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The Four Pharaohs of Ascension (Inactive)

Game Master Peanuts

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OK fixed! Removed Spark, and gold.

Also fixed the skills, I did the long math of it, but for your ease here it is

Skill Fixes:

(Class+Favored Class+Human Bonus+Int)x6

All are Class skills and gain the +3
1 Rank Acrobatics 4+2=6
2 Ranks Appraise 5+1=6
6 Ranks Bluff 9+3=12
1 Rank Climb 4+2=6
1 Rank Diplomacy 4+3=7
6 Ranks Disable Device 9+2+2 MW Tools+2Canny Explorer+1 Nimble Fingers=16
1 Rank Escape Artist 4+2=6
Intimidate +3;
6 Ranks Dungeoneering 9+1+2 Scholar+1 Historian=13
6 Ranks History 9+1+2 Scholar+1 Historian=13
2 Ranks Local 5+1+3 Bard Know=8
2 Ranks Religion 5+1+3 Bard Know=8
All other Knowledges +1+3 Bard Know+1 Historian
4 Ranks Linguistics 7+1=8
6 Ranks Perception 9+1+3 Clever Explorer=13
4 Ranks Sense Motive 7+1=8
1 Rank Stealth 4+2=6
3 Ranks Spellcraft 6+3=9
1 Rank Swim 4+2=6
2 Rank Use Magic Device 5+3=8

More importantly thank you so much for selecting me! I am so excited to get to move forward with Rameth

Good luck everyone! Now if only that means MiniGM/Rameth will show some Christmas spirit to Boneyard in Absalom gambit ;-)

(definitely keep me in mind if you need another player down the road)

check you pm boneyard/warblejack

Rameth the Delver wrote:

(Class+Favored Class+Human Bonus+Int)x6


All are Class skills and gain the +3
6 Ranks Disable Device 9+2+2 MW Tools+3(half level)Canny Explorer+1 Nimble Fingers=17
6 Ranks Dungeoneering 9+(3+1)Bardic Knowledge+2 Scholar=15
6 Ranks History 9+(3+1)Bardic Knowledge+2 Scholar+1 Historian=16
2 Ranks Local 5+(3+1)Bardic Knowledge=9
2 Ranks Religion 5+(3+1)Bardic Knowledge=8
All other Knowledges +1+3 Bard Know+1 Historian=+5
3 Ranks Spellcraft 6+1=7
1 Rank Swim 1(not actually a class skill)+2=3
2 Rank Use Magic Device 5+3=8

You spent one too many skill points still :p I have corrected a couple of the totals there too (changes in bold)

argh dropping the rank in swim and am set now. Sorry to make you edit me so much, usually when I play I have a character sheet that does the totals for me, apparently I should always use that!

Thanks again. Really excited

heh, no problem Rameth. I use Hero Labs which does all the work for me, I just have to reverse engineer your choices, not that difficult :)

Venture-Captain Norden Balentii wrote:

Thank you all for your patience, apologies about the delay. I've gotta say it was a hard decision, but I have finally chosen the two who will be joining, and they are Fairsplindle Shiningstar, and Rameth the Delver. Was an especially close call for Rameth, almost had two gnomes joining the party ;)

If we have any problems again I'll be sure to keep your names :)

Just a couple things I noticed for the two who made it:

Fairsplindle, according to Hero Lab you should only have 45 hitpoints. If you put your favoured class bonus into hit points then it could be as high as 51, but neither the 56, nor 62 you have listed on your alias, you also need to update the saves in the Class/Level bit, as they are all one too high. I'm also not too sure how you got the skill bonuses listed either. If you could tell me what you spent your favoured class bonus on, and what ranks you have in each skill that would be appreciated, thanks :) You should have approximately 480gp left over (I'm assuming the CLW, CMW, and CSW were scrolls, or are they meant to be potions?) Also what's a quickrunner shirt and where is that from?

Rameth, you seem to have one too many zero level spells known, and have overspent skills by about... 13 points (assuming all favoured class bonuses placed in skills); so if you could also list where you have put your skill ranks for me please. You also seem to have too much cash left over, I see ~252gp left.

Thanks for the selection. I am looking forward to your game. The game I created this character for we rolled hit points, so let me fix that. I thought I had. I redid the herolab, but then edited the profile instead of pasting in the new data, so may have not changed that. I would be happy to send you my .POR file for the character if you want.

The quickrunner shirt is out of the Equipment guide. It allows an extra move action once a day. Handy for someone with heavy armor and short legs, but if you do not want it in the game I would understand and will re-spend the gold. Ill post again as soon as I review and update the character.

OK. Repasted the data from the Herolab file, which I hope fixed everything. 48 hit points. Removed benefits of a previous +2 cloak, downgrading to a +1,which lowered all saves by 1. And to answer you specific question - 3 favored class hit points, 3 skill points.

I am ready to join in. :)

Have fun, guys. Don't get killed, cause Garion is waiting in the wings. :)

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