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Faction cards: goal-dependent rewards, by The Fox

The Lusty Fools in the Days Before Domesday, by Michael Johnson 66

The Absalom Gambit (Inactive)

Game Master Vuvu

A sandbox campaign focused on Absalom and the sewers beneath it.

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just woke up and looked in my book 200gp I will take it out of the extra that you gave me

all recruits can add 250 to their purses btw, this represents not joining until a couple encounters in

Decision coming down the pipe in just about 10 minutes

A little before noon my time

Ok all After some careful consideration I have arrived at my choice. I really enjoyed the created characters, but since there were only a few I am giving deeback to all to understand. In the end I had to make a roll of the dice to reach my final decision

Good character, however the character does not meet the requirement of being an underground race, and more importantly in this instance the employer that the rest of the party works for would not hire him, so he would be a one off character. A perfect character for a different campaign

A great character, well designed. The decision against him was made by the roll of the dice. You were tied with Varin. If there is a drop I will let you know, and I really hope you bring him back for another campaign.

You are the winner. I will send you some PM's later today to figure out how this will work. Go ahead and make a post in the discussion thread if you like.

Thanks for the submissions, wish I could have selected them all

Yay **bows to my competition** thank you for your work guys, it drove me to better with mine, and I hope you get selected for the next one you enter in.


MiniGM wrote:
Good character, however the character does not meet the requirement of being an underground race, and more importantly in this instance the employer that the rest of the party works for would not hire him, so he would be a one off character. A perfect character for a different campaign.

Hmm... I would have thought a half-orc with 90 darkvision would have qualified as an underground race. But if can't get hired, that is obviously a deal breaker. No worries.[/ooc]

All y'all have fun now! Ya hear?

Haha, thank ya very much, especially in helping me design the character. I really feel pleased with this one. Hope y'all have fun with the campaign. :D

hello all

We have, at least temporarily lost a player, and are interested in bringing in another one.

We are looking for a melee type damage dealer...whatever that means.

Details are level 6 regular WBL and Mythic

25 pt buy

No evil, no pvp

2 traits

no leadership or any crafting feats other than those that create consumables (ie scroll, wand or potion)

Full HP at first level, then half +con each subsequent level.

When spending gold no more than 65% spent on weapons and armor. At least 10% needs to be spent on mundane equipment and coin. I will keep recruitment open until I find a character that I think fits well. Feel free to start with ideas and backstory, particularly how our character wound up in the Spire of Nex.

So far the game is already almost to 1500 posts, so it is an established strong game.

OK Rashly lets play with what you are creating here! All the details are above on the creation

How 'bout a Male Vanara Superstitious Wild Rager (Barbarian) 6 / Mythic Champion 2?

18 Str 17 base + 1 (4th level increase)
16 Con 16 base
16 Dex 14 base + 2 (Vanara)
12 Wis 10 base + 2 (Vanara)
9 Int 9 base
6 Cha 8 base - 2 (Vanara)

Traits: Coherent Rage (Stealth), Silent Hunter (If you'll allow those though because Coherent Rage is actually a faction trait and Silent Hunter a regional one.)

Feats: Combat Reflexes, Power Attack, Tree Hanger

Rage Powers: Beast Totem, Lesser, Beast Totem, Superstition

Path Abilities: Devastating Smash, Fleet Charge, To the Death

For equipment mainly a Furious Lucerne Hammer +?, a MW agile breastplate, belt of physical perfection, cloak of resistance, possibly amulet of natural armor, ring of protection

Skills in Perception, Acrobatics, Stealth for super ninja strike! (with a point in Survival and maybe Climb & Swim)

Also, Wild Rager is ridiculously high on the friendly-fire scale and not good for parties, but I was extremely amused at its flavor. :P You specified no pvp so I suppose not that then. XD I'll just drop it.

