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The Blood Knives (Inactive)

Game Master Monkeygod

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Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

A sixth and final dagger appears suddenly in the outstretched hand of Castieen, once he tosses the purse to Ragar.

Then all is absolute darkness. Not even those with the ability to see at night can pierce these shadows. When the light returns, you are all sitting in a large room. In front of you, seated at a table in a high backed, comfortable looking chair are three people. One of them is the bartender from the Shadowed Dragon. One is the man who spoke to you all before who sits in the middle. To his left is one of the most hauntingly beautiful women any of you have ever seen. Her skin is pale white, her hair a dark, almost black purple. She is flawless in the truest meaning of the word.

The man in the middle speaks "Welcome to the Blood Knives. Each of you was chosen due to possessing skills we value. As I am sure many of have guessed, we who sit before you wield power. But we are looking to expand, both here in Absalom and beyond. Possibly way beyond. We are mighty, but we are currently few." He looks at each of you in turn.

"That is where you come in. You are our chosen agents to go forth into the world and not only uphold the tenants and values of the Blood Knives, but also to conquer other gangs like us. Or put them down. We seek nothing less than to be the sole criminal organization in all Golarion, if not the very planes." He pauses to let that sink in and to allow you to respond.

Male Halfling Rogue (Sniper) 3

The Darkstalker raises an eyebrow and puts his hands up. "Whoa whoa whoa! I don't know what you've heard about me, but violence isn't my thing. I'm a thief, I'm not a gangster or an assassin or anything. If you're looking to start a war with other thieves guilds, I'm flattered, but there are better men for the job than me."

I am glad to be a part of such a venture, and as a chosen agent of the Blood Knives, I look forward to expanding our control and influence. I am certain that skills beyond pure intimidation are necessary, but know that my axe seeks the blood of those who choose to oppose. What are the tenets of the organization so that we can better perform our duties?

This could truly be the path to fame and gold that I desire. Soon, father, you will be sent to the mud, and I will have my vengeance for me and my mother!

Ragar steps back, and nods to Castieen.

Thanks for the purse.

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

The speaker, who you note has the deepest blue eyes you've ever seen, fixes Darkstalker with an icy stare. "Trust us, we have need of your skills. This will not be some bloody running battle in the streets, as that would endanger innocent bystanders. A far more subtle and hidden hand is needed here."

Male Elf Barbarian(Urban Barbarian/Savage Barbarian) 3rd

Castieen hardly has time to be surprised by the appearance of the blood dagger before being swept to the large room with the other recipients." You'll not be disappointed, I thank you for the opportunity friends." Castieen smiles smugly, practically beaming. Many years had came and went in his time among the shorter lived species, but now it seemed he was poised to achieve real power and far reaching influence. He steps back and returns the nod to Ragar" Think nothing of it Ragar, We'll do well to look out for one another in this venture I imagine."

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia smiles to herself, soon she will have the power and influence to see those ingrated ice witches to the hell they deserve.

"What is the scope of our endevour. Where do we start and what is our...peeking order?"

Male Human Rogue 1/Cleric 2

As the darkness dissipates and thrusts him back into the world, Rupert's hand reaches for one of the many knives hidden on his person. The darkness had taken him by surprise, and he hadn't even had a chance to react. Fighting off the not-insignificant nausea cased by the disorientation, he shakes his head to clear it. Who are these people? Where are we? He takes a moment to take in the sight and process what he'd just been told. Taking abnormal care and caution with his words, Rupert slowly asks, "What, exactly, are we doing? No doubt, you have plans and the power to execute them. But...this is no minor task. I imagine that we chosen are in too deep to turn back, but what does it mean to move forward?"

I'm constantly amazed at the amount of time that passes between the time I start typing these and the time they're posted. How do I get ninja'd 15 minutes ago?

Female Half-Elf Rogue (acrobat) 2, Bard (Dervish Dancer) 1

While fame and glory are not entirely my "thing" I do relish in this oppurtunity. I only ask one thing of my gracious benefactors and of you <indicating the other chosen agents> my fellow canditates, should we find my brother at odds with us, please spre the blade until we can give him the chance to join our ideals. Of course, should he refuse then I will not hesitate to do what must be done.

Tabby looks to Darkstalker I am sure there is one job you are more than qualified for. she whispers to him, with a wink.

