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The Ataxic War (Epic Pathfinder/Homebrew) (Inactive)

Game Master Donald Robinson

For many, a life of peace and solitude, or a place to call their own beckons to adventures after the thrill of adventuring has taken its toll on the bodies and minds of adventurers. For some, that thrill never dies.

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Female Erinye Weapon Master Fighter 3 / Dual-Cursed Oracle 7

I can post everyday (except weekend sometimes)

Same here and I can do every day

I should be able to do every day. I'm actually in Japan for a semester (I've only been gone a day or so, but the jet lag isn't too bad) so I should be good to go reliably.

I think if we could have had some time talking before hand, like a meet, we have have had a long set of posts just saying hire to each other like the 1st group, I don't see how it would harm any think to retro that, so that once w used the scrolls we meet say in limbo space before hitting the city drop off point

What do you think

Female Erinye Weapon Master Fighter 3 / Dual-Cursed Oracle 7

I agree.

What do you want to discuss ?

For posting day, I can post almost any day. Things are quite random for me. But I almost always get to check in at least once.

The method to the madness of your arrivals was "disarray". I promise it will make sense later as far as to why things were done the way they were.

And I seem to have skipped over the knowledges by mistake.

For both Jade and Sar Xeng, by the description he gave you, you believe that his race of people are Brethedan

It would be the meet and greet act all new partys make, "Hi I'm such and such, why you in the Inn" etc.

Thanks for the info on the race.

As for the idea of a Post day, I still think the idea is still sound GM, and it seems liked by other players, Right now the game seems stalled, most of us are checking but nothing is being posted in game play, we are seeing oddly posts about not posting.

I get the feeling this kind of thing may have be why players dropped in the past. If your Checking DM every day and the game is stalled by the absence of group 1 players then Things just slowed to a point where old players just lost interest and wounded off.

Looking at the Rate of posting and the real world speed of this game to date, its taken about 3 months RL to do, I think about 3 to 4 rounds, Thats a round a mouth, Yikes, I hope you see my point, yes PbP is slow but a round a mouth, it could be a year RL before we even get to end of combat and ask each others names. A post day would I feel speed things up of nothing more, every player knowing that say sunday, they posed or get there actions posted for them etc.

sorry again for the wait my entire two weeks home went straight to hell so I have been trying to mentally recover. She-Who-Stands has been helping me out and its just been a s#$% month for me. 4400$ later and things are returning to normal except for my bank account lol. :P

Posted in main thread, sorry for the wait!

Female Erinye Weapon Master Fighter 3 / Dual-Cursed Oracle 7

I agree with Wombat :)

Most of the old players that quit had lost interest during/after my vacation in June since I pretty much couldn't update for about a week. As for the others that quit, i think they got upset with the "lack of blatant information." As for right now, combat rounds is what is killing us time-wise. To me, it is okay since I'm tyring to keep this laid-back and everyone has been running into issues from time-to-time. This campaign will mostly be RP and puzzle-type play which is where things can/will go faster.

I may institute a 1-week rule for rounds like I have done for passed games. Though, every time I institute a "If you don't post an action for combat stuff within a week, I post your turn and/or forfeit the round" at least half the party quits. So I'm hesitant to do something like that just out of sheer unluck.

I understand you hesitation, but it looks like a civil and the deep blue sea point here,
We could take a vote, but a one week rule would focus minds to put the the shocking short amount of time to post general directions for actions to every one and GM.

"Will keep attacking, this round as before"
"Full defiance and call for healing"

Takes very little time and lets the GM and the rest of he plays move things along.

That's my point, I think you can have your cake and eat it in this instance, by trusting the GM and other players.

Female Erinye Weapon Master Fighter 3 / Dual-Cursed Oracle 7

For playing a lot in PbP I agree with Wombat.

Deadline is necessary to keep things running on the long run.

Well, We can try the deadline thing, but I'm still not too sure about it (just had bad luck with it).

Right now, Goro is the only one we are waiting on for Phase C. I know he had school, I'll give him until monday night to post and then we will move on. After that, we will have Sunday nights be the posting deadline. That will give people the weekend for final check-ins.

