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The Blood Knives (Inactive)

Game Master Monkeygod

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Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20


Alright, so we're going to do something a wee bit different here. As I have yet to choose my full roster of PCs, I want some nice in character chat to take place here. Not just between my chosen 3, but all potential PCs.

Not only will this give you all an opportunity to know each other before the game actually kicks off, but I'll get a nice sample of your RP styles and abilities. I hope this doesn't bother anybody.


You're all at a tavern. Each of you has been asked to meet here, though you do not know why. All you were told was that you have potential for being chosen.

Rolling for HP:
Level 2: 1d8 ⇒ 5

Level 3: 1d8 ⇒ 8

EDIT: Wrong thread. My bad.

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia steps lightly on the stairs leading up to the tavern, but her high heeled boots make a slight clasping sound as she walks up. She was never one for stealth. She reaches the door and checks her dress and jeweles before walking in. Satisfied that everything is straight and in place, she looks at her pale skin, so white that it seems to suck out the heat around her. Her jet black hair is in fierce contrast to her pale skin, but her ice blue eyes, which seem to pierce into a person's soul, suits her skin tone and demenor.

She looks up to Chaos, the large black crow on her shoulder. She reaches out to his mind and speaks threw their link, Keep an eye on everyone... We have yet to learn why we are here. The bird looks into her eye and seems to nod Yesss Master... it responds back.

Pushing both doors of the tavern open, Natalia presents herself with an air of authority. Her facial expression is hard as she takes a seat alone. Chaos jumps off her shoulder and glades down to the table where he takes up a spot to watch the door.

Natalia geatures to the bartender for a drink.

Sweet enters the tavern through the side door and quickly scans the room for danger. When she is satisfied with the safety of her assessment, she slowly crosses the room making sure to make eye contact with each of the males in the room and provides them all with an inviting smile. She catches more than a couple of the the guys starring at her cleavage and smiles at the power she has already generated over them. She leans against the far wall to the right of the bar and continues her assessment of her surroundings.

Thinking to herself: Hmmm...I wonder why I am here. Hopefully, I am not wasting my time.

Sweet does not appear extremely impressed with the yahoos seated around the tavern until her eye catches a familiar face. She secretly casts message trying to avoid detection- Lady Natalia hears:

Well...looked what the cat dragged in.

As Lady Natalia scans the room and catches Sweet's eye, Sweet winks at her slyly. Still sending the message so only her new acquaintance can here she adds:

So, what the hell are we doing here?

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia stares intently at Sweet and tries to uses her ice blue piercing glare to send shivers down her spine. She geatures nonchalantly to the seat across from her.

Rupert sits at a table in a corner with his back against the wall. He's a sandy-haired man, barely out of his boyhood, and nary a hair on his chin. His table is full of unscrupulous-looking vagrants, each with a hand of cards and a pile of coins in front of them. Rupert takes a moment to look up from his hand at the newcomer sitting at the bar and gives a low, quiet whistle. "Would you look at that? She looks just like my favorite kind of Starday night." As the others at the table turn to look, he trades a card in his hand for one up his sleeve.

Sleight of Hand check: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (15) + 7 = 22

As luck would have it, another comely customer walks in not long after, and Rupert finds an ample amount of time to make the switch. "That one looks more like Wealday afternoon to me. What do you think, boys?"

Male Human? Rogue(Cutpurse)1

The young lady strides into the tavern and slinks directly up to the bar. Her blond hair his held back by a headband made of what appears to be ivory. She has clothes that cling tight to her body and a long black cloak behind her. "Well hello there handsome," She winks at the bartender. "I'd like a drink please." She then turns and looks around at the other patrons of the bar.

Perception Check: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

Sweet feels a sudden cold overtake her at the sight of Lady Natalia's sharp glare.

Thinking to herself once again There is something haunting about Lady Natalia. Something terrifying. Mmmm...but I can't help but to like her. She is so...delicious

Sweet crosses the room once again looking for men who are watching and sits down next to Lady Natalia.