For backstory and why the heck is he in the Spire of Nex, Mizaru of the Fiben got trapped there (because reasons) and has been wandering around, unable to get out. He's been fighting for his life in the tower for as long as he can remember. He's gone paranoid from the danger and is more than a little off, addled from all the magic he's been surviving against. He can barely remember any personal information about himself or the world outside, only the barest details like 'his name is Mizaru', 'his tribe is in a forest' and 'seven-headed centipedes are extremely dangerous'.

Of course, he's been flitting in and out of pocket dimensions so who knows how much time has actually passed since he's been in there. To him, it's been a few years. Outside? Maybe centuries. He doesn't trust easily, if at all, and his motto is "Kill first, ask questions never" because you don't know if that person in front of you is a shapeshifter, an illusion, or something else entirely. He's liable to panic at the first sight of magic as magic = bad in his experience of the tower it seems. He can't remember how he got in the tower in the first place, only that getting out would be extremely good.

In terms of looks, he has a lean muscular frame with a dirty white coat of fur and shorn hair, messy like it's been cut with a dull blade. He has a very direct personality and can't seem to remember what social decorum is. He usually only speaks when prompted.


as long as the region and faction are part of your history that is fine

make up a profile and alias and we will get you in there asap

and yea the wild rager is prob a bad idea :)

It seems the holiday break from playing has claimed a second of our party. He was a sorcerer/Paladin. Will consider all classes as a replacement.

Really no one wants to play a level 6 game?

I'll have to read up on Mythic, but I'll step in.

take your time, throw up a character, the main story that needs to be filled in is.

What are you doing in the Spire of Nex?

MiniGM wrote:

take your time, throw up a character, the main story that needs to be filled in is.

What are you doing in the Spire of Nex?

"Is that what this is called? Is that why the holes between worlds? Do they reopen? Do they have a pattern? I have an intention to return..."

Which translates to: came through a portal?

That works Thorn, just need to know where you came from is all. Pop something up when you are ready.

This is Thornborn.

Mythic rules, wow.

I have this guy, Gunser, his concept is that he grows into Aquaman or Namor, though he starts off more like Buford Pusser. Mythic would be awesome for that. If you'll accept Gunser for your game, I'll build a new alias, this one is active in another game.

@ Gunser That profile is very hard to read, I am not sure what I am looking at. Also I do not know who Namor I am not sure where you want him to go.

That said a Magus is fine, though the Stats seem significantly higher than a 25 pt build.

I also have been a fan of characters that fight unconventionally, and it appears that he fights with an oar which is delightful.

Make up a profile so and fix the stats for 25 pt and lets take a look. I most likely will not have any issues. No more than 65% on armor and weapons and 10% must be spent on mundane and coin.

Aye, that other one is oddly-made, but correct for his game.

I'll be filling in this profile for yours, and I'll post again for inspection.

Profile up save for equipment. The enchantments I want for the oar are 9k after bonded item, so not a lot else to spend, but I'm not sure how to carry 1600 worth of mundane, so will probably have some serious coin.

Well make sure you get all your survival gear, tool kits, MW Tools,ropes, alchemical items etc. You can spend a fair amount on all that. Food.

going through your profile now.

Good to go! We will try to get you in before the next combat

I can't jump in today, full day is tabletop, won't be able to finish spending. Might get it done after we break up, will try.

It is no rush. Take your time. Our heroes have paused to speak to a corpse

Equipment mostly done, mundanes taking forever, but I wanted to post something just so you didn't think I'd flaked.

ok. Don't kill yourself. Just make sure you have everything covered is all. Coin is fine

Just dont' want to let the team down. I'm totally cool with falling into the place with less than "I'm going adventuring so I packed for that" in my bag. But I also don't want to be the guy who shows up and doesn't pull his weight.

just looked close. Grab a pack, rope type things, alchemical items (fire, acid, holy water, maybe some weapon blanches), then any tools and kits that might be useful, those + 2's on skill checks are valuable, maybe pathfinder companions.

Bought the whole Encyclopedia Golarica, bundle of alchemical stuffs I found in the forums, had the Traveler's Anytool already. And I spent of that 250 you gave out to recruits, for a Goblet of Quenching, 180GP.

I'll call it good if you will, and come into the scene as you like.

