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The Great Jalmeray Expedition

Game Master Lady Ophelia

An Original Pathfinder Society Adventure Path/Campaign. Looking for only the boldest of the bold Pathfinders to establish a new lodge in The Kingdom of the Impossible!

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Episode One: The Journey to Jalmeray
Chapter One: A Fiery Briefing

The adventure begins with all members receiving a message from The Pathfinder’s Society summoning them to Ambrus Valsin’s office immediately. Upon the party’s arrival, they are immediately briefed on the situation.

I am glad that all of you have come. I have a mission for you all, one that will require secrecy, discretion, and overcoming great obstacles. As you know, The Pathfinder’s Society prides itself on not only acquiring the world’s wealth in knowledge, but in fostering positive ties within each country that we do business with. But this country, is one that we have been coveting for quite sometime. Tell me, what do you know about Jalmeray?


Rapth 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15
Nasir 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6

Jalmeray is at the southern end of the Inner Sea Region past the Obari Ocean. It’s neighboring countries are Katapesh, Qadira, Nex, Mana Wastes, and Geb. It is known as the gateway to the Kingdoms Of The Impossible. Further south are the countries of Vudra and Casmaron, which are areas that have not been traveled to. It also in the days of Qadirian isolationism, was the only way that boats could get to Tian Xia by traveling all they way south, around the tip of Casmaron and north to Goka.

Sorry Nasir, no knowledge for you

After Rapth shares his information, Ambrus nods at his infomation.

Well done, Rapth, perhaps the rest of you should head to the library and do some more research.

We have been invited by the Jalmeranian Parliment to come to their country and learn more about it their home as well as negotiate trade agreements between us and the country. Although I wish for you to learn as much as you can and chronicle everything, we have a much bigger plan. We wish to establish a Pathfinder Lodge as well, to continue our research and eventually one day even travel to the southern lands of Vudra and Casmarion. We are sending you in our fastest and most efficient ship “The Diviner’s Cross” and you should be there in no less than a week.

Your mission is to not only establish a Pathfinder Lodge, but you are to do the best you can to promote positive connections in the region. I must stress however, that you must move swiftly and with discretion. We have learned that there are many other groups who are also vying for the same trade agreements that we are working towards. Although this is usually the part where I say, “Crush the opposition at all costs”, we are concerned that many of the other organizations are tied into the Jameray Nobility who are just as powerful as the government there. Find out who is pulling the strings, crush them if you have to. But do so all the same, swiftly and quietly.

The aged, weathered man standing at one side of the group sits still and listens to Valsin speak, casting a curious eye several times across the peculiar assortment of Pathfinders gathered for the mission. His eyes scour everything, and do not even shy from the beautiful forms of his new female companions--he tries to make a habit of looking at everything all of the time.

"Sounds like a great fun blend of noble asskissing, cloak, and dagger..." His voice is only a little bit rough and gravely, and he speaks in the blunt nature of a sailor. "'The Diviner's Cross,' eh? Well at least it'll be travelling with some style for once." He turns to the group, "Name's Winston Chareth, relatively new around here (believe it or not), but it's good to be given a real assignment. I'm not the strongest or the brightest guy around, but if you go down in battle, from disease, or poison, I'll always do my best to bring you back up. And I've got a few other tricks up my sleeves as well." He gives his new companions a friendly smile to demonstrate his sincerity.

Scarab Sages

Female Keleshite Human Dervish Dancer (Bard) 9: HP 65/65 : AC/T/FF 15/15/11 (19/19/15 w/Mage Armor): Fort: + 3 Reflex: +11 (12 w Rain of Blows) Will: +8 (+10 vs Mind affecting, +14 Bardic/language/sound) : Perception +1

The beautiful Keleshite woman sitting at the table does not even attempt to hide her excitement, her eyes sparkling with the promise of a new and unique experience.

Her warm smile seems to fill the room, amplifying an intoxicating presence.

"I have heard much of the beauty of Jalmeray and it's rich history, though none in detail. I look forward to it, especially to hearing the music."

Sovereign Court

Female Human (Vudrani) Rogue (Spy)

She would be going home. Home! Well, not really home, but close enough. When the man talked about the isle she smiled. That was the short version of it all, the isle itself was far more wondrous.

