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The Falcon's Hollow Adventures - PBP Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master GM Idyll

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It is a bright, cool spring in the small village of Falcon's Hollow. After a brutal winter, which claimed the lives of several of the community's youngest and oldest residents, the blooming flowers and warmer air should have been a cause for celebration. But the people of The Hollow have little interest in or energy for such frivolity.

Perched at the edge of civilized lands, the small town has always had to rely on itself to solve its problems. The wealthy, unsympathetic lumber barons squeeze the common folk for every last copper, deaf to their pleas for some basic assistance.


You are already awake before the sun comes up, stalking the streets. After last night's little wager with a random traveler at The Rouge Lady, your pockets are empty. Add the fact Ralla didn't even have time to look your direction last night, and you feel pretty rotten this morning.

As you pass through the residential areas, you can hear a distinct hacking cough. This cough has been spreading through the town for the past couple of days, which has distressed the locals. As usual, the town's leaders are doing nothing to help.

You make your way to Jak’a’Napes, the local inn, to see if Jak is in the mood to hand out some breakfast - something that happens on a rare occasion.. As you get close, you spot Tidus heading towards the inn carrying a small bundle.


You had the dream again. It's always the same. You walk through the forest, your brother a few steps ahead. You're both hunting, silently stalking an unknown prey. Suddenly, your brother is caught in a hunter's snare. He has time to realize it, though, and turns to look at you and says something - you don't know what - before being yanked into the air feet first. You rush to the spot where he was, but he is gone. Yelling his name, you find that you have no voice. As you try to lift your hands to your throat, you discover that you are tied up and unable to move. You struggle and fall to your back. As you land, you look up to see an axe hovering above your head. It comes down, aimed for your neck. You awake just before it strikes.

You awake, dripping in sweat. You judge that it is about 4:00, but you go ahead and get up, don your gear, and head out to hunt for a bit.

You successfully kill a couple of small birds and find a small patch of Jak's, the local innkeeper, favorite mushrooms. Collecting a good amount, you make your way to Jak’a’Napes.

As you pass through the residential areas, you can hear a distinct hacking cough. This cough has been spreading through the town for the past couple of days, which has distressed the locals. As usual, the town's leaders are doing nothing to help.

Arriving at the inn, you see Zane approaching.


It's been two weeks since the caravan you arrived on left Falcon's Hollow. You've been staying at Jak'a'Napes, the local inn, since you've arrived. The owner, a rotund red-faced human named Jak Crimmy, with a single wisp of bright red hair on his otherwise bald head, has made you feel more than welcome, but your money won't last forever and you've begun to question whether you correctly interpreted Sarenrae's instruction.

Coming down for breakfast, you're greeted by Jak who warmly smiles before saying, "Mornin' Hoss!" (his playful nickname for you) "Will ya' be havin' the cinnamon flapjacks again?"

Glancing around the room, you're somewhat surprised to see two other guests - a dwarf and an elf - seated at a table. No one else has stayed at the inn since you arrived.

Firebeard & Shalyna:

You arrived in Falcon's Hollow much later than anticipated. You were traveling late last night when you were set upon by a gang of bandits intent upon emptying your money bags. One of them, an especially large fellow, managed to put up quite a fight before being choked into submission after dropping his grease-covered weapon.

This caused you to arrive so late that neither of you even bothered sleeping, merely renting a room and then coming down for breakfast. The rotund red-faced owner, Jak Crimmy, greeted you warmly, even though you did make him wake up and get ready a little earlier than anticipated. He offered to make you some of his "Renowned cinnamon-crusted flapjacks."

Before your food is ready, another person enters the dining room. He's a short, slim man with jet black hair and brown skin. He's dressed quite exotically, looking as if he's come straight from the desert rather than upstairs at an inn in the country.

Well...isn't that convenient? You're all gathered at Jak'a'Napes. What are the odds?! Get to know one another - or not - in-character.

HP 25/25 AC 15 Touch 15 Flat 12; flurry unarmed +4/+4(1d6+3/1d6+3); shuriken +3/+3 (1d2+3/1d2+3); grapple +8; F +5 R +5 W +5 INIT +2 Perc +8 CMB +6 CMD 17

Firebeard nodded his thanks to the innkeeper, with an added "Tha' be most kindly o' ye. Been a long night, ye see. Me an' the girl had t' convince a group o' bandits tha' our caravan wasn' their best choice o' targets. Always works up an appetite, it does, when ye have t' beat sense inta someone."

