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The Avalon Chronicles

Game Master lynora

This is a high level rules light game set in a school for magical kids, kinda a mash-up of Soul Eater, Harry Potter, and X-Men. :)

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Image Male Human (Paragon) Gestalt Monk 14 / Fighter (Unarmed) 7 / Elemental Fist 5 / Enlightened Scholar 2 / [CLASSIFIED] 6 (^-^); Champion of Courage
♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:
I've been wondering something. Is Fei's name pronounced like Fi in Fight, Fae like fairies, or Fee like late fee? Or another way I didn't think of?

My name is pronounced the same as 'Fae' or 'day'.

Bows Humbly

Dark Archive

Male Human (half forged) 11 invincable iron man/11 generator

Doing the wrong thing works?

Reapling (scout form) rogue, black blooded oracle, gestalt lvl 16

Truth is it is tricky to do right, kinda requires knowing the person well enough to know what to say and what not to say.

Also, people are different. Some people can't be helped at all via calm speech, comfort, and tenderness as it just makes things worse (I was such a person in my youth), while others can't be helped any other way.

Interestingly, comforting dogs is exactly the wrong thing to do as it makes them scared. If you comfort them, it just reinforces the fact that there is a reason they need to be comforted and drives their anxiety even more. Some people are like this, while for some reason, others are not.

In any case, I would not do any such thing in real life without great need, knowing the person far better, and knowing not only how they would respond but also the right buttons to be pushed. Oh, and of course a lack of a trained counselor, as my psych studies are more focused on learning and cognition, though the counseling class was totally the best class ever, but autistics don't make good counselors. We think too differently to understand the right buttons to be pushed in other people.

M Meatbag Scholor 1

Alright people, so...

Here's a detailed list of several of the prismatic gang, minus Havel, Anton, elegy, and Fenna.

Anything that references dragonform special traits means that it triggers when Havel uses thier special armor buff to buff the group- this is also when the secondary aligment in some charecter's description kicks in.

Balance and story concerns are welcome, as this is the first time I've showed these to people.

And if anyone wants one of the crew for themselves, just ask!

Zanthos the pirate-

CN in both forms.

"Once, there was a pirate ship that recruited someone from a ship they sank. And one day, this ship was devoured by an angry tentacled beast of a dragon. The end."

Zanthos was a pirate that was, largely unwillingly, taken unto a pirate ship, with the other option being death. He quickly became one of the most powerful and respected members, but was never fully into what he did- he didn't like being a pointless, greedy mass murderer.

One day on shore, he met Mike and Drake, who told him about Havel, and what he offers.

A few days later, the ship was destroyed in a incident with a horrible sea monster almost as large as the ship itself, and zanthos walked away a free dragon.

Zanthos' thirst for power got him quite far on his way to becoming draconic very quickly-

Nowadays, he's usually seen as a cross between a dragon and kraken, almost never putting away his tentacles, and is by far the lest publicly acceptable member of the gang.
Extremely close to being a dragon, Zanthos stopped just short to retain his ability to weild his scimitar.

Tends to see Havel as a father figure, dispite Havel being basically the same age as him biologically (by elven standards).

Drinks heavily, having been practically raised on rum and grog. Known to get extremely cranky when fully sober, and functions rather well while drunk- so Havel has mostly just let him have his drinks, dispite still only being about 14 years old.


Has a crush on Fenna, and is afraid to mention it for multiple reasons.

A rather new addition to band, so many of the group doesn't have too much of an opinion of him yet.

Hidden power-
Capsize anything-
Zanthos is a huge size category in dragonform, and has the capsize ability of an old brine dragon. Zanthos can swim through land like water and "capsize" any vehicle, or if it's smaller then them, wrap it in tentacles and crush it on the ground while under it.


TN (with good tendencies) mist drake.

"Rawr. There, I said it. We done, now?"

Terence was hardly a noteworthy person, one of the first group of worshippers, until he actually used the torso stone- the effect was rather immediate and strange, making him into a drake.

