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The Damned Reborn (Inactive)

Game Master Aiunder

The mere mention of your name brings fear to commoners and even nobles in their walled and guarded manors are nervous when your name is heard.
Well that was true until you died.

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HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

"Aye, I could, but personally, I think little ... whatever her name is, the angelic one, has more appeal than little 'ole me. Those of us blessed by demonic traits may not be the most desirable for a guard. If she can not seduce him, I have more creative means. Especially if we can find just a little amber..."

"For the plan I have in mind, I would need some magic assistance as well. Specifically a couple spells written to scrolls. Could we trust one of your servants to procure some supplies for us, Baron?"

I think written descriptions of people would help. Both in and out of armour.
"Get a list together of whatever you need, provided its reasonable."

"If things go smoothly, the only thing I can think of I need beyond what I am capable of casting is someone to make an area silent. Obviously, if things go wrong, some improvisation may be in order. However, if we could borrow a wagon and team of horses as well, then I think procuring ourselves the information we need can be done easily enough."

Krovax turns to the group and begins going over his plan, his eyes alight with excitement.

"As to the meat of my plan, it is as follows. We find us an inn back in town that is frequented by off duty guards. We reserve a room over an alley early in the day, and in the alley we have someone waiting with the wagon and some blankets and various mundane supplies. Throughout the day, several of us trickle in, mingle briefly, then head up to join the rest in the room. Our lady friend convinces a guard to join her upstairs for a private chat. We then make the room silent, knock out the guard, and have Dreadmaul lower him down into the wagon while he is invisible. The rest of us exit quickly but discretely, and reconvene at a secure location."

ARC, if you think it appropriate to allow knowledge rolls to recognize Dreadmaul's name feel free, as I had designed him to have been quite old, powerful, and feared. He was probably alive in Leon's time as well, though I may be wrong.

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

"So, I play the drunken wench in the tavern, then ask for help to my room, to paraphrase." Ezra nods as a rod pops out from under her sleeve, she quicklyy mutters a few words, presses a botton on the rod, then re-stows the rod in her wrist sheath.

Casting Mage Armor, with Extend (12 hours)[ (1 of 3 daily uses).

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

Mordecai nods gravely. "Not the most dignified of enterprises I have embarked on, but one which sounds effective nonetheless. I should mention that I have some proficiency with the healing magics; and while it is not my speciality, I also have some skill at wielding wands. Should any of you require a spell cast with one, I offer my services."

"It is my experience that overly extravagant plans tend to fall apart quickly. Keep it simple, but with enough separate parts so as to prevent it from being expected. Equal parts deception, brawn, and magic also helps keep opponents and authorities off balance. Even so, we may need some magical aid in creating a disguise for Ezra so she can better perform her role. Add that to the list, if you would, Baron."

Female Human

I'll just pick up the thread where it is currently at rather than try to backtrack too much and get confused

"I have had quite a bit of experience at playing "bait" before, it would be no trouble at all to do it again. I could even do it with Ezra. It would be quite interesting, we could offer the fellow a taste of the joys of heaven and the pleasures of hell."

"If you are trained in the part, then as Ezra said you are likely best suited for the task. And it would save us some resources as we would not need to conceal your appearance. We can have Ezra be waiting inside prepared for the ambush."

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

"With that settled, the thing that I would find most useful would be a small amount of powdered amber."

"Minor scrolls and potions as well as mundane items are easy to acquire but anything more powerful may take time. Get me that list and I'll make sure everything is ready by morning."

Okay so you have a rough plan. What specific items do you ask for?

I believe the list is as follows:
Powdered Amber - Ezra
Wagon with basic supplies, blankets, and horse to pull (only want to borrow)
Scroll of Silence - Krovax (unless someone can cast)

After providing the list to the Baron, Krovax turns to the group and says, "Is everyone in agreement with this plan? If there are any suggestions or questions, let them be made now."

Female Human

Opal can cast Silence and would ask for a nice, low cut dress for the seduction attemtp.