The dwarf was lean and tall for his race, standing nearly four ad a half feet, and nowhere near as wide as he was tall. His fiery hair swirled about him in a disorganized halo, though his beard was intricately plaited and neat. The robes he wore looked travel-stained, but still in good repair, and the equipment he carried bore little resemblance to the standard swords, axes, and hammers typically favored by his race.

Wearily, he stared across the dining room as they waited for their food, looking up a little sharply as the newcomer entered. He took in the man's appearance with interest, it being so different from the standards he was used to.

HP: 5/5 AC 11/11/10: F+0, R +1, W+2, Per:+2 (+4 if Familiar is in reach), Init: +1, Arrows: 20, B. Arrows: 20

I'll have Shalyna's spellbook up later. So is grease the only 1st level spell I used?

"Thank you. Could I please get some tea or coffee if you have any. My friend is right about fending off bandits being hungry work. Funny how that never gets mentioned in most legends and tales."

A tired looking elf sits down and lays her head on the table. The small owl on her shoulder launches herself into a small circle around the table before landing lightly on the back of the elf's head when her master sat down. The young elf's clothes are simple and show little sign of wear. Not at all how most would picture an elven wizard.

Then the stranger walks into the dining room.

The owl swivels her head around to view the newcomer. Through her master is tired and on the verge of falling asleep, the small little thing is very much alert, and her wide eyes hold an intelligence that is beyond what was normal for an owl.

Naturally, the owl isn't going to let her master miss something this interesting. She hops off her perch and nips at the elf's long ear poking out of the mess of dark-blue hair.

"Ow! Fluff! What's going on with you."

She sits up and looks at Firebeard to see if there's anything amiss. Then she follows his gaze and notices the man standing in the doorway.

"Oh, hello. Would you care to join us?"

Fluff, never one to allow her master's life to be dull, gives a flick of her wings and lands on top of the elf's head and gives a quiet hoot of encouragement.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Ranger 1 HP 8/13| AC 18 T 14 FF 14 | CMD 17 | F +4 R +6 W +1| Init+4 | Perc+5 | SM

Spotting Tidus near the entrance to the inn, Zane grins a bit: "Top o' the morning to ya, master hunter. From what I see, you have been quite successful. What you got in there - rabbits, pheasant or just some poor pig who got his legs broken, so you happen to bump into it? Hope it did not take you more than 3-4 hours to hunt it down? Sure it would take me only like a quarter of the hour, but that's just me..."

Leaving the end of his sentence trailing, Zane keeps his wry grin for a second or two, before it transforms into an honest smile. He extends his arm for a handshake with older ranger, while he continues to speak: "To be honest, I would be mighty obliged to ya if you'd be willin' to share the breakfast with me. I was hunting a different kind of pray last night, if you know what I mean" - he winks to Tidus, and opens the door of the inn, letting his compatriot enter first.

That was just for flavor Shalyna. You don't need to count that one against you.

HP: 5/5 AC 11/11/10: F+0, R +1, W+2, Per:+2 (+4 if Familiar is in reach), Init: +1, Arrows: 20, B. Arrows: 20

Sweet, now I'm just fatigued. :)

Male Half-Elf Fighter (Lore Warden) 1

Tidus glances at Zane slyly from the corner of his eye before entering.

"Ah, so you mean to say you lost all of your money again gambling? Yes, I'll join you for breakfast, if only to provide you a shoulder to cry on, brother."

As he enters, the greeting from a stranger calls out to him. The woman looks completely unfamiliar and Tidus immediately assumes that she must not be from around here. The owl by her side gives it away.

"An owl, eh? I don't think I've ever seen one domesticated before. They are smart birds, and vicious too.

I'm Tidus, Tidus Ovelia. You and your dwarven friend chose an interesting place to come visit, as Falcon's Hollow isn't particularly known for attracting travelers... Though I doubt that tourism is your reason for coming here, am I right?"

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Ranger 1 HP 8/13| AC 18 T 14 FF 14 | CMD 17 | F +4 R +6 W +1| Init+4 | Perc+5 | SM

"Oh Tidus, you big oaf! How many times do we need to tell thee - when you're with someone then you present him as well. For years you're 'ere with us, and still we can't teach ya..."

Turning towards the dwarf and an...elf? Zane pauses for a few seconds. This dwarf was unlike any other he met before - semi-naked (for a dwarf, that meant outside of metal armour), practically unarmed (no huge warhammers, axes and such) and on top of that all - with an elf! Elf with an owl to boot!!

