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Game Master lynora

This is a high level rules light game set in a school for magical kids, kinda a mash-up of Soul Eater, Harry Potter, and X-Men. :)

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detect magic, analyze dewomer on anything dubbed significant.
male Icy Catfolk image 16 warlock/rogue image2

Tybs nods and moves another pawn up next to his previous one.

"If the robe's magic channels are gold thread, then obviously gold is the best option for the watch. And that's in no short supply. We could melt down coins or your feathers for that if we needed to."

He takes the edge of the robe to inspect it for a moment before his ears flick as they do sometimes when something occurs to him.

"Actually, if you're immune to fire do your feathers still melt if they get hot? And would they melt if they weren't attached to you any more? They'd probably still hammer out alright, but would they melt?"

He lets go of the edge of your robe, smoothing it out as he sets it down.

"Only the case and band for the watch need to be gold, really. That's where most of the magic would sync to. The inside would need to be steel because gold warps too easily to use in such small parts. Especially since you tend to, uh, do the woosh thing, ya know?"

He refers to your tendency to set yourself on fire, both times using the weird tone and expression he gets when talking about fire.

Male Peri blooded aasimar with the diamond template sorcerer 16 wilder (leader/telepath) 3 elocater 2, thrallherd 1, pyrokineticist 10.

"Bishop to g2," he says moveing the piece "I'm not sure the gold has a function other than aesthetics, drow silk is highly magically conductive...huh I'm not actually sure, they don't get damaged when they're on me, even though they're technically dead, like your hair, hmm if we used me as the material components my own innate magics might effect the result in difficult to predict ways, espically if they don't melt and we have to use cold forging techniques, I mean I've used my own body parts for potion components before though we don't have to worry too much it warping with heat or the cloth I think the magics count magic items I'm using as part of me, unless I loose control and get all explody, a bigger deal would be how I tend to go back and forth from one extreme temperature to another... I'm sorry for makeing you nervous with my tendancy to um "woosh""

Male Human Gestalt Inquisitor/Dragon Knight 16

As the ship descends, Ghalen takes note of Class, name, and registry. After the ship lands, and the refugees are given clearance to leave, Ghalen begins to section them off into groups, ordered by injury, and mental state. He will do so with precision, as if it's second nature.

"Repp, this group seems to be the most lucid. Perhaps you can start gathering information from them..."

M Advanced tengu 1/2 Black Dragon 16 Gestalt Alchemist/Witch
The yellow boxes wrote:
"something to do with internal magics like sorcerers and magical animals, either way, not important, but why can't you just fix whatever is wrong with my 'Chakras'"

"Didn't say I couldn't probably fix them. As it stands now, within the next day or two they will be properly aligned with this body. If that is what you want then we don't have to do anything. If not, then I need more information on your true form and the circumstances surrounding how you came to be this way."


She sighed. She hadn't wanted to commit this to paper, but it was impossible to talk to the Headmaster these days. Too many emergencies. She sat down and wrote the note, which magically delivered itself to the Headmaster's desk.


I wish I did not have to inform you of this, but there is a possibility that you may have to relieve me of my post in the near future. You already know the particulars of my past and the manner in which I have locked those things away. However, when I was assisting a student by the name of Treisdan Achdarach with a psychological problem (I was unfortunately unable to prevent him from splitting his psyche in two...this will no doubt come back to haunt us in future) the student discovered my name. He has not been free with it this far, thank goodness, but the knowledge being out there is enough to disturb the fragile balance. My powers are somewhat unstable and I have noticed that everything I have done recently has acquired a distinctly aquatic bent. This is unsurprisingly exacerbated by him trying to break free. The problem with dealing with dead gods is that they can't seem to grasp the concept that they are not in fact gods anymore. I would consult with someone to see if there was some way to regain control of this, but as it turns out there have not in the history of history been a great many accidental Deicides. The only ones I have been able to find reference to in the library decided to ascend completely, which is a very different situation than mine. If you know of some solution to my problem, I am happy to consider it. If not, well, I felt that it was my duty to warn you before I became another unforeseen problem.
Miss Jones

Imagefemale weredragon (amethyst) gestalt Soulknife17/oracle10/divine gunslinger7

Ephebe lay on the ground curled into a ball. Her whole body was on fire and she was freezing. Rewriting Time was not a comfortable process. But she was finally able to understand why Kronos appeared so different in the maze than anywhere else. She prayed that the ritual to resurrect Balance would be over soon, knowing that it would take forever too. She was unaware of the status of the battle raging on around her as other, failed versions of her attacked. They didn't understand. They couldn't understand. Andromeda only kind of understood and that was because they had shared a brain for months.

Fei, of the Perfect Logic wrote:

"The other Vai has been...eliminated. I require the location of the temporal breach so the...remains...can be returned to where they belong and slow the breach's spread."

The emerald glow pulses more brightly as he speaks, then dims back down.

Besides the unusual deadpan tone, Aananda notes that Fei did not address her with the title he always uses with her. Since she took him on a a student he has never addressed her otherwise.

Aananda recognizes the aftereffects of trauma when she sees it. She wished she didn't. But that blank look of complete dissociation was so familiar and seeing it again was like a kick to the gut.

"No. Bring the remains here. I can shrink them down. Melody can send them through. You cannot safely approach the breach. She can. And she's already going there in order to shut down the breach. We are just finishing her protective suit. She'll be ready to go in a matter of minutes," she said, her voice calm and firm. There would be time for emotions later. Now she needed to keep it together, keep working. Save the world first. Cry later.


Having gained medical clearance, Jeran went looking for the 'chosen one' and her protectors. He wasn't sure what had happened to Tryko'Sam, but he'd asked Kevin to try and track him down if possible. Or at least find someone else who could do it for him. And that would have to wait for a little while at least. He'd made promises and he couldn't abandon his responisbilties.
When he finally tracked her down, he found her in a wooded area on the grounds with Sil and Jaiye and some people from the fencing club. He blinked in surprise.
Jaiye caught his eye and grinned. "Sil was freaking out, and it sounded important so I asked Sadie to send some help. Didn't fancy fighting off demons on my own," she said with a shrug.

Sorry to be a bit heavy handed here, but figure it's worth it to get this back on track. If anyone wants to be present as members of the fencing club here, feel free. Not sure if there's any more to the story, but the day isn't over yet, so who knows what other attacks might occur. :)

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