Hey gorgeous.

Sweets bumps Lady Natalia lightly with her shoulder and then orders a drink.

Male Half-Orc Fighter/Level 4/HP:36/36 /AC:17 /Init: +2/Perc:+2/HD: 4/4

Ragar ducks his head of red hair as he steps into the tavern. He is a mammoth of a humanoid both in height and girth. However, surprisingly enough, he walks with the grace of a feral cat. Obviously not your common brute due to the atheletic grace in the way that he moves, but he is still looked upon with fear due to his size and the double-bladed axe slung on his back.

He glares at everyone who makes eye contact as he strides purposefully to the bar. He cannot help but notice the two lovely ladies sitting together. As he passes, he provides them both with a toothy grin pronounced by his protruding lower tusks.

Wow! Those are two fine looking honeys at that table. I hope that this summons ends itself soon so that I can spend a little time getting to know them.

He places three gold pieces on the bar as he points to the table of Lady Natalia and "Sweet".

Barkeep, your best ale for me and get those two lovelies whatever they wish.

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia shakes her head slightly at the way Sweet's indiscreetly flaunts herself and looks intently at Ragar, meeting his grin with a clod flat stare. "Irrisen Ice Wine..." The sound of her voice is sharp and commanding.

She turns to Sweet, "As for your...question, I am not sure why we are here. Something is in the works to see all these interesting people here at the same time."

Male Halfling Rogue (Sniper) 3

The door to the tavern opens for only the briefest of moments before it shuts. To the untrained eye, it would seem that it was merely the wind blowing rather hard before relenting, but to those who knew, they might be able to spot the short, cloaked figure who had subtly made his way into the room.

The figure sits alone at a table, not ordering a drink, not looking at anyone, not speaking to anyone. After a few moments, it's almost hard to even remember he's there, he's so quiet and still and non-descript.

Make that two barkeep.

Whispers: Come on. It's a free drink.

Sweet looks over her right shoulder and uses her hand to lightly brush her hair off of her face. She gives Ragar a sexy smile and waves with her last two fingers.

Yet another female enters, followed not long after by a half-orc who looks like a more regular customer. Rupert's eyes narrow as he goes back to focusing on the game. Something tells me they're not here just for a drink. I guess word must be out about tonight... He pulls in a handful of coins for winning the hand and tosses two in for a blind bet. Maybe the Blood Knives are looking to expand their escort services. He smiles to himself at the thought. Just what I needed, more living expenses.

Male Human? Rogue(Cutpurse)1

The woman lays a coin on the bar and then takes the drink from the bartender. She looks across at the two other females. She slides her way over to them. "What brings to ladies such as yourself to a rotten place like this?"

Whispering: Well, keep yours eyes open. I am sure someone is watching.

Looks over her left shoulder and sees Rupert. When he catches her eye in between hands, she gives him a quick nod.

Thinking to herself: There's an interesting chap.

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia picks up her drink from the table after the bartender drops it off. She looks at Sweet shyly as her drink begins to smoke from the cold, looking at Sweet's similarly smoking drink. "Careful, it's cold..."

Natalia looks up curiously at the new woman and tries to search her brain for a name. She comes up with none and is puzzled. Thought I knew everyone in the underworld...

"Probably the same as yourself... "

Male Human? Rogue(Cutpurse)1

[/b]"Oh me I'm just new to this area and was told this was the best place to meet people."[/b] bluff: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (5) + 12 = 17

Sense Motive 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (2) + 8 = 10

Takes a sip of her drink and is surprised by how cold it is. She doesn't think twice about what the stranger said obviously believing every word.

Male Human? Rogue(Cutpurse)1

She swallows the rest of the drink in one gulp and sets it down on the bar. "Thank you sir, may I have another?" This time the wink is directed at Natalia.