Unlike the previous night, morning already starts to show it's promise - snapping from his wandering thoughts, Zane flashes a crooked smile - "Top of the morning to both of ya master-dwarf and my fair elven lady. Zane Cartprett, of the famous Cartpretts, at your service"

Having said that he makes a half-step back, letting Tidus to do the talking, while he studiously examine the newcomers to "his" village.

HP: 5/5 AC 11/11/10: F+0, R +1, W+2, Per:+2 (+4 if Familiar is in reach), Init: +1, Arrows: 20, B. Arrows: 20

"I'm Shalyna Alathreil. My friend here is Firebeard. We just got in a little while ago."

The owl bends her head down to give a indignant hoot and glare at Shalyna.

"And this ball of mischief is Fluff, and your right," the elf gives Tidus a mock glare made all the more ridiculous by the sleepy half-smile that comes with it, "Fluff here is a vicious little thing. She'll steal your bacon, nip your ears, and look adorable the whole time."

Fluff, who's been on Shalyna's head this whole time looks up and appears rather smug as she puffs out her feathers.

"More seriously, you're right about us not being here for the sights. I like to collect stories and legends. I was hoping to find some of the Fey to hear some of their legends and stories. Firebeard and I met a few weeks ago and have become friends and enjoy the company and help we give each other. I'm not certain I would be here now if not for his help last night."

Shalyna turns to regard the other man entering the tavern.

"Speaking of tales, I'm sure you have a tale or two worth listening to. I've never heard of the Cartpretts, but one doesn't become famous by being dull."

HP 25/25 AC 15 Touch 15 Flat 12; flurry unarmed +4/+4(1d6+3/1d6+3); shuriken +3/+3 (1d2+3/1d2+3); grapple +8; F +5 R +5 W +5 INIT +2 Perc +8 CMB +6 CMD 17

Aye lass, but sometimes people be famous in their own minds. No' tha'this be the case here. I be sure that Master Cartprett has a dozen tales t' tell. Each more impressive than th' last, t' be sure. Come, lad. Ye and yer friend be welcome t' share our table an' tales. This sprout an' me be tired from a long caravan trip, but company's always welcome.

HP: 5/5 AC 11/11/10: F+0, R +1, W+2, Per:+2 (+4 if Familiar is in reach), Init: +1, Arrows: 20, B. Arrows: 20

"True, but sometimes the best tales are from those who clarify the situation."

Shalyna motions for the two newcomers to com join them.

"Yes, please join us."

Her head turns to regard the stranger at the door.

"You too! I promise Fluff won't mess with you too much."

The preening owl hops down to Shalyna's should and again gives the man an encouraging hoot.

Male Kelishite (Human) Cleric of Sarenrae 1

Hassan nods to Jak, saying, "Yes, I would very much like some jackflaps!"

At Shalyna's invitation he smiles warmly and moves to sit down. "A good morning to you, friends. I hope this dawn brings fortune upon you. I am called Hassan Ahmadi." He makes a small bow to each of the people present. "I apologize for the interruption," he says, turning to Zane. "You were about to tell a story?"

Jak walks over to the table, carrying a couple of mugs of steaming beverage for Shalyna and Firebeard. "Here's some klava to warm ya up. It's like coffee, but made of sterner stuff than that," he says, setting the mugs down. He looks at the two locals sitting at the table. "Mornin' Tidus. How ya been? It's been a while since ya stopped in. What can I get you today?" He says nothing to Zane.

HP: 5/5 AC 11/11/10: F+0, R +1, W+2, Per:+2 (+4 if Familiar is in reach), Init: +1, Arrows: 20, B. Arrows: 20

Shalyna takes a deep whiff of the Klava. The nutty smell brings a smile to the elf's face just before taking a sip of the streaming brew.

"Thank you, kind sir. This will definitely help."

She turns to regard the Kelishite man finally joining them at the table.

"Hassan Ahmadi is not the kind of name you hear often in Andoran. Where are from? Quadira?"

Shalyna is guessing, but here's the Knowledge(History) roll to see if she recalls anyone from history with a similar sounding name if needed.
Kn(History): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

Male Half-Elf Fighter (Lore Warden) 1

Tidus nods appreciatively to Jak.

"Thank you sir, I'll take some klava as well while it's out. And it is a pleasure to see you as always. Work has kept me away in the Vale lately. It seems that the town has seen a lot of excitement while I was out though, with foreign travelers coming into town and this cough that I couldn't help but overhear on my way in."


The only name you can think of that's Qadiran is Satrap Xerbystes II, the current ruler of Qadira.

It's possible that was the only person I could find by Googling...

