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The Haunting of Harrowstone (Keegan's Carrion Crown)

Game Master James Keegan

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Grand Lodge

James- take a look at the diviner sub specialty Send Senses (from the APG) and make sure you are alright with that. It seems to have much more the flavor of a diviner to me than being able to add +x to a few rolls a day, but I think it might have the potential to be annoying to a gm at lower levels. For example- standing at the base of a tower he could extend his senses up to the 6th floor and look in the window as if he were standing there. He could listen to a conversation down the hall as if he were standing with his ear up against the door. Place the sensor directly overhead to see if you are being pursued from a bird's eye view. It has its limitations (must have line of sight and effect, medium range only, very short duration) but I just wanted to clear it and make sure you knew what to expect before it break it out since it is something a 1st-4th level character might not normally have the capacity to do.

The character sheet has the full wording included for reference.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Hmm. Since it's hearing or seeing, I don't know if it would throw a complete monkey wrench into things. It doesn't say whether you can make a perception check through it to see if there are hidden enemies or passages, so it still wouldn't be a replacement for sending Evelyn sneaking forward. So, I'll give it a pass for now and if it proves problematic I'll ask you to change it.

Grand Lodge

No worries. I don't think I'll be too annoying with it. I figure the point of it is to be able to make perception checks at range, but the glimpses are brief. A usage only lasts 1 round at this point. Definitely not a substitute for a good forward scout.


I was thinking Aldous might be at Harrowstone himself when they arrive having just shown up without having gone in yet. If you have other plans though I'm fine with whatever.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5
ithuriel wrote:

No worries. I don't think I'll be too annoying with it. I figure the point of it is to be able to make perception checks at range, but the glimpses are brief. A usage only lasts 1 round at this point. Definitely not a substitute for a good forward scout.

James-** spoiler omitted **


Feel free to jump in however you want; you may fall under suspicion from the other PCs since the Professor was tracking some ne'er do wells around there prior to his death, but that's a good way to get some role-playing going. The southernmost observation tower (next to the gate where the party enters) would be the best place for Aldous to be resting or setting up a base camp- it's rickety and dusty, but it has a little shelter from the elements and nothing lairs there. While a small house sits in the courtyard, it may have been too close to the ruins for your to consider investigating until you were set up in the tower.
Grand Lodge


Would you mind if I go with the assumption that Aldous has already been in town for several days so he has learned a few things. I assume everyone is talking about the Professors death, the dust up in the graveyard, and the other out-of-towners recently arrived. Basically I just want to be able to address at least some of the PCs by name using what he has overheard, guesswork, and quick observation. Basically I'm just angling for the guy who knows more than he should to play up the diviner aspect in our first meeting. Also, as he has had time to learn that the Professor died at Harrowstone lets see what he knows about the place.
Diplomacy (Gather Info): 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 1 = 15
Kn Local (Harrowstone): 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (20) + 10 = 30 Woo! nice!

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5


Sure, you can make checks. The knowledge (history) check may just be about what you've learned of Harrowstone in your own research from Lepidstadt University. With a 30, you can read all the spoilers I posted earlier. Your diplomacy check really just confirms things you've already learned, if you're asking about Harrowstone. Nice entrance, by the way!

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

DW, if you want more info on Iomedae's paladin code, I can paraphrase it from Faiths of Purity if you want.

Happy to be here

That would be very helpful. Thanks!

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Iomedae's paladin code:

1. Learn the weight of your sword. Without a heart to guide it, it is worthless- your strength is not your sword, it is your heart. If you lose your sword, you have lost a tool. Betray your heart and you have died.
2. Have faith in the Inheritor and channel her strength through your body. Shine in her legion, do not tarnish her glory through base actions.
3. You are the first into battle and the last to leave it.
4. Do not be taken prisoner by your own free will. Do not surrender those under your command.
5. Never abandon a companion, but honor sacrifice freely given.
6. Guard the honor of your fellows, both in thought and deed and have faith in them.
7. You may accept surrender, but you are responsible for your enemy's life thereafter.
8. Never refuse a challenge from an equal. Give honor to worthy enemies and contempt for the rest.
9. Suffer death before dishonor.
10. Be temperate in your actions and moderate in your behavior. Strive to emulate Iomedae's perfection.

Paladins of Iomedae can back down or withdraw from a battle if they are overmatched, but if their lives buy time for others to escape they must give them. Despite the crusading bent of her church, most followers of Iomedae would rather solve problems without bloodshed. Unless confronted with irredeemable evil or if there are no other options, of course.