Sweet smiles slyly awaiting Lady Natalia's response.

Thinks to herself: Not smart stranger.

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

As you all sit around, enjoying your drinks, the lighting in the room darkens some and out of the shadows steps a man none of you have ever seen before. He's tall, towering over even the half-orc, yet lithe and graceful, with a deadly quality readily apparent about him.

He clears his voice, to gain everybody's attention and as he does so, its suddenly absolutely silent in the tavern. No sound is heard, not even creaks or groans as people shift to look at this supposed intruder.

"Welcome to the Shadowed Dragon. I am sure each of you are curious as to why you have been summoned here. It is simple, the Blood Knives are looking to extend membership to a very select, elite few. Know that each of has been shadowed for the last month, and even now you are being watched, assessed and evaluated. When the time has come to reveal which of you will joining us, there will be no question or doubt" He speaks in a voice that is barely above a whisper yet heard by all.

Male Human? Rogue(Cutpurse)1

Stealth: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (1) + 8 = 9

The lady tries to step off into a darkened corner, but her outline is clearly visible, what is strange however is that the slim figure of the woman transforms suddenly shifts and an hunched old man walks out of the corner instead.
Disguise: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (5) + 22 = 27

"Watching us eh?" Heh, If ye were tryin to hide your watching you shouldn't have been so noisy." He smiles showing missing teeth.

Rupert chuckles to himself silently. They call that watching, do they? I was wondering who they were. I'm glad it was just this; it was starting to make me nervous. In a low voice, Rupert says to the man across from him, "Well congratulations, Jack. I never took you for the 'elite' type." Looking around the rest of the tavern, he eyes each of them. I wonder what makes these ones so special?

Shifts in her seat listening intently. Thinking to herself: This is my chance when she is suddenly startled out of her thoughts by a chuckle from across the room.

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

The man smiles at the comment "All of you combined pose no threat to me, thus I do not worry about the amount of noise I make." He looks to Rupert and he hears the mans voice inside his head "If you thought you saw one of the Knives watching you, they either chose to be seen or you are wrong. Each of you have at least one talent that can be of use to us. Do not be so quick to judge"

"All of you, feel free to enjoy this night on me. Eat, drink and get to know those who may end up joining our elite ranks with you" He then melts back into the shadows and is gone.

Male Human? Rogue(Cutpurse)1

The old man looks around,"Well I'll be...he just disappeared...huh?"

Stealth: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (16) + 8 = 24
Disguise: 1d20 + 22 ⇒ (13) + 22 = 35

When you turn to look the old man is gone. From the entrance a drow ranger's eyes scan the room.

Female Half-Elf Rogue (acrobat) 2, Bard (Dervish Dancer) 1

lots happen on the drive home from work went from empty thread to all of this. also when I find just the right picture I will post the link have to sift through several cnadidates among my files. updated character profile with equipment also

Already seated at the bar is an attractive half elven woman dressed in a plain dress one could almost mistake her for a commoner. she wears a shaw over her head as if to keep out the cold (despite there being no chill in the air)

strange that no one saw her before, perhaps she was easily overlooked as some local patron to the bar this evening.

She makes conversation with the barkeep and brushes off a haphazard attempt of a flirt by a fellow patron.

As each of the otehrs enter the tavern she glances in their direction if only to see who has entered.

The woman soon resumes her conversations and observations guage each of the patrons reading their body language looking for theier secrets.

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10
to the poor patron that flirted with her:Sleight of Hand 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (16) + 10 = 26

At the mental intrusion, Rupert's expression changes from inquisitively mirthful to one of barely contained contempt and displeasure. Of course. They must know...damn. Mentally shaking his thoughts away, he grins again, and speaks up. "You heard the man, drinks on him. Barkeep, a round for everybody! And bring me a roast pig while you're at it. The whole damn thing!"

Sweet nods at Rupert again obviously impressed with his courage to speak up. At his words, she holds up her drink in his direction obviously sharing a toast.