When the other woman mentions being curious about the music she smiles. "If you are interested in the music I can play you a tune when we're on the boat. I'm afraid I left my sitar in my lodgings." She nodded and smiled once more, "My name is Nigani, and I will be going home."

Silver Crusade

Female Human Dawnflower Dervish 1 Magus 1

Well. At least it would involve nobility this time. Courts, dancing, the elegant play of words, the careful feints and strikes of diplomacy....*far* better than digging through sewers or some moldy old tomes.

Lenarial smiles and readjusts her dress before speaking. "It has been a long time since I have been given such an enjoyable assignment. I look forward to learning more of your past and your personal stories as we travel. For those interested, perhaps I could even teach you how to dance on the way."

Sovereign Court

Female Dwarf Weapon Master Fighter/2

"Ah A chance to see how others craft weapons and see how smithies set up shop." Kalynn says with a smile. "I be Kalynn StoneHammer of the StoneHammer Clan. Been outfitting Taldor with the finest weapons and armor money can buy." She shows off her warhammer, shield and armor. The shield has her family crest, a stone mason's hammer surrounded by an iron ring.

As Ambrus completes his briefing, and all of you make your introductions, the alarm bells in the Pathfinder Lodge ring out loud and shocks the entire party. Ambrus immediately gets up from his chair, picks up his Greatsword and immediately heads for the ground floor, all party members follow suit.

The ground floor of the Pathfinder’s Lodge is quite a large and overwhelming place with three main staircases that descend to one great hall. As you move down the center staircase and towards The Grand Hall entrance, you immediately see the doors wide open and you see the reason for the alarm. Five ships all adjacent to each other in the harbor are completely engulfed in flames with smoke billowing high in the sky, as if it were a message.

Ambrus, and the other Masters of the Society immediately move members away from the doors and sends them immediately either back to their assignments or to their dormitories. Ambrus waves at all of you.

Get back to my office! He says as you immediately follow him back up the central staircase. But he separates once you ascend to another staircase. You return back to his office and you are left alone to gather your thoughts.

Sovereign Court

Female Dwarf Weapon Master Fighter/2

Perception check to see if I can hear anything downstairs. 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17

You hear a whole lot of commotion. And Ambrus screaming obscenities in what appears to be in Elvish, but you aren't sure on the language exactly.

Scarab Sages

Female Keleshite Human Dervish Dancer (Bard) 9: HP 65/65 : AC/T/FF 15/15/11 (19/19/15 w/Mage Armor): Fort: + 3 Reflex: +11 (12 w Rain of Blows) Will: +8 (+10 vs Mind affecting, +14 Bardic/language/sound) : Perception +1

"It would seen as if our opposition has begun." Nasir speaks in a throaty yet melodic tone, checking the khukri at her hip as she does.

Perception 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (10) + 9 = 19

Winston moves to a window (if there is one) and watches the happenings outside in the harbor, keeping his eyes and ears open to all. "Let's hope one of those infernos isn't our ride out of here... I really was looking forward to sailing in luxury."

If he gets the chance, Winston will also scour over Ambrus' desk for important-looking papers. He's looking for samples of handwriting that may later need to be mimicked.

Perception 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21

Sovereign Court

Female Dwarf Weapon Master Fighter/2

Kalynn readies her warhammer and shield in case someone would happen to bust through the door. "Winston I don't much care for the water but sailing in luxury would be nice. I have to agree though I hope one of those flaming over-grown tinder boxes wasn't our ship."

Sovereign Court

Female Human (Vudrani) Rogue (Spy)

And there goes her ticket home. With a graceful flourish she draws her rapier, "I don't like this. I want to know what's going on. I need to know what's going on."

Nigani starts pacing around the room, waving patterns in the air with her rapier until she decides to instead go through the entire room in search of something of significance.

Perception 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22

Silver Crusade

Female Human Dawnflower Dervish 1 Magus 1

"How unpleasant. I do hope this does not delay our departure. This is obviously a message, but from who...and what did they want to convey?"

Making a knowledge History check to see if this has happened before
1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

Based off your check, this is NOT a normal occurrence. Yes occasionally fires happen, but a fire of this size and significance is not good or normal

Nigani and Winston:
Unfortunately, you do not find anything of significance that is important.

Ambrus returns into the room. He looks like he's aged a year in the matter of an hour.

