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The Dangers of Civilization

Game Master sunshadow21

The Western Trade Route runs through the Midrealms to the city of Cliffsgate and the Haven of Belauth. Being a settled region, This region should be perfectly safe for a group of up and coming stars, right?

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"The blade had a swirling pattern on it that seemed to have colors in the pattern depending on how the light hit it. he thinks for a moment "the pommel had the family crest on it and the hilt looked like it had some fancy leather work."

"I seem to recall a very old tale spun by one of the village elders of a blade similar to that description. The owner described as a very mighty warrior. I was never sure if it was real or not though." Ponders the possibility.

Seriously? I love JCVD. With his film you always know exactly what your are going to get; a campy, poorly acted, poorly written script full of unrealistic action and cheesy one liners. I suggest you watch the movie called JCVD. He plays himself and he gets caught up in a bank robbery and the robbers themselves are JCVD fanboys. Its hilarious.

Oh and this party composition looks fun. Might vs Magic.

Gods hope none of them ask about my origins, thats a tale I do not care to speak of.

Do tell us more of this blade Crispin. I love these types of tales.

Must be the crowd I run with. We tend to pander to Schwarzenegger above all. Even his children's movies are brilliant IMO. Same reasons too: hyperbolized action and dialogue and enormous people absorbing bullets for 20mins at a time. I can't even recall the number of times I've watched Predator over the years. It's just soooooooooo good!

Garrett brings his thumbs and forefingers to his face as he meditates on the memory of such a weapon. ”It must have been before my time,” he finally admits, disappointed. ”Just as that blade was passed through generations of your employer’s family; the same is said for the hammer in mine. Though I cannot recall the name, I know there are only a few minerals capable of undergoing a treatment to yield such an effect. If it WAS my grandfather’s work I would certainly love to see it someday, how far away is Kerisan?”

Crispin thinks a bit "Sadly as for stories of the blade I have none, the master didn't talk much of his father and what the blade had done. Kerisan is a about 3 days west of here by pony, I am not sure the new master would let you in to see the blade. He is upset that the picture and the blade are still in his household. If I had thought about it I might have asked to take it on my journey, That might not have gone over well." Crispin has a guilty look on his face.

He reaches into his wrist sheath pulling out a dagger that is similar to the blade he described. "The Mistress gave me this for luck she said it never tasted blood, it was a gift to her from her first husband on there wedding day." He hands the blade to Garrett.

Crispin wants to give Garrett some time to look at the blade, switching his attention to Ha'el "So where do you come from Master Ha'el"

Switching a trait to Heirloom Weapon because it fits RP wise

"I'd have thought most men would know better than to gift their betrothed a blade. Women have a tendency to return hardships with irony. And seeing as she has since remarried..."

Taking the blade respectfully, "Weighted nicely. Firm, steady pommel. I can see the blade continues into the handle, a one piece design is always preferable. There is no mistake, this is a beautifully crafted piece but, if I may ask, this crest: Does it belong to you or the mistress?"

Zhiyo notices Twitchy's discomfort with Crispins question and he answers Crispin instead, "I come from the north, near Gream Sai Forest."

thanks Cripin, I forgot about traits so now I added two. Hedge Magician and Armor Expert

Listening to all the conversations of their hometowns, Einar looks at the roof like he was reading something Howth... he finally said That is my hometown, or village more likely as he finally looks at the rest and drinks from his mug Beautiful place, even if winter has a cold grip most of the year, but when spring comes it's a beautiful place shaking his head for a moment like trying to wake up from a dream Well then, may I see your weapon also? as Einar stretches his head to take it.

Eventually the time for speeches comes, the lists for those selected the various assignments, as well as the coveted lottery, are posted, along with report locations and times. The party starts to get wild for some, and others splinter off to get some sleep before starting one of the busier time of years the next day. This year, there appears to be several groups chosen for the lottery, each to report to one of the meeting rooms early tomorrow afternoon.

Evrail, Garrett, Einar, Talathel
A New Start

Morbak, Twitchy, Crispin, Zhiyo
The Dangers of Civilization

First off thanks Voice of Wisdom looking forward to this RP.

@Garrett: "My Master was a practical man he believed everyone should have the ability to defend themselves his new bride included. My Mistress it was my Masters family crest."

@Einar: "The Howth sounds wonderful, I hope someday to see you homeland. Yes you may see the blade."

@Zhiyo: "Gream Sai Forest? I have never heard of it, with luck maybe we will have a chance to talk later if we are picked in the lottery."

Crispin pauses conversation to listen to the announcement and smiles when he hears his name with Twitchy's

@Ha'el: "Looks like you will have plenty of time to tell us where you are from."

Crispin raises his glass and looks at the table and the faces sitting at it. "May Ascalia keep your luck good on your travels, Congratulations."

With his glass in the air, "To you as well, my friend. I hope our paths will cross again someday."

I still have a few open slots, so I will still consider any concepts put forward.

"Drink until you can see the bottom then" as Einar grins and begins drinking

hello, sounds interesting, What day/time do you intend on playing?

It's a play by post game, hopefully about 3-4 posts on average a week, plus any rp that people throw in.

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