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The Fifth Mendevian Crusade: Reclaim the Worldwound

Game Master WesternWolf777

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Gimme a Diplomacy (Gather Information) or a Knowledge (Local) check. If you don't have either of those, you can roleplay it out the hard way by asking people. The notable NPCs in the inn are Sir Brensen, Balbeck Morann, and the buxom dwarven bartender.

Female HalfElf Cleric

Ill RP it where is the Fun in a roll

Rosa gos over to the Bartender and asks

"Some Hell knights came thorw here a wile back, do you know they where acting for here in the Keep?"

"Well, lets see...A couple days ago there were two guys in here drinking hard. Not sure if they were hellknights exactly, but they had on armor like what you just dragged in. One had a gun, the other one seemed to be his boss. They were talking about leaving, going to report back their failure or something."

Female HalfElf Cleric

"did they say they where leaving?

"I didn't overhear everything, but I heard them mention Korvosa. I'd imagine they would need to head into the city to find someone to get a message that far. They might come back this way though, want to leave a message for them?"

Male Human (Shoanti) Druid 6 hp 57/57, AC 19, (T13/FF 16), Init +3, Perc +12. F+9/R+7/W+9

Cinderfang strides in with his companions, and when the guards call out "THE DEMON HUNTERS ARE BACK!" he throws out his arms, sending his blackish-red feathered cloak billowing out around him, baring his huge chest, and letting out a Shoanti battle cry. Sun-Eater blunders in behind him, now much larger than when they left, and echoes him with a roar of his own, terrifying the nearby livestock. A woman at a nearby well faints in shock.

He takes the groups horses and Sun-Eater to the stable to see that they are cared for, and then joins the party in the Inn.

Shadow Lodge

Level 2 Summoner | Init +1 | HP 24 | AC 15/T 11/FF 14 | Saves F+3/R+3/W+4 (+2 vs Ench) | Perception +0 | Level 2 Eidolon | Init +1 | HP 20| AC 17/T 11/FF 16 | Saves F+4/R+2/W+3 | Perception +14 |

Nearly any other day of his life, Nathaniel would be behaving like Cinderfang; growing his top hat to a majestic four feet in height, swaggering like a king who just got the better of you in that treaty and he knows you know he knows it, and calling out for mead, food and (maybe) carnal delights, not necessarily on that order.

Sadly, after days out marching the godless desolation of the Worldwound- combined with the stress of being attacked nearly every blasted day by creatures from beyond, within and just to the side of the grave, Nathaniel has just enough energy to tip the tavern boss before going up to his room and collapsing extremely gratefully into the warmth of his bed. [b}"Ah, bliss..."[/b]

Female HalfElf Cleric

"I will think about it, Barkeep, let me know when by bath is ready."

She looks at the others who have not headed off to bead,

"I Ill cover the food and drink bill, you did well, this is a hard life and none of use ended up in the dead book, so you now know what its like, if you feel like heading out again we can talk where and when later, now its time to rest, eat and sleep."

She looks over at the other new types here looking for fame and fortune, then back at the group. She would head out with any of them again, you can see respect on her face.

Viorel smiles as he Cinderfang lets out the mighty battlecry. He makes his way to the inn and notes to Rosa as he passes her. "I will be here, other things can wait." He goes to find a large table that could if needed acomodiate the whole group, not bothering to get his things in to a room. "A decent meal finally." He notes to himself. He leans back in his chair as he waits for the waiters. Well there are things to do but that can wait untill tomorrow, tonight just a good meal some ale and relaxing. Besides the shop might give us a group discount and we need to sell stuff too, and bring the trophies in. He thought.

Female HalfElf Cleric

Rose looks on as Viorel settles in for a good night of food and drink, she walks over to the Knight,

"Sir may I ask if you had talk with a two Hell knights who where here but a few days ago?"

"If you are referring to Paralictor Vance and his companion then yes, I had brief words with them. When they returned from the wastes I asked them if they had any trophies to sell me, but he told me that their unit was destroyed by undead. He was planning on going into the city to find a messenger I believe. I also saw you here a few days ago. Were you successful out in the Wound?"

Female HalfElf Cleric

Rosa looks at the Knight happy he has been helpful.

