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The Avalon Chronicles

Game Master lynora

This is a high level rules light game set in a school for magical kids, kinda a mash-up of Soul Eater, Harry Potter, and X-Men. :)

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Male Earth Elemental (Type Unknown) Unknown

Turning slightly to Ananda, Wyrd smiles somewhat sheepishly. Ananda suddenly gets a strong impression that Wyrd is very young, even before the event that changed him into an elemental.

I discovered these things on the trip here, I was just so worried I would be turned away that the new memories were hiding from me.


"Well, it's still progress. And yet more reason to get you learning meditation. Who knows how much more you'll remember once you learn to keep a calm mind."

Male Earth Elemental (Type Unknown) Unknown

And I can stop lighting things on fire.

As Vai is studying, she hears mumbling behind her from her roommate.

F Sylph

"nnnnnnnnnnnnGAH NO MOM I HATE PRINCES!"

'Sima awakens from a brief, hard sleep. More like passing out, really. I was just...I was just sitting here, I was leaning, the wall was cool. There was the Hope Champion, then...I don't...wait, light? She looks over at the girl sitting at her desk.

"V...Vai? Vai?!"

Male Unknown 16 Invulnerable Rager/ 16 Hex Crafter Magus

Dotting because I did not notice that it went off my focus list.

F Sylph

As she peers over at Vai, Nasima notices the Ascher and lets out a little shriek of surprise.

"AAAACK! Clouds and caprice, what is that?" Suddenly feeling bad, she adds "is it...a new student?"

The aschen grinned at her, making its appearance even more unsettling. It shoved the crumpled letter at her.

"Boss lady said give this. Said watch you and make stone malfunction."

F Sylph

Nasima takes the crumpled note, instantly recognizing the handwriting, and gulps. "Okay. Um. Okay. All part of the plan, I guess. Do you have a name? And...what are you, anyway? I'm not familiar with your, uh, type of creature..."

A faint, dull throbbing started in Nasima's temples the second she noticed the aschen, and it's increasing every minute the nightmarish little thing is around her. However, the stone in her forehead is turning cloudy and has taken on an indistinct shade of gray, two things it has never done before.

Female Half-elf Gestalt Sorcerer6/Dragon Disciple9 // Rogue (Swashbuckler)8/Duelist7

Vai stands up and walks over to sit on Nasima's bed instead. It's been a while since they've really talked, but Nasima can notice a change in the way Vai carries herself. At very least, she doesn't seem to be hiding behind her hair anymore. "It sounded like you were having a nightmare Nasima. SOmething about a prince?" Vai teased.

Wyrd the Elemental wrote:
To be perfectly blunt, Headmaster, I do not remember much about myself. During my journey here I discovered that I intense dislike of those who inflict suffering on others; I have some skill in healing others, though until today I have had to instruct smaller people in what to do; I have a deep love for natural, wild places; animals, even wild ones, are generally unafraid of me despite my metal form; and that the sound of a forge is very soothing. Beyond that I am as much a mystery to myself as I am to everyone else.

"Well, we have plenty of classes for you then. Meditation to help you keep your size at whatever you want, Basic Anatomy to increase your knowledge of healing, Botany if you like plants, and Care for Magical Creatures. We can also start you in Basic Physical Education, but I think Advanced P.E. might be a better choice."

"Don't know about the forge though, unless Professor Sunwake thinks the lab would count."


"Well, we could probably use a forge....I'll ask James. If we don't have one, we will by the end of the day. I think James and Jim could both use one honestly considering some of the things they're working on."

The aschen grinned and capered across Nasima's pillow.
"I'm aschen. No have names, we bad luck, people call us lots of interesting things. We work for boss lady until contract expires. Make baaaaaad luck, bad luck for things that work. Things don't work when we're around. Hee hee don't happen to have any coffee do you," it asked hopefully, saying the word coffee almost reverently.

F Sylph

Sorry, I can't remember; did the note specify "no coffee" for aschens, or was that something that was supposed to be passed on to me?

'Sima looks on with a mix of disgust and awe as the little creature dances and jumps about. "Hey! Stop that now, you're, slime...stuff on my pillow! Bad enough I drool in my sleep..."

