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The Forests of Jol (Group 1)

Game Master Mr. Thrun

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This is for group 1 of the Forests of Jol recruitment thread.

Gameplay will now be started
I will give the players a few days for introductions and such

As society members serving the Great Lodge in Absalom your life has been rather boring recently. Beyond doing odd jobs and small tasks all of the more "important" members of the society have managed to hog all the glory. The day in Absalom is chilly and winter is almost there. Running up to each of you comes an envoy wearing a badge of the Society, he hands you a letter and then runs off the continue his delivery service.
The letter reads...
You are being called to the Grand Lodge immediately, your presence is expected as soon as possible. Please come prepared to travel, you will be going far to the North. Bring your "equipment" with you.

Male Half Orc Rogue 1 HP 9/9 Init:+4 AC: 16 (FF 12) (Touch 14) CMD: 16 (FF 12) Fort 1 Ref 6 Will 2 Perception +8

Gylndon snarls at the envoy as he takes the letter. He reads it quickly and thinks to himself, finally a chance to do something. He packs up his supplies, makes sure all his gear is in place and heads off to the grand lodge.

"Maybe I can get a meal I don't have to kill myself for a chage."

He pulls his hood down low, checks that his quiver his full, his bow is shoulder. Then pulls his flask from his hip and takes a long swallow of his whiskey before returning it.

Male Halfling 1st Cavalier

At the sight of the messenger Tribin developed a grin. Finally! A mission! He thought. After reading the note he packed up his supplies, mounted up on Stripe, and headed out. Today is the day I become a hero!

Porter salutes the envoy briefly and not completely according to the rules, touching gently the edge of his feathered hat with his right hand. In his left hand he holds an almost 60' long flintlock made of red cedar wood, it's grip wrapped in dull brown boar skin. The decorative elements of the gun were composed of brass. Various little cracks, incisions and scratches show that the weapon has seen constant usage, but was still obviously in a very functional state, well-oiled and cleaned.

Reading the note which was just handed to him, he starts to pack his things before moving towards Grand Lodge. It was obvious that Porter enjoyed food. He was a large, burly man, with strong black beard, and a smile that rarely left his face. He wore blue tunic, combined with blue-green tabard with attached white undershirt, brown faux leather gauntlets, cavalier hat with white feather and upturned side brim and tall boot cover spats.

Hung at his waist belt was a viciously looking knife, large blade of steel with a hilt wrapped in shiny crimson pigskin with steel wire. Yet despite his girth, Porter moved quite fast and fluidly, waiving his musket around like a little twig.

Male Human Paladin (Iomedae) HP 13/13 | AC 16 | Touch 10 | Flat 16 | Fort +4 | Ref +0 | Will +0 | Init +2 |

The recently-knighted Baltazar didn't look up when the envoy first arrived, focused as he was on trimming his beard. He may no longer be in Taldor, but there was no reason to let his personal appearance suffer just because he was no longer in the company of the fashionably adroit.

Only after he had carefully snipped the remaining belligerent hair - it had been longer than the rest by half a millimeter - did he turn to acknowledge the envoy and receive the missive.

Nodding as if he expected it, Baltazar made to ready his gear in order to journey to Absalom. In truth, he had thought that he might have been sent to serve the Church in Mendev, but perhaps Iomedae had other plans for him - plans where his good looks and talents (biceps and pecs) would be better served.

Donning his brilliantly polished chainmail and making sure that his longsword was shining just as brilliantly, the paladin strode out - making sure of course that he did so with presence - and made his way towards Absalom.

After all, fighting evil didn't mean you couldn't look good doing it. He just hoped they had hot water where they were being sent. Grooming without hot water was a real b%!#*.

Female Aasimar Peri-Blooded (Emberkin)
Init +2 | AC 12/13 | HP 9/9 | F +3 | R +2 | W +5 | Per +3

The loge envoy looks at the small Havel out here where the rain comes down, from its one broken window a light shines, They had told him she would be here, why in all that was good would one such a her be in fowl dank place like this. He walked up to the old and broken wooden door.
The wind pulling at his cape in the darkness. He knock one a sharp rap in the silence. After a few moments the door opens to revile a boy of 12 or 13.

"I'm here to give a massage to the lady"
the envoy states looking down at the man child.

The boy moves aside and lets him in.

