looked onto the dwarf in amusement- he seemed to be almost the epitome of a dwarf, aside from the whole sailor thing. Clearing his throat to suppress a chuckle, he spoke.

"Yeah, I'm ready to go to this island. I'm Delisar." The tiefling held out his hand. Beside him, Venser growled, "And this is Venser."

If you still have openings, I'd like to retool this character for consideration.

HPs: 1d10 + 2d6 + 24 ⇒ (8) + (3, 3) + 24 = 38

@Sverinn: Sure, but your the last on board. I'm opening up the Gameplay thread in the before I go to bed or in the morning with the first actual DM post. So please flesh out character and get posted asap. Thanks!

@Rowan: I'd say you'd get their natural abilities, perception bonuses, stealth, natural attacks and what not. As long as they make sense, as for the dinos... Send me a list of 3-5 of the ones you have in mind, and we'll see if they are OP or not. We maybe able to at least make some minor changes to have them fair. But with having a Dino familiar, and us being on the edge of a Huge jungle, it does make sense for you to be able to; so I'm definatly open to the idea.


Nodding to Delisar and Venser, Gornack absent mindly doesn't wait for any more responses.

Well then, No one cares about the money eh? How about 2,000 gold up front? I'll make sure everything is set to sail at dawn in the morning. Please show up promptly; I'll be staying at the Kricket Song tonight to see if anyone else decides to show up to join our venture, but we really only have one other spot open. Too many shares means less money for everyone, which is never good for business...

He raises his hand, Yergel! A round of top shelf Dwarven Ale for this whole crew here! Be, quick about it girl!

Within moments, Yergel, the hideous barmaid brings a tray with a overflowing mug of dark red ale for the entire party,

Should I put it on your tab Gornack? Or do you have the silver this time?

Bah! Woman, Wheres your manners? He grumbles, pulling out a gold piece and placing in between her melons,

Keep the change He says in a low voice. As she leaves he grins at the crew, What a girl eh?

Grand Lodge

"Thank you for the donation! Plenty o' drinks tonight!"

"Yes Master Silvermane. I find your terms agreeable. I will be ready at dawn. Thank you for the opportunity."
Miggen sips the brew, making sure to not let a night of drinking interfere with arriving promptly at dawn.

"I think 2,000 seems to be agreeable. I will see you all in the morn. Come on Venser" Delisar whistled and the two of them walked upstairs to their room.

Two thousand up front would be agreeable, Gornack, and the ale even more so! Rowan scoops up his mug and raises it in toast to the group.
May the winds be at our back, and wild adventure before us!
He drinks heartily and exhales in appreciation of the fine brew.

DM, I'll send you a note soon with some dino's, and other animal shapes I hope to take.

retool should be completed momentarily. Will magic craft feats be useful? Do you expect sufficient down time scattered around for a wizard to supply the group with crafted gear?

1d6 ⇒ 4
1d6 ⇒ 6
1d6 ⇒ 1

Hit points, and CS ready

The door slams open and a young, relatively speaking, elven woman bustles into the room. "Who's Gornack?" The tall red-haired woman is clothed in a worn but neat pair of leather boots and breeches tucked into them. A long cloak trails off her shoulders, covering a back pack strapped low across her back. The ensemble is completed with a wide-brimmed hat, folded up over her right ear. The clothes are mottled grey in coloration.

The longbow slung over one shoulder is quickly propped up against the bar, "Mead, if you have it, please." Turning to Gornack, "I received a notice from a friend with the Society that you had an expedition starting. Now that I have arrived, we may leave." She smiles at the ironic comment before taking a quick sip of the mug presented by the bartender.

My CS is all bu done. I just need to sort out gear. Oherwise I am ready to go.

Game thread is up and running. Sverinn plz post there. :) Sorry should have said so sooner.

discussion thread isn't up yet.

will we be able to do crafting? I still have a feat to select.

A blueish green Undine, Jakiim, is on the opposite side of the small pub, having been here a short while, waiting for a while having heard of this group of people supposed to arrive here today.. he says from the corner before everyone begins to leaves [bold] I believe I could be of assistance to your journey. I travel often near that island...... my ancestors reside far from the island, I am born of the waters beyond it. I would like to get to know it better myself. [/bold] Jakiim then stands and walks towards the doorway, taking a good look around the room before walking out of it. He heads toward the boat and jumps into the water near it,diving under the boat.

Hello, Im currently looking for a new game to start playing online. Do you have any openings?

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