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The Heroes of Brindin's Ford (Inactive)

Game Master loimprevisto

When the will defies fear, when duty throws the gauntlet down to fate, when honor scorns to compromise with death - that is heroism.

My game has had a bit of attrition recently and I need to recruit new characters. Everyone who applied for the original recruitment thread is more than welcome to chime in here. I'm aiming for a quick recruitment cycle, and will be closing recruitment on Friday, 1 June.

The original recruitment thread can be found here, the relevant information is pasted below:

Play-by-Post is different from tabletop gaming. You run into issues of communication, pacing, and differing posting rates in addition to all of the traditional problems that can crop up. I'm creating this game to get some experience at GMing online and to practice my writing. This will not be a traditional campaign. I found a published 3rd edition adventure that I would like to try translating to Pathfinder/Golarion and running online; if it goes well I may run another adventure but everyone should be prepared for this to be a one-off.

The Setting:

Brindin's Ford is a remote Cheliax border town nestled between Aspodell Mountains to the east and the River Keld to the North. Aside from easy access to the waterway, there is little to recommend the region. There is no arable land to speak of; most of the area's industry comes from mining and raising what livestock the scrub land can support. It is a largish town of about 5,000 people, and in recent times it has become something of a trade center. Twice a year a group of nomadic halflings pass through the area and the city develops a fair-like atmosphere as merchants from downriver exchange goods with the halflings and merchants from surrounding villages.

The oft-beleaguered city has dealt with its share of monsters, bandits, cultists, evil wizards, and other ne'er-do-wells with the aid of the local regiment. This is a permanent force of about 50 men under the command of Lieutenant Shella Alaton with another 100 militia members who can be raised on short notice. Sometimes a threat emerges that the military is ill-equipped to deal with- luckily, the town has its heroes as well...

Character Creation:

Create a 5th level 25 point character from a standard/CR 1/2 race, or ask about playing a non-standard race/template with a reduced point buy. Standard wealth by level (10,500gp) but at least 2,500gp must be spent on 'disposable' items like wands, potions, and scrolls. You get a bonus campaign trait in addition to the two standard traits:

Hero of Brindin's Ford
You are a hero who has risen to Brindin's Ford's defense at least once, you have some degree of fame within the community and are always welcome in town. You receive +2 to diplomacy checks with Brindin's Ford proper and the surrounding area, and +2 to knowledge (local) checks. You also receive 10gp per week while in town, as if you had made 20 on a profession (hero) check. This represents the generosity and patronage of the local residents- you never have to pay for a room or meal and often receive gifts from those who recognize you. I hate tracking silver pieces and other small purchases!

In addition to creating a character you need to write a short description of your acts of heroism that saved Brindin's Ford in the past. It doesn't need to be particularly elaborate, just a paragraph or two to give me a taste of your writing style and your character's personality. If you are accepted into the game I will need a brief description of your relationships with the other PCs, if you want to submit this as part of your application that is fine too.

House Rules:

You will probably advance to level 6 during the course of this adventure. If I decide to run a sequel I will be using the Epic 6 rules.

Combat maneuvers do not provoke attacks of opportunity unless they are unsuccessful. If you take the appropriate feat then failed attempts do not provoke an AoO.

I use passive skill checks- I will give you results as if you were taking a 10 for things like perception, stealth (modified by normal movement speed), and sense motive unless you post a roll with your action. I only call for rolls in particularly dramatic moments or when taking a 10 is not possible. I don't like Perception check DCs as written and consider the default +1/10' to be a guideline. The actual modifier will depend on the circumstances and what is being observed.

Any takers?

Is this an entire new group or will be joining an existing group?
If so what characters are already in the game?

I believe that this recruitment post is properly linked to my campaign- at least when I look at it I can see the campaign tabs at the top... please let me know if it's not working for you.

This is a campaign that started in December and the players I recruit will be joining an existing group. You can check out the Campaign Info tab for an overview of the setting and read up on the discussion and gameplay threads to see what has happened so far. The current PCs in the game are:

Alviss, Dwarven Paladin of the Ninth Battalion
Elesandira, Half-Elven/Half-Celestial Ranger
Lummel "Foot Down" Karson, Human Fighter sergeant of the guard

The two PCs I'm recruiting replacements for are:

Bricker Longfellow, Halfling Rogue/Cleric with a knack for getting in trouble
Zizzafalithax ("Ziz), Kobold Sorcerer- our 'little dragon', also very good at getting into trouble

Alright. I am thinking about an archaeologist bard. The race has not been decided yet.