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

"While the Baron gathers the items we may need, I suggest at least some of us begin our recon of the inns and taverns of the city. We should probably go our own ways, and meet at come point tomorrow to discuss our results. I think high noon, at the well. There is always a central well. I will cast message on each person as they arrive, and then we can talk without being in a group. It will only work as long as we are all within about 150 feet, but that is a lot less conspicuous than all being at the same table. . . "


Male Aasimar (Angelkin) Antipaladin of Szuriel 6

Toral seems rather fine to keep to himself for the time being. The Aasimar smiles, almost devilishly (fitting, he'd put for company), and just stepped forward slightly. Clearing his throat, he brushed back the ebony hair behind his ears, and looked to the others.

"I'm mostly in agreement, except for the part where you're not gathering any actual information. The first part requires the completion of the last note - a secure location. If you can give me that, notably, some place quiet, I am sure I can extract every mortal sin the man has and ever will commit, along with what he knows about the man in question."

He moves to his pack, kept snugly across his back, and lays down what normally might conceal thieves' tools - but in the place of lockpicks and other goods, were a masterwork set of torturing devices.

"I'd also like it if we could grab one of their priests, also. Different men for a different task, and it'd be beneficial. That and I'd love the chance to play with a girl who wants to redeem me for my sins. It's almost like old times..." he ends longingly.

Krovax looks at the various tools displayed by Toral, and responds, "Well, the extraction of the information should be covered I suppose, given your apparent knack for it. As far as a secure location, I had honestly expected to return here, unless the Baron objects. If so, I trust we can acquire a private location somewhere. As for the abduction of a priestess, if you fell confident in pulling off that task, then by all means try. If we are splitting our forces..." Krovax stands and turns back to the window, thinking a brief moment before continuing.

"How about this. Myself, Opal, and Sir Shrykeson focus on the abduction of the guard, with myself being prepared for the ambush, Opal being bait, and Mordecai operating the wagon. Meanwhile, yourself, Ezra, and Sir Blackmane make your plan to abscond with a priestess. Thoughts?"

How in the world we pull all this off via PBP, I'll never know, but Evil will find a way!

Male Aasimar (Angelkin) Antipaladin of Szuriel 6

He sighs, and looks over at Krovax. Compared to him, the aasimar might have stood taller if he could, but they were arguably similar in stature, though Toral might have an upper hand in body. However, the outsider had heavier armor, bearing sculpted plate all over his body, with a sigil of where his powers might have originally oriented on obvious centerpiece.

He shakes his head, and his green eyes dart over to his tools as he puts them back from whence they came. "I don't enjoy that thought, much as it makes things economic. I lost my assistant once, and I won't risk it again. I'd wager we follow through on your plan after we find a place where his screams won't bother anyone, and then we can move on to a priest if he doesn't squeal loud enough." He turns to Opal. "Remember what I used to say, Opal? Caution first, always."

A small smirk appears on Krovax's face while he looks out the window. Excellent. I didn't want to split our forces anyway.. He makes sure to hide his smile before turning to face the group again. "Very well, then let us head out and find a suitable place to acquire an off duty guard and a suitable secure meeting place. When we have each learned what we can, or shortly before sunset, we shall meet near the main well in town and discuss our findings as Ezra described."

Krovax will wait until all else has departed, remaining behind to speak to the Baron in private.

Baron Oro:
"Baron, I have one final inquiry. What has become of my men in my absence?"

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

"Could you have another bath drawn for me? The water has gone cold and smells atrocious and if you have the amber, please do send it up so I can fill those vials, otherwise your wife will be all the more upset with me."

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

Mordecai pulls out his large glass jar from his backpack and, weighing it, replaces it and adds to the Baron, "I would also request a quantity of onyx dust, as much as you have; part of the reason I fell is that I ran low, and oddly enough since then I have not had a chance to replenish my supply."

Mordecai nods to Krovax's orders and sets out with the rest.

Mordecai has 18 diplomacy and 16 intimidate, shall he handle negotiations with the tavern-keeper or whoever we come across?

"I believe the vast majority of your army is gone. It's being described as a great victory for the forces of good." a small grin appears across his face, "Its not too often that they don't even have to lift a finger and a major invasion turns upon itself and tears itself apart leaving nothing but petty warbands capable of nothing more than petty border raids and skirmishes. Looks like you'll have to start all over."