Inside is one long room, There is no fire yet the room is warm, no lamp for light yet light is here, because by and small child's bed an angel sits. Her wings of light intersecting with the wall, her face concerned looking at the sleeping from of the little girl not more than 4 in the bed. She dos not look up as the envoy walks over to her letter in hand.

"There there, it heat of the fever is past little one, sleep and soon the sun will come and you will feel much better."

She places with great care the child's hand on her chest and then looks at the letter then the envoy.

"Do you have coin?"

Says a voice as if spoken into his mind.

"Yes we all must miss when we are at work"

She smilies at him and askes

"could I have it please"

Before he knows it he has given her his small money pouch, she takes out 20 gold coins and calling the boy over gives the Money to him.

"You take this coin and get some wood and food, then in 3 days take your sister to the convent in Orlian, Tell them I sent you, they will know you speck truth"

He looks at the coin and then at the lady. Then in one move hugs her, she holds him for a time, then lets him go, now go get wood before I go.
the boy runs out.

Opening the letter she reads.

"I see, once the boy is back and the fire is well under way, we shall go, please would you mind helping me clean this room, and get water for the pot"

The envoy looked into her kind eyes and knew he would do as she asked.

When its time to go she stand in the darkness like a earth bound star,

"Follow me I will show you the way back to the road"

With just a simple bag and little of any thing more she opens up her wings of light and takes off into the night, The envoy has no problem following the lady Rosa Luminess.

Elf Alchemist 1 (Grenadier)

Placing a mark..

I will just continue on, Zaharin can edit in the backstory later

The party begins to arrive at the Great Lodge in Absalom. You find yourself in a massive entrance hall. Chairs, tables, and food seem to be in great abundance. Gathered around the tables are small parties of Society members like yourself, looking for the next job or struggling through the one they are in right now. As you enter you are greeted by another envoy of the Society who shows you to a table on the eastern edge of the room.
Your briefer will meet with you shortly, in the mean time, introduce yourself to the rest of your working partners

Female Aasimar Peri-Blooded (Emberkin)
Init +2 | AC 12/13 | HP 9/9 | F +3 | R +2 | W +5 | Per +3

Lady Rosa flys over the Absalom a few other or up this high, a mage she passed some time back and then some kind of magic air craft with dwarfs inside. It did not look safe to her but dwarfs where good at making thing. Below she could now see the Great Lodge, she had only been here once before, She checked her letter and then flow down to the main entrance.

Walk in she entered the massive entrance hall, there seemed to be some kind of fest going on. So many people, the bustle was hard to get bast some one wanted into her back would and before she knew it, she had lit her self up, Her halo blazing. The man turned and seeing her spluttered out

"err sorry, eerr my lady?"

"That's all right, it could not be helped sir in this throng"
her voice sounding sheepish

He bowed his head and then with out another word hurried away,

Over to one side two lady's where tittering, their mouth covered with soft hands as they looked at her and talked to each other, she looked at them and blushed. She had made a fool of herself in public, what was she thinking,

I hate crowds I wish ...

Mid thought a small man came over to her and said.

"Lady Rosa Luminass?"

"Err yes" she looked at him.

In a formal voice he says.

"Please this way, we have a table set aside for you and the other."

She had not worked with others before.

"O yes, please this way, it will all be explained to you by your briefer will meet with you shortly, in the mean time, introduce yourself to the rest of your working partners when they come"

the Small man pointed at a table, she sat herself down and waited to see who he had meant by 'working partners'.

Male Human Paladin (Iomedae) HP 13/13 | AC 16 | Touch 10 | Flat 16 | Fort +4 | Ref +0 | Will +0 | Init +2 |

Going to assume there are people already in the room - otherwise, ignore this.

Baltazar enters the great hall, and at his entrance, makes sure to flip his head sideways in order for the light to catch on his blond hair as it spun in the air, creating a sort of halo around his head.

That should make an impression.

Noticing there was no herald to introduce him, Baltazar nearly frowned - but that would have marred his entrance. Instead, he drew a deep breath and then said aloud, "Sir Baltazar of Taldor, Servant of Iomedae, Crusader of the Light, Inheritor of the Faith, Sword of Honor. Son of Reginald and Isolde of Taldor, Grandson of ...."