Well my friends, it looks like we have a rather big problem. Not only is “The Diviner’s Cross” one of the boats that you saw go up in flames, it also looks like the fire took three of our other fastest charter boats along with it. This is a complete and total mess. It looks like you will have to find another boat of to take you there. Whatever price they ask, the society will take care of it, but I cannot send anyone out to get information for you without giving away our plans. This already full of coincidences as it is.

Start in The Coins district, ship captains from the area visit a local place called “The Tall Tales Tavern’’ I have instructed the Armory to give you anything you need that can assist you on your journey. Godspeed Pathfinders, may the blessings of the Gods go with you.

Sovereign Court

Female Dwarf Weapon Master Fighter/2

"what is the safest way out of here? I'd like to not die on my first trip to jalmeray."

Silver Crusade

Female Human Dawnflower Dervish 1 Magus 1

"Hardly the auspicious start I was looking forward to. I had been hoping for a speedy voyage and to start with the negotiations rather quickly. Now I see this will be the normal work of a Pathfinder: dirty, bloody, and utterly uncivilized. I should have known this assignment was too good to be true...."

Lenarial stands and heads for the door. "It looks like we'll be doing a fair bit of the more martial dancing this time, dears! I'll be along, I had best fetch my favorite dancing partner."

Sovereign Court

Female Human (Vudrani) Rogue (Spy)

Sending a pigeon home could take weeks before there was an answer and she wasn't even sure they'd send a ship. She put away her rapier, "Well, I guess that'll give me a chance to pick up my things as well. I wonder how we'll fare, four women and an older, no offense, man in a district ruled by men who have been stuck at sea for months at a time. Could be hilarious." She was sure that anyone who tried to do anything to one of them would end up gutted in an alley, or at least with problems sitting.

Scarab Sages

Female Keleshite Human Dervish Dancer (Bard) 9: HP 65/65 : AC/T/FF 15/15/11 (19/19/15 w/Mage Armor): Fort: + 3 Reflex: +11 (12 w Rain of Blows) Will: +8 (+10 vs Mind affecting, +14 Bardic/language/sound) : Perception +1

Nasir laughs quietly at Nigani's comment.

"Indeed, those same men might find themselves rushing back to the sea should they become too.....appreciative. Itwe seem we are at the beginning of a grand adventure."

The party leaves Ambrus' office, and head to the Armory. The staff at the Armory smiles as they enter this rather big storage room. Each player receives a dark blue velvet pouch and a notes and additional packages that comes attached.

Players, you are now free to Roleplay until Thursday, and if you need to purchase anything please do so between now and then to keep the game going! Please make sure all items you buy are noted here in character and on your character sheets. You will each receive a spoiler tag to respond to until Thursday.

You receive your pouch, letter and a small package. The small letter, written by Ollystra's hand says the following:

Lenarial, Member of the Light,

I am greatful to Sarenrae that you have been chosen for this adventure. Unfortunately, I fear that you will meet with great peril, as Jalmeray is a still very much uncivilized territory in some areas. But I have no doubt, that you will make all things work for the better good. The Decemvirate has decided to make one of our own the Lady Ophelia Stormslayer, as the new Venture-Captian of Niswan. Replacing the late Aamina Shahrazad, who has unfortunately died in the line of duty. But she is still on assignment in Galt, and is going to for the time being, be replaced by her half-sister Tessara. She is also one of us, and has been recently elevated to the title of High Inquisitor of Sarenrae.

You meet with her in Oppara, which will be your first port of call when you depart. I will send more information with her when you arrive safely and meet. Until then, take this wand that has been crafted by Lady Ophelia's expert hand and use it to care for yourself and your fellow adventurers. Be safe, and know we in the Silver Crusade are praying fervently for your success.

Upon immediate inspection, you realize that this a wand of Cure Moderate Wounds fully charged. (2d8+3) It is made of strong oak wood, and polished to a perfection shine. In the velvet pouch is 500 gold pieces.


You open the pouch and you find an additional 500gp, and a rather big box. In comparison to everyone else's, yours looks huge. Along with a note written by the hand of Amenopheus.


You have always been a woman of the world, and so an adventure to Jalmeray may be something right up your alley. But this is also an adventure that is going to require you to be ready for some combat action as well. Enclosed, is a scroll case in which you may need to hold a few more scrolls to help you out in those tight situations. Enclosed is also a scroll of a special spell that I've had Aram Zey write up for me. It's to help with traps and should only be used if there is no trap creatures available to help you and your team, and if you do, it will help them as well. I've also attached a few other items that may help you navigate through Jalmeray.

