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The Absalom Gambit (Inactive)

Game Master Vuvu

A sandbox campaign focused on Absalom and the sewers beneath it.

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Here is the list


Boneyard Pyke-Bard(Detective)4/Oracle of Bones 1


Garrick Thorne-Oracle of Life


Ehad Tsur=Monk (Flowing)3/Lore Warden 2

Salus Tywynu-Sorcerer/Paladin

Go ahead and hop into the discussion thread! I will get the second Gameplay up shortly

Well on the plus side, I don't have to bother finishing up the character.

Good luck guys.

Sorry Vermundr, Tight schedule for me today.

Thank you all again. I will do another one of these that in the future. I like to start Homebrews at level 4 and 6 so feel free to hold onto these characters


Best wishes to every one.

Also, since that is the case I shall be watching for said game.


Much cheers.

Hey there all

There is a small chance that one player is not going to be with us. I will not know for anywhere from 1-3 days.

If they are a no show I will be reopening recruitment for a specific type. It would need to be a healing/support class, AND would have to be a race that lives underground.

Same rules as the original build though perhaps with a little more money. In the backstory I would need to see something that tells why you are under Absalom and what about you would endear you to the group.

This is not yet a guarantee as I am hoping our player is able to stay with us, but I wanted to give everyone the heads up.

Feel free to PM with questions and ideas if you would like, I will re post as I know more. I would say it is probably a 40-50% chance we will be looking.

Sent you a couple PMs.

*Bows* Posting to show my continued interest.

Dark Archive

I figure he will have it hard lots of people won't trust him but he has been in the city for a few years at this point and the world has ended yet lol. So what I see happening is lots of hassles from the guards and shop keepers. In otherwords Rp opportunitys. It you don't think that will work I will drop to a half orcs or figure something else no problem.

Also as for the endears to the group perhaps he is headed down under the sewers to get something (plants plan to make an apocathry out of him). And sees the party fighting and helps them by using healing hex little does he know he is going to dragged out if his run down shop keepers life and into adventure.......

-I see so he has been in the city before. I like the idea so far build it up.

Feel free to peruse some of the gameplay and look at some of the other characters backstories, just to get a feel for the kind of detail that I am looking for.

I am interested in this idea as a hedge witch...I have an image of an almost gentle orc. Heals instead of smashes. This is not a direction you have to go in, just a thought.

I encourage you to think more on this. Consider me intrigued

Dark Archive

That's what I'm planning use scarred witch doc to give me con as my casting stat use feats to help with lost beds and crafting feats and focus on party buffs hedge mage let's me cast all the cures as if I know them by sacking a spell. My only worry is it might not be enough combat focus if we get stuck in deep.

Also for flavor I was thinking about scarred hexing the party so I can hex them with the healing hexes if they are with in a mile.... And I get this really ugly mask that I will tell people eats my pain and anger thus letting me be a better person lol

Also I forgot to put in the opening recruitment

I am not allowing Leadership and Craft wondrous Item, Craft Ring etc

Scribe Scroll, Brew Potion, Create Wand are all fine-the rule of thumb is if it is an expendable you are making its ok by me.

I think the scarred hexing is interesting. Though, if selected, you might have to earn trust before they let you scar them. to do it. Agin interesting RP

Recruitment for a replacement is officially open. Already some good interest. I will make a choice by noon on October 12, california time, but no sooner than noon on the 11th.

Gronk tells you, the end times are comming.
Gronk shows you, signs of the obliviation.
Gronk make you, believe all things die.

So says Groteus. So shall it be.

The world is ending. Groteus does not need you bad people making things worse. Shame and lamentations. The time of repentance is at hand.

{{ If chosen, can quickly update to your character requirements and level since the choices have already been made. Posted both places since I wasn't sure which you really wanted them in. }}

Heyaaa. I'll take that as yer interested in my character concept. Gillmen are an uncommon race, but the basics are that they're amphibious/aquatic, humanoid, they're reclusive and usually live underwater or underground near a source of water. Also, one thing about them is that they're water-dependent, meaning they need to fully submerge in water at least once a day or risk death.