(Twenty seconds later)

"... Pathfinder Society. Pleased to meet your acquaintence." He finishes, finally, still beaming and making sure that his even, pearly white teeth were easily seen.

Then, he strides confidently to the end of the table to take a seat.

Female Aasimar Peri-Blooded (Emberkin)
Init +2 | AC 12/13 | HP 9/9 | F +3 | R +2 | W +5 | Per +3

Rosa looks on as the hansom young knight comes over and sits down at her table. She smiles at him trying not to light up.

"I must keep an eye on that or they will all think I am showing off, its so embarrassing"

In a soft voice that seems to speck into the very mind she introduces her self,

"Lady Rosa Luminass, a pleasure to meet you Sir Knight."

"is he one of the 'working partners'?

The lady in front of you looks tall and very slim more a wisp of a girl, she seems to have a light shining out of her, her skin eyes and most of all two large wings made of light. she seems to be trying her best not to shine and it keeps dimming. Her clothing is very simple, A long slip with a sash belt. Slippers and a hooded cape. She has placed a Long spear and bow by the wall. Both very simple made of white wood. Around her neck is a white wood holy symbol of Erastil.

Approaching the table designated by another envoy, Porter looks closely to those already present. A very unusual sight indeed - a very thin looking, graceful and gentle-like a porcelain figure, female winged creature was just introducing itself to almost as "shiny" tall and blonde fellow. The two of them seemed to gather quite a lots of looks and attention from the surrounding tables.

Judging by his freshly shaved face and highly-polished armour, this fellow is probably an officer. But she...what in the name of Desna is she?!?!

Closing the last few remaining steps, his lips curled upward in a mischievous grin. "So, it seems that the gang is already 'ere. Clayborne, Porter Clayborne, sharpshooter extraordinaire, craftsman and a connoisseur of all that is fine and vice-y. Very pleased to meet ya both."

Removing his feathered cap and throwing it to the nearby chair in a practised move, Porter bows his head lightly towards both of them, before focusing his attention to something which looked like a stuffed turkey. Surprisingly fast a dagger appears in his left hand and he tore off a leg, dipping it in reach creamy sauce, before smelling and then tasting it. With his mouth half-full, he excludes: "Mmmm-mmmm----mmm!!! Seems like there's raisins in'ere...very good!"

Male Half Orc Rogue 1 HP 9/9 Init:+4 AC: 16 (FF 12) (Touch 14) CMD: 16 (FF 12) Fort 1 Ref 6 Will 2 Perception +8

"You sure this is the right table" Glyndon barks at the envoy.

"Fine, fine" he says and then sits, he pulls the hat from underneath and tosses it on the table.

"You all know what this is about?" he asks the rest of the group from underneath the hood "Seems we are going to be working together."

"The name is Glyndon and it is, I guess the word is a pleasure to meet you all."

Elf Alchemist 1 (Grenadier)

Zaharin enters the hallway, just behind a blond haired who seemed fit to halt his progress by announcing his whole lineage before settling down.

Listening, as the choice was not given readily, the elf tries to recall whether he has ever heard of the person before him but then decides not to trouble his mind.

With the Paladin of Iomedae settled, Zaharin simply announces,

Zaharin, local, here for the summons.

With that over, he makes his way to the tables and promptly sits down, before helping himself to the spread upon it.

Zaharin's out of coins and living hand to mouth these days..

Elf Alchemist 1 (Grenadier)

Looking up, while munching a pastry, the gaunt elf looks upon the other people sitting at the table.

It is well to meet you so, Glyndon. But excuse me for I would focus on the food on the table so much so as the burly human attacking a leg of turkey on the other end. *nods at Porter*

Male Half Orc Rogue 1 HP 9/9 Init:+4 AC: 16 (FF 12) (Touch 14) CMD: 16 (FF 12) Fort 1 Ref 6 Will 2 Perception +8

Glyndon looks at the Elf, then at porter "Understood."

Glyndon then takes a piece of the turkey for himself as well as a sampling of the other portions laid out on the table.

Female Aasimar Peri-Blooded (Emberkin)
Init +2 | AC 12/13 | HP 9/9 | F +3 | R +2 | W +5 | Per +3

As the others come in turn Rose stands and nods to each simply saying,

"Lady Rosa Luminass, pleased to meet you."