I will be out at my tabletop game tonight and this may be my only post today

Male Halfling Rogue (Sniper) 3

The Darkstalker looks back at Tabby and then shakes his head, grinning. "That woman is pushy. I'd probably be a little more worried about her if she wasn't so damn beautiful. As it stands now, it might not be too bad to indulge her a little."

He turns back to the Blood Knives. "Westcrown is a good place to start with your ambitions. That city is full of criminals and dirty cops. We can go there and weed out some of the small fry for you, and see if we can get some information on any larger-scale groups in the region?"

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia drums her fingers on the table, her long fingernails making a rather loud drumming noise. She continues to drum her fingernails before stopping. "Cheliax? I abhor the Chelish, if we start there, we will need to be extra cautious of the hellknights. Annoying creatures!"

Male Halfling Rogue (Sniper) 3

The Darkstalker narrows his eyes. "The Council of Thieves is the most prominent thieves guild in the entire plane of Golarion. Taking them down, which would be our eventual goal in Westcrown, would send a strong message to the rest of the world, and secure us at the top of the known guilds. It saves us a whole lot of trouble, and then we can start working on the unseen black markets."

Turning to Lady Natalia, The Darkstalker extends his hand. "Unless the lovely human girl has a better idea?"

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia chuckles, "I haven't been a girl for many decades, but I appreciate the... compliment"

Natalia turns to the rest of the group "The Council of Thieves is an excellent choice, as you said, it is the most prominent theives guild in all of Golarion. And it should always remain our goal. I suggest something smaller... where recruitment will be assured with a large bank of scum and lowlives, Okeno maybe? If we can get recruits, we can always buy them..."

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

"We are going to start here, in Absalom. It is our base of power, so it only makes sense to consolidate fully here before moving out. Worry not the Council of Thieves will feel our Knives eventually." The bartender says, again in that dead, hollow voice.

"Which brings us to those fancy Knives you all received. As the lovely Lady Natalia has already discovered, the blades are magical. However, like the organization they represent, they require the blood of their wielder to activate and reach their full potential. Trust me when I tell you, you are going to need the power they possess."

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia, not even flinching, reaches for her dagger and draws the blade across the open palm of her hand. She makes sure to coat the blade in blood from the open cut on her hand.

"I have lost more then this for power before, blood for power!"

Ragar watches Natalia in earnest. He also steps forward, and he mimics her actions by pulling the dagger from his belt, slicing open his hand, and letting his blood on the blade.

I firmly believe that this is the least of the blood that I will spill for the Bloody Knives. May the power that stems from it be great!

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

As you cut your hand, the blade absorbs your blood and the rubies glow slightly, and stay a brighter red then they were before.

Male Elf Barbarian(Urban Barbarian/Savage Barbarian) 3rd

Castieen nods silently as he mimics the two, gripping the cutting edge of the dagger tightly in his off hand and jerking downward. Blood flows soon after and the encrusted blade absorbs his elven blood and glows faintly, a brighter red than before.

Male Halfling Rogue (Sniper) 3

The Darkstalker looks down at his knife, then seems to peer towards a non-specific location, like he is looking at someone or something that no one else can see. "To any impressionable young people out there, self-mutilation is wrong and you should never do it for the purposes of attempting to feel more in control or because you need the pain in order to make you feel alive. That said, self-mutilation for the purpose of awesome magical gains is perfectly acceptable, as long as it's not on your sexy face."

The Darkstalker then takes the dagger under his cloak. There is the sound of a rip, followed by a sharp hiss of pain. The Darkstalker pulls the knife back out. It is dripping in blood. "Absalom will fall, and Westcrown soon after. All will belong to the Blood Knives!"

Female Half-Elf Rogue (acrobat) 2, Bard (Dervish Dancer) 1

Tabby looks to the others trying to decide the best possible place to make a scar. finally deciding that hend would be best, she follow suit as the others.

Tabby has already taken notice that it would appear that the Lady Natalia has taken charge of this group. a choice she really has no problem with (at least for now).

Once done and she gets over the pain of her cut, So what is our first target? looking to both the council and Lady Natalia.