Your adventure will send you into Oppara, Katapesh and Katheer, in each lodge, make sure you check in with the lodge masters, as they will have other messages from me to help you along the way. Good luck and know that we, the masters of knowledge are looking forward to your chronicles!

In the box, is a Handy Haversack, a scroll case, a potion of cure moderate wounds, an oil of bless weapon, 3 large sacks, a sunrod, and five vials of acid and alchemist fire.

Kaylnn and Nigani:

Although you each have a seperate pouch of 500 gold. There is only one note between you too. Lady Glorianna has written in her own very fine and elaborate hand.

Kaylnn and Nigani,

You must forgive me for putting you both together in one letter, but I wanted you both to receive the same message. As members of the Empire, it is important that you showcase the utmost respect for the cultures of the Jalmeranian people. When you meet the nobles of the land, be sure to share that the great people of Taldor support them in their causes. Enclosed is a few items that I have found may help you both in your adventures in Jalmeray. Be sure when you stop in Oppara, to visit the Taldorian Pathfinder Lodge as I will have more messages for you. Best of luck to you both, and may the good fortunes of our Empire continue to shine down upon you.

There is then one box for the two of you. In the box is a pair of Trapspringer Gloves, and a Fortifying Stone.

Enclosed in your pouch is 500 gold. And a note from Captain Collison.

My Fellow Free Citizen Winston,

I know that although you have gotten older, but I believe that this will not hinder your ability to keep yourself together and complete the mission at hand. Although you are entering a land of freedom of choice, Jalmeray is still run by nobles and a government that holds it's interest in it's nobility. Do you best where and when you can to promote freedom where you can. I have no doubt that you will do your best.

Enclosed is an item that was not easy to acquire, but in your advanced age, will definitely help you keep up with any young ones. Good luck and may our Free Eagle protect you from harm.

Enclosed is a pair of Sandals, with a tag that says "These shoes are shoes that keep you light, but don't abuse the power. You may find yourself without when you need them the most." (Item is Sandals of the Lightest Step)

Retcon @ Nagani's comment:

"No offense taken, lass, I've got no doubts about who I am in this world." As a bit of reassurance, he offers, "But I'm one of those sorry fools who's been stuck out on the sea for years at a time, and I know a thing or two about bargaining with ship captains."

Winston reads his letter with a wry smile on his face, then folds it up and pockets it. He counts out the money methodically, then pockets that as well. Finally, he puts on the mundane-looking sandals that were in his pouch, testing them out for size.

"If we're all ready, shall we continue to the Coins?"

Profession (sailer) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10
Knowledge (local) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19 to know of any ship captains in the area who might be willing to deal with the group of Pathfinders.

Scarab Sages

Female Keleshite Human Dervish Dancer (Bard) 9: HP 65/65 : AC/T/FF 15/15/11 (19/19/15 w/Mage Armor): Fort: + 3 Reflex: +11 (12 w Rain of Blows) Will: +8 (+10 vs Mind affecting, +14 Bardic/language/sound) : Perception +1

As Nasir reads the letter a warm smile crosses her beautiful face. She was quite fond of the old man and to recieve his personal attention was both an honor and a pleasure.

She placed her equipment back in the sizeable box, turning to her new companions.

"We should gather whatever gear we would need for this journey and make whatever purchases are necessary for our travel. Does anyone have any ideas as to who we should approach first?"

Sovereign Court

Female Dwarf Weapon Master Fighter/2

Kalynn picks up the stone and turns it over in her hand. She is honored that Taldor has given her such a gift. "Nigani I believe the gloves are for you. Kalynn says as she inspects the stone further.

If I place the stone in the hilt of my warhammer how does that work. I've looked up the details on the stone and linked it in the discussion thread.

Silver Crusade

"Earth tones...well, it would make for a good accent in my hair at least."

The fire took five boats along with The Diviner’s Cross. The Mariner, The Red Pearl, The Alexandria and The Glory of Taldor. All great flagships, from countries all over the Inner Sea Region. The fire has been ruled an arson, and all ships are currently not allowed to dock in the harbor until the investigation is complete. This has all but halted business in Absalom which is something that isn’t done either easily or quickly.