Turning to Vai, the sylph gives an embarrassed smile. "Yeah, I did dream about a prince. I thought I woke up, but then I laid back and I guess I fell asleep again. sucked. It was awful. I dreamed mom had me betrothed, but then it turned out just to be another of Khoda's stupid tricks to give him more control. This is just getting creepier and creepier." She gets off the bed -- taking her pillow with her -- and pads over to the closet. After pulling down a towel, she tries wiping off the aschen's effluvia, only to smear it all over the towel, too, making a mess of both items. She sighs.

"I'm sorry, Vai, I'm sorry I've been so out of it. I just...half the time I'm not in control of what's going on, and the other half I'm trying to solve what's going on, and I basically never even know what's going on. I had to talk to Ryleh earlier and she's so intimidating and she had a plan, and...uh...hey." She trails off after looking at her roommate. "Are you...did you...what's different? Did you do something new with your hair? You look really good."

The only thing about coffee that has been mentioned was that Ephebe threatened it with no more coffee if it made Sima go boom. Giving an aschen coffee is a good idea if you want it to at least try to behave. :P

Female Half-elf Gestalt Sorcerer6/Dragon Disciple9 // Rogue (Swashbuckler)8/Duelist7

Vai's tease turns into a grim look as Nasima explains the details of her dream, and she gets up and follows Nasima, listening. When she sees that Nasima is just making more of a mess, Vai gently takes the pillow and towel, focuses for a second and wipes both clean with a spell. (Presdigitation).

Vai blushes when Nasima comments on how good she looks, though it's a little hard to notice given the dim lighting. Why does everyone keep saying that?! "I... I don't think I've changed anything..." she briefly touches her hair just to be sure. "But that's not important. Ryleh is... intimidating, but she is very smart. She... she saved me from Aegythrax. I don't know if anyone else could've fought him on his level. If she has a plan, we should trust her." With the pillow and towel clean, Vai goes back to sit on Nasima's bed, eyeing the aschen warily. "Sometimes I feel so useless. I told you I was going to help you, but I haven't really done anything. It must be really scary, not knowing when you're going to lose control..."

Male Earth Elemental (Type Unknown) Unknown

That sounds like it would be fine, Headmaster. I look forward to gaining understanding through my time here.

F Sylph

"Oh, thanks for the pillow cleaning." Nasima puts back her towel and walks back to the bed, dropping the pillow a ways away from the gibbering aschen. She shoos it off the bed.

"She is smart, it's true." the sylph begins, talking about Ryleh, "and so very grand. But still, yeah; intimidating. I don't even know what the plan is! I hope it helps. I hope I can do whatever they need me to do."

To the aschen's pleading insistences she whispers "...okay, okay, coming right up!" and walks over to the small 4-cup coffee pot mom gave her. The massive samovar from her dad -- which, frankly, she prefers -- had to stay back in her chambers in mom's palace.

"Don't feel useless, Vai." Nasima briefly, reassuringly touches the other girl's shoulder. "Honestly having someone to talk to helps so much. It gives me something to focus on. Or someone, rather." A smile. "And anyway, I don't know how anyone can know how to help with...with this." She pokes the stone in her forehead. "So don't be down on yourself."

After finishing putting in grounds and water, she starts the coffeemaker. The aschen stands in front of the appliance, drooling and rubbing its hands together in a hilariously overblown pantomime of gluttonous glee. Nasima goes back over to her bed and flops down.

"It is weird, not knowing when I might be someone...else. And it is scary, too. I'm trying to be brave. I mean, you and Ephebe and Asch and everyone else, you've all had these...horrible pasts. I've had a pretty easy life, really. I don't know how any of you made it through, but thinking about it helps me, 'cos I sure don't have the...the...the steel to do it on my own. I gotta learn it. I gotta earn it. I just hope I can earn it and keep my brain intact."