Male Human Rogue 1/Cleric 2

Rupert pulls the dagger that appeared in his pocket only moments before the shift and looks at it, then takes a long look at all the others. A bunch of power-hungry zealots, these lot are. Instead of following suit, he wordlessly places the dagger on the table in front of him.

Darkstalker, do you realize how much contractors charge to fix the fourth wall these days?

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia looks over to Rupert with a raised eyebrow, "Something amissfriend?" He grips the blade still in her bloody hand, the hilt covered in red.

"Do you need assistance?"She inquires with a smirk.

Just wondering where your crunch is? When I look at your profile, I do not see what weapons you use, or who your deity is? Just curious...

Male Halfling Rogue (Sniper) 3

I'm willing to foot the bill in this case.

"Well, hold on a moment, Tabby. Our first target? It's really late and we're all bleeding. Well, most of us are, anyway. More importantly, I count just one of our number that is able to see in the dark. I believe there are three much more pressing questions at hand."

Turning to the leaders, The Darkstalker bows politely. "Not to be rude, but I function much better after a good night's rest. So I have just three questions for you. Do you have rooms for us to sleep in here? If so, where is my room, and how far is it away from hers?" He glances at Tabby with a lustful spark in his eye.

Male Human Rogue 1/Cleric 2

I find myself without the use of Hero Lab, and I've decided to try to find other methods of generating the statblock. It appears that the custom Excel sheet did a poor job. My weapons are listed in my gear, but not in OFFENSE. I'll have to type it up myself. As for my deity, it hasn't been revealed in-character, and I'd prefer to keep it unknown.

Rupert raises an eyebrow before responding. "We were told that we'd need their abilities, not that we'd need them at this moment. Furthermore, I've no idea what powers the knives grant, and I've never been terribly...experimental. I'll forgo any unwitting and unnecessary acts of self-mutilation at this time," he says. Turning to the three mysterious figures at the end of the table, he qualifies his small rebellion. "If it pleases our hosts, of course."

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

Once the empowerment of the blood knife is over, each wound heals itself. Those of you who have performed the minor ritual feel a mild presence in the blade in your possession. Not fully sentient, but the awareness is there, searching your mind, not invasive or even deeply. It appears to be just trying to get to know you, for lack of a better term.

The man sitting in the center speaks once more, staring intently at Darkstalker "You have just been invited into one of the most feared and elite organizations in Absalom and all you wish to do is sleep?"

Male Halfling Rogue (Sniper) 3

The Darkstalker laughs. "That's certainly not all I wish to do. More importantly, I want to be well-rested and ready for tomorrow, when I start working for you. Plus, whiskey always makes me a little sleepy, you know. Speaking of which, that was a damned good drink you poured me. I'll take a bottle of that for my room, if you have one." He speaks to the drow specifically.

Male Elf Barbarian(Urban Barbarian/Savage Barbarian) 3rd

Although grimacing a sideways smile as the wound heals,Castieen looks noticeably irked by the addition of yet another presence within his considerably crowded psyche. Nevertheless he shakes off the intrusion and skillfully conceals the blade within the favored folds of his fur brimmed fine coat as was his custom.
Sleight of Hand(+2 dagger bonus,+2 heavy/baggy clothing bonus 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (17) + 12 = 29
Scoffing at the lustful halfling, and the cowardly Rupert, Castieen stretches slightly and limbers himself up"I haven't much need for sleep. No rest for the wicked and all of that." He lets his dark eyes meet the brilliant blue orbs of the speaker" Set us on our mission, if that should be your plan friend, And we'll have at it. I'm certain a few of the others must be anxious to begin as well."

I am ready to proceed with the organization's plan and wishes.

Interesting blade...seems to have a mind of its own. I am sure we will become fast friends.

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia hides her emotions in her blank stare "If our illustrious benefactor intends for us to start now, then I believe we should all be happy to oblige."

Natalia glances to The Darkstalker and Tabby briefly. "I'm sure we will have time for...amorous activities later..."

Natalia places the blade within her belt, opposite her nexavaran steel blade. She was now sure her new dagger would be her favorite.

Male Halfling Rogue (Sniper) 3

The Darkstalker sighs and shrugs. "In the spirit of teamwork, I will oblige, but I must tell you all that I am not nearly as skilled a thief after a drink..."

Pocketing the dagger, The Darkstalker smirks and thinks to it "As long as you don't ask me what my name is, you and I will get along quite well..."