Quick Breakdown:

Name: Cliks "Robert" C'szek
Race: Gillmen
Class: Cleric
Deity: None (Worships the concepts of Healing/Oceans)
Domains: Healing/Water (Oceans)
Birthplace: Small Gillmen tribe beneath Absalom
Hometown: Currently in an underground cave near the shores of Absalom
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 29
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 195 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Bright Purple

Quick Description:

Brief history: Born to a small reclusive Gillman tribe near the shores of Absalom, Cliks C'szek was a stranger to land for most of his life. His surviving mother was ill when he was young. He hated seeing her sick and, in the absence of his father, learned to take care of her and be self-dependent. He lived with the tribe until going off on his own due at a young age when his mother died. A few years later, after finding peace in the ocean, he travels to land and meets an odd group which he finds out were adventurers. Unable to pronounce his real name, they nicknamed him "Robert" (he looked like a Robert, one said) and thus began his occasional forays into adventuring.

Appearance: Pale skin with medium-length hair. Three slim gill marks on each side of his neck, near the shoulder. He usually wears a long flowing robe and a necklace made from bright coral. Has a slight frame and an expressive face.

Personality: While cautious and suspicious of most, he firmly believes that everyone deserves a chance and is willing to heal them. Suffers from some insecurity, he is self-sacrificing in nature, believing people that he sees as good are more valuable than him.

Why an adventurer: Quite curious about land, Robert likes helping out and is willing to aid adventurers if it means he gets a chance to travel as long as it's not too far away from home. He doesn't get much of a chance due to the danger and only risks it when in a trustworthy group.

How they fit into an adventuring party: Somewhat stand-offish but kind, he always offers to ease people's burdens. His specialty is in healing and using his water for crowd control. In situations that involve water, he is a valuable asset.

What's he doing in the sewer: He usually hangs about there when in the city. While disgusting, it's underground and a water source, and somehow he meets a lot of interesting people that way. Not always nice, but interesting.

I can provide a sample character sheet if interested.

Dark Archive

Okay then I will just stick with the cauldron hexes and do potions. More room for combat and survival feats then. Will get him whipped up tonight. But for now I have to nap before work

this is the correct place. To really be considered I will need an idea of what your plan is. and I would need more info about Gronk. Right now he is light on character Fluff

I am curious to see the build. What has he been up to between level 1 and 5? A little more fleshed out background would be nice. But yes you have caught my attention

Sounds good

Dark Archive

How does this look?? Not really built for combat but he can take a smack or two lol

Str 11
Dex 10
Con 19
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 7

Can't sleep so I started work on him. Will also flesh out my background some more too.

Is this before racial mods and level 4 bump? Just not quite sure how the 25 pt buy is made here How does his low CHA manifest?

Dark Archive

That's after mods and lvl 4 bump. If my math is right. And I picture the cha being both appearance and him being sorta shy. I mean he's a soft spoken orc how many people are gonna even try to talk to him because of what he is and then he sorta hides in his shop and avoids people because he hates how they look at him. He only becomes forceful personality wise if some one is in danger and he can help or when lost in thought babbling about his job.... At which point you about have to scream at him to get his attention back. Also lvl 8 bump is going to cha to show him being more socialized however he's still a big ugly orc.....
Also can I spend like 2k of my starting cash on a run down shop and assistant?? Don't really want anything out of it other than Rp and a place to rest.

More Background!:

His holy symbol is the aforementioned coral necklace which he made in his nomadic period where he wandered the oceans over the guilt of having his mother die. The oceans brought him some measure of calm and he's come to see Water and Healing as entwined, and the Ocean as divine concept.

When he moved on, having abandoned himself to the currents of the ocean, he found himself near Absalom. Taking it as a sign, he fashioned some clothes before travelling into land near a river where he eventually met the adventuring group.

The first few months was spent travelling with the same adventuring group and improving his Common. He learned to stay out of sight and in the shadows to lessen the risk of his unique race being seen. They eventually parted ways when they got too far inland.

The years after he spent fashioning his home (a hidden cave near the shores of Absalom) and exploring the land, staying close water when possible. After numerous dangerous situations and attempts at his life, he eventually stopped travelling too far. He visits the city from time to time, to gain knowledge and to help where he can.

Lately, he's been in the city, helping where he can but he's itching to travel again, missing seeing new sights and looking a trustworthy group.

I'm actually having somewhat of a tough time trying to think of what adventures he's been on. He's mostly just been in the ocean, but more lately travelling in the area to help where he can. Any specific questions might help me fill out any details you want.

Brief Level 5 Build:

Okay, I remembered why I didn't want the Merciful Healer archetype (removes second domain) so never mind that!