Sweet thinks to herself: Well hopefully I will be accepted, but if I end up not being good enough at least I will get some free drinks out of it.

Drink up Lady Natalia. It is going to be a long night

At that, she gives Lady Natalia a look like she will be right back and strolls over to Rupert's table to observe the game. Sweet stands a few feet away from Rupert and watches what he is doing.

Male Halfling Rogue (Sniper) 3

A casual glance towards the table where the lone cloaked figure was supposedly sitting at reveals that he has, in fact, gone. Suddenly, a seat at the bar appears occupied by the mysterious person. The seat was previously empty, and is flanked by a seat occupied by a female half-elf.

The man does not speak, but he slips a few coins across the bar to the tender, who looks at him curiously, before pouring a drink that he didn't ask for, and setting it down in front of him. The man takes a drink and then peers out of his hood at the woman next to him.

"So, you're also being scouted for this little troop, huh?" he says in a quiet voice that almost sounds like it might be coming out of the wind. The voice drifts into the woman's ear. "To be honest, I had no idea I was being followed. That's precisely why I'm here. If these men were able to find me and stalk me without my knowledge so easily, then clearly they have resources and skills I can use to my advantage."

Looking up at the ceiling, then down at his drink, the man continues. "Do you have a name?"

HP 35 | AC 16 | Touch 12 | FF 14 | Fort +7 | Ref +5 | Will +2 | Init +4 | Perception +7

Also just seeing this, sorry for the delay. I'm on the opposite timezone from most american players so I go to bed and always wake up with full threads.

Sitting at one corner of the bar, smoking a pipe is a one-eyed middle aged dwarf. Until the tall shadowy man stepped out, he had been 'ignoring' everybody. Keeping quiet and observing all the comings and goings. He listens to the shadowy man, with a frown on his face. Spend five years in prison, and when I finally get out I'm forced to answer summons. Begging help from the Blood Knives, bah! Everything's gone to sh*t.

He hefts his large wrought iron shafted warhammer off his shoulder, and leans it against the bar before tapping out his pipe and downing the rest of his tankard in one gulp. Some of the foamy ale streams into the white hair of his long beard, leaving it looking like a storm tossed sea. "Barkeep, another round! Make it some good dwarven whiskey!" He half roars, half growls across the bar. Might as well take advantage of the open bar. Maybe they plan on testing us somehow tonight... Ranus begins to carefull scrutinize the Shadowed Dragon and its occupants from his barstool perch, looking for signs of danger or anything out of the ordinary.

Perception (take 20) = 27

Male Elf Barbarian(Urban Barbarian/Savage Barbarian) 3rd

Better late than never.

Castieen sets at a table at the middle of the tavern by himself. Fine dark red silks and multiple silver chains hang off of the elf's strong bone structure. Skin stretched taut over limber muscles shows itself to be light, but obviously touched by the sun. The elf is almost alien in appearance, dark eyes deepened by gaunt cheeks and ashy blonde hair with spots stark white as if blown bright by the sun. His attire is light and flowing and shows a bit of wealth, he wears it imposingly well. There is a bestial quality to the elf's smile, as if something was off just below the surface

He nurses a bottle of wine setting at the middle of the table, and is sure to finish off his glass as the shadowy figure vanishes. He'd been around this town and this wasn't his first time seeing a cloaked figure vanish. It would take a little more to unnerve Castieen. " Indeed barkeep, bring me another bottle of your wine. Tonight is a night for revelry if nothing else." Castieen pours himself the last of the current bottle and awaits the arrival of the next, along with the arrival of any newcomers. The Shadowed dragon was already filling with faces he didn't know, faces trying to hide their faces, and a few faces he wouldn't mind getting to know. He maintains an inviting posture, using his charm without restraint on any barmaiden or patron who gives him a second glance. His eyes level eventually on Lady Natalia, offering a sly smile he glances at an open chair across from him" You're about the only one around here who looks like they've graduated from profiteering school" He jests" I'm not sure how long these cutpurses around us have been past stealing bread for their daily keep. Surely the knives seek those like us, more ambitious, as it were."