Alcohol is a poison, if I remember correctly. Inflicts a temporary Wisdom penalty, or something. Though that may just be in 3.5. Regardless, I love the rules for alcohol, so I'll go ahead and roll a saving throw, and the DM can rule what happens to The Darkstalker based on his own secret stuff.

Fortitude save: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

The palely beautiful woman looks to Rupert "Well?" Her question obvious.

The bartender eyes Darkstalker "We prefer our agents, when on the job, to not be under the influence whatsoever."

Male Halfling Rogue (Sniper) 3

The Darkstalker blinks. "Well, if that's the case, then tell me where my room is so I can go sleep this off!" He throws his hands up in frustration, as if to say "Seriously? Come on, work with me here people!"

Male Human Rogue 1/Cleric 2

Rupert's brow furrows as he picks up the dagger. He holds it up, watches as the light glints off the golden blade. The rubies set into the hilt glow with firelight as he turns it over in his hands. "Blood is a precious thing, friends, and should be spilled with great care. Blood has power...the power of life. Without the blood that rushes through our veins," he says, slicing the blade slowly across his open palm, "we are just lifeless bags of meat and s!!~." The corners of his eyes tighten at the pain, and the light gleams in his eyes as the blood wells out of the cut. He holds the dagger over the table, point down, and closes his bleeding palm, squeezing it into a fist. He raises the fist above the other hand and the liquid rubies drip slowly over the hilt, running down the blade in rivulets, coating it. In a sudden movement, he drives the blade down into the table, burying it's tip into the wood. "The blood has been spilled," he says, looking back up at the woman. "I am yours."

Oh crumbs, I forgot about the forum censor.

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

The lady responds to Darkstalker "I would have thought that the most paramount thief in all Absalom would prefer to work at night, yet all I hear from his mouth is a desire to sleep or maybe fool around with the young lady Kyrani. Do such on your time, not ours" She says with a note of finality. She then waves her hand and Darkstalker finds himself completely sober as do any of the rest of you who might have been too far gone with drink.

Female Half-Elf Rogue (acrobat) 2, Bard (Dervish Dancer) 1
Voice of Awesomeness wrote:

The lady responds to Darkstalker "I would have thought that the most paramount thief in all Absalom would prefer to work at night, yet all I hear from his mouth is a desire to sleep or maybe fool around with the young lady Kyrani. Do such on your time, not ours" She says with a note of finality. She then waves her hand and Darkstalker finds himself completely sober as do any of the rest of you who might have been too far gone with drink.

TAbby snaps her attention to the council. she takes slight offense to the comment but knows her place. My romps are my business thank you. Darkstalker my have my attentions in the bar, but nere I belong to the Blood knives.

She turns to Darkstalker don't worry dearee, good things come to those that wait

looking back at the council I re-state the question name the first target

Male Halfling Rogue (Sniper) 3

The Darkstalker raises an eyebrow. "Who the f*** is 'Kyrani'?" he manages to inquire before the woman waves her hand and suddenly the Darkstalker's inebriation snaps away. He straightens up and blinks. "Wow. That's some trick you've got there."

Cracking his knuckles, there is a flash of light beneath the Darkstalker's hood, a reflection from a very toothy grin. "The most paramount thief in all Absalom, huh? Looks like you did your research after all. Well then, madam, if I'm 'on your time', then by all means, give me my assignment."

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

The man in the middle, who now appears to be the leader speaks once more "There is much to do before that is revealed. Come with me first" With that, he gets up and leaves through a murky portal on the wall. The rest of you follow behind him and as he goes, he explains the ways of the Blood Knives. "We have five inviolate tenets. The first is The Law of the Tripartite. We three head the Knives, and you will honor and respect us. You also represent us, so do not make us regret our decision. The second is The Law of Guardianship. There exist many who would prey upon the weak and defenseless, foul and vile villains that take advantage of the innocent. Those who can not protect themselves our under our protection. Do not let the monsters of the night run rampant over them. The third is The Law of Death. This one is simple. Do not slay any other Blood Knife, regardless of cause or desire. That judgement is for we to decide. Should it come to pass, we shall choose the correct instrument to carry out our wishes. The fourth is the Law of Honorable Action. Do not deceive your fellow Knives, unless it must be. Ours is a house built on truth. Do not destroy that trust, or we will destroy you. The final law is The Law of Judgement. Those others who prey upon the weak must be dealt with. Find them, judge them and punish them, if that is the best course of action."