If you see an opportunity to right a wrong and don't take it, you've sinned and have to perform a penance that fixes that situation. Or you must find three other wrongs like it and make those right instead. Stand for justice; the only exception is if suffering an injustice to go unanswered in the present for the sake of a greater act of justice in the future.

Happy to be here


Trevor is new to the code and is trying to uphold it, but he's coming from far. I hope you're okay with this. Let me know anyway. I can fine tune accordingly.

Grand Lodge

I really like that they have come up with guidelines for paladins of various religions. That is a great addition.

BTW Dreaming Warforged- I had never heard of an E6 game before, but read about it from the links in your recruitment thread. Interesting concept. I'm curious to see how it works over time. Also your style is rich with little details. Love it. Enjoying reading along.

James> I tinkered with Aldous' spell list a little trying to match it up to who he was after I started to have an idea IC. Swapped true strike for detect undead, because who has this guy had occasion to fight with that he needed truestrike? He can learn it along the way. Also swapped resistance for prestidigitation just for general minor comforts. He has little to no combat effectiveness at present (acid splash and color spray), but that kind of makes sense. One powerful spell to end a situation without killing anyone. He can change in that regard as it becomes clear he must.

I missed that it is sticky hot summer at present in the game so I had him drinking hot tea thinking it was cold. Whoops. Just consider it an eccentricity.

Happy to be here

Thanks Ithuriel.

I must say I learned a lot reading Aubrey's Eberron campaign and your posts. I always loved the way you run with what you have in a free style, making stuff up all around what the DM creates. It has a spiraling effect I think.

As for E6, I'm also curious to see how it plays out.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Book Expo of America is coming up fast, so I've got to put in a lot of extra time at work. Sorry if the updates aren't as regular as I would like.

Grand Lodge

No worries. We'll be here when you get caught up :)

Are you exhibiting some of your work, or just working the exposition itself?

Hey, James, any chance of you sketching our merry little band at some point? I just ask because, you know, that would be awesome.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

It's my employers that are exhibiting- my day job is in publishing and every year they like to make an enormous elaborate booth. I think I worked more than 70 hours this week.

I'm sure I'll end up drawing you guys at one point or another, Billzabub.

Edit: Also picked up the PDF of Ultimate Magic: looks like oracles can take the Dark Tapestry mystery if you're interested in taking a look at the official take, Arasmes. The final magus class is also in there, Billz, along with some archetypes.

Yeah, I'm going to have to pick up Ultimate Magic, but it might be awhile so pardon anything inconsistent with the final rules.

Male Human

Magus and archetypes.

F. Castor wrote:
Magus and archetypes.

Ah, I checked that site, but not that location.

Mucho gracias, amigo

Grand Lodge

*Bump* from the archives.

I'm terrible for post rate right now guys, but it is temporary. We've been finishing up renovations on our apartment and preparing to move back in. Should be back at home by the coming weekend.

Grand Lodge

We are officially moving today and I'm not certain if the telephone line has been reconnected yet. It has service, but it may still be a raw wire hanging out of the wall.

Probably won't be around today. After that I'll have my phone if need be.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Not a problem, ithuriel. Take as much time as you need.

Happy to be here

This game is awesome! Good job James!

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Thanks DW! I hope frustration isn't setting in after all the haunts and things that you can't fight the traditional way.

Happy to be here

No frustration... so far... ;-p

Happy to be here

I'll be away Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Feel free to DMNPC.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Everyone still around? Just the vacation time of year?

Happy to be here

I am! I try to post even when I don't have anything too critical to do. Just describing what he's doing.

My other games have slowed down quite a bit too.

Btw, I'm toying with the idea of DMing Curse of the Crimson Throne, but in Eberron (Korth for Korvosa). Interest? Ideas? Concerns? Warnings?

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

I ran most of CoCT when it first came out- I think it's a really strong AP. I did it straight out of the book, no conversion for setting. Can't really think of too many things that need fussing over, beyond the public/private Blood of Vol aspect since undead are a common enemy in the AP. Also, the tensions with the Shoanti are a common thread throughout- both in Edge of Anarchy and later on in the Cinderlands. Is there an Eberron stand-in for them?

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

I made a hand-drawn little map on graph paper of what you guys have seen so far in Harrowstone- let me know if there's a problem getting in to google docs to check it out.
Harrowstone- explored so far.

Grand Lodge

Bad week in general. I'm going to be catching up today and tomorrow.