Castieen keeps a wary eye out for danger between sips of the wine and small talk.

Perception1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

M Human Soundstriker Bard 2

I thought this was for accepted people only sorry for being late

Alezzandro stands outside the bar in the shadows scoping out the situation at the door. Only one bouncer tonight, good. Hopefully he'll fall for the old messenger boy trick and let me in. I'm certainly not getting in there dressed like this. He looks down at his clothes and smiles as he remembers the reason he was dressed as a beggar today. It had been a whole day since he had killed so today he purposely dressed like a pathetic urchin and tried to get mugged. The thief he ran into in the alley was not prepared for what Al had to give him. Al was quite happy though as the thief had made a good living and Al's belly and pocket were much more full now the deed had been done.

The boy quickly changes into his travelers outfit and checks his face in his mirror. take 10 on disguise as human child so DC 30 He takes a minute to scribble an incomprehensible message on a peice of paper and roll it up. He walks up to the lone bouncer and speaks in his most perfect innocent voice.

I'm here to deliver a message sir, for one of the patrons. Name's Giblet I believe. The bouncer doesn't budge just grumbles something about no kids allowed. Please sir if I don't deliver this message I'll most certainly get a good switching when I return to my master. Please don't let that happen.
Bluff1d20 + 10 ⇒ (5) + 10 = 15


Stuff I did after i saw my bluff check:

sorry I sort of played out the guard. I am late to the party and wanted to expedite myself getting in there. I did not think you would be so quick to ninja me with a response. Good show. If you want this can still happen, but i'm also very fine with just walking in.

The bouncer smiles and tussles the boys hair. "get lost kid I already told you no youngins allowed."

Al reaches up touching the mans hand to remove it from his head and the man screams out in terror as he collapses cowering on the ground unless he makes a dc 15 fort save with a -4 penalty. Al leaps back as if surprised and runs through the bar door screaming to all that will listen.

Please, help me this guy just started going crazy. I have no idea what happened I was just trying to deliver a message here when he started screaming and acting all strange. I think he wants to hurt me. Take 10 on bluff to prove innocence and +4 for hiding offensive action. DC 24

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

The guard stands impassive as granite, the boy's pleas falling on deaf ears. Suddenly his eyes grow slightly distant as if listening to something from afar "You've been expected, head inside" He says and motions the boy past.

Male Varisian Human
Common Stats:
Init:7, Perc:16 // HP:82 // AC:19, Touch:14, FF:15 // F:10, R:11, W:5 // CMB:12, CMD:25

Cairn sat at the card table quietly and thought about what the tall man had said...there's enough talent in this room to start a new gang let alone add to the ranks of an old one...[i] Still, he'd heard enough about the Blood Knives to know it was a decent enough gang to get attached to...[i]reputation definitely preceeds it... but he wasnt sure of their hiring methods. Inviting a bunch of them into a tavern and feeding them drinks to 'watch' what happened didnt have any sort of organizational accumen to it. He folded his hand and paid his ante for the next hand and waited to see what happened.

Your luck is running strong tonight Rupert.

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia watches as Sweet gets up to watch the card game, she sighs. She has never understood the fasination with gambling but understood its meaning. She uncrosses her legs and is about to join Sweet when an Elf comes over to chat.

Natalia finishes her glass of wine. "I dress to impress... men will smile and nod and give you anything you want as long as you look pretty enough. They wouldn't even notice when I take out a dagger and cut off their manhood and feed it to my crow" Her words are said to slightly startle the elf, and to emphasis her point Chaos caws loudly at Castieen. Natalia smiles at her jest.

Male Half-Orc Fighter/Level 4/HP:36/36 /AC:17 /Init: +2/Perc:+2/HD: 4/4

As Ragard contemplates the words of the strange man...