"Success?, we cleared a large area for others to pass throw for a time with out much trouble, We still live and every thing that tried to change that is now dead, The group that went with me and Barek are now blood washed Demon hunters, so yes I would say we where successful. Now can I ask you, are they still here, the hell knights or have they gone to the city all ready?, Because I seek words with them before they go."

"I believe they already went into Kenabres a few days ago. They are bound to return this way eventually though if they mean to retake the Fort of the Nail. I could deliver a message for you if you'd like. Does your group have any trophies to sell me?"

Female HalfElf Cleric

"One of out group will come and see you about that, this is not may task Sir Bernsen, The man you need to talk to is over there"

She points out Viorel

"but you had better wait until the tomorrow, and yes I will write a letter, if you would be so kind as to hold it, I will want anther sent to the city to reach them, do you know who I can talk to to do such?"

Rosa indicates that the Knights mug should be filled an put on her tab.

"Nail, you say, do you know any thing about the Fort?"

"I only know the name because they mentioned it. You may want to talk to Balbeck Morann over there." The paladin says, pointing to the slumbering drunken sage off in one corner of the common room. "He's supposedly an expert on the history of the area, though mostly he just gets drunk." Brensen's sneer is more than enough to indicate his opinion of the man.

Female HalfElf Cleric

Rosa nods at the knight and heads over.

"Balbeck Morann, would you like free drink for a night, if you would, then tell me all you know out Fort Nail and the Hell Knights interest in it."

The bearded old man is snoring when Rosa addresses him. He stutters awake "Huh, wha? Free drinks?" He looks around, and sees his flagon is empty. "Put your money where your mouth is. Then I'll have a think." He says, staring up at Rosa's giant form.

Female HalfElf Cleric

Rosa's takes a bottle from there table and pour just a small amount into his flagon, then truns the battle small in her hand looking at the light of the fire through the wine

"Not being one addicted to the drink, I find I can spend hours, days even weeks with out it, But I am told that when one is addicted the loss of it can lead to shivers, shakes and an all round feeling of sickness. You know I think as long as I sit here close to you, no one will come and offer you a drink. I have that effect on others, I have no idea why. And I could be here for hummm days. So seeing how this is a very nice wine so I am told it could be the only one you see for a wile.The very best this place has to offer and its nice and strong to so they say. So how about you start thinking before the shakes set in."

She wafts the wine bottle under his snoz

"Yours if you tell me all you know about the Fort and the Knights"

He smiles and sips down the bit she gave him, smacking his lips. "Mmm. Tasty. Well lets see, the Fort of the Nail." He pulls a map out of a leather case that was set on the chair next to him. "It's here." He says, pointing to the Fort's location. Already marked with a red dot on your Travel Map. "It was built during the early decades of the 47th century AR, just after the first crusade. During the second crusade it was lost and hasn't been retaken since. The Order had in mind what they always do, namely 'civilizing' the 'savage' Sarkoran natives. Now, if you please?" He says holding out the mug for more wine.

Female HalfElf Cleric

Rosa fills his mug but not to much

"And the tails that come your way about whats living there now, any been close or in it of late?"

"Not that I know of. I mean a company of Nail knights came through here a while back, but they were defeated by some kind of undead from what I heard. I might be able to turn up a floorplan or something if you give me a few days and make it worth my while."

Female HalfElf Cleric

"Good man a few says days it is then, and once we see it you will be paid what we think is worth, pay now and you will be drunk all they time you should be working, thats the deal, work today drink tomorrow."

Rosa hands him the rest of the bottle and heads off out see if any of the guards knows the best way to get a letter out to the city.

"You seem to be under the impression that I am destitute. Hah! While I enjoy a free drink, I am in the business of buying and selling information. You will pay me 300 gold and I will bestir myself to see if my contacts can find a copy of the blueprints with the mason's guild in Kenabres. Deal?"

Viorel had been listening to the discussion between the two and now that deal making was mentioned he decided to but in. The Varisian rose from his seat making his way to the two. "And it would seem that you take Lady Luminass for a fool for her battle hardened looks. Well looks and impressions can be deceiving so let us put those past us. 300 gold is almost as much as a common man makes in a year, that hardly seems like a fair price for few days of work even if you have to cover some expenses with it. Not to mention asking for payment without promise of delivery on said information. Of coarse you mentioned that you also buy information so we might trade something in return. Then there is the fact that each enemy that we kill outside these walls is one that will not become a problem here and force you to move your business elsewhere." Viorel spoke trying his best to deal with any offense done and do some haggling.