HP 25/25 AC 15 Touch 15 Flat 12; flurry unarmed +4/+4(1d6+3/1d6+3); shuriken +3/+3 (1d2+3/1d2+3); grapple +8; F +5 R +5 W +5 INIT +2 Perc +8 CMB +6 CMD 17

Firebeard sniffed the klava dubiously, before taking a sip. Then, he quaffed the entire mug in one deep draught. He flashed a smile at the innkeeper, and said "Thank ye Jak. Tha' did th' deed right well."

"Now then, ye got th' look o' locals about ye. Shalyna'n me have been travelin' all abouts. What say ye tell us abou' th' news local, an' we'll fill ye in on things from the wide world."

HP: 5/5 AC 11/11/10: F+0, R +1, W+2, Per:+2 (+4 if Familiar is in reach), Init: +1, Arrows: 20, B. Arrows: 20

That's okay. Like I said Shalyna is just making a guess.

Huh, funny, I thought I knew more names than just the current ruler's

Shalyna, not wanting to be rude and having two conversations going at once, makes a mental note to ask Tidus what he does. She may be needing a guide into the woods to accomplish her goals.

Unlike her dwarven friend, she savors the taste of the klava and continues to sip the warming drink.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Ranger 1 HP 8/13| AC 18 T 14 FF 14 | CMD 17 | F +4 R +6 W +1| Init+4 | Perc+5 | SM

Being used to the reception he might get from Jak, Zane does not seem bothered at all by the older man ignorance. "A klava for me would be fine as well...thanks Jak"

He then turn to his new acquaintances, and starts to tell a story: "Well, I could tell you of my 6 older brothers, or about the time that Sheriff Deldrin had his...misunderstanding with "Pay Day" Teedum, but I guess you might be more interesting into something else. Let me tell you how I came to know this tall guy sitting here."

Zane winks mischievously at Tidus, looks around for a second to see if there really will be some klava heading his way, square his elbows at the table in front of him, and continues to speak: "So, you've all heard of the Rouge Lady, right? This was just a few weeks after this place opened. As usual, I was minding my own business when this half orc came and..."

Some 10 minutes later Zane finish telling the story of how Tidus and him met. Story obviously had a few glaring exaggerations, but it was skewed in a way to show Tidus in "good light", especially with him jumping in to help Zane fight three thugs, although they did not know each other at the time. Of course, there is one or two remarks in which Zane challenges some skills, and especially way of doing things, of his older friend, but all in all story is (somewhat) interesting and told in such a way to present Tidus as a "hero".

Finishing his story, Zane scratches his chin, and without hesitation, continues his monologue: "So, you are aware that in Falcon's Hollow most of the newcomers are treated...viewed with suspicion. I kind'a make it my job to try and understand people's motivations, in relation to mu community, and I am brazen enough to ask openly. And somehow, I feel that it is better if I ask you directly, than if I just let you hit the wall of prejudices and mistrust which are so common here towards strangers. So, what do you do people, what are your plans, how long do you plan to stay here in Falcon's Hollow, and why? And most importantly - are you in any way connected to the Lumber Consortium?"

Having blurted out what he has to say, Zane rests upon his chair, while his eyes dart between the three people he just met.

Male Half-Elf Fighter (Lore Warden) 1

This story again? Oh brother...

Tidus sips his drink while staring down at the table, almost as if in a daydream. He is listening intently to his friend's tale, but he does not care to be exalted or honored by others. Too many people he's failed, in his mind, to be deserving of any of that sort of nonsense.

After the story reaches its conclusion, Tidus nudges Zane playfully with his elbow and says with a smirk, "Good going little brother, now you've put them all to sleep with your tales."

Tidus glances over at Hassan.

Qadira, hm? Long ways from home. Seems awfully strange to end up in a place like this...

Knowledge (Geography) to see what I know about Qadira?

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8

HP: 5/5 AC 11/11/10: F+0, R +1, W+2, Per:+2 (+4 if Familiar is in reach), Init: +1, Arrows: 20, B. Arrows: 20

Shalyna gives the pair a wide smile once Zane finishes his tale. Her reply to Tidus' jab comes quickly on it's heels.

"If I fall asleep it's not because of this one's story telling."

Her smile slips as she listens to Zane's questions and ponders the implications.

"I don't know how long we'll be staying. I travel around collecting legends and tales, and I was hoping to collect some of the legends of the fey that are said to be around here. I'm afraid you've lost me on the last question. I have no idea what the Lumber Consortium is, beyond the obvious."