Str - 11
Dex - 10
Con - 13 (11 base) (+2 racial)
Int - 14
Wis - 16 (17 base) (-2 racial) (+1 at level 4)
Cha - 16 (14 base) (+2 racial)

Skills would go into Heal and Diplomacy mainly. Some into Perception, then Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Survival. A point or two in Linguistics and Use Magic Device.

Ease of Faith

Skill Focus(Heal)
Extra Channel

Aside from the given domain spells (which give healing and water-related), he usually prepares the following spells:

Create Water
Detect Magic
Read Magic

Comprehend Languages
Protection from Evil
Shield of Faith
Bless - Bonus
Obscuring Mist - Domain

Lesser Restoration
Calm Emotions
Summon Monster II - Bonus
Slipstream - Domain

Dispel Magic
Sky Swim/Summon Monster III - Bonus
Water Walk - Domain

Healing is usually done through Spontaneous Casting. He also keeps a stock of Holy Water, and may use Bless Water when low on supply.

As for gear, a light crossbow and a quarterstaff + dagger for weapons. Unsure yet what to purchase with the 10,500gp, but if magic/wondrous items are allowed to be purchased, possibly a Handy Haversack I'll handwave as a parting gift from the first adventuring group, and then either imbue weapons/armor with magic or get some magic rings/items that were 'found underneath the ocean'.


Str starts at 10-3=7+4=11. +4 pts for point buy total 29
Dex 10. No change
Con 10 +8=18+1 at lvl4= 19 -17pts pb total 12
Int 10+6=16-2=14 -10pts pb total 2
Wis 10+2=12-2=10 -2 pts pb total 0
Cha 10-2= 8. No change pb total 0.

Lol mini you were right my points were off a touch.

only question who/why/what made attempts on his life?

looking forward to more details as they come

pretty good competition between you two and one other who pm'd me


Excellent question!

Aside from the usual life-taking attempts of monsters, brigands, and miscellaneous natural hazards, there are also those who don't recognize Gillmen (lots of people since they're so rare) and mistake him for [substitute evil creature they don't like here].

It's why he learned to stay in shade and be hooded at all times since he appears somewhat human in low light and some sort of Elf (pale skin, odd-coloured eyes) in daylight. If he's uncovered, he looks like a Gillman. Which, to those who aren't familiar, look like fishy aberrations.

Most people regard him with suspicion even when he's trying to help because of his appearance. Some people attack right away. Robert has found that travelling in a group greatly reduces the chance of being spotted or getting singled out, though it's hard enough to get into one in the first place.


Born to the Bloodscar clan of orcs that dwelt beneath absolam. Artusk was never the strongest but he was always tough enough to make others leave him and clever enough to never be caught alone. The other orcs thought him strange for his habit of helping others weaker than himself. The Witchdoctor of his clan saw this as being rather useful and began to teach him to channel pain and anger into magic.

Several years went by like this before he was out on the surface collecting some herbs that were need for potions for the tribe. When he returned home the warrens of his tribe were overrun and his tribe washed away in a terrible tide of blood and slaughter. The attackers were still there and he fled upward and ended up in the sewers of absolam. There he killed those he hadn't lost however he was also struck down.

He woke a few days later in the care of a blind woman who said her name was Mara Darkthane. She proved to be a witch also but one devoted to healing. He learned under her sure hand that he was right in his thoughts and might did not always make right. He learned to heal the sick from her both with magic and with skill. She showed him all the herbal wonders of the surface he never knew. In exchange he showed her the herbs and mixtures his people used to heal wounds and would often sneak back into dark to harvest rare mushroom and things to heal the sick with. Between the two of them they kept illness at bay in there small corner of the city. Never turning away the sick or hurt for lack of money. They ran a small hospice and apocathry shop in the poorest area of the city. He always had problems with the guards but Mara always calmed them and got them to leave him alone....

Then one day it happened Mara went to bed and told him to take her in the morning to the graveyard he asked her why she needed to go said he would go for her she merely smiled and said "you will see in the morning". She never did wake up... He carried her to the graveyard in his own arms crying and there was met by a priestess of the Dawnflower who to his teacher and burned her on a pyre as she sang Maras dirge.

He returned home and would not work for days until a woman beat on his door begging for help for her child. This roused him as he realised his teacher would not have wanted him to unforeseen the sick worrying for her so he donned his mask and went to work. Every now and then he would leave the city to collect herbs ranging out or deleving down, but now he is looking for work as the hospice can no longer support itself and the money Mara left for it has been used up slowly. Thus he takes up the sword he set aside long ago and steels himself to do what is need to help those who need it.....