I have to leave for work soon, but I will try to get a background up when I get back.

am I still in the running?


I started the new thread after Thom withdrew so that people who had not made the first round of recruitment and might have clicked to hide updates to the post would see that I had reopened recruiting.

I just realized that the link I posted to the original recruitment post above ended up pointing here, because of how the Paizo forums handle recruitment threads. The original recruitment thread is here, for future reference.

Jon what are you playing? I know neither of us are guaranteed a spot, but my idea was to bring some scouting and backup healing to the party. Not to mention a secondary combatant.

What level will we end at? I am asking because I am thinking of going with archery, but I know it is feat intensive.
If you don't want to say I will stay with melee. :)

I see it is a rogue. In that case I might go wizard.

Jon Silver is the character I've created for this campaign, a 5th level elven rogue of the stealth type (although I've just realized his gear isn't correct and contains a hodge podge of past items and missing some of the intended items, so I need to clean that up).


What level will we end at? I am asking because I am thinking of going with archery, but I know it is feat intensive.

If you don't want to say I will stay with melee. :)

You will end at 6th level. If the game continues after that I will be using the Epic 6th rules for advancement, where you gain additional feats rather than leveling up.

I am bad at names so I will come up with the name last.

For now the name is Leon.


Leon is an elven male standing at about 6 ft tall, and possessing a thin frame. While he is more athletic than he appears to be he never had much interest in physical activity, always preferring to read a book instead.

Personality:He is always willing to help others, but he has trouble knowing how to talk to others when giving advice without sounding condescending. He often understands that he could have phrased things in a much better way, but only after the person has walk off upset.

Brindin's Ford: Leon left Brindin's Ford when he was just entering adulthood due to his acceptance to the Acadamae in Korsova. After he graduated he returned home, while on his way to a teaching post he had gained in Cheliax. After visiting all of his friends and family and gathering supplies he was on his way out of town, when he came upon a young couple being robbed by bandits. Turning the position in Cheliax down he decided to stay home, hoping to be able to less the crime in the area, and then hopefully move on. He has seen quiet a few bandits and monsters since that time. People often joke that he is not safe to be around due to the number of times he has ran into trouble.

The character has not been put on paper yet. If I am accepted I can have a character up within a day.

Can I use my wealth to add spell so to my spellbook? If so does it count as my permanent item wealth or my disposable item wealth since I will have to buy scrolls in order to add spells?

It is allowed, and you can use gold from either pool. Don't forget to pay the cost of inscribing the spell, as mentioned in the PRD

loimprevisto wrote:
It is allowed, and you can use gold from either pool. Don't forget to pay the cost of inscribing the spell, as mentioned in the PRD

I will list the spells that I purchased separately along with the scroll price, and the price to put them into the book. Do you want me to go ahead and make the character, or will you wait for more applicants?

I'll go ahead and close recruiting now. Both you and John Silver are in, and I'll write your introductions IC once you have your character ready.

Woot! looking forward to the game!

I am getting my butt kicked by Wine(program that allows windows applications to run on Linux).

I might have to log into windows to use hero lab.

I do plan to have my character ready today or tomorrow.

Hit point roll:4d6 ⇒ (6, 5, 4, 6) = 21

I finally got my character finished. This is Mr.Swagger.

Looks good.

Since you are a permanent resident of Brinden's Ford you might want to purchase a home rather than residing at a boarding house or inn. The prices are listed in this post.

I just need a post about your relationship to the other PCs and you'll be good to go!

I will say that I live in an average house in a "middle class" neighborhood for 250.

I will come up with a relationship post after I read the other thread.
I will probably be changing this avatar also.

Eastgate, Chatterstreet Market, and West Hill are the middle class areas. You can read about them in the campaign info tab and let me know where you'd like your residence to be.

ok. I also forgot to buy weapons for my character so I will do that before my first post.

Edit:I will live in West Hill

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