So am I the only one why didn't do max hit points? LMAO. I need to adjust me sheet lol. May have to change my items too as Aviata pointed out my mistake there which i apologize profusely. First time making a max lvl character and screwed that up there. I also blame my abuse of hero lab as it is an awesome program! :)

Thanks again Aviata. Also i agree to making the weekends a post day as well. I felt terrible not being able to post during the rl events i had going on. Had to drive a little over 1500 miles this time home to get all the parts needed to fix my house in three days instead of three weeks of shipping. A very painful month. Thankful my buddy. Who promised to post today :p liar :p was there to help me or i wouldnt have gotten anything done. Again sorry for the hiatus. :/

No worries. Glad everything is fixed :)

Female Erinye Weapon Master Fighter 3 / Dual-Cursed Oracle 7

No Problem, I'm used to play at High Level and to play a lot (thanks to PFS and PbP) :)

If you (or the DM or anyone else) need a hand to check the "legality" of your build, just ask ! (and in return if somebody want to check mine I will glad to let him :) )

Have to rework my character as my template won't work out hehe. Posting soonish.

Cool to see thinks moving, with Sundays posts ad I said just a line giving directions to the GM is good, lets the game flow. If I know I can't post for a few days , flying etc. I aften put a tag line on my post just saying what my PC will do over the next few rounds, that way I'm not holding up the game, with this level of game each small action in each round is not really a matter of life and death like in lower level games. So the stress is off from one shot kills and TPKs

Well I hope so, I know GMs that will still do that with epic level hehe

But good to see posts .

Thanks for the offer Aviata, I for one find it much opreseated


My issue is with my job I dont always know when I have time. Normally I have an hour or so when I get home but sometimes exhaustion gets me first. But really, the only days I know I have all day to post are school days and those change every semester.

As for combat rounds, a deadline might help, but personally I prefer dropping initiative completely. Every player posts for that round whenever they get online, and then at the end of round, the gm posts the end results of player actions then posts the enemies actions, repeat as needed. I do encourage contingency posting but it shouldnt be needed very often and could be done without.

Just my thoughts on the subject.

In a normal game I would agree with you but this is such a slow game players are walking away, I think the GM and need a cut off time so there Not waiting on a player. Games have to flow than in this case I can see no other way of knowing 1 when a player has walked 2 they now they will not have to wait,

Note, some players I think have all ready gone

Just to test could have we have a roll call of who's still playing?

I think we can say
Sea who waits
St los

Are still here

True but part of the slow down stems from the fact that I am here now, but cant post because its not my turn.

I myself would include a limit but I think if the players didnt have to wait their turn that would help. And reaally just giving ideas particularly since it seems the gm had issues with the deadline idea, so was trying to help by giving possible alternatives.

I see your points, we shall see, I juts hope we have not lost any one all ready.

One thing that helped in other games I was in was that say you were waiting for your turn in initiative. But another player hadn't posted yet. So long as it didn't clash too badly with the other player we'd post out actions ahead of time so that they were there and the flow of battle continued unabated.

However this doesn't help if we are waiting on the round to start over. =/

I know I was using the block initiative to solve these types of issues. That way those that are very active can get their posted when phase opens and the others that can't check in quite as often would have time to post when they get a chance. In all my other pbp games besides this one, there haven't been any issues.

I think we will just give the 1-week time line a go and work from there. If I don't hear from Goro, I'll post for him and we can move on to phase A.

Things I don't like about contingency posts is having to make retro-active posts. Sometimes things get confusing enough as it is and since we can't remove irrelevant posts, I find it best to prevent as many of them as possible so people aren't trying to remember what happened and what didn't happen.

True, contingencies work better on rpol or somewhere else that you can edit prior posts. Sometimes I forget all the differences since Im active both here and on rpol.

GM Capt Wombat wrote:

Just to test could have we have a roll call of who's still playing?

I think we can say
Sea who waits
St los

Are still here

Yup, I'm still here, just waiting for gameplay to progress a bit. Haven't had a lot of time for casual discussion what with moving to a different country, but things are solidifying for my schedule.

Looking at the fact the GM post and core of player, I think the outliners who have yet to moment May be the ones who have lift or stopped checking game, I know it sad but it do happen with slow games, if your looking at 2 to 3 weeks RL before you can post you PC action then some can lose the will to play and head off to faster games, contingencies post at least lets a player do some thing in that 3 week time frame, but I agree they can be a real problem and retro post are a pain.

Sar Xeng wrote:
GM Capt Wombat wrote:

Just to test could have we have a roll call of who's still playing?

I think we can say
Sea who waits
St los

Are still here

Yup, I'm still here, just waiting for gameplay to progress a bit. Haven't had a lot of time for casual discussion what with moving to a different country, but things are solidifying for my schedule.