Shalyna sips her still half-full mug of Klava. She seems more awake than when she first started sipping, but her eyes are half-closed in thought as she digests what the young man said. Fluff keeps an eye on the elf as she becomes oblivious to her surroundings.

Jak exhales loudly as Zane requests the beverage. He rolls his eyes as he walks away during the beginning of the story - it's clear this is one that has been told quite a bit.

When the story is finished, the table is full of flapjacks and mugs of klava - even Zane gets a plate and a mug.

The door to the inn opens not long after the breakfast has been laid at the table. Silhouetted in the morning light, you see a tall, muscular form. As he steps across the threshold, you see he is carrying a woodsman's axe.

Zane and Tidus:

You both recognize this man as Sheriff Deldrin Baleson. Deldrin used to be a poor lumberjack toiling in the cutyards under Gavel Thuldrin Kreed’s oppressive thumb. One day he refused to pay an “axe tax” on a lumberaxe he had already bought and paid for. Boss Teedum tried to take Deldrin’s axe, and the half-elf smashed Teedum’s face with the flat of it. As one of the few locals to stand up to Teedum and Kreed, he was elected Sheriff the following week. Now he carries the same axe around on his shoulder to remind Kreed and Boss Teedum he is not afraid of them.

He strides into the room and notices your table - he nods in your direction before heading over to an empty table. Jak enthusiastically bounds over, shakes the man's hand and takes his order. Even without listening too closely, you overhear the man complain about "this infernal cough" and the distress of the town's citizens. Jak nods his head solemnly and returns to the kitchen to prepare the man's order.

Male Kelishite (Human) Cleric of Sarenrae 1

"I, too, know nothing about the Lumber Consortium. I traveled here from Qadira on what I thought was the will of Sarenrae... but I confess, after two weeks with no clear sign, I am beginning to doubt my interpretation of her will." He sighs despondently.

When the tall man with the axe enters, Hassan nods in greeting, but remains perfectly content to remain here with his present companions.

Male Half-Elf Fighter (Lore Warden) 1

Tidus turns his chair towards Sheriff Deldrin Baleson and nods.

"Sheriff. What's going on around here? It seems as if this town has been wracked with sickness, as if the harsh winter and the lives it took wasn't enough to satisfy death's greed. Has Laurel or anyone been able to figure out what this is?"

Male Kelishite (Human) Cleric of Sarenrae 1

"Sickness?" asks Hassan. "Of what sickness do you speak?"

HP 25/25 AC 15 Touch 15 Flat 12; flurry unarmed +4/+4(1d6+3/1d6+3); shuriken +3/+3 (1d2+3/1d2+3); grapple +8; F +5 R +5 W +5 INIT +2 Perc +8 CMB +6 CMD 17

Firebeard listened to the story with the kind of attention only a dwarf can hold. Storytelling is in the blood, after all, and many a night is spent in the Dwarven clanholds telling stories. And Zane appears to be a good tale-teller, emphasizing the right parts and building others up as well as himself.

When the flapjacks hit the table, the dwarf thanked Jak and then tucked in. Tha' there be a good tale, t' be sure. Ye got th' touch o' th' bard, 'tis true, though some might say that' no' be a good thing. Perhaps once me tired eyes have had some sleep, there be a chance we can swap tales."

"As fer me, well, let's just say tha' Kols brought me here, an' hisself hasn't been all tha' forthcoming as t' why."

As the newcomer came in, Firebeard looked up once more, noting the man and his weary appearance. When Tidus called him 'sheriff' and mentioned the sickness, Firebeard took even more interest. 'Ere, now! If'n there be sickness in th' town, ye should be warnin' newcomers. Ain't no need t' go spreadin' it about th' countryside."

The sheriff looks towards Tidus - "You know as much as I, I'm afraid, Tidus. This winter was beyond brutal and it looks as if the spring may consume as many, or Gods forbid, more lives. And Laurel, well, I know she's hard at work selling her...remedies, but I don't think she's found any treatment that works or, above all, a cure."

"Have Tidus and Zane not filled you in, friend?" He says to Hassan. "We've been afflicted with something called 'blackscour taint' that is causing the hacking coughs I'm sure you've heard during your time in the Hollow. It's a recent occurrence - the coughs started about a week ago and we lost our first to it last night. A young boy. I'm afraid he was just the first.

When Firebeard speaks up, the sheriff shakes his head - his voice is stern, but not quite angry. [b]"Traveler, we did not invite you to our town. We have troubles here, but we take care of our own. The sooner you leave, the less likely it is that you'll carry the blackscour taint with you." Jak arrives with his klava and the sheriff takes a deep drink. He seems to relax a bit. "I apologize. You are welcome here as long as you like. And may the Gods keep the taint from you."

