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The Damned Reborn (Inactive)

Game Master Aiunder

The mere mention of your name brings fear to commoners and even nobles in their walled and guarded manors are nervous when your name is heard.
Well that was true until you died.

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Here's the discussion thread and ilk be posting final tweaks on starting stuff tonight.

HP 33/72, AC 23, Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +8, Corruption 4/6, Smite 2/2 Scabbard 1/1, Pearl 1/1 +16 Intimidate, +13 Diplomacy, +13 Bluff

Thanks for the opportunity to play.

Can we get a Gameplay thread to dot so the game shows up in our campaigns tab? I find that helps me keep track of the discussion even when the game hasn't quite started yet.

Female Human

Yay for evil. :)

Still need to put up more stuff under my alias and I didn't do equipment since I wasn't sure what we'd be coming back from the dead with.

Checking in. Thanks for the accept.

Male Dragon Eidolon (Current HP: 31 | Current AC: 26 | Fort: +5, Ref +7, Will +1)


Leon: was looking back over my gear and remembered why my stats were higher...Belt of Strength +2. That's probably what threw us off. I'm pretty sure I'm right again now though. ARC, if you spot otherwise lemme know, but as of now I think my character is essentially ready.

HP 33/72, AC 23, Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +8, Corruption 4/6, Smite 2/2 Scabbard 1/1, Pearl 1/1 +16 Intimidate, +13 Diplomacy, +13 Bluff

Aha! That would certainly throw off the point buy. :)

I think the inter-play between Leon and Krovax will be interesting at the start. But, as we all know, there is only one way to settle any official dispute amongst evil warlords...

Krovax unfurls a large piece of cloth on the ground, and spins a dial.

"And now we settle this! Right Hand Green!"

Smite 1/1


HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

reporting in

HP 33/72, AC 23, Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +8, Corruption 4/6, Smite 2/2 Scabbard 1/1, Pearl 1/1 +16 Intimidate, +13 Diplomacy, +13 Bluff

Krovax, looking at our backgrounds, your timeframe is vague (on purpose, I expect).

Mine is set during the Shining Crusade, which I think was before lastwall existed. (I could be wrong on that)

I think that means that Leon is from an earlier era than Krovax. If that's the case it could be that Krovax knew of Leon since they both terrorized the same area of the world.

If Krovax is from a similar time, they may have fought on the same side (assuming Krovax was part of Tar-Baphon's forces).

If Krovax was from *before* the crusade, it could even be that Leon and Krovax were enemies (back when Leon was a good guy).

It all depends on when Krovax's reign of terror was. What do you think?

I'm not entirely certain of the timeline, and I'm getting ready to head in to work. Frankly, here are my thoughts on the options, and we can decide which would be more interesting RP wise. And yes, I purposefully left the time frame vague as I like leaving the DM plenty of creative control over aspects like that.

1) Leon earlier than Krovax: Krovax would have likely studied the tactics and methods of Leon, and would probably be both respectful and critical in a collaborative sort of way now that he has the chance to work with him.

2) Same Time, Same Side: Krovax is reluctant to serve under someone unless they demonstrate serious power, and he hadn't run into anyone in his living existence that struck fear in him (having a magically bound dragon at your disposal tends to boost the bravado). However, he was not stupid, and was willing to ally himself with others to reach a common goal. As such, he would have been likely allied himself with Tar-Baphon's forces as long as he was promised appropriate concessions.

3) Same Time, Enemies: Probably the most interesting option, IMO, but could pose problems, depending on how hated these two were towards each other. Did their hatred continue on after Leon's fall from grace? Or, perhaps Krovax helped orchestrate his turn and attempted to make him an ally in his bid for rule.

Also, just read your background through again, and I think that the third option actually has the most room for interplay as well as uphold our respective backgrounds. We could have been enemies, but Krovax was willing to take things much further than Leon (hey, I'm evil, sue me) and arranged for some of the conditions to put Jobox in just the right situation to eliminate Leon, and secure his remains for Tar-Baphon. In turn, Tar-Baphon gained a new powerful General that allowed Krovax to resume focus on the region now known as Lastwall.

Krovax's history simply was focused on that region, and could easily be inserted prior to the true establishment of Lastwall as a nation.

