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The Awakening

Game Master Turnage

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Male Orc Expert 5

It caught me off guard too but I'm just rolling with it.

Talmanes al'Vence wrote:
I have purposefully avoided using Golarion fluff as this is not set in Golarion; thus i'm very confused when people keep referencing it.

same, but also just rolling with it as it doesn't directly effect my character.

M Human Ranger 1 (Urban)/ (Per: +5/7 Init:+4 HP 13/13 AC: 18/14/14 F: +4 R: +6 W: +1/3 ve fear)

My background was Golarion all the way so I'm running with it. :) Hey I am sure lots of worlds have northern barbarians fighting winter witches...

Well I'll let it slide but I would much rather you consulted me before using other lore/making up lore because now I'll probably have to shift a few things around :(.

M Human Ranger 1 (Urban)/ (Per: +5/7 Init:+4 HP 13/13 AC: 18/14/14 F: +4 R: +6 W: +1/3 ve fear)

Sigh. You will let my extra effort at role playing slide? My attempt to improve your game? In most games the DM thanks players for adding color and background where it was undefined. I likely should have send this as a PM but your comment just hit me wrong.

There IS a whole defined world but I am yet to throw you guys into it because it is going to be a mainly open world campaign and I wanted you to get familiar with a few main characters and with eachother before I let you guys loose.

This is MY home made campaign, I made it, this is not something out of a book, I have put a lot of work into it. Your colour that you have added has required me to change a few things around, there was one particularly large quest line that I am now having to completely change due to the fact that magic users in the north would completely nullify an element of it.

All I am asking is for you to PM me to ask if you can add world things to do with your background before you brazenly do it, it's not a huge request.

M Human Ranger 1 (Urban)/ (Per: +5/7 Init:+4 HP 13/13 AC: 18/14/14 F: +4 R: +6 W: +1/3 ve fear)

I did not mean to be so disruptive to your game. I will just bow out and let you play it, and I will go and play where I feel more appreciated. I hope everyone has a good game.

Sorry for the slow posting guys, this has been for several reasons, but the one that concerns you guys is that I have been reworking the campaign. I am going to make this a lot more linear, it won't be a led by the nose dungeon crawl but I'm going to try and give you guys a lot more direction. If you want me to revert to how it was and have the campaign massively open up when you finish this first mission, I'm happy to do that, but this campaign was originally designed for RL play which is much faster.

Let me know what you guys think.

Init: +11, Perception: +18, AC: 24, HP: 68/68, Saves: 9/13/6

Works for me. Thank you for putting the effort into reworking it.

same here. I know how much effort it takes doing your own homebrew, not to mention your own entire world. I'd be lost as to where to start and probably just be ripping off David Gemmel, Star Wars, R.A.Salvatore and many, many others.

Female Half Elf Shaman 4

I think the dice roller is borked.

Also it occurs to me I should really get a better initiative. Fun things can happen when the first round comes and seila already has a grappled,entangled,fatigued, flanked target served up to the blender.

Sure we'll all be busy this week so merry christmas!

Yeah I assumed everyone was going to be busy for the next few days so I wasn't expecting any posts. Happy christmas and new year everybody!

Hope everyones had a great christmas and new year, since those are all gone now I was hoping we could get back to some regular posting. We're waiting on you guys to decide what to do about the two people that have spotted you.

Same here, hope you all had a great time, I know I did. I'm ready for regular posting. I'm waking up my own games too.

Male Human Monk 1 (Wanderer)

Starting to crawl out from under the rock that is exam period. Posting now.

Init: +11, Perception: +18, AC: 24, HP: 68/68, Saves: 9/13/6

Turnage-Would you mind making this campaign inactive?

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