HP 25/25 AC 15 Touch 15 Flat 12; flurry unarmed +4/+4(1d6+3/1d6+3); shuriken +3/+3 (1d2+3/1d2+3); grapple +8; F +5 R +5 W +5 INIT +2 Perc +8 CMB +6 CMD 17

"I dinnae mean t' offend. I only meant tha' plagues an' th' like are generally warned of a'fore people get t' th' town. but, if'n ye just had yer first...casualty, then there's no reason t' have been spookin' the caravans."

"Ye spoke o' a woman tryin' t' find a cure. Does she know wha' t' do? Or is she just desperately lookin'. The two can get confused sometimes, if'n ye know what I mean. My lord Kols sent me here fer a reason, and help findin' the cure fer yer ailments may be it."

HP: 5/5 AC 11/11/10: F+0, R +1, W+2, Per:+2 (+4 if Familiar is in reach), Init: +1, Arrows: 20, B. Arrows: 20

Kn(Nature): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12
Trying to see if I know what the Blackscour Taint is and what may be effective in curing it, or at least making it less lethal. Probably not getting much with that roll.

Shalyna thanks Jak as he puts the plates down on the table and fresh mug of klava in front of her. Fluff returns to her perch on her shoulder as the elf begins to enjoy her breakfast.

Her enjoyment is rather thoroughly squashed when the sheriff mentions the sickness that was racking the village and that it had claimed a small child. She stares down into the mostly full mug of klava.

"Kalina auta n'e n'ala ta."

"Another light goes out before its time."

She looks up and at the sheriff and waits for firebeard to finish.

"Is there anything we can do to help?"

Male Half-Elf Fighter (Lore Warden) 1

Tidus isn't very easily shaken. He's survived for days in the midst of the Vale, depending solely on his skills as a Ranger to endure. But the thought of a plague scares him more than anything else. Memories of his mother and father drift in and out of his thoughts. They lay dying, stricken with an incurable disease, and Tidus powerless to save them.

No. I won't let this happen again.

"Sheriff, I know that many in this village are slow to action. But I offer my services to you now, in hopes that a remedy or solution to this disease can be discovered with haste. Let me help."

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Ranger 1 HP 8/13| AC 18 T 14 FF 14 | CMD 17 | F +4 R +6 W +1| Init+4 | Perc+5 | SM

"I guess Sheriff would not mind if the two of us..." - Zane pauses for a few seconds, surveying all present, before continuing - "...two, or more of us, if willing, could go and visit Laurel. I guess she could tell us more?"

While speaking Zane already stood up. He is still holding a flapjack in one hand, and he reaches for his mug to empty it down, before they leave.

The sheriff smiles weakly at the offers to help and nods at Zane's suggestion. "Little Cartprett is right - if anyone knows how to help, it'd be Laurel. You can head to see her, but good luck trying to get in - even this early in the morning she has a line out her shop door. The families of the sick are anxious to see her."

HP: 5/5 AC 11/11/10: F+0, R +1, W+2, Per:+2 (+4 if Familiar is in reach), Init: +1, Arrows: 20, B. Arrows: 20

"All the more reason to help! Thank you for pointing us in the right direction."

Shalyna finishes off the flapjack she was eating and downs the rest of the klava in her mug. She stands and turns to where Jak is standing as she fishes out a gold coin and places it on the table.

"Thank you for the breakfast. The flapjacks were delicious. I hope this will cover mine and Firebeard's meals for today."

Fluff, ever the one to make her master look ridiculous, hopes on top of Shalyna's head and gives a contented hoot as she nestles down into the elf's hair.

"Not even mid-morning and you want to turn my hair into your nest, you little fluff-ball."

To the others,

"Shall we go? from what the kind sheriff said, we probably want to hurry."

Male Kelishite (Human) Cleric of Sarenrae 1

Hassan stands up. "I agree. We must hurry." Though his expression is serious, there is a gleam of excitement in his eye. You don't have to guess at what this means, for he adds, "I'm sure this is why I was brought to this place."

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Ranger 1 HP 8/13| AC 18 T 14 FF 14 | CMD 17 | F +4 R +6 W +1| Init+4 | Perc+5 | SM
GM Idyll wrote:
The sheriff smiles weakly at the offers to help and nods at Zane's suggestion. "Little Cartprett is right - if anyone knows how to help, it'd be Laurel. You can head to see her, but good luck trying to get in - even this early in the morning she has a line out her shop door. The families of the sick are anxious to see her."