"Alright, you require a wagon and horses, amber and onyx dust. We can easily acquire that by morning. As for your idea of bringing back a guard and a priest to our estate, that will NOT happen if you value your second chance. We have taken great pains to uphold our image as goodly and friendly members of the nobility here and I will not hesitate to remove any threat to that but I can provide you with some advice. Inside the city it will be very hard to find somewhere that screams and such would go unnoticed but the city is surrounded by many remote farms and houses so I'm sure that one of those will meet your needs."

if anyone wants to do anything before morning just post with a heading beforehand.

The next morning you all awaken in your plush rooms, there is a servant waiting outside to tend to your morning needs and then sees you down to a smaller dining room for breakfast for the six of you. In the room there is also two small boxes roughly six inches tall by a foot wide and a larger travel chest that measures three feet wide by four feet long and one foot tall. Inside the two smaller boxes are glass bottles holding crushed amber and onyx (one pound of each) and the chest contains hundreds of different bottles, flasks, whirlwind and other things you could store drinks in.

During breakfast, Krovax makes small talk about what is to be done during the following hours, placing emphasis on the first phase of the operation. Finding a suitable tavern that is frequented by off duty guards looking for a good time, as well as sending someone out to secure an outlying farm suitable as a sight for the interrogation.

Afterwards, he performs some finishing touches on his appearance, and heads out to attempt to gather the information he needs.

Diplomacy check to gather information on local taverns and inns: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (5) + 15 = 20. Takes 1d4 ⇒ 4 hours.

HP 33/72, AC 23, Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +8, Corruption 4/6, Smite 2/2 Scabbard 1/1, Pearl 1/1 +16 Intimidate, +13 Diplomacy, +13 Bluff

Finally taking the time to go through his chest, Leon was pleased. He was sure the equipment within were not the originals. The armor was in far too immaculate a condition and the axe did not roar when he swung it, but they were amazingly well made replicas.

But it was likely that today was not a place for such things. He left them within, instead retrieving a reinforced jacket from the chest.

Black leather and lined in gold silk, it was dashing. The curved sword he belted on was not what he favored but it was far more acceptable ornamentation on the streets. He was particularly impressed with the golden lion's-head pommel.

A nice touch.

Those that saw him would simply assume he was visiting nobility.

Wearing a Noble's Outfit, an Armored Coat with a built in Armor Kilt (basically a reinforced trenchcoat), and carrying a katana-like bastard sword.

He made his way to the main hall to eat and meet with his fellows. He found himself greatly looking forward to his first day of his new life was

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

Ezra wakes the following relaxed and well rested. She immediately bids her servant bring her familiar to her room. After preparing her spells for the day, she quickly casts an extended mage armor. Following a long and luxurious bath, she casts 'Waters of Lamashtu', filling the vials.

And these three, plain water. . . you never know. She carefully stows the bottles of plain water in the left hand pocket of her cloak, and the remaining bottles in her pack.

"I have a plan for getting us a farm. It used to work beautifully. All I need is a volunteer, and I will demonstrate. Opal, would you mind? I promise it will be harmless. Something less pretty than these vials will help as well. I think a plain waterskin would be perfect. I will wait until we are in town to procure one, however. No sense bothering the good Oro yet again."

@Arc and Volunteer:

DC 17 Will save. Beguiling Gift, offering flask of plain water.

There are water-skins in the large chest. Stupid auto correct.

While Ezra, Opal and Toral discuss their plans for acquiring a farm house, Krovax, Leon and Mordecai get ready to go into town.

The trip to the city takes you several hours by wagon and the three men split up each enter the city separately to avoid suspicion. The city is quite large and the inner most area reserved for the nobility is protected by a high stone wall twice as large as the one protected the rest of the city. All about you the city races along, heedless of order until it appears as no more than a sea of bodies every so often interrupted and moving around someone on horse-back or around a wagon. Standing high above every other building is a grand cathedral brimming with painted glass windows depicting many goodly deities with steepled bell towers ringing out the hours.

Can I get your rolls to acquire information about guards and where or what kind of people your asking

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

To gather information about where these priests and their ward might be found, Mordecai attempts to cajole or bribe the city beggars and small-time thieves into revealing what they know. He also asks the occasional city guard, greasing his palm with coin if he believes the guard will not react badly to the corruption.