The effect came down on him hard- when he became a drake, it was far from a strictly psychical effect. It warped his mind, body, and soul into that of a drake, leaving only a remnant of the person that was.

Havel was shocked by this, naturally, as the artifact had never done such a thing, and hasn't repeated such an incident to date. Havel has since always kept Terrence close to the church, he and the prismatic band fostering what humanity he has left and helping him cope.

Terence has since become rather content, and tries not to be a burden- he gives rides often for those who haven't got thier own wings yet, and helps as best he can wherever nessicery.

He's found himself to be most useful in some rather odd situations- his inability to speak with anything other then draconic, combined with the fact that he doesn't know draconic very well, he's mostly used pysical communication- witch has led to him eventually being something of the group's therapist.

He's a silent listener, rather cuddly, and is Farley easy to lay on/with - he serves a similar purpose to a pet, sometimes, providing comfort through inhuman contact.

While Havel has assured him he doesn't have to act that way, he's taken to it quite a bit.

While most of the band try and respect him as a person, it gets rather hard when he consistently acts like he does- and the group has gotten used to it, including Terrence.

Havel is always a bit paranoid about Terrence being trivialized, having seen the drake scared, confused, an in pain when this first happened, but the group always seems to give him respect, despite him somewhat becoming a group pet, his words, rare as they are, carry a lot of weight- mostly because when he actually talks, it's usually important.


"I don't know about you guys, but I already am a dragon, and I don't need somone else to validate it."

NE, NG as a dragon.

A halfling thief who found more purpose in serving a church then blindly stealing.

Everyone donates to the church, whether they know it or not.

Mazia doesn't have too much of a history- he's really just a thief, who enjoys the feeling of hoarding wealth. Despite his rather amoral ways, he tends to be a wellspring of surprisingly insightful advice, if a little... Pragmatic.

He became draconic at record pace, then just seemed to stop right before the end- this was as much as he wanted, and he was a dragon, as far as he was concerned- still a little humanoid, just enough to keep doing his thing.

In dragonform, his nature shifts so drastically that he has refused to use it ever since the first time, tending to feel deeply conflicted with what he knows he's supposed to like to do, and what he suddenly feels bad about.

Significant relations-
Somehow, in a relationship with medli. No-one quite understands why, but they seem to I get along well, and help moderate each other's behavior.

Unaware of the twins' mistrust of them.

Tends to get along poorly with Terrence, showing a degree of pity that he abosultly hates.

Doesn't get along with Jen at all, Jen adoring to mess with him.

Respects azatal.

Dragonform special-
Unknown, not enough testing has been done- he never really stayed in dragonform very long.


"Did I get what I wanted? No. Do I regret my decision? No."

A psion who sought an alternative way to power, though havel's dragon stone.

However, the dragon stone held no Psionic power for her, and she ended up without the very thing she signed up for. She was bitter for quite a while, but in the end, ended up growing to feel rsther at home with the group, and considered the slightly monstrous form a worthy and small price, in exchange for company, especially when azatal showed up and started researching with her.

Mostly has divination based powers, posing no real offensive threat.

Socially awkward and quite shy, finding people nearly impossible to read unless she's actually in their head, at witch point she relaxes tremendously.

Hidden power-
When in dragonform, Sabrina has ML 20 telepathy at will- this is treated as a Psionic power.

Seen as largely the same as azatal- an odd recluse, who only spends time with the other recluse.

M Meatbag Scholor 1

Serra the green-

"It's freeing, really."

NG draconic fey, TN dragon.

Serra, having longed for an escape from the Fey's court for a long time, finally found one with Havel.

She's a quiet type most of the time, but when sometching catches her interest, she persues her curiosity with a fervent passion.

The torso stone has effected her a little oddly- she still has some of her nymph abilties- she retained blinding beauty, inspiration, stunning glance, and unearthly grace. Charm, compulsion, or similar effects normally restricted to humans function on dragons, as well, when cast or used by Serra.
In addition, she is treated as a half-fey of sorts- magic that targets fey has half it's effect on her, instead of the none it should have, due to her being a dragon instead of a fey. She is capable of lying, but if she does so deliberately, she gets visibly ill.