Female Half-elf Gestalt Sorcerer6/Dragon Disciple9 // Rogue (Swashbuckler)8/Duelist7

Vai smiles briefly. "I hope so too. I... I try not to think about what I've gone through. It doesn't really help. It doesn't make me strong." Vai looks away, obviously trying to hide her facial expression. "You know," Vai says, still looking away. "Khoda isn't the scary part about this for me. You told me he's a being made of lightning... but I make lighting too. I honestly don't think Khoda could hurt me," At this point Vai turns back. Her eyes are watery, and her voice cracks a little. "But you were my first friend at Avalon. It's you who I'm worried for."

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Having finally figured out how the coffeemaker works, the aschen has moved the pot out of the way and has its mouth wide open underneath the spout so that the delicious brew drops straight into its waiting mouth. It's making noises that can only be presumed to be gleeful.

narrator wrote:
Having finally figured out how the coffeemaker works, the aschen has moved the pot out of the way and has its mouth wide open underneath the spout so that the delicious brew drops straight into its waiting mouth. It's making noises that can only be presumed to be gleeful.

Ahahahahahaaaa, I was gonna post pretty much the exact same thing but you beat me to it. Awesome! :-D

F Sylph

"Wh-aw hey, Vai! Vai, that's so sweet. I...D'you mean it? I thought I just sorta...weirded you out. I was kinda manic, if I recall that day correctly. Heh." Nasima gives a weak laugh and gladly turns away from the disgusting little devil thingy that is now mainlining hot coffee right down its throat. She looks back over at her roommate, now facing away from her.

"I don't really know what to say, I guess, except thanks. You mean a lot to me, too; it's hard making friends in a place like this, even though everyone is so amazing, they can also be kind of intimidating in their own way. Plus everyone's so busy..."

She sits on the bed and grips the edge of the mattress for a moment. "'s weird. I've never been in a position where anyone's had much reason to be afraid for me, but you are right; I'm in trouble, and I don't really know how to handle it, or what to think, or what to do, or anything." Nasima stands and goes over and gives Vai a hug. "Anyway, I'm babbling. Thank you. I'm glad you're my friend, and you're mine. I need all the friends I can get right now. I don't...I honestly don't know what's going to happen. Khoda is a god, Vai. I'm just a sylph. I don't know what plan Ryleh has, and I don't know if it involves me, um, living. And I'm terrified, but I have to be prepared for that. Knowing the stakes of things that happen around here, it's a very real possibility." Nasima looks Vai in the eyes, and gives a wry, weak smile.

Female Half-elf Gestalt Sorcerer6/Dragon Disciple9 // Rogue (Swashbuckler)8/Duelist7

Vai hugs Nasima back. "Of course I meant it. I was weirded out at first... but then, you remember when I ran to the bathroom and transformed for the first time? You comforted me and helped me, and you weren't scared of me afterwards. You did alot to help me." Vai tightens her hug. "God or not, I won't let him take you. I don't know how I'll do it, but Phaez - that's the quasit we met one day - is helping me develop my magic and my Mom is helping me with my transformations. I'll find a way. Promise."

F Sylph

'Sima smiles. "Thanks. I hope I'm worth whatever goes down."

She is about to say more, but at that moment the coffeemaker finishes cycling and the aschen stands up and lets loose a raucous and smelly belch, grinning as it wipes its mouth with the back of its hand. The coffeemaker makes a terrible *SPROING* sound and launches a spring into the air. A bit of smoke rises from the now-broken device, busted from proximity to the aschen.

"Nice." Nasima says dubiously to the little demon-thing. "Way to ruin the moment. I sure hope you turn out to be useful..."

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"Already useful," the creature said happily, pointing to the stone in Nasima's forehead. "Can't control if can't find the channel. Stands to reason. I do good job now. Not even mess up half as much of your stuff as I was gonna. Nice lady gives aschen coffee."

Warforged Engineer Alchemist 16/Armiger 16 Champion of Creation

Oh, these aschens are delightful. As the Champion of Creation, these things bother me. :/

Female Half-elf Gestalt Sorcerer6/Dragon Disciple9 // Rogue (Swashbuckler)8/Duelist7

Vai glares at the aschen, "You know, you broke it. So now we can't make you any more, so don't expect more." Vai sniffs, then looks back to Nasima. "Um... do you think it's weird if girls... like other girls?" Vai says, asking the question almost oblivious of the context, with her sitting on Nasima's bed.