Diplomacy:1d20 + 18 ⇒ (14) + 18 = 32

HP 33/72, AC 23, Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +8, Corruption 4/6, Smite 2/2 Scabbard 1/1, Pearl 1/1 +16 Intimidate, +13 Diplomacy, +13 Bluff

1d20 + 13 ⇒ (16) + 13 = 29

Leon finds his way through the city and decides on a more direct route to their goals. Asking around he finds out the location of the city watch headquarters, heads there, and then procedes to spiral out checking into each tavern nearby, having a drink and spending money but not drawing attention to himself. By they time he makes it back to meet with the others, he has a fairly good feel for the taverns the guards tend to frequent and a decent rappor with a few of the bartenders.

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

"Well, Baron, is there anyone you particularly dislike owning a small farmstead near by? Preferably a small stead, lots of room, remote, and just the farmer and his wife. Too many people just makes it harder."


My plan is simple. I am a weary lost traveller. Stop at farmstead, ask for permission to share a meal and sleep in the barns. I will volunteer to help prepare the meal, and to fetch water from the well. I will replace the water with my special water, and make sure everyone has a nice full goblet.

If they are rude and deny me, I will use Hex, Evil Eye, and then Beguiling Gift, offering the farmer a flask.

Several of the estates servants provide locations of remote farms that may meet your needs so Ezra, Opal and Toral head out to get a first hand view. Six crowded farms and two far to close to the road later you find one that may be perfect for your needs. The house looks more like a hunting cabin than a farm house and the only other building is a small barn able to hold maybe half a dozen horses and your wagon. From a secluded vantage some distance away the three of you watch the house for a while. There appears to be three people living there, an older man who may be a hunter by trade, his son or apprentice and a teenage girl that wouldn't attract eyes in the the seediest taverns.
After all your searching much of the day has gone by so its roughly 4 in the afternoon, plenty of time to do whatever you want to do here or go into town and meet up with everyone.


The other three spend the day traveling the town, working to locate the best tavern or inn to enact Krovax's plan. Each of you eventually make your way to The Blind Lawman, the local drinking hole for most of the town guard. Leon and Krovax you have each spent roughly 10g on food and drinks throughout the day to get here. it is currently half past 4 so let me know if there is anything else you want to do to prepare while in the town.


Your bribes and such cost you more, 75 gold, but in addition to where the guards drink you also found out that a large amount of guards have been forced to run double duty lately and a large group of guards have come here every night for the last week just after 9 wanting to unwind and relieve stress. You also learned that within the week the town gates have been locked tight at night and the guards are allowing no-one to enter or leave the city between nightfall and dawn. You also managed to acquire the last room in the inn that overlooks the back right over the alley.

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

Mordecai strides down the stairs of the Lawman and nods to the bartender. He walks over to and sits down next to Leon and Krovax.

"Fair news; I have discovered that a large amount of guards have been forced to run double duty, and many of them come to this tavern each night after dusk to relieve stress. I have also acquired a room here, which happens to overlook the rear of the building, and a convenient alley. However, It would seem as well that this week the town's gates have been locked shut each night, and the guards permit no entrance or exit. We may need to find another passage out of this city. When do the others get here?"

HP 33/72, AC 23, Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +8, Corruption 4/6, Smite 2/2 Scabbard 1/1, Pearl 1/1 +16 Intimidate, +13 Diplomacy, +13 Bluff

Damned expensive city. Have prices gone up that much since my time?

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

Ezra patiently waits outside of view until one of those in the home wanders out alone. . . Once a single target has wandered a decent distance from the home, Ezra will approach.

"Well done. I shall depart and reconvene at the well as planned. The others may have need of aid in their endeavor. Most likely not, as Toral and Opal in particular seem well practiced in exactly what they are tasked with. You two go ahead and be prepared upstairs. As for an exit, well, we already have a room for the night, may as well use it. When one of us returns and needs in, we shall tap twice on the door lightly, followed by one knock.". The last part Krovax whispers so that only those he is seated with can hear.

He then politely excuses himself to maintain appearances, and departs for the well.

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)


This is how I hope it will play out. The bards assisting would make it much easier.

As soon as one walks near, I will walk up asking for directions to town. As the speaker answers, I will pull out a flask, and offer them a drink. Fine brandy from ... Absalom! If they refuse, I will use evil eye, followed by beguiling gift. After they have drunk the waters, I dose 3-4 more times, until paralysis sets in, and then vomit a swarm on their body, allowing the swarm to do it's magic, stinging and biting the paralyzed body until unconscious and covered in, well, bites and stings. I will then dismiss the spell.

