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The Great Chronicles of Sandpoint - A Rise of the Runelords Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master Tierce

Something is amiss in Sandpoint. Will this unsung band of heroes bound together and defeat the great evil?

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Male Half-Elf (Drow-Blooded) Fighter (Weapon Master) 1 /\/\ HP 12/12 | AC 16 | T 12 | FF 14 | F +4 | R +2 | W +1 (+2 vs Enchant) | Init +4 | Per +4 |

Goddess bless you.

Hey guys, so if you in other campaigns with me, you may have noticed that I dropped out of all of them. As this is my campaign, I will at least take the time to explain why I am leaving the messageboards.

So recently I switched ISP's as I was being charged way to much for internet access, which is a big problem in Canada. I went with an unknown company that stated cheaper rates and still at the same speed. Obviously its not working, and it will cost way to much to sign up with my previous company as they demand a "re-hook up" fee.

So I ran into work yesterday morning to get my posts and internet stuff done, only to find that my work is now blocking all messageboards from here on out. So I went into a coffee shop with free wifi this morning to make this post for you guys

It's a really terrible situation and I am sorry to all of you.

Good luck with all your future online campaigns, and may the odds be ever in you favor.

Male Half-Elf Summoner (Wild Caller) 1

Well that sucks :S

Feel free to throw me a message if you plan to run a new game once you have settled on something new (or cracked your work's protection :P)


current map Human Barbarian (Brutal Pugilist, Drunken Brute) 4 / Fighter (unarmed) 4
AC16 | T 14 | FF 13 | HP 49 / 49 | F+10 | R+6 | W+6 | Init +2 | perc + 9

I realize you may not see this post but I just wanted to get this out there.

of all the games I am involved with on these boards this one (and GM Mug's carrion crown game) are by far my favorites. sorry to see you go.

the question now is do we close this game or try and recuit a new GM.

F Gnome Bard/1

Well, drat. That's a shame; this has been really fun! Good luck, Tierce, hope you find a way to make it all work!

Male Half-Elf (Drow-Blooded) Fighter (Weapon Master) 1 /\/\ HP 12/12 | AC 16 | T 12 | FF 14 | F +4 | R +2 | W +1 (+2 vs Enchant) | Init +4 | Per +4 |

So sorry to hear that. *sending positive energy your way*

M Human Commoner/1, Expert/1

Bah! I just popped in to apologise for my extraordinarily long absense. I was in a bit of a quiet spell already before my dissapearance (like Karas I was having real trouble breaking into the group and finding things to roleplay out) and I really hope it didnt

It's been a fairly busy semester (and I've been working a lot more so I can afford to move out) and I've had to spend a few weeks away from my pathfinder books (and the forums!) and have spent more or less my entire weekend playing catchup. Whew.

It was a real pleasure playing with you all for a brief spell. Best of luck with your future games. Hopefully I'll get a chance to play with some of you again with a bit more dedication on my part! All the best!

Edit: Also I'm in GM Mug's Council of Thieves game and having a blast. These boards are just crawling with fine GM's, arent they?

Female Human (Varisian) Cleric / 1

Oh pooh. :(

I finally get my own internet back to see this.

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