When they are sat eating she indicates to one of the servers who comes over,

"Could i have a bowl of steamed vegetables and bread please, no salt thank you."

Then man moves away and is soon back, she says a short blessing over the food the takes a fine wooden spoon and starts to eat slowly with great care. Now and then looking at the others wile they talk.

Noticing that he was subject of the discussion between two newcomers, a slender elf and a stocky looking half-orc, Porter looks intently in their direction. He stops eating, with a skewered piece of meat on his dagger hung high in the air. He points the dagger in Zaharin's direction, and states coldly: "How much I eat is mine, and only mine problem, as long as others are paying!"

As if to underscore, he deftly turns the dagger held in his left hand so that now it is pointing upside down, and thrusts it into the table, piece of meat still hanging awkwardly. Pausing intentionally for one long moment, he starts to raise from the chair slowly, and then bellows in a good-hearted laughter, giggling for what (probably only) he considers a good joke.

"But you are more than welcome to join, my skinny friend, you sure look you could use some more meat on those bones" - cackling loudly, he raises a mug full of strong Varisian wine, cheering Zaharin.

Zaharin, I hope you don't mind me playing Porter a bit "rough around the edges", his CHA score is really quite low, so I am trying to portray that in a proper way. I envisioned him like a rather "crude/rude", straight to the point (usually too direct) guy, with jokes that he (and almost no one else) thinks are very funny, etc, etc...I hope that is OK with you guys?

Btw, GM could you please open Discussion thread also, so we can move this type of conversations there?

Male Halfling 1st Cavalier

Sorry I 'm late, I've been busy today.

Suddenly, a Halfling with scruffy brown hair and green eyes bursts into the Lodge with a tan colored wolf at his side. He seems anxious, looking as if he feels very late since people are already at the table eating. Sorry I'm late! He says while making his way to the table, Traffic on the roads today was horrible, I nearly got trample by a horse! After reaching the table he ackwardly climbs into a chair while the wolf lies down under the table. So, how was everyone else's trip over here? He says with a smile on his face.

Seeing the expected group established a small, rather fat man, bustled his way over to the group of adventurers. Coming up to the table he bowed and said in a squeaky almost mouselike voice So sorry misters, and misuses (he says as an afterthought), my most esteemed venture captain, due to being excruciatingly busy, will not be joining you. He told me to give you this note (he hands over a small piece of desk paper) He then does another fast bow and moves quickly on his way.
Upon closer inspection of the note you find that it is scribbled quickly in a rather messy drawl. It reads Thank you for making your way to the Grand Lodge on this occasion. Unfortunately I will not be able to meet with you, as you have probably noticed. I require you to got to the town of Jol up North in the Land of the Linnorm Kings. We have heard word that small town called Dwellhold has been having recent problems, disappearances and strange acts, from the fey in the region. I have already payed for your voyage to a small port south of Jol from which you can make your way to Dwellhold from. I suggest you speak to Thessilin Swillfoot, a gnome of good standing, who sent the message. She should have more information for you. As a side note, a local lodge based in Jol will be sending a ranger to meet with you at the docks. He will be joining you upon your search into the ongoings in Jol. Good luck. Inclosed in the note is a small and rather messy map of the lands around Dwellhold.

Make sure all your last minute shopping and hello's are done then there will be a "fast travel" to the port at Jol where you will meet your last party member.

For all map related things I will be using Google Docs. It will not be the prettiest thing to look at but I hope it gets all map related ideas across.


Female Aasimar Peri-Blooded (Emberkin)
Init +2 | AC 12/13 | HP 9/9 | F +3 | R +2 | W +5 | Per +3

"well meet sir do tell..."
The small blustering man talks and then runs off
"how odd"

Wile the others eat, Rosa takes the note and reads it so that only they can hear. Her voice sounds like it specking into there minds not ears. Not un-nice but odd in a way. She then clears an area and take out her small not book and silver point pen. Making a copy of the map and note for each of them on a small page. Once done she hands them out.

Male Halfling 1st Cavalier

Jol... Never heard of it. He says while gulping down food and drink. Although, if we're running into Fey we'll need to be prepared.

Fey Knowledge Roll, assuming Knowledge Arcana(Untrained): 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17 I currently have a cold iron flail, so I might know something about their weakness to cold iron.

