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Classes, Archetypes and Prestige Classes I (and hopefully others) would love to see be made real, by Sir Jerden

강남안마タ진주안마 BAMWAR11 COM 밤전 ⓟ신설안마, by crunchycrunchy496

「마포안마」 bamwar 11ㆍcom 선릉안마へ대전안마〔 밤의전쟁 〕, by crunchycrunchy496

melee combat disalber because sometimes murder is....., by zainale

연산안마강남안마 밤워 Bamwar 1 |ㆍ C o m 선릉안마, by crunchycrunchy495

부산안마 bamwar 11ㆍcom〖 밤전 〗광주안마「서산안마, by crunchycrunchy495

강북안마¢수원안마 BAMWAR || ㆍCOM [ 밤의전쟁 ]마산안마, by crunchycrunchy494

〘 밤워 〙 bamwar①1ㆍcOm 인천안마リ부평안마ⓢ홍대안마, by crunchycrunchy494

Different point buys for MAD vs SAD, by Letric

수원안마〈 BAMWAR11 COM〉 밤전 〈신천안마〉신천안마, by crunchycrunchy493

주안안마 밤의전쟁 주안안마 bamwar 11ㆍcom 역삼안마, by crunchycrunchy493

Need PFS ruling on Racial Heritage: Kitsune and Magical Tails, by Kitty Catoblepas

Bamwar 1 |ㆍ C o m 수원안마 밤워 인천안마천안안마, by crunchycrunchy492

How to make my familiar Owl be able to use wands?, by Letric

Let's look at what the fighter actually has going for it now, by master_marshmallow

The Deepest Shadows Lie Longest (Inactive)

Game Master Dreaming Warforged

Carrion Hill Module


Grand Lodge Helaman

(5,014 posts)

Grand Lodge Andrej Koske

Male Human (Brevic) 14 Fame 5 Prestige Fighter/4
(11 posts)
Grigor Vachkov

Urban Ranger 3 (Watchman) Male Human Ustalav Init +2 (+4) AC18|Touch 12|FlatFoot 14| CMD 19| HP:20/32 |Ft +5|Rx +5|Wl +5| Percept +9(+11) Snse Mot +9
(523 posts)

Javell DeLeon

Adivion Adrissant
Iozef Kolnikov

Male Human Cleric (Cloistered) 7
(250 posts)


Divine Crusader

(8,661 posts)
Aspis Consortium Agent

Female Changeling Witch 7 | hp 35/35 | AC: 19 (13 touch, 17 ff) CMD 15 | Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +8 | Perception +1 (+3 w/ familiar) | Init +2 | Attack of Opportunity +3
(260 posts)


Sorin Saldward

Hp: 21/30; AC:19/19/17 (22 ward, 24 PfE)
(Mage Armor, +2 AC 1/6); DR 10/magic vs. ranged weapons (40pts); Fort+6, Ref+3, Will+5 (+2 vs. enchantments, immune sleep, resist cold 5)
Half-Elven Wizard 6
(534 posts)
Jeggare Noble
Tendal Deverin

Hp :13/13; AC 11(15) / 11 tch / 10(14) ff; Wastrel 2
(283 posts)
Aldern Foxglove
Valiard Tessar

Taldan Roguish Herbalist/7; Hp:45/45; AC:17/14/13; darkvision 60'; trapspotter 10'; perception +12
(304 posts)

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