Due to the closure of the harbor and docks, many captains are very reluctant to take their boats out for fear of interrogation and/or search of illegal items. There are only a hand few of captains who have enough cunning and finesse to get a harbor master’s into being allowed to pass through the Absalom Navy. Four well known names are Keelboat Bill of The Pinkbelly, Luthron “The Pelican” Abele of The Ruby Purpoise, Xobost Ietzam of The Western Promise and Capitan Jack of The Cutlass

The Tall Tales Tavern is known as a watering hole for captains and first mates of boats that usually have a quieter reputation. Thanks to the fire, the place is heavily packed full of people from all over. The harbor being closed, there is only one thing to do. Drink and wait until they are clear.

Enclosed is the map of the tavern. IF you wish to make a marker for yourself, use a "text box" and either write your PC name there"

Tall Tales Map

Abbreviations based on your knowledge check:
KB=Killboat Bill
CJ=Captian Jack

"Alright, ladies," Winston says as they enter the bar. "There're a couple'a captains here that might have a ticket out of here," he brushes down his coat and straightens up his shoulders, "So let's make a good impression."

"Let's get a table and we'll go over the options before we resort to taking shots blind in the dark." Winston looks around the room for a table that might seat them, or at least a secluded corner where they can talk.

"There're four captains here by my count: we've got Keelboat Bill of The Pinkbelly, Luthron “The Pelican” Abele of The Ruby Purpoise, Xobost Ietzam of The Western Promise and, finally, Captain Jack of The Cutlass."


Keelboat Bill: Profession (sailor) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10
Luthron "The Pelican" Abele: Profession (sailor) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18
Xobost Ietzam: Profession (sailor) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27
Captain Jack: Profession (sailor) 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25

I could do Knowledge (local) too, but I don't know what rolls, if any, you're looking for, GM :P

Based on your checks, you don't hear anything about Keelboat Bill or Luthron.. But you do hear somethings about Xobost and Captain Jack..

Xobost: His boat is currently under repairs, as his boat was the boat that took a recent party of Pathfinders to Galt to rescue one of their own. As a result, the ship almost sank from being attacked by Galtan ships, Andorian ships and rough weather. The Pathfinder Society is unofficially being billed for the repairs.

Captain Jack: Jack, is an entrepreneurial man of the sea. However, those he loans money to have their businesses for some reason be seized. This has left Capitan Jack rather broke. He also received message by a Baron Von Raydan, Quarter Master of Veedesha in Jalmeray, to open a new shop in Veedesha. He is currently working on clearing all outstanding debts to head to Jalmeray. Captain Jack has a huge love for lovely ladies as well.

Winston signals for a round of drinks, "I've heard some things about only two of them."

He motions with his eyebrows toward Xobost, the one seated nearest the door. "That's Xobost, he'll be harbor-bound at least for a little while, just got back from a rescue mission in Galt, where he took a group of Pathfinders on a rescue mission. The ship was attacked by Galt, Andoran, and the sea, and it looks like the Society is paying for the repairs. That could be an in for us, and if he's dealt with the Society before he might be willing to do it again."

Next he motions to Captain Jack, who is also seated at a table, behind Xobost. "Cap'n Jack over there, he strikes me more as our man, but we'll see what you think. He's broke, therefore probably looking for a job, and rumor has it that a Baron by the name Von Raydan requested that he open a new shop on Jalmeray, in Veedesha. He's trying to clean his slate, pay off all his debts here in Absalom, and then make for Jalmeray. He's also supposed to have a soft spot for lovely ladies, they say." Winston says, with a wink. "I think if we offer him a spot of help, he'll jump at the opportunity to give us a ride to where he already wants to go."

"Any thoughts?"

Sovereign Court

Female Dwarf Weapon Master Fighter/2

Kalynn looks at Winston firmly."I don't care which man you convince to take us , as long as his boat is sturdy and sea worthy then I say we go."

Silver Crusade

Female Human Dawnflower Dervish 1 Magus 1

"I do not care which vessel we take, as long as it is sturdy. Although if you can find one with slightly more refined cabins, I would be pleased. Further, if a gentleman needs a well dressed woman to convince him of the nobility of his cause, I should be able to be of assistance in such a matter."

Sovereign Court

Female Human (Vudrani) Rogue (Spy)

"Say no more." A wide grin appears on Nigani's face.

