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The Ataxic War (Epic Pathfinder/Homebrew) (Inactive)

Game Master Donald Robinson

For many, a life of peace and solitude, or a place to call their own beckons to adventures after the thrill of adventuring has taken its toll on the bodies and minds of adventurers. For some, that thrill never dies.

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RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

This section will be for further discussion once we are finished with character creation.

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

Intial point or character origins, I shall leave up to you all. This means that you may choose to be from Golarion, or wherever (even just a custom setting). Though background will play into this campaign (I hope as we progress), realms of origin will be more for flavor. I shall get to posting the start soon.

I would like feedback for Andromeda.

I have some ideas to expand on it and it is a custom setting

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

As far as background, or character build?

As far as backstory goes:

  • I love the story, it is really well written. It is a very interesting idea of this evil witch that has been in disguise after her previous defeat. I am one to enjoy bad guys being redeemed, or good guys being led astray (makes the world and people more dynamic, ever-changing, real).

  • (Don't get mad for this next critique. It is one that gets told to me often because I like to use it. In fact, it is how I started the novel I am working on [and have on pause...] because I always love the idea of it.)
    The premise of visions/dreams as foreshadowing and plot devices is often overused. But like I said before, it is something that I like to do as well, and I think that it is only overused because of how well it works. It allows conflict, background, starting points for plots and story arcs, foreshadowing, and all in just a short (or longer) fragment of a scene. I suggest keeping it in this case. Was just providing the critique on this part because it has been given to me a few times... >.>

  • I should have probably worded the campaign info better, but I'll work around the two of you that jumped the gun. ^^'


  • I think you have a great mix of attack, support/buff, and even utility spells. I also love that you put the spell descriptions into your alias so that no one has to look them up in a book/prd/pdf/etc.
  • I am uncertain as to the amount (if any) cold climates we will encounter (more detail stuff I have been waiting to put in until I see the direction we are gong). So I apologize if some of the special abilities you have from Winter Witch become less useful. Though, with almost everything having elemental resistances and immunities at this level, being able to virtually ignore those when dealing with your primary elemental choice is an awesomely powerful ability in itself. Plus Rime spell is just freakin' awesome (I am a druid player at heart that probably overcasts Entangle, if it is possible to overcast a great spell).
  • I really do not have much else to say about your build, other than it is wonderfully designed without looking min/maxed or a porblem child. Well, if you ignore the templates anwyways. Templates always make someone look min/maxed, lol. If you look at the build without the templates, it is well rounded and perfectly designed for real adventures and not just focusing on one aspect of the game.

All in all, I like what you have going on with your character. I don't think there is a single thing that I would try to change in regards to both build and background.

Male Gnome Oracle 20

@Donald would you mind looking over my character as well.

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

@Goro .../sigh I was almost finished, and then I clicked a favorite bar tab and lost it all... I will make this one much shroter and only cover the high points.

-I am from Texas, so I appreciate the armadillo familiar. It did take me a bit to figure out how an oracle had a familiar and what your bloodline was. That is, until the coffee finally hit me and I put the two together as Arcane Bloodline; thus, solving both concerns. Though, after putting both together, Ted should only have 18 HD. The eldritch heritage feat line makes you count as a sorcerer two levels lower, so you count as a level 18 sorcerer or all of the abilities.

-Your 9th level spell selections are awesome. It is sorta a, "Eff you GM, I can take care of anything you throw at me 7/day." Which for an almost 3000 year old gnome, sounds about right.

-I had given a story of how much my group hates gnomes and their tricks. It involved the two times we created "KFG", Kentucky Fried Gnome, in games. But anyways, it relates to Grarlflangan and his at-will insanity. I problem would have contested that, but being that it is the imbodiment of gnomish trickery and it is completely built by the rules, I have no issues or comments other than, "There is a reason my group hates gnomes." Lol, I do expect some fun times. And I promise, I will not have any KFG franchises opening up in this game (at least, not on my part, I can't say anything about the PCs, but I'll discourage in-party fighting as much as possible).

-All your spell choices and revelations are well chosen. Between you and Andromeda, it really doesn't matter if there are any other casters in the group or not.

Backstory: I know that you are waiting for the plot line. I like the story so far. I would like to hear at least a little bit about your battle at Dragonfell, the other Warriors of Dragonfell, and possibly something to do with your planar travels. These are just mere suggestions because I am interested, and it may bring into light more that I may draw upon for story arcs.

I guess a further note. It is very, very possible that the characters do not know each other. As star lyght has taken a note from sparky, I'll assume that those two know each other. If everyone chooses to know each other, that is also accetable.

Male Gnome Oracle 20

greater eldritch heritage lets me use my level as my effective sorcerer level.