Is this a knowledge roll for the fey around Jol or fey in general

Male Halfling 1st Cavalier

Fey in general.

Elf Alchemist 1 (Grenadier)

@Porter, not at all, this is a rpg game after all.

You know quite a bit about fey for the common man, hardly an expert though. You are aware that that they are commonly referred to as "the forest folk" due to their love of the nature of this world. As noted by the fact that you carry a cold iron flail, you are aware that many fey have a natural defence against the stuff of this world. The magic piercing abilities of cold iron are known to overcome this defence. You also know that it is rumored that the fey came from a fabled "first world" where all that live there are fey. Crossing over through gates of some kind came gnomes, pixies, sprites, and a many more. (You know about all the common and semi-common forms of fey that exist)

Elf Alchemist 1 (Grenadier)

If you have seen an elf, then it is up to your own judgement to consider me "skinny". But eat what you could fit in that large belly of yours, it isn't coming out of my expenses.

With the note, Zaharin shakes his head in disbelief.

That's it? Land of the Linnorm Kings isn't exactly next door. Transport is provided at least, and the food here at least fills a stomach for a while.

Turning back to Glydon, he asks,

Well, what do you think of it?

Male Half Orc Rogue 1 HP 9/9 Init:+4 AC: 16 (FF 12) (Touch 14) CMD: 16 (FF 12) Fort 1 Ref 6 Will 2 Perception +8

To the elf "Sorry, this meat is great, I haven't eaten this good in a long time, or ever"

Reading the note

"Sounds like a journey, but could be interesting, hope they have a horse I can borrow."

Elf Alchemist 1 (Grenadier)

Interesting it is, but to go off to a distant land with just a note is irritating. At least this Venture Captain should show himself at the least if this task was of importance.

Male Half Orc Rogue 1 HP 9/9 Init:+4 AC: 16 (FF 12) (Touch 14) CMD: 16 (FF 12) Fort 1 Ref 6 Will 2 Perception +8

"yes, but that is what intrigues me." Glyndon responds. "Personally I just hope we have a spread like this waiting for us when we arrive."

Porter barely notices Tribin's arrival, just grunting slightly to acknowledge his presence. However, approach by overweight errand and his strange way in delivering message had Porter slightly intrigued. A very "atypical" to say the least, reading of the message by already outlandish Lady Rosa, where he more "felt" than heard her words, followed by table discussion of his new found comrades managed to do the almost impossible - it diverted Porter's attention from the food before the meal was over.

Listening to the interaction between the half-orc and Zaharin, he interjects with his mouth still half-full: "You do have a point, it sure is a strange way to send us on an errand. On the other hand, I've seen worse in the army, so this is not too shabby. As elf said - we ha'e transport provided, there's bound to be some meals on that boat as well, so all's good so far."

He wipes his brow with his left hand, takes another long swing of spicy wine, and burps loudly before speaking again: "So lemme see if I get this straight. We have some fey creatures disappearing in this Jol forests, is that right? And they want us to take care of those? Sounds like a fine job to me, especially as we'll have a woodsman joining us later. I don't like boats too much, but if the pay is good, I'll live"

Porter slams his mug on the table, as if to underscore his last words. Then he continues in a more restrained fashion: "Now, do any of you good folks know something about this area? Or should we ask around a bit 'fore we travel - I like to go prepared, when I can"

Female Aasimar Peri-Blooded (Emberkin)
Init +2 | AC 12/13 | HP 9/9 | F +3 | R +2 | W +5 | Per +3

"I am sorry I do know any thing about this area at all"

Male Human Paladin (Iomedae) HP 13/13 | AC 16 | Touch 10 | Flat 16 | Fort +4 | Ref +0 | Will +0 | Init +2 |

Going to be assuming that Baltazar is familiar with Aasimar as there are likely some in his Church. Also, didn't mean to ignore you, Spugly, but I couldn't post till now and things have kinda moved on.

Baltazar nods at the Lady Rosa Luminass, bowing slightly in courtesy as she introduces herself - ah, an Aasimar. Beautiful creatures, he knew, but in an otherworldly sense. As the others enter and likewise introduce themselves, he also nods at each one, but in truth had by then been quite distracted as he has noticed from a polished platter that one side of his trimmed beard may not really be on even level with the other.

