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The Darkness Below Maure Castle.... (Inactive)

Game Master Lord Thasmudyan

The ultimate dungeon delve deep into the bowels of Maure Castle where the evil, insane and vile House Maure once dwelt. What secrets lay hidden in this once proud House's crumbling abode and what happened to the members of this House....

Current Characters

Lantern Lodge DarkLightHitomi

M Human Intellectual Fighter 2, Scientist 1
(1,892 posts)
Rocking Horse

(1,170 posts)
Grand Lodge Krumthi

(160 posts)
Grim Reaper
Dark Archive Lord Thasmudyan

Male Human 666th Lvl Evil DM
(862 posts)
Spell Sovereign

Male Elf Wizard- 12
(39 posts)

(352 posts)
The Man of 1,000 Stitches

M Humanish Software Engineer 10 / Writer 3
(1,610 posts)
Giseil Voslil
Aelaeron Beast-Caller

played by psychicmachinery (138 posts)
Chirinide the Half-Elf

F Half-Elf Were-Tigress

played by DarkLightHitomi (123 posts)
Chirinide the Were-Tigress

F Were-tiger, half elf AC 23 -TT 23 - FF 17 - CMD 29 - DR10/Silver - Ini +8

played by DarkLightHitomi (5 posts)
Aldern Foxglove
Digger Chandler

M Human (multi-ethnic) Rogue Charlatan 6

played by joerice (680 posts)
Shadow Lodge Drake Ghosthowl

Male Human Ranger 3 || HP 32/32 || AC 16, T 13, FF 13, CMD 17 || F +5, R +6, W +1 || Per. +6, Init +5

played by Krumthi (114 posts)
Sajan Gadadvara
Flynn Swiftfoot

played by Aroach1188 (25 posts)
Arnistolientar Popswicker
Gelik Brittlefinger

played by flykiller (32 posts)
Blue Dragon

played by Nexumis (2 posts)
Lady Zaldane

female human Cleric(of Shelyn) 17/Mythic 10 hierophant

played by Critzible (223 posts)
Red Dragon
Luca the Faerie Dragon

played by psychicmachinery (57 posts)
Malcom Eviscerator

played by DougFungus (236 posts)
Moussa Shu-Kri

M Human (Mwangi: Bekyar) Cleric 11/Monk 1

played by joerice (29 posts)
Chung Po
Pendin Fust

Frozen Stream Human Monk/12

played by theheadkase (1,821 posts)

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