If it is in Korth, the Valenar (elven barbarian horse lords) would be the easy stand in for the shoanti.

I'm around, and like DW, I try to post whenever I can. If I can move the story along, great, but if not, I'll post anyway, and hopefully spur others to do the same.

Nice job with the map. That's very helpful.

I've been in a Crimson Throne pbp for three and a half years now, and it's still good fun. Like all pbp, however, the pace can be slow, and and even posting at a decent rate, it could take us ten years to finish the path. Seriously. I would recommend doing a one-off adventure instead, just for the time constraints. Although I broke my rule when I signed up for our Carrion Crown game, I promised myself I wouldn't join any more AP pbp because they are just too drawn out. It's fun to play ad adventure that you know will have an ending in (relatively) short order.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Ping! Second level! Level up at your convenience, please. I'll let you decide if you prefer to roll or take the average hp for your level. I'm going to assume at the moment that Evelyn is helping Kendra with some business in town while you guys ran off for your fancy book-learnin'. If PrinceofDarkness pops back in, she'll find the rest of you in Harrowstone.

Happy to be here

2nd level is a nice one for pally!

1d10 ⇒ 8

Please be advised that I will be away next week and I don't know whether I will be able to post at all.

To roll or take the average, that is the question. Hmmmmmm . . . .

1d8 ⇒ 3

edit: d'oh!

Okay, I'm levelled up.

I think I am finished leveling up Arasmes. First time going up a level in months of playing on these boards. I'm in another pbp that is over 1000 posts and we're still at 1st level, but we are the sorriest band of heroes I've ever seen so that probably explains that. Pretty exciting. I took the average HP, which I believe is a big 4.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Yeah, it's a pretty rare beast. I've leveled up at least twice in the Planescape game I'm in and that's probably one of the longest running games around- I wasn't there from the beginning though. If research wasn't worth XP, it would be really hard to level up in this one. Believe it or not, the adventure text suggested getting you guys to 2nd before even your first foray into Harrowstone, but the natural inclination is to head there first. And now you know something of what to expect, at least.

In the long running Crimson Throne game, we're currently at fifth level, but that's after three & half years of play.

Happy to be here

Not long ago I posted a question on that topic. The suggestions I got were quite good.

Grand Lodge

We've made 10 levels in 5 years for one pbp and 9 levels in another that started about five months later. Honestly I think those games probably are the most leveling of any characters I've ever had.

Sorryto be lagging, but things have a way of piling on all at the same time. It will pass.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

No problem. After reading DW's thread I'm going to go through and edit the adventure a little this weekend- just dispensing entirely with XP and winnowing the encounters down to what's important, what's creepy and what's fun. Setting up benchmarks and such. I'll also just do some knee-jerk perception checks or relevant knowledge checks in a spoiler when you enter a room and things like that; deliberately searching for things will still be your prerogative, of course.

Happy to be here

Glad you found it interesting too! It's helping me with the games I GM.

Grand Lodge

1 level of rogue:
+1d8 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9 Sweeeet!
+0 bab
+0 fort
+2 ref
+0 will
+1d6 sneak
+12 skill ranks
+new weapon proficiencies

Grand Lodge

+13 skill ranks with the favored class

I don't know how important it will be, but I wanted trapfinding to fit in with his diviner thing. Silly to not be able to find magic traps as a diviner. I would also like the trap spotter rogue talent so that Aldous would get a secret automatic roll by James anytime he is within 10 feet of a trap, but that will have to wait.

Where is everybody? C'mon, gang, post something!

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Just mentioning that my posting may be slower than usual this week since work will be busy and I'll have fewer opportunities to hide at my desk and update via iPhone.

I'm taking a much needed vacation with the family this week. I'll try and post from my phone, but feel free to DMPC as needed.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

No sign of Evelyn for a while now...

Happy to be here

I wonder if we shouldn't try another way of exploring the "maze" of the prison through PbP. Since we can't post that often, perhaps we should define a 'standard operating procedure' and you reveal chunks of exploration results.

Just a thought. I'm not sure what I'm suggesting would work any better.

Male(s) 27 Ducks in a James suit Duck 27/ Expert 5

Yeah, I don't know how you guys would want to handle that. We can say that the first person to post a direction to go gets their way? I don't know.

This may be biting off more than I can chew, but maybe we're better off not doing the sprawling dungeon complex and adventure path. I could try writing an Ustalav adventure that's better suited to a pbp (smaller locations, fights that aren't a grind, etc.) and go from there. I don't know, maybe the only problem is the season since everyone has vacation time.

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