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The Drow

Game Master Tanis Newlun

Be ready, to explore the Drow's twisted ways...

My Crappy Drawing of Ceropulizon
Hope you can all see the numbers, and maybe get a feel for the city.

1. Meeting House
House where first 8 leading matron mothers meet. Hardly do others go in, except for a live punishment, or any other important event.

2. Temple to Abraxas
The Temple of Abraxas, the only public temple in town. Many slaves fear this part of town, and people from it.

3. House Hu'ill
The leading house of Ceropulizon.

4. Other Houses
All other houses are placed in this area. Please not that there are a total of 47 houses of today, I just don't have enough time to draw them.

5. Training Area
This Training area, holding a similar place to: Sorcere (The tower). And a place for the clerics to train. And a Pyramid for warriors to learn. Notice the bridge that connects this to Ceropulizon. Under this bridge is an everexpanding abiss.

6. Slave Pens and Slums
The city slaves are kept here and some of the slummier drow live here.

7. South East exit.

8. North East exit.

9. North West exit.
The exit the group is using. They will have to travel over the bridge to get here.

Many questions have been raised of a Jarlaxle-esque person. There is one. Matron Mother Hu'ill is a somewhat shady dealer. Dealing with many dark creatures, part of her unspeakable power is kept in te tunnels of the underdark.

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