Hope it was all fine with the move, last time I did it lost a box of game books :( dune rpg gone

DM, can I get clarification; am I actually inside the city walls yet, with the linnorms visible to me?

Well Sundays done, GM you up for posting a close to this round and start to next


I can't really add anything else as I have spoke probably way more then what fits into a 6 second period lol! >.O

Male Half Dragon/Half Human Barbarian(Invul. Rager) 17/Fighter(Weapon Master) 20/

Is it normal for the DM to post 1 time a week?

Nope, Nope its about one post a day / two days, with the once per 3 to 7 days here, its why I asked for a deadline, it was not just for players but for GM,

Now games can be slow, yes at times, but when the GM here called for new players he was giving feed back faster than the game posts we see now, why I have no idea, as I am not privy to GMs life, but it dos seem odd, that the recruitment was faster then the game.

I know that Level 20 games can be scary and they have a track record of GM calling it off because its so darn hard, I have seen GM time and again sate great plants just to see a few combats in brake them, and they just end it, its why there are so few Level 20+ epic games.

Now I need to say here, That I know one of the original players form the 1st group who left, they did so, and I quote "because the GM just disappeared" he felt the GM just left and after some PMs from other players, decided that a single fight, that takes 3 mouths RL was not for him. When I told him the other day I had joined he was a bit shocked that the combat was 'Still" not finished.

Right now I like the idea of the game, and the promise of whats to come,
I'm willing to wait to see how this pans, because this is one of the few GMs that is doing a level 20 game, so I'm sticking around, I like you I think just wish we had a slightly faster post rate.


If its a high level super fast post rate your after, then head over to

level 16 gestalt PCs level 25 gestalt Teacher PCs and a post rate that nuts :)

:) :)

Male Half Dragon/Half Human Barbarian(Invul. Rager) 17/Fighter(Weapon Master) 20/

Yea ive looked at the Avalon thing.. Not enough combat imo..

Sorry, my weekends tend to be quite busy so I don't update much on the weekend (something that was mentioned way long ago prior to player exchange). And I have posted several times a week (close to at least once a day), but for game play, I try to let all the players have a chance at getting actions and comments in and so it seems like I don't post as much there.

@Sar Xeng, last I saw posted was you moving toward the city walls. You may enter "or assume you have entered". It is currently Phase A, so you can act. I know things are confusing with the back and forth conversations right now.

Malfurion, The Crimson Lord wrote:
Yea ive looked at the Avalon thing.. Not enough combat imo..

You bloodthirsty type you, but yes, not much Combat, more Harry Potter then Tolkien, I just play around being silly in it and no one seems to mind.

Right I'm dropping out, Mate was right this game is just treading water.

GM please remove my PC from the game when ever you get around to logging back on again.

Is/was there anyone else wishing to be removed?

As for gameplay, still awaiting Phase A actions: Rorge, She-Who-Stands, Sar Xeng. Sunday evening will be the cut-off. I should be able to get enemy actions completed and begin Phase C by 9:30pm CST (unless phase A is completed before then).

Sorry DM-DR I am bowing out as well. :( Apologies, life is just not letting up right now... Good Luck everyone and sorry!

Best of Luck, L'os! Hope things lighten up for you!

Who does that leave us with for players?

Me, me,me, ooh, pick me!


That should leave about 7 players (Rorge, She-Who-Stands, Sar Xeng, Loralai, Goro, Malfurion, and Aviata) assuming no one else bowed out. Because post date ends tomorrow night, if there is little response, or no one from phase A posts, I will inactivate this campaign Monday morning. Only time will tell, I guess.

Set campaign to inactive. Best of Luck to everyone! See you around the forums.

Well, darn. I think we should find way to run combats, its always the combats that die.

I have 2 other campgins running on other forums, neither have issues in combat. Though one has also slowed down because of the new school year with two RL buddies doing graduate/law school.

I think part of the problem was the mix of very active and not as active people. The active people got really antsy and ahead of themselves (and everyone else). Those with less time would be confronted with a wall of text and actions and it was a little hard to sort out.

I was trying to accommodate to both types, but was unsuccessful at managing it this time around. Maybe I'm just not successful at the Paizo forums. This was my first to GM here, but I have been in other games that either started and failed or just never got off the ground. I may try my hand at another one at a later time. I'll just try what I hand planned out for this campaign with my RL group and see how it goes.

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