Hidden power-

Draconic nymph-
Her spells and effects that target humanoids now take a -5 to save DC when not targeting dragons.
Living beings tend to react to her as if she was a member of whatever race they're most comfortable around- she can walk around in towns that are terrified of dragons and they seem to treat her as if she was just another human. This is a supernatural, mind effecting affect.
She loses the half-fey effect, completely abandoning the fey- she's another avid supporter of permanent dragonform, and does try to encorage it even without the garentee it'll work- for more reasons then just her own form.
Dragons take a -5 to all saves from effects she creates.
All effects that use con to calculate saving throws use CHA instead.
She adds her charisma bonus to natural armor as well as a deflection bonus.


Has a crush on the twins's dragon form, but hasn't told them, due to having basically no interest in their human form, and also because she tends to be rather akward about it all.

Most of the band like Serra, and Serra is quite paranoid it's just because of her innate magic, largely leading to her reclusiveness.


"What decides what we are? What we look like, or what we feel like?"

TN (human) / LN dragon

An aspiring Mage, who sought quick power.

Easily entire by the offer of draconic magic, azatal took as much mental power as he could from the torso stone- ultimately resulting in him being overwhelmed by power he wasn't prepared for.

While he's undoubtably more powerful, he also ended up going slightly feral, more primal draconic instincts seeping into his mind then actual intellegnce.

His mind and draconic soul caused him to develop a primal sort of crystal magic, infused with excess power from his draconic soul.

His list of known spells is extremely small, but his spells are rather powerful force spells- yet, he relies on magic missle almost exclusively, the guaranteed hits providing him a reliable method of inflicting damage.

Hidden power-
When in dragonform, azatal is mostly normal, save his breath weapon- his breath weapon is a massive cascade of magic misses, twenty in total.

Spends almsot all his time studying with Sabrina, leading the others to think of the two as mysterious recluses.

Jen the copper-

CN as a gnome, TN as a dragon.

"What? Sorry, headphones were on. Say that again?"

Not much to really say about Jen-

She carries his headphones everywhere with her, almsot always listening to some sort of music.
Not preticualty skilled in any aspect of their path to dragonhood, and is considered the weakest member of the group.
Wears feminine clothing that shows as much of thier scales as possible, while at the same time keeping thier gender vague, thier draconic nature and thier clothes giving basically no indication of gender unless one is able to tell by pheromones alone. This is mostly just to mess with people.
Generally a huge goof-off who takes nothing seriously.

In dragonform, however, Jen becomes a diffrent story, becoming one of the more powerful members of the gang-

Hidden power, Deciple of the music-

Jen, while in dragonform, doesn't change in size, or even build, appearing as a hatching sized, anthropomorphic dragon- basically a dragon for most purposes, but can stand somewhat upright and use tools easily.
Jen is immune to sonic damage and the deafened condition in dragonform.

Depending on what she's playing on his headphones, he gets diffrent buffs in combat-

If she's playing a fast tempo song, he takes 1d6 damage every round, but moves obcenely fast- she can take two rounds worth of actions every round on thier turn, to include readying actions, so long as none of them are spellcasting or her breath weapon. Due to the speed of her attacks, they're treated as if they came from a non-magical version of a +5 thundering weapon, and he gains a +5 dodge bonus to ac.

If he's playing a song with an average tempo, her attacks create sonic resonance-
Everything she strikes or hits with her breath weapon is effected as per the spell shatter, and if they are immune to effects of shatter, deals 2d6 sonic damage instead, that bypasses hardness and isn't halved by hardness.

If she's playing a song with a slow tempo, he gains fast healing 20, and is effected by a slow spell.

He can change the song playing by adjusting her headset as a swift action.

Gets along with basically everyone but mazia.

No love interest, but often a shameless flirt who will tease people often.


