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Game Master lynora

This is a high level rules light game set in a school for magical kids, kinda a mash-up of Soul Eater, Harry Potter, and X-Men. :)

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Female awww, but that would be telling unknown

Just a note, it's okay if Mel is totally overwhelmed and freaks out. Ephebe has been in life and death end of the world situations so long, she kinda has zero sense of perspective about it anymore.

Male Kobold (Young Adult Black dragon) Gestalt Sorceror/Oracle 16 Necromancer; Champion of Death

I almost had Krays tease her a bit about her delivery, but, yeah on second thought, he probably admired the bluntness.

Female [Classified] Bard 16 / [classified] 16

the only problem is if Mel freaks out, she ends up in trouble (or detention, or whatever)

and whose "bluntness"?

I mean, to her how the problem was presented definately seemed like they didn't want her opinion or input, just blind compliance under threat of some sort of punishment.


Is Mel going to be cowed by that, or continue to be defiant?

Both options sound fun to me. :)

Female [Classified] Bard 16 / [classified] 16

defiant of course, but she will still help, and try to do it her way (well as close to her way as cen be achieved). yet still take into accout other's plans.

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