Blood Knives, huh? They sound familiar, but I have not been in this enormous city for long. That's alright, it will not take them long to find my worth.

He glances over his shoulder at the comments of the gambling man in the corner, and when the little lassie works her way over, he stands to his full height, ale in hand and walks to the card table as well.

Ragar stands next to the attractive lass ("Sweet") and leans over, saying quietly,

Good evening, lady. Ragar's the name. And you are?

He glances at Rupert and nods.

Sweet sees Lady Natalia talking to another attractive female and a slight bit of jealous overtakes her countenance. She quickly gets her emotions under control and sets her attention on the large Half Orc. Turning on her charm:

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16

Good evening yourself. Softly touching Ragar's massive tricep. The dark stranger said we all had something to offer. What do you bring to the blood knives? Partially asked as small talk and partially as an inquiry into the Half Orc's possible strengths and weaknesses.

Intentionally avoiding to offer a name and using the event to hone one of the most important skills she brings to the organization, distraction.

HP 35 | AC 16 | Touch 12 | FF 14 | Fort +7 | Ref +5 | Will +2 | Init +4 | Perception +7

After finishing his ale in one gulp Ranus eyes Ragar talking to Sweet. F*ck all this waiting around. Might as well make the night worthwhile. He stands up and makes his way 'drunkenly' over to the pair.

Bluff to act drunk 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (20) + 3 = 23

He approaches Ragar from the side. Ranus' head barely goes above the large half-orc's waist. "Hey there big fella, no hogging all the pretty ones for yerself!" He says with an 'intoxicated slap' to the bigger man's waist. "What's yer name pretty lady?" He says, slurring his words a bit for effect.

Female Half-Elf Rogue (acrobat) 2, Bard (Dervish Dancer) 1
The Darkstalker wrote:

A casual glance towards the table where the lone cloaked figure was supposedly sitting at reveals that he has, in fact, gone. Suddenly, a seat at the bar appears occupied by the mysterious person. The seat was previously empty, and is flanked by a seat occupied by a female half-elf.

The man does not speak, but he slips a few coins across the bar to the tender, who looks at him curiously, before pouring a drink that he didn't ask for, and setting it down in front of him. The man takes a drink and then peers out of his hood at the woman next to him.

"So, you're also being scouted for this little troop, huh?" he says in a quiet voice that almost sounds like it might be coming out of the wind. The voice drifts into the woman's ear. "To be honest, I had no idea I was being followed. That's precisely why I'm here. If these men were able to find me and stalk me without my knowledge so easily, then clearly they have resources and skills I can use to my advantage."

Looking up at the ceiling, then down at his drink, the man continues. "Do you have a name?"

The half-elf looks to her new admirer as he sets the drink down in front of him. She boldly reaches for the drink to take a sip thanks for the drink though I prefer not to share...

she looks to the stranger her long black hair neatly bunned under her shaw.

I go by the the name Tabby she says with a bit of trepidation in her voice hopeing the name does not sound familiar to him.

She then turns on her seat to catch a bit of the card game observing those at the table to see who is the grifter and who is the mark.

Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (5) + 9 = 14

to stranger next to her, who do you suppose will be supplying my pay tonight she asks indicating the card game going on looking for her next mark.

Male Half-Orc Fighter/Level 4/HP:36/36 /AC:17 /Init: +2/Perc:+2/HD: 4/4

Well, lady, I bring my double axe and years of experience dealing with the troubles of others when words no longer suffice. And you? What skills, besides your beauty...

His next words are cut short when a drunken dwarf slaps him on the waste.

Apparently the flies are biting in this hole. I'll excuse the first one, friend. Who might you be little fella?

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia watches the exchange between Sweet, the dwarf and the half-orc out of the corner of her eye. She looks at her crow Chaos and motions her eyes to the group. Chaos appears to nod and flies to the chair beside the group and perches, watching all three of them intently. He caws and appears to descreetly groom himself, all the while keeping an eye on the three of them.