Should I roll diplomancy on the haggling?

Female HalfElf Cleric

Rosa sits back and let's an expert do the talking.
"My business partner, now your talking money's, he'll be dealing with this, have a good night"

Rosa winks at Viorel as she gets up and walks at to find the keeps post master, that's if there is one or in fact if any one going to the city and so can take a letter.

Once Viorel is done she will help ask him to help her in this matter as well.

The city's only a few kilometers away, there are people going back and forth constantly. There isn't a postmaster, but there are people who work as messengers. You want to try to get a letter to Paralictor Vance?

Female HalfElf Cleric

OK GM if they other wish to come fine, Rosa will wast no time and head to the city to find the Hell knights.

any ant to come?

Okay, well that's gonna definitely require some gather information rolls.

Female HalfElf Cleric

I think we should move back to Game group Thread GM I will need Viorel to help once he sold our Trothys. loot we can sell in city and I hope get a good price + Nats but of flying kit, My Idea is we get paid to scot and if we can take the keep for a troop of hell knights What do you think GM no more walking about chopping this and that.

Rosa will explain her idea, the hell knights sent a detachment out to take this fort and they never even got there, She want the party to offer to go scot this fort, and if they can take it, once taken ferry out a new detachment of hell Knights to take it over, for this they will be paid and also ask that they use this as there base of operations inside the scare, they way we get our own home, and a force to keep it safe, pule we can operate out of that. If we set up a trading post, then we can also take a cut of the coin made. etc or any thing you wish to biuld

We'll move back to the other thread when you guys go back out on expedition. Making that proposal to them is fine, but to find them in the city someone's going to have to ask around. Rather than roleplaying it all out, a Diplomacy (Gather Information) check can represent it to speed things up. Once a sucessful role is made (each one representing an hour of walking around asking people etc) we don't need to roleplay out the conversation. I'll just give you his reply.

As for Nathaniel's flying machine, the trophies, getting paid and everything else, someone also has to do that. Sir Brensen in the Watchful Blade buys trophies. Everything else you can sell for 50% of normal value or more with appropriate diplomacy rolls. Whoever has the stuff tell me what you're selling and just mark down the gold.

[dice=AOO (large cold-iron demon-bane bastard sword)]1d20+16[/dice [dice=Damage]2d8+10[/dice 1
Warped Demonspawn (custom tiefling) Invulnerable Rager 10

Barek would also want to restock on any arrows he had expended.

No problem, spend the gold.

Male Human (Shoanti) Druid 6 hp 57/57, AC 19, (T13/FF 16), Init +3, Perc +12. F+9/R+7/W+9

I'm waiting to make any purchases until we sell our loot. Cinderfang only had a handful of gold remaining when they left.

Cinderfang takes no interest in the haggling, and cares little about the Hell Knights. He enjoys a hearty meal and drink an eventually goes to bed unless anything exciting (ie-bar brawl) breaks out.

"What are you offering in trade? I need information on old Sarkoris, in the form of relics. Unless you have something spectacular for me three hundred it is." Balbeck says to Viorel. "Most of that money would go to bribes, I think it's perfectly reasonable price for people of your stature. Take it or leave it."

I would go with Rosa after working out a deal with Balbeck, and while here could deal with the trohies thing, I would assume those have fixed bounties? So that should just be as easy as dropping them to to Brensen. Before we leave would also like to visit Muqaq Al'Vasiri to see if he/she has things for sale that would like to buy and probably sell our loot there too. But I think the shopping thing should be done as the whole group.(Just a thought that we might get a better price out of our stuff as store credit, perhaps bulk discount that sort of stuff.)

"I could offer you to make copies out of the maps I have made during our travels. I did include data on incidents during our travels so with time a sharp mind could use that to make a educated guesses to sell advice on favorable routes to other crusaders. And more so if that person were to buy similar things off other people too. I am not suggesting a head to head trade but I think that information is valuable enough to lower your price, if you want it." Viorel continues not happy that he can't seem to get hold of how to play this man.