NG at all times.

"I'll never understand the obsession with claws and fangs and swords. Do others get a rush by inflicting pain?"

A cleric of shyeln, who has found her own beauty in her draconic form.

Unlike the rest of the group, she doesn't even worship the sunwakes- once she found what she precived to be her path in life, she asked shyeln for a chance to chase it, and was given her path through her goddess- appearing as a white dragon, but hsving basically none of the dragon's nature, and a sheen on her scales usually reserved for matallic Dragons.

Due to being her own type of dragon in some senses, she seems to be largely Uneffected by the mental issues using mass dragonform has, causing permanent dragonform from the armor to be quite desirable, but she's far too kind to actually press Havel towards destroying the armor without a guarantee it will work that way.

Hidden power-
Positive energy breath-
Medli's breath weapon acts as both channeling to heal and harm for 10d8 damage while in dragonform. This is effected by channel feats instead of breath weapon feats, and has a longer recharge time of 2d4+2 rounds.

Mike & Drake-

TN as humans, CG as a dragon.

"We don't really care what you think about it."
"Even if neither of us are truly us..."
"We still adore our dragonform."
"And are quite willing to pay the prices it entails to have it."

Two twins who sought greater purpose in life, beyond that of the swordplay they were raised for.

They eventually found their way to Havel, and quickly found purpose in his odd "cause"- they've been two of the most vocal about the religion, and more avid recruiters then Havel ever was.

Thier weapons were made for them shortly after birth, a pair of burning swords- indeed, their parents had already decided what they wanted of them from quite a young age. The two were never quite satisfied with swordplay, growing more and more restless the longer they were kept training, often lashing out in beastial manners at the things they were training against, almost entirely ignoring Thier weapons at times, before thier grainier set them back on track.

Thier stifled desire for a different form of combat, and a different form of rush, led them to sneak away one day to try and find something of their own- something they chose for themselves.

And they found havel.

Hidden power-

The twins, oddly, when they enter dragonform, do so as one dragon-
Somewhat significantly, a female dragon- Havel has some theories as to why, but can't really prove any.
They add their class levels and all their class features together, stacking instead of overlapping- this can set their aura up to an obscene level, acting as if they were level 32 for their draconic aura.
There doesn't seem to be mental conflict in dragonform, and they quite often will openly state they prefer being in dragonform, dipsite the obvious issue that neither of them are really the dragon in question, instead being something of a twisted amalgam of thier personalities- in fact, they seem to be the most eager to find a way to stay in that form permanently, reluctant to say that they honestly prefer the mentality the dragon has to theirs.
Interestingly, despite being female as a dragon, and male as humans, there seems to be zero dissonance- they identify as male without issue when human, and female without issue as a dragon.

In addition to adding their class levels together, they manifest as a huge size red dragon, and whenever they use their breath weapon, they get both a line and a cone- a line of blue fire, and a cone of red- getting hit by both is just like getting hit by two breath weapons.

Thier swords become amulets of mighty fists while in dragonform, and both remain active at the same time while worn, stacking up to a +5 flaming*2 crippling/overflank amulet.

Significant relations-
Close friends with Terrence, each taking time to spend riding with him, and helping him retain that bit of humanity he has left.

Serra has something of a crush on their dragonform, made rather awkward by the gender flipping- and Drake and Mike are basically entierly unaware of it.

Tends to mistrust mazia.

Shadow Lodge

Look good to me.

M Meatbag Scholor 1

Noticed an error in Sabrina's decription. Supposed to be ML 20 telekinesis, not telepathy.

Always get the two mixed up.

Male Drow (noble) 14 Ranger

Cool stuff Ice!
Have you posted a snippet about the stone itself, and or why it works?

M Meatbag Scholor 1
Kryzbyn wrote:

Cool stuff Ice!

Have you posted a snippet about the stone itself, and or why it works?

I have not.

M Meatbag Scholor 1

Quick question?

How fast do you figure that the fact that more dragons have been sighted on the planet would reach Avalon?