Male Halfling Rogue (Sniper) 3

The man under the hood makes no movement to stop her as she takes a sip, though the drink she has picked up is a very strong whiskey, straight up, and likely tastes awful to her unless she has already developed a taste for whiskey.

"Tabby, huh? I'll remember that," the man replies. Once again, it's as if he hasn't spoken at all, and the wind is carrying his voice to her.

When she indicates her desire to mark one of the players, the man chuckles a bit. "Were you not paying attention? We are all here because of our skills, but more than that. I'm willing to bet everyone in this room is a thief or a brute, and the personality that goes along with that is greedy, selfish, and cruel. If they catch you, they'll end you. It's not worth the risk, in my opinion."

Male Varisian Human
Common Stats:
Init:7, Perc:16 // HP:82 // AC:19, Touch:14, FF:15 // F:10, R:11, W:5 // CMB:12, CMD:25

Cairn folded yet another hand. He wasnt much of a card player and besides Blackfingers always told him...'only gamble with what you can afford to lose'... so the game was just a front for him being here. Now that the tall fool had just announced to the whole tavern that everyone in here was working he'd have to lay low for some time if he wasnt picked...this better not be a waste of time or someone's soul will be feeding Father Skinsaw...

Male Archangel of Awesome Paladin of Badassery 20

Just a heads up, I will likely be gone most of the day/night. I am on my way to the Yankees game with my sister n little niece, and may not be home till late.

That said, keep playing. I am rather enjoying this. Now then, just a little something extra.

As Lady Natalia watches the room, a dagger with several rubies on its hilt appears next to her. The way what little light in the tavern reflects off the gems makes the blade look to be coated in blood. The tip of the knife is pointed directly at her.

Sweet smiles at all of the attention she has been able to generate (knowing that the guild is watching).

Sense Motive on the dwarf's acting: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17

Now fellas...take it easy. We are all having fun here and there is enough of me to go around.

Sweet quickly glances at Rupert catching his eye ever so wily indicating she has succeded at assisting his chances at the table.

Always keeping a watchful eye on her new friend Lady Natalia, Sweet catches a glimpse of the blood soaked dagger on the bar and waits for the Lady's reaction. She continues evaluating the position and demeanor of each patron. While charming the men around Rupert's table, she secretly plays out multiple scenarios in her head should something go down.

HP 35 | AC 16 | Touch 12 | FF 14 | Fort +7 | Ref +5 | Will +2 | Init +4 | Perception +7

"My name's Bombur Bonebeard! How come yer hair's so red?" Ranus says with a hiccup.

Bluff 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9

"Hey look, I think that lady's crow likes yer hair too! He's starin' at us somthin' awful." Ranus continues, putting his hand around Ragar's waist for support and pointing at Lady Natalia's familiar.

Sleight of Hand to steal Ragar's purse.1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23

He removes his arm, deftly pocketing the purse before vomiting all over his own and Ragar's feet. "What's your name? He says through a vomity beard, a wide grin on his face.

Male Half-Orc Fighter/Level 4/HP:36/36 /AC:17 /Init: +2/Perc:+2/HD: 4/4

Ragar cannot help but notice the attentions of the lady drawn across the room to the lady that she originally was seated with. He steps back from the dwarf and closer to the lady.

I never did catch your name, lady? Somethin' amiss?

Female Human (Jadwiga) Witch (Winter Witch)/4

Natalia picks up the blade and looks intently at it. Hmm, a blood knife... appears I have been choosen

Detect Magic on knife

She then sets the knife down in front of her on the table. She admires the gems and wonders if she will be able to keep it after they are all done.

Natalia looks up at Rygar, "Nothing amiss at all, I just don't trust anyone in this room and I like to keep an eye on the ones closest to me... She sticks the blood knife into the table to enforce her point.

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