Zane nods knowingly while Sheriff speaks, and then tries to slow down his newly met acquaintances.

"Sheriff Daleson is right, I passed by her shop earlier this morning, and even then there was already people looking for her. And both Tidus and me know that she can get a bit grumpy at times like this. So, unless we are willing to spend countless hours waiting and enduring cold looks and maybe some more questioning by our neighbors cause of you new people, we need to do something better. Now, either we march off to the woods and try to get some of those rare berries which she almost always needs, and then show up with gifts or..." - he stops, blushing only slightly and then whispers something into Tidus' ear.

"...or, if you cold spare a few more dimes, we could convince Jak to give us a mug of klava, and perhaps even some flapcakes. You know she adores klava, but you can guess that my night's wager did not go in my favor, so I'm a bit broke at the moment, so if you know..."

HP 25/25 AC 15 Touch 15 Flat 12; flurry unarmed +4/+4(1d6+3/1d6+3); shuriken +3/+3 (1d2+3/1d2+3); grapple +8; F +5 R +5 W +5 INIT +2 Perc +8 CMB +6 CMD 17

Firebeard nods his thanks to Shalyna, having been fully prepared to wash dishes or chop wood for his meals. "Well lass, i' seems that we be needed again. Let's be off, then." The dwarf stood and did an odd series of stretches before making for the door. "I'm sure one o' these longshanks can show us th' way."

HP: 5/5 AC 11/11/10: F+0, R +1, W+2, Per:+2 (+4 if Familiar is in reach), Init: +1, Arrows: 20, B. Arrows: 20

"It's better than being chased out of town, that's for sure."

Shalyna gestures for the two locals to lead the way if they're ready. Her dark mood from a few seconds ago seems to have passed and the elf is once again smiling, despite having an owl nesting in her hair.

Male Half-Elf Fighter (Lore Warden) 1

Tidus stands, thanks Jak and the Sheriff, and walks towards the door.

Let's do this.

Jak takes your plates and mugs and cheerfully wishes you well. The sheriff nods - it's clear he's appreciative, but he's too worn down to do much else.

Walking through the streets of Falcon's Hollow, you see a large number of people milling about or making their way to their jobs. No one is openly hostile, but much like the sheriff, they all seem worn down and too exhausted to even stare at the strange group.

Creeping ivy and full window boxes cover the façade of the rugged-looking, two-story shop bearing the faded sign “Roots and Remedies.” A line of twenty-some somber townsfolk — some with pale, wheezing children, others seeming to be precipitously near tears — stretches from the open door. Entry is blocked by this crowd.

HP: 5/5 AC 11/11/10: F+0, R +1, W+2, Per:+2 (+4 if Familiar is in reach), Init: +1, Arrows: 20, B. Arrows: 20

"This isn't right. Spring should be a time of rebirth and celebration. Not this."

Shalyna grabs Fluff and allows the owl to use her hand as a perch. Fluff doesn't object and seems to share Shalyna's feelings on the matter. the elf fixes her hair and sighs. The owl gives a sad hoot as well.

"Well, I guess we'd best be trying to see what we can do."

The elf gives her familiar a small smile and makes her way to the nearest person with a child.

Giving the others a chance to stop her. Otherwise she'll start talking to the parent or guardian.

Male Kelishite (Human) Cleric of Sarenrae 1

Hassan won't be stopping her. He will, however, attempt to gauge the health of those present - is it a physical malady, or simply an emotional drain at this point, keeping them down? That is, is the sickness almost everywhere, or are people more affected by the sorrow of loved ones being sick? Heal check:
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (1) + 7 = 8

Male Half-Elf Fighter (Lore Warden) 1

Tidus sees what Shalyna and Hassan are doing and says quietly, "Good idea. If you guys can maybe talk to some of the townsfolk and get some sense of what is happening, I will attempt to go inside and speak with Laurel. She is my friend and if she knows anything about this sickness, she'll know what to do."

Are the crowds completely barring the front door? Tidus will attempt to walk through, unless they are actively blocking entrance.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Ranger 1 HP 8/13| AC 18 T 14 FF 14 | CMD 17 | F +4 R +6 W +1| Init+4 | Perc+5 | SM

Being aware of his fellow villagers attitude towards strangers, Zane chooses to remain behind with Shalyna, Hassan and Firebeard. All of them, trying to enter inside with so much people crowded around the door was probably not a very good idea. And although Tidus was in the village only for a few years, unlike Zane who was local, it seemed that locals had more respect for older ranger. So, if anyone was able to go in, causing least trouble, it was definitely Tidus.