So what do you think Mini??

I see. Feel free to continue to edit and flesh out to your pleasure, I have a good feel for where the character is going now. I would like a rough idea of what you might do for gear (with the understanding that it can change)

Hold off on Discussion thread posts for now, I want to avoid having three new voices in there. No harm no foul though. I like the backstory, really solid. I might add, something to it, along the lines of some kind of antagonist in the city, rival potion dealer, local bigot, whatever...

I would love to see a personality/appearance section and a how he interacts in a party section. But more importantly go ahead an do a build. It does not need to be perfect, but feats, traits, hexes and an idea of spells and gear(with the understanding that it can change before starting)

All I am planning to make my choice by noon tomorrow, barring a barrage of completed submissions before then

It's slowly going up in his profile and I left room in the back story for input from. And should have it all done my first few hours at work assuming we aren't super busy.

I already have spells picked, hexes are posted, traits I'm working on got it down to three, gear is a biggy but looking around now.

Also how do I edit saves, ac, HP ect.. into my name??

You add it to the line for Classes/levels, just keep typing it in. If that makes sense.

Yeah it does thanks. Should be done here in a few hours the shopping taking most of that. Earlier I was napping a bit working napping a bit more. Gotta love third shift three days a week then first the rest lol

Hmm. Gillmen may not be as rare as I thought, from some more reading. And a mention of them in Absalom in the Pathfinder wiki (though there was the implication that there weren't many) as well as an official embassy in Escadar. They're also particularly susceptible to Aboleth enchantment. Mine comes from a reclusive tribe so not much contact with the others. Up to you how you want to take it, however, or if most people know of them in Absalom.

Item Plan:

Sea-Knife [8 gp]
Dagger [2 gp]
Spear [2 gp]
Light Crossbow (Underwater) [70 gp] of Frost [2,000 gp]
Light Crossbow Bolts x50 [5 gp]

Subtotal: 2087 gp

Chain Shirt [100 gp] +1 [1,000 gp]

Subtotal: 1100 gp

Magic Items
Bracers of Armor +1 [1,000 gp]
Handy Haversack [2,000 gp]

Subtotal: 3,000 gp

Goods and Consumables
Traveler's Outfit [0 gp]
Trail Rations x10 [50 sp]
Bedroll [1 sp]
Small Tent [10 gp]
Compass [10 gp]
Hemp Rope (50 ft.) x3 [3 gp]
Healer's Kit (10 uses) [50 gp]
Flint and Steel [1 gp]
Smelling Salts [25 gp]
Potion of Cure Light Wounds x6 [300 gp]
Holy Water x4 [100 gp]

Subtotal: 599 gp 51 sp

Ioun Stones
Cracked Dark Blue Rhomboid [400 gp]
Dull Gray Stone x7 [175 gp]
Dusty Rose Prism [500 gp]
Cracked Incandescent Blue Sphere (Heal) [200 gp]
Cracked Mulberry Pentacle [400 gp]
Cracked Orange Prism (Light) [1,000 gp]
Cracked Pink and Green Sphere (Diplomacy) [200 gp]
Cracked Scarlet and Blue Sphere (Spellcraft) [200 gp]
Cracked Vibrant Purple Prism (Cure Light Wounds) [2,000 gp]

Subtotal: 3,275 gp

Starting Money: 10,500 gp
Equipment Total: 10,061 gp 51 sp
Ending Money: 438 gp 49 sp

Not sure if you'll accept Ioun Stones. They have a bunch of benefits and are pretty cool because they have a history with the Gillmen (Azlanti) and I think can be found at the bottom of the sea, so that explains how he got them. Apparently not in good condition though. This many stones means that there'll be a bunch of stones floating around my character, which looks amusing. (They also don't need to be active all the time if you prefer, just when I need them.)

rashly5 wrote:

Hmm. Gillmen may not be as rare as I thought, from some more reading. And a mention of them in Absalom in the Pathfinder wiki (though there was the implication that there weren't many) as well as an official embassy in Escadar. They're also particularly susceptible to Aboleth enchantment. Mine comes from a reclusive tribe so not much contact with the others. Up to you how you want to take it, however, or if most people know of them in Absalom.

