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The Darkness Below Maure Castle.... (Inactive)

Game Master Lord Thasmudyan

The ultimate dungeon delve deep into the bowels of Maure Castle where the evil, insane and vile House Maure once dwelt. What secrets lay hidden in this once proud House's crumbling abode and what happened to the members of this House....

You have been hired by the Pathfinder Society's Venture Captain Kreighton Shaine, to delve into Maure Castle. Shaine came across some revised histories of Cheliax that got through the Order of Rack's recent revision of the official history of the great Cheliax Empire. In the tome it mentions that the House Maure, a once proud and noble house of Cheliax. The tome seems to infer that the Maure Castle is currently uninhabited and that the family mysteriously disappeared over the last century or so. Very little else is mentioned about the family except for it rumored alliances with demons, devils and all sorts of otherworldly evils. Shaine further tells you a young up and coming member of the society had recently stumbled upon a communication from group loosely associated with the Hellknight's Order of the Gate called the Seeker's reports to the Order of the Gate that the Seeker's have successfully entered the ruins. Unfortunately the missive is quite old but the Society is concerned what the Seekers have already found and may find and further what the Hellknight's might do with anything found in Maure Castle to further their own nefarious plots.

The trek to Maure Castle leads you deep into the wilds of the rebellious western reaches of the Cheliax into a mountainous region many leagues from Devil's Perch in a little explored portion of the that range of mountains.

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