F Sylph

'Sima opens her mouth to answer the aschen, but then Vai's question catches her by surprise. She blinks twice, then cocks her head quizzically.

"I certainly don't think it's weird. Love is love and 'like' is 'like'. Both, sadly, are rare enough in the multiverse that to preemptively limit them by race or gender or whatever is silly. 'Love as thou wilt' is what mom always says. Can't remember where she read that, but it sure is the truth."

Nasima raises one eyebrow. "Um. Is there...something you want to tell me?"

Female Half-elf Gestalt Sorcerer6/Dragon Disciple9 // Rogue (Swashbuckler)8/Duelist7

Realization dawns on Vai's face as she just realizes what she said: "Er um, uh.. I mean... It's not..." Vai was a little panicked and stumbling over her words, feeling the heat rising in her face. "I mean... it's not you. Er. Not that you aren't pretty, it's just... There's a girl." Vai takes a deep breath, forcing herself to calm down. "There's a girl tonight who told me she liked me, and I don't really know what to do. She's pretty, and... when I'm near men, I feel nervous. Like I don't know what they're going to do to me. But girls don't make me feel nervous like that." Vai stops suddenly. "My problems seem really silly when compared to yours."

The aschen had figured out how to get the grounds out of the machine and was using the filter as a bowl while it scooped up the grounds in its hand and munched on them like popcorn while watching the drama unfold. Teenage girls were weird, it thought.

F Sylph

Nasima shakes her head. "Problems are problems, Vai; we all have to deal with what's before us. 'None of us can live another's life for them, nor shoulder their burdens.'" She smiles. "I wish I'd come up with that, but it's something Sifu Daiyu told me."

"Boys are indeed kinda weird and aggressive and...and tough to deal with sometimes." the sylph sits down next to her friend on the bed. "If you're comfortable around this girl and you like her, then go on a date! Nothing could be simpler! Just...go on a date. Have fun! It might sound like I'm oversimplifying, but I'm totally not. It really is just that easy, especially around here; it's one of the good things about this place."

Male Half-Elf

Should I be offended or glad she didn't seem uncomfortable around me?

Looking like he's been tackled and carrying a pack, Michael appears back in the teleportation circle and greets the dwarf there with a smile. He heads to his room for some sleep, but keeps tossing and turning as his mind brings back memories he'd rather forget. He's finally able to sleep after he's pulled the bottle of slurk pheromone from inside the wall and sets it on his desk.

Tomorrow, he'd face Professor Sunwake.

Vai and Nasima, please feel free to finish your conversation and we can retcon it in. But I really need to switch to the next day now since just about everyone else is in a holding pattern.


After a quick breakfast, Ori finished making copies of what maps of the area they were travelling that were available and checked the equipment that had been suggested by Khassar. She sent messenger birds to Oneiro, Khassar, and Jeran telling them to meet her outside the teleportation room once they'd had breakfast.

Female Half-elf Gestalt Sorcerer6/Dragon Disciple9 // Rogue (Swashbuckler)8/Duelist7

Probably offended. But she feels nervous around any guy, even her friends, even if I don't explicitly say it.

Vai shrugs. "It doesn't seem like it should be that simple, but maybe you're right. Maybe I should just go on a date... but that's another set of problems... maybe for another day? I don't know how I feel like sleeping with that aschen thing in here though..."

Imagefemale weredragon (amethyst) gestalt Soulknife17/oracle10/divine gunslinger7

"Please do NOT tell me that Fi wants us to get up at the crack of dawn just to go shopping," she moaned as the loud insistent knocking was followed by Fieri's voice.

"C'mon, Pheebs, I know how long it takes you to get ready and eat breakfast. If you don't get up now we won't have enough time for a proper shopping trip. I know you can hear me!"

Ephebe groaned and hid her head under the pillow.


Aananda reviewed the security footage for the fifth time and swore. Nope, not an illusion. Okay, well, that tears it. She needed to find this student immediately. She started running comparisons through the database to figure out his name. After a couple of minutes the system came back with Ghalen Kiln and a room number. She transferred a cpoy of the footage onto her wristband and headed out.