HP 33/72, AC 23, Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +8, Corruption 4/6, Smite 2/2 Scabbard 1/1, Pearl 1/1 +16 Intimidate, +13 Diplomacy, +13 Bluff

I like all these ideas. Let's see what the GM has to say before we cement anything.

By the way, if you punch Shining Crusade into the pathfinder wiki, you'll see how Leon's story fits in with the established setting cannon. It might give you some ideas for your own background too.


Sounds interesting guys but I would prefer if Krovax was from current times because I already have a couple of ideas based around that.

Male Aasimar (Angelkin) Antipaladin of Szuriel 6

Local torturer and overall evil person reporting in. Sadism? Check.

I have to put in Toral's actual statline and everything else still into his profile, but that's about it.

So, that'll be done tonight. Let's all be 'civil' and things, yeah? Yeah.

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)


Works for me, like I said, I personally like to leave quite a bit about my character backgrounds vague expressly for the purpose of DM creativity. So, I suppose I likely studied Leon's tactics and stuff years after his fall, and the two have had no contact prior to...well...what is about to happen. AKA, Option #1.

Also, ARC, I have a couple quick questions for the IC thread, didn't wanna break out OOC text in the campaign just yet.

1) Is our gear evident in the room?

2) If it is okay with you, I kinda wanna leave the RP aspects of Dreadmaul in your hands, as I want him to have a distinct personality and not just be an extension of my character. I can control his combat stuff no problem, and have an Alias made already for that purpose. But if you'd rather I handle his RP as well, I can.

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

I have finished gearing up. Just a question on the feat (Sent PM) Short version.

Blood of Fiends and ARG have eliminated the need for Fiendish Heritage as a method of getting a specific tiefling aspect. Would like to change to Improved Initiative, or a Tiefling Feat (

I may have also missed the memo, but how are we doing hp? Still need to do that for myself and eidolon.

Male Aasimar (Angelkin) Antipaladin of Szuriel 6

I'm just finalizing my point-buy for Toral, otherwise his calculations are almost ready now.

Spoilered for convenience:

So, with ARC's quote:

DM - ARC wrote:

I may need to clarify point buy... Its 23 points total plus a single 18 stat

break down

1 15
2 15+2=17
3 17+1=18
4 18+2=20
5 20+1=21
6 21+2=23

I start with this before racials, and I then add points accordingly :

18 (+2)
14 (+2)
12 (+2)
14 (+2)

That'd be the +2/+1/+2/+1/+2, using the above example. (Two +1s were applied to one stat.) If I'm wrong, PLEASE correct me. I really don't want to get this wrong!

EDIT: Correction below, thanks to input. Then, changed again as my build matured.

Final statline, with racials: 21/12/16/13/8/18

In other news: I averaged HP for the time being. It also looks like we're pretty balanced, overall, and two antipaladins working in concert might be enough evil to be labeled as 'major evil' by aura defaults!

EDIT: Fixed.

HP 33/72, AC 23, Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +8, Corruption 4/6, Smite 2/2 Scabbard 1/1, Pearl 1/1 +16 Intimidate, +13 Diplomacy, +13 Bluff

You're mistaking point buy points for attribute points.

The bonuses every level are to our total point buy, not our attributes themselves.

That means raising a stat from 10 to 11 only costs 1point, but raising a stat from 17 to 18 costs 4 points, and would need to be saved for over the course of 3 levels.

It also means that as we progress we won't be able to increase a base value of a stat past 18 (since that's as bight as point buy allows). For higher stats than 18 we'll have to rely on racial and magical bonuses.

A better way to think of GM ARCs system might be to think of it as a 50 point stat buy that you *must* devote 17 points to one stat. (17 points being the cost of an 18)

Male Aasimar (Angelkin) Antipaladin of Szuriel 6

I mean, I just read it for face value. In that case, it does change a lot. Easy fix. Nothing too major.

I mean, otherwise, that was... phew.

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

Thanks very much for accepting me, greatly looking forward to this :)

I'll get on to adjusting my char sheet now.

HP 33/72, AC 23, Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +8, Corruption 4/6, Smite 2/2 Scabbard 1/1, Pearl 1/1 +16 Intimidate, +13 Diplomacy, +13 Bluff

The Gameplay thread is open, in case anyone missed that.