With that, he steps out onto a large balcony and the rest of you move to do the same. He gestures out to a dark, shadowy city below a city that looks awfully familiar, yet not quite. "Welcome to Shadow Absalom. This is where we operate from. We are closely aligned with and allied to Argrinyxia. You may, if you desire, take up residence here, though that is not required."

What are the benefits of taking residence here in Shadow Absalom? Is travel in Golarion easier, or something to that effect?

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia looks out across the landscape of the shadow city with interest. She had never been to the shadow plane before and wasn't sure what she knew about it.

Knowledge Planes about Shadow Absalom and the Shadow Plane: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

Male Human Rogue 1/Cleric 2

Rupert struggles not to gape like a fish. If the sudden darkness had been unexpected, this development was completely unprecedented. These Blood Knives are more powerful than I ever could have expected! He could feel the blade's mental presence probing and slowly melding with his own psyche. Looking down at his hand, he sees that it has already healed, the faint line where the cut had been made already disappearing. The blood was gone as well.

Looking over the city, he notes prominent landmarks and their locations, trying to get a feel for the shadowy reflection of Absalom. His eyes scan toward where the docks should be and a thought strikes him. I wonder if they have boats on the Shadow Plane? Despite the circumstances, the thought amuses him, and he can't help but smile to himself.

Male Elf Barbarian(Urban Barbarian/Savage Barbarian) 3rd

Castieen clenches his teeth together in order to keep his jaw from being unhinged by sheer force of his awe. He does his best to gather himself and searches his memory for any local legend or bit of extracted information he might have heard about this negative reflection while he was working in the city of Absalom,
Knowledge(Local)1d20 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13
but seems rather distracted by the familiar-yet entirely alien landscape- and cannot get a very strong grip on his knowledge." I imagine at the very least that a secondary residence here would make one hell of a safe house if nothing else. Do tell us more." Castieen leans precariously over the balcony to take in all the sights he can see, genuinely intrigued it seemed.

Female Half-Elf Rogue (acrobat) 2, Bard (Dervish Dancer) 1

Tabby stands in wonder of the sight before her. she has never seen such a wonderous place.

if this exists here could it exist as other cities as well? she asks herself.

Tabby takes to heart the words her new leaders have given and soon finds herself standing next to Darkstalker.

for Darkstalker:
she confides to him I am sorry for sending you mixed messages about me all of this is so new to me, I have never been involed in more than petty street crimes, of course there was that one murder, but that wasn't my fault, anyway please forgive me. I feel we will need each other more than we know and i want to know you will be there for me as I will be there for you. Tabby soon finds herself hold his hand.
I just realized Darkstalker is Halfling---interesting

Male Human Rogue 1/Cleric 2

Ah yes, the interracial romance issue. However shall our species-crossed lovers deal with this new development? Will Kyrani be able to overlook his shortcomings? Will The Darkstalker be able to rise up against the adversity? Will their relationship grow to new heights as a result? Oh, the suspense!

Geeeez....what cheeeeze! LOL

Female Half-Elf Rogue (acrobat) 2, Bard (Dervish Dancer) 1

is it a long distance romance taken to new heights?

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20
Rupert Saint wrote:
Ah yes, the interracial romance issue. However shall our species-crossed lovers deal with this new development? Will Kyrani be able to overlook his shortcomings? Will The Darkstalker be able to rise up against the adversity? Will their relationship grow to new heights as a result? Oh, the suspense!

Would you like some wine with that cheese? lol

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

I'm still shaking my head

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

Your leader continues to look out of the shadowdy city. "Well, for starters, its much harder to be tracked here. There are a few portals scattered throughout the real Absalom, but they aren't well known. Also, you would have access to our fortress here and all the resources found within. However, I would not suggest making this your only residence. Too often, you will need to be within Absalom for an extended period of time, and your not going to want to keep traveling back and forth."

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia tries to keep her anxiety at bay, "When are we getting started? What do the Blood Knives want us to secure in Absalom first?"

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

The pale woman notes Natalia's seeming hurry "Patience child. All will be revealed in due time."

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