Miss Jones smiled with satisfaction as she saw the stage going up with a minimum of fuss and so far only five accidents, and only two of them were accidentally on purpose. Much better than she'd hoped for.

Image (doesn't have wings)

Kitty jumped up, shuriken in hand as soon as Saffire started keening. Nanami put a finger to her mouth.

"Shh. I'm here to warn you. They'll be here today. Remember, I was never here."

And with that Nanami disappeared.

It's looking to be an interesting day.

A small contingent entered Avalon and headed for the Headmaster's office. What appeared to be an old woman wearing a kimono, a middle-aged couple in less formal attire, and two older teenage boys. Nanami slipped into the back and winked at Kyuu and Aoi.

The old woman waited with seeming patience while the middle-aged man knocked on the door.

Just as the Headmaster sends a message to Miss Jones, he hears a knock at his door and opens it with a wave of his hand. Seeing that these people are strangers to him, he stands out of respect.

"Hello. I am Headmaster Ryo Antairus, how may I help you?"

Ori Reading wrote:
After a quick breakfast, Ori finished making copies of what maps of the area they were travelling that were available and checked the equipment that had been suggested by Khassar. She sent messenger birds to Oneiro, Khassar, and Jeran telling them to meet her outside the teleportation room once they'd had breakfast.

Oneiro shows up eating a bagel and looking the same as he always does: like he really needs to sleep.

"Got the mosquito repellent, Professor?"

Image Male Human (Paragon) Gestalt Monk 14 / Fighter (Unarmed) 7 / Elemental Fist 5 / Enlightened Scholar 2 / [CLASSIFIED] 6 (^-^); Champion of Courage
Vai Sunwake wrote:

Probably offended. But she feels nervous around any guy, even her friends, even if I don't explicitly say it.

It was my understanding that I just put you to sleep...(-_-)

[Bows perplexedly]


The middle aged man and woman both bowed respectfully.

"Greetings, Headmaster Ryo," the man said. "I am Tanaka Hidoki and this is my wife, Tanaka Marui. This Obaa-sama is the head of our clan," he said, gesturing towards the old 'woman', who bowed only the slightest bit. "And these are my two oldest children and my sister's son who was entrusted to my keeping; Nanami you have already met, and Ryuu, and Aoi. We are here about our youngest daughter, Sakura-Neko. I believe she goes by 'Kitty' here."

Male Half-Elf

Stretching, Michael eyes the bottle on his desk with distaste. He should have known the slurks would react like that! Grumbling, he takes a shower and get's dressed, knowing this day wasn't going to be a good one.

He finds and empty table at breakfast and sits down to eat his favorite food. Other than seeing Kitty, breakfast was probably going to be the best part of this day.

Image Male Human (Paragon) Gestalt Monk 14 / Fighter (Unarmed) 7 / Elemental Fist 5 / Enlightened Scholar 2 / [CLASSIFIED] 6 (^-^); Champion of Courage

After helping to bring over some of the heavier gear for the stage setup, Fei is now navigating the webwork of rigging in the upper rafters and securing the remote light and sound fixtures. After the earlier accidents, he keeps an eye out for any more potential injuries while the work continues.

Oneiro Mance wrote:

Oneiro shows up eating a bagel and looking the same as he always does: like he really needs to sleep.

"Got the mosquito repellent, Professor?"

"Wouldn't dream of going to the jungle without it," she said cheerfully. "Looks like you're the first one here. Ah, wait. Here we are," she said as Jeran walked up and slouched against the wall, looking warily around. "Now it seems that we're just waiting on Khassar."

"Did you remember to bring extra paper, Oneiro?"

Returning the bow, Ryo gestures and enough chairs for everyone appear.

"Well, welcome to Avalon. Now, what about Sakura-Neko concerns you? She's a wonderful student, now that her teacher's can remember here."

Image (doesn't have wings)

Kitty frantically cleans her room, making sure that everything was put away as neatly as possible. She just knew that they were going to disapprove of her clothes, but it wasn't like she chose them herself. She was still wearing cast-offs from the lost and found.

"Alright, Saffire, I hear you. We'll quickly go and get some breakfast. They're probably talking to the Headmaster already, you know."

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