Following the setup, I will scream at the top of my lungs for help, and try to drag the body towards the house.

Once near the home...

"No! We should not bring him inside, there may be more of the hideous insects hiding inside his clothes. We can not risk infesting your home! You get him undressed and cleaned off out here! We will have to burn his clothes, just to be safe. Quick where can I find clean rags and water?"

As soon as I am inside, I will dose all their drinking water, milk, and food and anything else I can find within reason while they are tending to the near dead person. (Cast twice at level 6 makes 12 ounces, so I should have roughly 24 ounces, or 12 doses...).

If one of them follows me inside, I will make them sit down, and hand them a glass of water so they can relax while I help. Not doing anyone any good being hysterical after all...

Ezra returns to the injured man outside. "Here, this should help," says Ezra, providing whatever random tidbits she was able to gather from inside the home. "Oh! Wait. Let me try this. A healer sold it to me while on the road. I think he was a charlitain, but it couldn't hurt..."

Ezra produces one of the flasks of plain water. "Here tilt his head back." As the water pours into his mouth, Ezra mutters a couple of quick prayers, expressing her deep hope that the man recover. Casting Cure Light Wunds

"I think it is working!" Ezra produces three more vials. waters of lamashtu this time. "Give him one more in 20 minutes, and you two, both of you should take a dose as well. The merchant told me it would ward off evil."

"You stay here with him, I must find a healer before it is too late! Where can I find one trained in the healing arts? Which way to town?"

Ezra will run back to her horse, mount up, and ride off to 'find help'. With luck, they should all be in horrible shape when we return later to mop up.

Ezra, you're positively devilish!

Your patience finally pays of Ezra as the young daughter heads out towards the town road with a large basket. Taking the time to cast Alter self before hand to hide your obviously demonic appearance also gives the girl enough time to move out of direct sight of the house. Meeting her on her way to the road, still within earshot of her house, you walk up to her quite easily playing the lost woman, "Excuse me dear, I'm terrible lost and can't seem to find Cassomir, do you know where it is?". Some polite bantering occurs between you and her while you pretend to sip at your flask which the girl keeps looking at. "Would you like some?" is all it takes for her to take it and like all young teens and their first chance at alcohol she drinks deeply rather than sipping. Frowning while the "drink" makes her feel odd but trying to hide it from you she accepts your offer of another which causes her to retch and pass out convulsing on the ground at your feet. Sucking in a deep mouthful of air while casting your spell you vomit out a swarm of ravenous insects to bite and tear at your new victim. Satisfied with your handiwork you begin screaming at the top of your lungs for help and can hear someone rushing to you from the house. Quickly explaining what you saw to the two men, they pick the girl up and take her to the house with you in tow. When they try to take her inside you cry "No! We should not bring her inside, there may be more of the hideous insects hiding inside her clothes. We can not risk infesting your home! You get her undressed and cleaned off out here! We will have to burn her clothes, just to be safe. Quick where can I find clean rags and water?" the men obviously taken aback and turning red from embarrasment ask for a woman's touch for the girl in such a situation. After you concede and start disrobing the girl the men go inside to gather water and rags.. When the men return you stop as if you just thought of something and start rifling through your gear until you produce a simple vial. "Oh! Wait. Let me try this. A healer sold it to me while on the road. I think he was a charlitain, but it couldn't hurt..." the two men at first seem reluctant to let you give her the vial but in the end their worry for her condition over rules their caution. Your spell, subtly cast while "praying" erased all doubt from them who readily listen when you say, "I think it is working!" Ezra produces three more vials. waters of lamashtu this time. "Give him one more in 20 minutes, and you two, both of you should take a dose as well. The merchant told me it would ward off evil."[/b] they force themselves to swallow the vile tasting drink and then bundle her up and take her inside.
"You stay here with her, I must find a healer before it is too late! Where can I find one trained in the healing arts? Which way to town?"

Returning half an hour later with Toral and Opal you find the girl still unconscious in bed and the two men retching outside unable to defend themselves as you "claim" the house.. Just in time to head out and meet everyone else in town at the well.