She struts over to where Jack was seated and places hand on his shoulder, "Just the man I need. An old owl told me you were a bit down on your luck and wanted to get to Jalmeray, is it true? I might be able to help you on both." She smiles sweetly at the man, her hand resting nonchalantly on her rapier in case he, or another man, tries anything funny.

Diplomacy 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (6) + 11 = 17

Winston accompanies Nigani over to the table, but let's her make the introductions. When she's finished, he quickly adds "I've been workin' for fine Captains such as yourself for most my life, and I think I could be very helpful on the journey. Now, what would it take to get your boat out there on the water, Cap'n?"

Diplomacy (aid another) 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23

Silver Crusade

Female Human Dawnflower Dervish 1 Magus 1

Lenarial walks over, careful to keep the hem of her dress off the floor. "I am sure that a gentleman such as yourself would be proud to help some women in need, now wouldn't you?"

Diplomacy aid another
1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13

Scarab Sages

Female Keleshite Human Dervish Dancer (Bard) 9: HP 65/65 : AC/T/FF 15/15/11 (19/19/15 w/Mage Armor): Fort: + 3 Reflex: +11 (12 w Rain of Blows) Will: +8 (+10 vs Mind affecting, +14 Bardic/language/sound) : Perception +1

Nasir approaches the Captain's other side, the scented oils she wears wafting languidly in the air.

"Indeed, my friends and I are very much in need of a brave Captain to take us to Jalmeray. One who knows how to treat more...delicate company."

Bluff (playing the damsel in distress)1d20 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14

Sovereign Court

Female Dwarf Weapon Master Fighter/2

Kalynn stays seated watching the human women throw themselves at the Capitans. She is amused by how these woman act.
will save to keep from laughing at the women 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7

All party members:

Important note: I need all members to make sure that they have their characters marked on the Tall Tales Map. You can do this by clicking on the map's link and having a text box with either your character's initials or a small gif. of your character.

Tall Tales Map

Piccy of Captian Jack if anyone is interested: Captian Jack

Captian Jack looks at all the lovely ladies and the burly gentleman that have arrived at his table. He is already sitting with a heavily armed Tengu.

Get Lost. says the tengu. We have business that does not need interruptions

Now, now Oridine, there's no need to be rude. Perhaps we can help them. Says Jack grining at all these lovely ladies surrounding him.

I do not need any help from these people. I have other business to attend to. Says Oridine.

Okay then, where is my money? Says Jack. Pay me my share and you are more than welcome to leave me with these wonderful people.

I do not have it. If you can give a few more weeks-- says Oridine

I have given you six months. I need my money. Says Jack very sternly.

Well I don't have it. What more can I tell you? Oridine says dismissively.

Winston watches the exchange carefully, trying to judge Oridine's statement and determine if he might be bluffing.

Sense Motive 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9


You can definitely tell there is hostile tension between the two, but you cannot tell if Oridine is lying or not. Sorry, unos do happen.

Improvising, Winston steps up to politely interrupt the escalating conversation, but instead he spews out a surprising accusation.

Bluff 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (17) + 12 = 29

"That's not the word on the streets," he glares at the tengu, and then focuses his attention subtly on Captain Jack. "I actually heard that you've been doing very well for yourself these past weeks, Oridine, and some even say wealth has gotten into your head. Don't worry, though, the Society often finds... interesting ways of acquiring wealth in times of need."

Then, looking Jack in the face, Winston says "What sort of money is left outstanding in your name, and to whom? We can likely help you more than you think, cause the sooner we get off this rock the sooner we're all happy."

Oridine's Sense Motive 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (11) + 6 = 17

Perception Checks:
Winston: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (19) + 9 = 28
Kaylynn: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 2 = 20
Nasir: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 1 = 10
Lenarial: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7
Nigani: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6

Kaylynn and Winston:
You are both in surprise. You see three Tengu rogues enter the bar. They are looking at the table while everyone else is trying to deal with Captain Jack. See the map for correct positioning. Tall Tales Map

Oridine begins to look rather upset. Look, I've already said that I do not have your money. He gets up from the table. If that's all this is about, then perhaps you should speak with your friends here. It looks like they can provide you with the money you need.

Sovereign Court

Female Dwarf Weapon Master Fighter/2

I am KS on the map

Silver Crusade

Female Human Dawnflower Dervish 1 Magus 1

I'm LS on the map. *prays for color spray formation*

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