Check my next post and I think you will figure it out :) Welcome

Tsui Shuifeng

Female Undine (Tian) Fighter 2 Azure Dragon Bloodline Sorcerer 3 (Treat as white dragon, but good aligned) Dragon Disciple 1 Mythic Champion 2.

Strength 20 (15-2+1+2+2+2)
Dexterity 16 (14+2)
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10 (8+2)
Charisma 16 (14+2)


+1 Jian (Treat as Scimitar) (2,315), Belt of Giant Strength +2 (4,000), Cloak of resistance +2 (4,000) Ribbon of Charisma +2 (4,000), masterwork backpack, Masterwork Composite Longbow (+5 Str), 100 arrows 840 gold pieces unspent

Feats: power attack, deadly aim, toughness (complete with mythic toughness), combat reflexes, improved initiative, weapon focus (Jian)

Favored Class Sorcerer (HP x3)

HP 69 (15+9+12+12+3+6+6+6)

AC 17 (+3 Dex +4 Mage armor) Touch 13 FF 14 Saves Fort +9 Ref +6 Will +7

Traits, Magical Knack (sorcerer), Indomitable Faith

Attack, Jian (includes power attack) +9 1d6+8 (1d6+10 if 2handed) 18-20x2

Composite Bow +6 1d8+7 20x3 110 ft

Mythic Pool is based on Strength

the slot was filled, though i might be willing to add promises

note we are only mythic 1

fill out the details. also make sure you followed the gold spending requirements.

willing to look at him, you have peaked my interest, but as i said no guarantee.

MiniGM wrote:

the slot was filled, though i might be willing to add promises

note we are only mythic 1

fill out the details. also make sure you followed the gold spending requirements.

willing to look at him, you have peaked my interest, but as i said no guarantee.

i figured that the mundane part of a weapon's cost counted as a mundane item

Tsui is a Dragon Worshipping Ascetic from a Tian Branch Culture in Absolom that venerates the Azure Dragon as a Deity. the majority of the members are female, and are restricted from consuming Impure Fish, unless it has been properly purified by alchohol (anything from soaking it in beer to using a wine sauce). Dragon Priests they are frequently called, undergoing a ritual of Draconic Infusion once Selected. Tsui is the Daughter of the High Priestess of the order and Mythically Prodigal. a master of the Jian and strong enough to survive the ocean depths. hinting that the Azure Dragon's blood may run down her veins.

the order seeks to emulate their draconic patron, and this branch, despite having never seen said patron, still ferverously venerate him, seeing him as a deity associated with the moon, the seas, and politics. the order gives themselves no real name to attach themselves to. as none would fit their great deity.

the Azure Dragon is a Demigod from Quin and may be worshipped as a Lawful Good proxy to Gozreh when asking for safe passage across the seas. he offers the Water, Healing, Nobility, and Law Domains and Favors the Jian. the Azure Dragon is associated with the moon, the seas, and politics.

An Undine would be healed by Gunser's Sealord domain power. I think that's awesome, and I hope the GM agrees.

Make up a little more detailed build and I will look.

Also weapon is weapon money. I am not a stickler that it is perfect but I do need to see a breadown of what you are buying, take a look at how gunser did it in his profile.

I also would need to see more details of how the build shapes up, that is a lot of different a little more crunch required.

I understand if that is more work than you want to commit for a maybe


a +1 jian (Treat as a Scimitar)
a masterwork composite long bow (+5 Str Bonus)
a belt of Giant Strength +2
a cloak of resistance +2
and a ribbon of charisma +2
the other items are
a masterwork backpack
100 cheap mundane arrows
840 gold pieces in cash
a very minimal expenditure on weapons

i will work a little more on it.

never heard of a ribbon of cha...just a reskinning of a headband?

MiniGM wrote:
never heard of a ribbon of cha...just a reskinning of a headband?

yes. that is all it is. it even takes the same slot. though i updated the gear to fit the mythic powers i chose. so my stats are a little lower, but i have a better AC.


the prodigal priestess of the Azure Dragon.

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