As the other members proceed to make small chitchat, the paladin listens with only half his attention on the conversation as he keeps trying to see if his beard is evenly trimmed without seeming too impolite. It was tough, but he thought he managed well, once in a while putting some food into his mouth as gracefully as he could - more so to see if the alignment of the beard was any different when he was chewing.

Oh, look. A little person. He says to himself as the halfling appears. And then the fat man arrives to deliver the message from the Venture Captain and the Lady Rosa starts to read it.

I think maybe my beard is making her voice sound strange to my ears. He ponders, as her voice seems to resonate in his head. Must be the unevenness making it bounce oddly.

"Friends," The paladin speaks up finally, considering the possibility that the platter's surface was not completely smooth, and thus portrayed an inaccurate reflection of his beard. His voice takes on a serious tone, yet one that has some measure of grandeur - but its actually more because he's added some bass.

"The Venture Captain is undoubtedly busy with a great many things, and though it would have behooved him to see to us personally, I for one do not doubt that the Grand Lodge has a great many things to occupy him.

I mean, look at this writing! Anyone can see that it was written hurriedly. Who would intentionally write something this ugly unless they were really busy and in a rush?

Needless to say, he has - for whatever urgent reasons - decided to call upon us to come together for this mission. A mission that is, by no means trivial - for it has to do with Disappearances. And Strange Acts. And Fey. And Strange Acts with Fey.

Nay my friends, this mission is not trivial at all. For I believe that somewhere at the heart of this mystery is a terrible evil. An evil that is bringing harm to the people of Dwellhold. An evil that has gone unchecked for too long. An evil that must be stopped.

And we have been given the opportunity to stop it. The journey has been paid for. The guide has been contacted. The gnome is waiting. There is only so much preparation we can do. Evil is afoot, and we must step on that foot!"

Standing up to his feet, he says, "I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to go and step on the foot of Evil! What about you?"

Baltazar isn't very smart.

Male Half Orc Rogue 1 HP 9/9 Init:+4 AC: 16 (FF 12) (Touch 14) CMD: 16 (FF 12) Fort 1 Ref 6 Will 2 Perception +8

Glyndon thinks to himself, I hope I do not sound like that, and then speaks up, "Although, oddly put, I think our self absorbed companion may have a point and I stand by the pretty boy, just as soon as I finish off this turkey."

Elf Alchemist 1 (Grenadier)

Taken back by the enthusiasm of the blond haired knight, Zaharin pauses between bites.

Then I would let you lead the way, foot first, ready to stamp down on evil in the north. But, as Glyndon mentioned, after we finish this meal.

Male Halfling 1st Cavalier

I agree. We need to hurry there to protect the people of Dwellhold. Tribin says with a look of excitement in his eyes, Although we should bring some cold iron weapons, Fey are known to be resistant to most forms of harm, but cold iron can pierce their defenses. To further support his suggestion he raises the cold iron flail he carries. I think this could crack a pixie's skull. He says very nonchalantly.

Female Aasimar Peri-Blooded (Emberkin)
Init +2 | AC 12/13 | HP 9/9 | F +3 | R +2 | W +5 | Per +3

Rosa Smiles at Paladins fine speech.

"O that was very well said Sir Baltazar, but old evil I do so hope not, I was told the fay like tricks, could it not be something as simple as that , a trick being played by them on the locals?"

She sits and smiles at the others, not paying any heed to the odd looks from the tables around.

Strange acts with fey - Porter grins and chuckles rudely. What little experience and wisdom he's had from the army service told him that this means they will be charging blind into whatever trouble was happening into that woods. And he did not like that, especially if he could do something about it.

"Good sir Baltazar, you do have a point. We need to make haste and stomp that evil..."

...all the while checking strange acts with fey...

"...but I doubt that the boat will leave 'fore tomorrow. As you can see Tribin 'ere seems to know a bit abut fey, and it may come handy. Since we need to wait transportation at least until tomorrow, will you join me, nah - lead me and Tribin and others maybe, into a romp...I mean a tour through the fine local establishments, so we can try and gather some more rumours and information on those evil things doin' evil deeds in Dwellhold and it's surroundings. What say you, shall we go and check?"