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

GM and/or everyone, I have finished making my character sheet, you can access it by the below link.

I'll stick the link in my profile as well.

Male Aasimar (Angelkin) Antipaladin of Szuriel 6

I totally messed up. My post is huge and inaccurate because I read the intro, went to do something else, came back and posted and forgot the entire thing. I have much apologies to make for that. That said, maybe I can fix this. Maybe.

don't worry about it. We'll just ignore the whole hole on the floor thing or you can post a replacement, whichever you prefer.

Male Aasimar (Angelkin) Antipaladin of Szuriel 6

Hm. Nah, no hole on the floor. Just the typical tip-in-the-rug thing, but nothing serious. I said I had my gear, when you said otherwise, s'all. That's what I was worried about.

I'm gonna go ahead and do the RP for Krovax's reuniting with Dreadmaul. If you would prefer me to continue doing so that's fine.

Just reread the entire Gameplay thread, and wanna say that if our combat gear is not there, disregard the part of my post about the armor and weapon. Krovax would leave his room without it if it's not available.

I've been going through my ARG and I think to help balance between Aasimar and everyone else I'm going to add a bit to non-aasimar to compensate

Tieflings ignore stat penalty associated with heritage

I'm still thinking about human so if anyone has suggestions please lemme know

I wanna finalize everything crunch related before I continue in gameplay so story may not continue until tomorrow

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

Not sure for human- maybe we get the 'dual talent' ability in addition to the extra feat? Just a suggestion.

Simplest adjustments I could think of would be either another +2 to a second stat, or another feat.

This is just in case you decide to have us actually roll out HP's for our characters so I can have it ready in advance. If you decide on another HP method I'll make the proper adjustments.

6d8 ⇒ (7, 2, 7, 6, 7, 8) = 37

And then for Dreadmaul...

5d10 ⇒ (1, 10, 5, 7, 3) = 26

Nice for me, ouch on that 1 for Dreadmaul though.

Characters are max starting HP but roll after start. Companions/minions/familiars/etc are just rolled

So, max for their first level then roll 5? or Max first 6 and roll for further gained levels?

Max for all six levels then any time you level up in game you roll

Is consensus that you want humans to have an extra +2 anywhere?

Krovax have you looked at the undead traits evolutions? They would probably fit your view of your eidolon.

I dunno about ANYWHERE. But as long as it results in two separate +2 bonuses and not one +4 I'm fine with that.

ARC - I saw that today, but honestly the "undead" thing about him is just mainly rp/flavor.

HP 33/72, AC 23, Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +8, Corruption 4/6, Smite 2/2 Scabbard 1/1, Pearl 1/1 +16 Intimidate, +13 Diplomacy, +13 Bluff

Any of the human variant tarts that replace the attribute bonus would work well.

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

I suggest : no - stat on non aasimar. For humans, one alt racial trait free (don't sub out a racial for the one you select, no selecting alternate facials that replace 2 or more racial abilities).

Okay I'll pick a couple options from ARG non-stat wise and all humans can pick one.
I'd like everyone to make sure their characters are 100% as soon as you can and I'll continue the story as far as we can until everyone is 100%

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

6d8 ⇒ (5, 7, 8, 1, 2, 1) = 24

Just let me update my HP and my sheet will be good.

Mordecai... And everyone else there's no need to roll HP all six levels are max

M Human Undead Lord Cleric/Agent of the Grave

Sorry, I interpreted "Characters are max starting HP but roll after start." as max for first and then roll for the rest.

HP will be properly updated imminently.

Male Aasimar (Angelkin) Antipaladin of Szuriel 6

Right, then. Max HP. Under control, and statblock's inches from being finished. Just tracking the last bits of mundane equipment.

HP: 10/10 | AC 15/10/14 | Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. illusions, death, and fear | Init -1 | Perception +1 (auto fail hearing)

Max HP updated. Gear finished. Skills tab added to character sheet.

If its ok ARC, I'd like to add a Signet Ring to my gear before gear becomes an issue. Don't figure that'd be a big deal would it?

Female Human

Finishing up my gear now. That was one thing I can't easily update by my phone.

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