So Zane stayed outside, and when he noticed Shalyna moving towards the crowd, for a moment he thought of stopping her, but changed his mind.
She seems very nice, and being a girl, lady-elf, it seems she have some way of soothing people, have them respond in a calm manner. While me...heh, I am known as a "bad boy" round 'ere, maybe better if I just stay in the backgrond, for now...

Hassan, you are unable to really glean anything, but it seems that young and old have been affected the disease. The youngest and oldest seem to be the hardest hit by the cough and look the worst.

The crowds are blocking the front door. You'd have to force your way through or get them to move if you wanted to gain entrance. Alternatively, you could get in line, but there's no telling how long that would take.

HP 25/25 AC 15 Touch 15 Flat 12; flurry unarmed +4/+4(1d6+3/1d6+3); shuriken +3/+3 (1d2+3/1d2+3); grapple +8; F +5 R +5 W +5 INIT +2 Perc +8 CMB +6 CMD 17

"Look a' tha' crowd! It'll be murder an' mayhem if'n ye try t' force yer way in. Either look fer a back entrance, or see if'n Shalyna can't persuade those near th' front t' help out. She be good at th' persuadin' part. She go' me t' help her on tha' caravan job, and she an elf!"

Firebeard knew that he was less than likely to incur anyone's trust right off-hand, and so, instead of trying to ingratiate himself with those nearest the front, he instead went to the rear of the line, took a place there, and tried to strike up conversations with those nearest him. He asked about family and crops, talked about how the illness was affecting the town, and mentioned that he wished there was something he and his friends could do to help.


Diplomacy (urgh!) roll if you think I'll need it. 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (7) - 1 = 6

Firebeard finds that no one is interested in talking with him, instead focusing their attention on the ground in front of them or controlling their cough.

Male Half-Elf Fighter (Lore Warden) 1

Tidus will walk up to the front of the crowd, explaining that he needs to get through to help. He has made arrangements with the sheriff to assist with providing aid to the village.

Diplomacy...1d20 + 0 ⇒ (9) + 0 = 9

HP: 5/5 AC 11/11/10: F+0, R +1, W+2, Per:+2 (+4 if Familiar is in reach), Init: +1, Arrows: 20, B. Arrows: 20

Shalyna walks up to a person with a child towards the front of the line. Fluff keeps an eye out for anything that looks like trouble as she talks.

"Hello. My name is Shalyna. I heard back at Jak'a'Napes about the illness going around. I'd like to help. Is there anyway for me to get inside or for word to get to Laurel?"

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19
Fluff's Perception: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (4) + 10 = 14 Apparently Fluff is too busy making funny faces at the kid to notice much.

The crowd debuffs Tidus, telling him to get in line like the rest of them.

Shalyna, however, has much better luck. For some reason this strange-looking, pleasant-talking stranger inspires greater confidence in the crowd. There is some grumbling from those in the back of the line unable to hear or see what is happening, but the crowd shuffles enough to allow the party to enter.

I'm going to assume you all go inside - we can retcon if that's not the case.

The smell of burnt earth and spicy incense chokes the air of the cramped, mud-tracked shop. Bunches of dried herbs hang from the ceiling, along with dangling pots, presses, alchemical apparatuses, and glassware of more arcane purposes. Pouches of rare plants, jars of colored glass, and all manner of dried, preserved, and jellied animal parts fill high shelves and tables doing double duty as displays and workspaces. In the shop’s rear, a rail-thin woman with severe-looking spectacles and hair pulled back tightly busies herself between an overpacked rack of herbs, a table covered in stray powders and measuring equipment, and a pot loudly bubbling over with thick gray froth. Over the din of her work and without looking up, the woman impatiently shouts, “One at a time! How many times do I...Oh...well. And what's your problem?" She spots Tidus and Zane and gives a wry smile. "Who have you brought me now?"

HP: 5/5 AC 11/11/10: F+0, R +1, W+2, Per:+2 (+4 if Familiar is in reach), Init: +1, Arrows: 20, B. Arrows: 20

"Well, I do have a problem with an overly mischievous owl, but I don't think there's a cure for that," Fluff gives an indignant hoot while glaring at Shalyna, "but we would like to help. I'm afraid I'm not much of a healer, but I have learned a few things that might help."

Shalyna moves out of the doorway to let the others in and motions for them to move aside as well while she talks.

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