If allowed, I would suggest that we try and gather some info regarding Jol forest. If anyone wants to join me and roll, then super. If not, and if there is time, Porter would try to use Diplomacy (untrained) for a gather info attempt, with a Take 20 or Take 10, as allowed/determined by the GM, depending on the time available. But sure would be better if someone trained, with a higher Charisma would try it ;-)

Male Half Orc Rogue 1 HP 9/9 Init:+4 AC: 16 (FF 12) (Touch 14) CMD: 16 (FF 12) Fort 1 Ref 6 Will 2 Perception +8

"Why are we all so anxious to try and get more details on the goings on of place that is a boat ride away and more? Do we really think the locals here have so little to do with their own lives that they would so readily gossip about something they most likely know nothing about?"

Glyndon takes another bite and then adds "Perhaps we should settle in, enjoy the evening and wait till the boat arrives as I doubt anything is to be learned until we are on the side of the water."

Male Halfling 1st Cavalier

I have a higher charisma but I took Bluff instead of Diplomacy....

Sure, I'll join you in asking around. Maybe someone will know something about what is going on in Jol.

1d20 + 1 ⇒ (20) + 1 = 21

Female Aasimar Peri-Blooded (Emberkin)
Init +2 | AC 12/13 | HP 9/9 | F +3 | R +2 | W +5 | Per +3

Rosa places one by one some bread rolls in a small sack she has,

"As we have some time I think I will go out and redistribute this fine food to the poor, I spotted some ill kept types a few streets away when I was landing and they look much in need"

Male Half Orc Rogue 1 HP 9/9 Init:+4 AC: 16 (FF 12) (Touch 14) CMD: 16 (FF 12) Fort 1 Ref 6 Will 2 Perception +8

"I look forward to seeing each of you on the boat, I am going to spend some time walking the town before heading to a bed somewhere, seeing as this is a lodge we have been summoned to I would assume I will have a room here, if not I will find a place on a roof somewhere."

F*ing lucky halflings... Well anyway you manage to find out that Jol is the Capital of the Southmoors, one of the more barbaric regions of the Land of the Linnorm Kings. It is run by Opir Eightfingers, usually known as the scavenger king, due to the fact that the Linnorm head he came back with was rather rotten (and his general attitude). The forest north of Jol is known as Grungir Forest and is a common site for fey and forest creatures. Little is known about this trouble near Dwellhold though, as it seems like a small town.

Male Halfling 1st Cavalier

:D, That's why I love them.

After returning to the Lodge Tribin fills everyone in on what he found out about Jol. ... So I found out quite a bit, but no one seemed to know about what was happening in Dwellhold. He says with a shrug. Guess all we have left to do is wait for the boat.

Male Human Paladin (Iomedae) HP 13/13 | AC 16 | Touch 10 | Flat 16 | Fort +4 | Ref +0 | Will +0 | Init +2 |

Sorry, looks like I missed the chance to gather info on Dwellhold. I'll try something else.

Baltazar joins Porter and Tribin in walking around and asking the locals, not only about Dwellhold, but also what the Venture Captain may have been so urgently busy with.

1d20 + 9 ⇒ (9) + 9 = 18

Female Aasimar Peri-Blooded (Emberkin)
Init +2 | AC 12/13 | HP 9/9 | F +3 | R +2 | W +5 | Per +3

Lady Rosa flys over the city looking for poor children begging on the streets, she flys down and hand then food and a silver coin each.

should I roll, say 1d20 kids 1d20 ⇒ 1

She takes the poor child to a temple and sees if she can get her a place to live.

The venture captain is dealing with a recent kraken attack on a merchant ship, it been all over the news as lots of treasure and artifacts were lost, its eaten up all of the high ranking pathfinders time. by the way, don't go searching on this tangent, not important

Male Human Paladin (Iomedae) HP 13/13 | AC 16 | Touch 10 | Flat 16 | Fort +4 | Ref +0 | Will +0 | Init +2 |

Sure, just wanted to feel useful. :) thanks for the info, now I don't feel so bad for rolling lower than the halfling even though I had a higher mod :P

"Well, I guess that answers that question," Baltazar says to Porter and Tribin, as he uncovers what the Venture Captain has been tied up with, as they await the transport.

Female Aasimar Peri-Blooded (Emberkin)
Init +2 | AC 12/13 | HP 9/9 | F +3 | R +2 | W +5 | Per +3

Rosa then gos shopping for some small Items.
a tent being one.

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