And apparently, the game may not start on time. I have just been informed that I am going to a meeting in 5 minutes (while in the middle of paperwork). The joys of being a deputy technical director (vs. being a real supervisor).

@Goro - I see. I just missed that. Thanks! ^^

Because I like the uniformity and the way things are describe, I'd suggest everyone that has not read this to readthis.

This is merely a suggestion so that everyone can easily understand what is happening. Plus, I do like the idea of making it more similar to reading a novel. The two reasons I like RPGs is 1) the story, and 2) being able to create that story with my friends (new and old).

I finally got the start posted. I will post more as people post in-game.

CN Rogue (Roof Runner) 1
Acro +14, Bluff, Deplo, P (Noise): +4, Climb +9, DD, Escape Artist, Slight of Hand +8, K (Geo), Per, Sense Motive +6, Stealth +12
HP 10/10. AC 17, T 15, FF 13. Fort +2, Ref +6, Will +2, Initiative +4, Perception +6, Acrobatics +14, Climb +24, Stealth +12
DM-DR wrote:
I I should have probably worded the campaign info better, but I'll work around the two of you that jumped the gun. ^^'

Ya sorry :P I just had a great idea of Sparky grabbing it and signing it before he had any idea what it did and kinda hoping for the best :) I wanted to write it before I actually knew what would happen ^-^

Male Human Animal Lord (Wooly, Rhinoceros) Savage barbarian 18

@DM - Just so you know I am still finishing up equipment but I will have it done before it can effect anything. :) hope thats alright.

That is okay. I will give everyone a heads up when everything needs to be completed. I know what it is like to have to add/level a character with a bunch of levels out of nowhere (maybe I'll tell you guys about that campaign some time. It was the only game passed 20 I played, and be the Epic level handbook came out for 3.x).

CN Rogue (Roof Runner) 1
Acro +14, Bluff, Deplo, P (Noise): +4, Climb +9, DD, Escape Artist, Slight of Hand +8, K (Geo), Per, Sense Motive +6, Stealth +12
HP 10/10. AC 17, T 15, FF 13. Fort +2, Ref +6, Will +2, Initiative +4, Perception +6, Acrobatics +14, Climb +24, Stealth +12

Ya my guy is essentially done, all he really needs is his list of extracts prepared, current buffs on him (he has some that can last days), a final gold tally and a little "surprise" that I will be PMing you directly >:)
I ended up nixing the idea of him having clones, as being teleported to a separate world kinda left them all behind ;)
After that I will probably tweak his backstory here and there until you say a finalized one is needed :)
Edit: I ALWAYS forget to switch to Sparky...

Liberty's Edge


First in game post with St. L'os, if anyone has the time to give me some feedback I'd appreciate it. :) As the build is probably not has heaping powerfull as the rest of you I tried to build a utility character.

I have a homebrew version of dragonrider which makes it more utility like. Replacing the 1-4 level spells with a bard spell progression and drops the Hp and Bab to that of a bard and removes the Focus thing altogether. Also I fixed the dragon table as well as originally SGG's version didn't make sense.

Granted the regular class is still fun I just enjoy tweaking things. :)

L'os though is the normal class, no tweaking, no homebrewing and she isn't half bad. I just don't have the ability to minmax like others do lol. So any feedback is appreciated before we get off on our adventure~

There is a few things I have to fix on Taisia, her size is gargantuan and there are a few other error's, shouldn't take me long to fix~

Still working on getting my cha sheet cleaned up and making the final selections on gear while we still aren't officially gone into the adventure. If that isn't okay let me know~ The list is small but I forgot some essential's in my haste. Again sorry about that =/

All finished up there, apologies. Spring cleaning and RL with a baby being due in less than 21 days has made my free time to properly layout characters a little rough lol!

If my wiriting gets too out of hand let me know, this was how I played my last dragonrider (Min Bein'Meleth Rameloce - in my aliases) so if it is too much just say the word and I will tone it down~ Otherwise this is gonna be fun!

It was hard going to lvl 20 dragonrider or taking a template, had I gone all the way to dragon rider I could be transforming into a dragon but then i'd miss out of playing a saint for the first time ever! xD Thanks again DM, I will do my best not to abuse the privilege as this is my first level 20 game as well~

Feel free to write as much as you guys wish. That is the nice thing about PbP, if things go slow or someone is more verbose than others, everyone still wins without anyone be overshadowed (as much).

CN Rogue (Roof Runner) 1
Acro +14, Bluff, Deplo, P (Noise): +4, Climb +9, DD, Escape Artist, Slight of Hand +8, K (Geo), Per, Sense Motive +6, Stealth +12
HP 10/10. AC 17, T 15, FF 13. Fort +2, Ref +6, Will +2, Initiative +4, Perception +6, Acrobatics +14, Climb +24, Stealth +12

Ya I am trying to not be TOO annoying while still retaining that boundless energy of the goblin race that drew me to them so long ago :)

Perfectly fine in my book Sparks! Its funny how Taisia is getting so much attention as she is used to L'os being the center of attention lol. Having a goblin napping on her head is definitely a first! XD

Dark Archive

have company over for few hours today. will post after they leave.