And how seriously would is information be taken?

Shadow Lodge

That depends on the clarity of the report. It's been established there are pseudodragons and faerie dragons, as well as other 'drakes' like Wyverns.

M Meatbag Scholor 1
Dragonborn3 wrote:
That depends on the clarity of the report. It's been established there are pseudodragons and faerie dragons, as well as other 'drakes' like Wyverns.

Chromatic dragons, specifically.

That have accidentally caused several angry mobs, for not much reason other then becuase the're Dragons, and the mobs don't like that.

Probobly next to a town that would vastly overreact.

The bigger the overreaction the better.

... Reading the list, possibly etumin.

Shadow Lodge

Chromatic Dragons showing up on Avalon would definately get a reaction.

M Meatbag Scholor 1

Well, they're about half chromatic dragons.

So, I think I've got may way to introduce the group, once they're finished.

Extra "emergency" time.

M Meatbag Scholor 1

Fenna the dark-

A green kobold traveler from a land far away, who never speaks of her family.

Has kept herself shrouded in mystery, avoiding any questions of where she's from.

Her scales are starting to shift from green to black as she becomes more attuned with her draconic patron- namely, an umbral dragon on the shadow plane she's communed with using magic items.

She still claims to worship the sunwakes, but this is purely lip service.

A lot of the gang is curious about her, and zanthos is infatuated with her.

She feigns ingnorance of zanthos's affections, deciding that if he actually wants a chance, he'll ask for it.


A young, orphaned human, about seven years old, who dreams of the sky.

Unlike the rest of the band, he don't really understand the concept of worship very well, but has very much formed a deep admiration of they sky, and ended up taking the path of a blue dragon.

Trying very hard to get his wings, but hasn't quite made it, yet- but he does ride on Terence frequently.

Has a desturbing apathy towards death of living beings, largely owing to an extended period of time he had to hunt for himself- he shows quite a kill for trapping, as well.

Often drags home animals he killed and offers them to the group.

Hidden power-
When in dragonform, it starts poaring rain in a hundred mile radius around him, and he has a constant call lightning storm effect that can be triggered twice a round as a non-action.

Not typically allowed to stay in dragonform for too long, for fear of flooding.

M Meatbag Scholor 1

And finally

elegy, and a bit of story on the stone:

"How many times have I resurrected members? I stopped counting after 30."

A cleric of the sunwakes with the artifice (construct) domain and the dragon domain.

The Farthest ahead as far as becoming a dragon goes- the very first to achieve full dragonform via dragon shaman.

Known to be rather disgusted by being in a humanoid form at all, and tries to repress her memories of herself as a human.

Was with Havel long before the founding of thier cult, and thanks to that and being the first person to achieve the goal of the cult, she's co bishop and co founder with Havel.

Elegy also helped create the dragon torso stone with Havel, though exactly how this was done has remained a secret- most people assume that, like Havel's dragonplate, it was recovered from the hunters, and merely restored by Havel and elegy.

Has a scar on her wrist where she has cut it over and over- namely, to cast blood money to revive members of the prismatic gang- the scar is so deep magic doesn't heal it anymore- it can still heal the damage from the blood loss, but the scar never leaves.
Has resurrected the members of the gang so many times they've started to lose fear of death, so long as elegy is alive.

Often seen as a huge cuddly pushover, but is very much just as much of a manipulator as Havel, with largely the same goals- make people comfortable working with us, and comfortable being dragons.

She rarely fights, but when she does, those who fight her regret it quickly- fast, force damage channels are her go-to offensive, and with her claws and numerous heal spells she outlasts nearly any opponent.

In a position of respect for most of the gang, and very close to Havel.

While the two are very close friends, they both want to be more, but neither one thinks the other feels that way about them.

And, as I said, if anyone wants a member of the band, just let me know!

Male Human Gestalt Inquisitor/Dragon Knight 16
Dragonborn3 wrote:
Chromatic Dragons showing up on Avalon would definately get a reaction.

This is true.

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