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

After dispatching the helpless farmers, Ezra explains to the bards, "I love it when a plan comes together... Let us report in to the rest of the group. They will be happy to learn of our new base, I am certain" With that, Ezra rides to town, to wait patiently for the others.

Krovax, Leon and Mordecai are all sitting or walking around the square with the largest of the towns wells waiting for the other three to show. The sun is starting to dip into the horizon when you finally see the first one, Ezra, enter the square on her horse bundled up to hide her appearance. The other two enter the square shortly afterwards. The nearby shops are beginning to close down for the night and the residents of the city seem to be making their way to their respective homes, except for the homeless and those who "hunt" at night. There are two restaraunts with outdoor tables that are quite busy and easy to hide your presence in as well as nearby alleys and one or two shops open late to catch people on their way home from work. The city guard has four guards constantly patrolling this area and you can hear more patrols along the nearby streets. You have roughly two or three hours before nightfall.

Where are you hiding, standing, etc and what are you doing?

Krovax will try to blend in with the restaurant crowd, requesting a semi-private table if possible. He will also enjoy a nice meal.

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

Spotting the members of her group scattered around the market, Ezra casts whisper on each member, "I was able to locate a farmstead. The owners seemed nice enough, but they have drinking problem."

Grinning to himself slightly as he enjoys his meal, Krovax casually glances about to make sure no one is nearby before whispering his response, wiping his mouth as he does so, "Excellent. Mordecai has acquired us a perfect room at our target inn. However the city gates are sealed at nightfall. We will need to either move quickly or hold our captive overnight before making our exit. I believe the latter is the best choice."

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

"I will wait outside of town to guide you to the farm I located. I will be more of a distraction than an aide for what comes next" answers Ezra, covering her mouth as if stifling a yawn as she replies. "Unless you need my assistance in capturing the guard, that is."

Ezra is looking for a florist, a friend recently passed away, she needs simple white flowers.

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

Mordecai sits at another table, finished with his plain meal of bread, meat and water. Coughing and placing his hand over his mouth, he whispers- "Do we have the equipment to hold our guard once captured? I have rope, but no skill in ropecraft... I may have a spell that may help; but it would be better if someone here was skilled with ropes and gags."

HP 33/72, AC 23, Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +8, Corruption 4/6, Smite 2/2 Scabbard 1/1, Pearl 1/1 +16 Intimidate, +13 Diplomacy, +13 Bluff

"I do. Shackles and leg irons and a decent length of chain. They are in my saddlebags at the inn."

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

"Any suggestions for gags? Drunk or not, I have no desire to face 15 angry guards who've heard the shouts of their fellow."

"I expect myself, Leon, Toral, yourself, and Opal can subdue an unprepared guard. And I believe Opal said she could make the area silent for the brief scuffle. Once he is unconscious, it should be a simple matter to place a secure gag on the man. If necessary, we can just keep him unconscious all night."

Female Human

Opal nods affirmatively at Krovax's comment. "I can indeed keep an area silent while the guard is being subdued. Also it might be easiest to keep the guard unconscious all night, that way we don't have to deal with him trying to escape." Opal sighs. "They always try to escape, no matter how many times you tell them that it is futile."

HP 33/72, AC 23, Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +8, Corruption 4/6, Smite 2/2 Scabbard 1/1, Pearl 1/1 +16 Intimidate, +13 Diplomacy, +13 Bluff

"Would you not?"

Okay, as the final rays of light dim over the rooftops Ezra makes her way back out of town towards the farm to rest for the night intent to meet you at the gates the next morning. Meanwhile, the rest of you make your own final preparations, Leon collects his chains and such sneaking them into the room. Opal takes extra time selecting just the right dress to catch the eye yet not too revealing for fear of scaring her victim off. Mordecai and Krovax sit upstairs going over the plan ti e and again looking for any weakness or oversight when they realize that haven't accounted for how they can get the guard out of the city undetected but still alive so they can get their information. The answer dawns on Krovax at the last minute, a crate or a box they could lock or secure would work. The to head out with the wagon hoping to find a shop still open that they could get one from. Toral sits down in the bar area of the inn nursing his wine, eyes intent for any threats to the plan or his assistant as well as scanning the room for a suitable mark.

Can I get info gather rolls from Krovax, Leon and Toral. Opal can you give me your seduction roll (bluff/diplomacy)

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