I keep getting messages of people wanting to join. I didn't realize how popular this level of game would be.

CN Rogue (Roof Runner) 1
Acro +14, Bluff, Deplo, P (Noise): +4, Climb +9, DD, Escape Artist, Slight of Hand +8, K (Geo), Per, Sense Motive +6, Stealth +12
HP 10/10. AC 17, T 15, FF 13. Fort +2, Ref +6, Will +2, Initiative +4, Perception +6, Acrobatics +14, Climb +24, Stealth +12

This is a generic post being sent to everyone that I am currently playing with

Hey everyone. This is Sparky/Gobo Horde here. Due to the flooding happening here in Calgary and me supposedly going on vacation (which may or may not happen :P) my posting for this next week might be sporadic and lighter than normal. Sorry for it, but such is life :) If you need to, feel free to take control of me and I will pop in when I can.
Thanks ^-^

CN Rogue (Roof Runner) 1
Acro +14, Bluff, Deplo, P (Noise): +4, Climb +9, DD, Escape Artist, Slight of Hand +8, K (Geo), Per, Sense Motive +6, Stealth +12
HP 10/10. AC 17, T 15, FF 13. Fort +2, Ref +6, Will +2, Initiative +4, Perception +6, Acrobatics +14, Climb +24, Stealth +12

How are we doing with the DM? Its been a few days, are we all still here? I would hope so.

i am ;-)

Male Gnome Oracle 20

I'm still here, waiting for something to happen.

Male Human Animal Lord (Wooly, Rhinoceros) Savage barbarian 18

Still here. 8)

Female Advanced Giant Human (Azlantian) 11 Flowing Quiggong Monk / 7 Swashbuckler Bandit Rogue

ditto. :D

the thread is starting to get cold...

Shadow Lodge

When was the last time anyone heard from DM-DR?

NOt sure. Believe when he said he was on vacation.

sorry guys, I'm back. Internet on my phone wasn't working so well in Seattle. Going to go over everything I missed and post tonight. Hope to get us back on a normal schedule now.

no rush man don't need you burning out ;) i have learned to be very patient especially if you aren't he dm. i dm my own game and either my insane work schedule its hard to post a lot of thwarting times so j Tyler stiff up as i get time and once every couple of days i post a big strip of posts and let them digest it for a couple days. its a little slow but it works for me. :)

see ya soon dm!

Female Advanced Giant Human (Azlantian) 11 Flowing Quiggong Monk / 7 Swashbuckler Bandit Rogue

Welcome back!

Wife is having some complications in the last couple days of pregnancy sorry for not posting and please don't count me out yet. I will post if I am able. :( again sorry! Dmnpc when needed and if anyone needs her to make diplo or other check feel free to NPC her~

lvl 17+lycan

Sorry I haven't checked in, a guy quit recently so ive been picking up extra shifts this week, hopefully it will be back to normaal soon.

I will only be around for 3 or 4 more days then I am off to the Bahamas until the 17th of July. and at .65 per min for internet access I will not be online much if at all.

@ St. L'os, congrats on the soon to arrive bundle of joy!

@ Loralai, hope you get paid well without jumping into the next tax bracket.

@Andromeda, Enjoy the Bahamas! Hopefully you won't miss out on too much, but it should be okay.

m Dwarf Cleric/20

Just a quick question. What ever happend to Star lyght?

dunno he hasn't posted at all since he introduced himself to Taisia. Hopefully my response didn't scare him off lol. it was all ic >.>;

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2013

I am not sure where you're at beginning the game, I just saw the word 'epic' and thought I'd voice my interest.

Lemme know if you're willing to add a player. :b

Yeah, not sure about star. I've also been waiting for others to post so that they can be involved as well.

@Steven Helt - Congratz on winning Superstar this year! As for new players, I'm not sure if we will be adding more or not. If we do, I'll send you a pm.

Scarab Sages RPG Superstar 2013

Awesome! Thanks for the kind words!

still dealing with a sickly newborn and a lonely two year old. so i am tied uo atm. sorry :(

also Steven is an Awesome player. i complete support adding him when the time comes and he would add a lot of serious rp value. I have played with him before and his alias Shoto Imuri is the character he used when we were in he same pbps together A+ guy and very funny. :)

Dark Archive

congrats on the newborn l'os! i have a baby girl myself who's turning 1 on the 16th of this month. :) (hence why my real name profile pic shows a halfling with her baby)

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