Not sure if you missed it or didn't just get around to that part yet. So putting the diplomancy roll here just in case. Putting in the base value since not aware of any possible circumstance bonuses.
Diplomancy 1d20 + 16 ⇒ (5) + 16 = 21
Damn it 1 minute before you reply, should have checked.

"I'll tell you what, I'll do it for 250. Along with a promise of all the maps you make on future expeditions and of first claim to buy any artifacts from one of the Sarkoran settlements."

"Giant lady tells me you've got trophies for me?" Sir Brensen asks after approaching Viorel and Balbeck. "I'd be happy to make you an offer for them."

I'll have to add up all the loot tomorrow since it's really late for me. After that we can assume you went with/will go with Rosa.

"Well that sounds more agreeable. But not quite there yet. I will give you all future maps from the crusade with the exception of any strongholds out group takes over or builds if we should aquire lands as the crusade makes possible for the 50 discount. The other matter not so easy, I am willing to grant you the benefit of winning in equal bids assuming we want to part with the artifacts in the first place. And allow you to make the first bid. There are limits on what I can agree to without discussing with my companions. Also 125 gold now regardless of success and the other half after we receive the blueprints." Viorel responses with a counter offer.

He then turns to Brensen. "Yes we did slay quite a number of things. I have a list with me of the things, please browse trough it and make an offer." Viorel notes reaching for his scroll case taking out the mentioned list handing it to the man with a smile.

Not really sure who has what trophy with them etc. So I figured that would make it easier.

"Fine. I'll see what I can do."

"Lets see..." Brensen says, taking the list and scanning it over. "Quite the haul you've got here. I'll give you 3,560 Platinum coins for them."

Shadow Lodge

Level 2 Summoner | Init +1 | HP 24 | AC 15/T 11/FF 14 | Saves F+3/R+3/W+4 (+2 vs Ench) | Perception +0 | Level 2 Eidolon | Init +1 | HP 20| AC 17/T 11/FF 16 | Saves F+4/R+2/W+3 | Perception +14 |

How long does it take to bargain using diplomacy? I've got a spell that can give me +8 for seven minutes, is that long enough to increase the selling price of our booty?

Nope. The trophies you can't bargain. What 35,600 GP isn't enough for you guys? If you want to bargain the price of the suits of armor you found or the metamagic rod that would be possible. You've got seven suits of hellknight plate, one of full plate and that rod of lesser ectoplasm. Since there are no hard and fast rules for bargaining, and the rewards I just gave already put everyone at 7th level wealth by level you're gonna need a damn good check, and it probably won't help very much. You guys are already fighting 2-3 over your CR against custom opponents without me raining gold on you.

Shadow Lodge

Level 2 Summoner | Init +1 | HP 24 | AC 15/T 11/FF 14 | Saves F+3/R+3/W+4 (+2 vs Ench) | Perception +0 | Level 2 Eidolon | Init +1 | HP 20| AC 17/T 11/FF 16 | Saves F+4/R+2/W+3 | Perception +14 |

Wasn't meaning the trophies, more generally. 35600 is plenty. Eh i've got nothing else to spend my spell slots on while i'm in town, it's a good use.

Female HalfElf Cleric

Rosa would like a coin or two of whats left, a handy havasack or bag of holding would help a lot carrying kit on our new air craft

Well your contract states that everything is split evenly. So that's what'll happen.

Sorry for the small delay. My computer decided it didn't want to work, managed to restore it.

"That is a deal." Viorel notes to the old man reaching for his belt and handing him the mentioned advance and then turns towards Brensen. "That sounds good around 600 platinium a head. I am sure my companions will be glad to hear that. Would it we allright if we made the exchange here tomorrow? I need to track down all my companions to get the trophys in check and I would not be surprised if someone had already drunk themselves to torpor or just gone to bed. Besides with that kind of amount I do not want to be alone."

EDIT: Took the 125GP out of my "sheet".

"Sounds fine. I'm here all day. Just come whenever you're ready."

Loot List Dwarf Monk (Zen Archer/Qinggong) 2, hp 17, AC 16(T16/FF14), CMD 19, Init +2, Perc +9. F+5(+10)/R+5(+10)/W+7(+12)

Hey all just checking it. Forgot that we switched threads when we got back to town.

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