** spoiler omitted **...

Just a heads up on your crossbow, to have an enchantment on it like frost, it has have atleast a +1 enhancement. It's kind of an annoying thing, but I figured I'd give you a heads up. Also, if you want to put one of your stones in a wayfinder, we are using the predetermined ability chart instead of the random one.

something charming about a fishman with a dozen ioun stones buzzing around him

Chain shirt and bracers of armor don't stack and the chain shirt needs to be masterwork to carry an enchantment(150gp), though the bracers do up your touch ac being a force effect so not entirely redundant.

lol I was waiting till I sat a a computer again to relly look closely at numbers etc, but it would seem the party did that for me! 13 hours till decision time

Ooh, thank you for the heads up, EntropyRules, Almagafor! Missed the non-stacking of Bracers of Armor and Chain Shirt, and I've always been a bit confused at equipment rules. I didn't know about wayfinders! Very new to them but they look cool so that'll be fun.

Also spotted this quote:

d20pfsrd wrote:
Resonant Powers: Only 25% of cracked or flawed ioun stones have resonant powers compared to the 75% chance for typical ioun stones

so I'm wondering if I'll roll for that or something.

Update Item List:

Frost [2,000 gp] from Light Crossbow (Underwater)
Bracers of Armor +1 [1,000 gp]

Masterwork [150 gp] to Chain Shirt +1
Masterwork [300 gp] to Light Crossbow (Underwater)
Wayfinder (Standard) [500 gp]
Cloak of Resistance +1 [1000 gp]

Cracked Deep Red Sphere (Stealth) [200 gp]
Cracked Iridescent Spindle [500 gp]
Cracked Mossy Disk (Arcana) [200 gp]
Cracked Pale Ruby Trillian [200 gp]

Starting Money: 438 gp 49 sp
Update Total: 50
Ending Money: 388 gp 49 sp

Might as well spend them on some more stones! Makes them a nice even dozen floating (not including the dull grey ones).

Need to spend another 150 on the crossbow, its 300 to make a weapon masterwork. Sorry that I missed that first time around.

Oh, thank you again. That should be everything, I think.


Cracked Deep Red Sphere (Stealth) [200 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 85
Cracked Iridescent Spindle [500 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 79
Cracked Mossy Disk (Arcana) [200 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 67
Cracked Pale Ruby Trillian [200 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 91

wow shame I didnt say 75-100 huh

Hahaha, indeed. Would have gotten them all. XD And not forgetting the other stones:

1-25 = resonance

Cracked Dark Blue Rhomboid [400 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 81

Dull Gray Stone x7:
Dull Gray Stone [175 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 97
Dull Gray Stone [175 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 55
Dull Gray Stone [175 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 89
Dull Gray Stone [175 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 1
Dull Gray Stone [175 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 99
Dull Gray Stone [175 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 67
Dull Gray Stone [175 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 69

Dusty Rose Prism [500 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 37
Cracked Incandescent Blue Sphere (Heal) [200 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 65
Cracked Mulberry Pentacle [400 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 8
Cracked Orange Prism (Light) [1,000 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 20
Cracked Pink and Green Sphere (Diplomacy) [200 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 99
Cracked Scarlet and Blue Sphere (Spellcraft) [200 gp] 1d100 ⇒ 33
Cracked Vibrant Purple Prism (Cure Light Wounds) [2,000 gp 1d100 ⇒ 16

Okay mini would you look me over and tell me what I missed doing this from my phone inbetween tables and I do have a price list for all my gear if you want it.

dont get fired for me! but yes looking

looks good, i would think that the character would want a portable alchemy kit, you need a spell component pouch, and you might want to exchange 1 CLW potion and also get a Ring of Deflection for 2k, or buy a Cloak of Resistance for 1k

The ring sounds good and can't find a price on a protable alchemy lab in the a
Srd and I don't have my books here lol also I need to type up the personality and pick feats. And nah no troubles us thirds are left by ourselves and my boss owes me favors and trusts me to do his job *holds up store keys* besides I'm not gonna unforeseen tables to this those people tip me and that's my pay check lol

hmm the lab does not have the price on D20 anymore er-substances#TOC-Alchemist-s-Lab-Portable

I feel like it used to cost 75, and I am content to say that is what it costs

Deal. I wanted to say 50 but it also could have been a hundred and your guess split the difference so it works. Got my skills just need to post them need to pick two more feats.
Also geting the ring of protection. That will leave me with 20gp fair enough. Then I will write out personality.

Sorry for the double post but the edit time has passed....


You see before you a hunched over, but well built but wiry framed orc male with skin so seam green its almost black. As he straightens up you look up to his face and cone the realisation that he is just a shade over 7 feet tall.

His body is riddled with scars however some stand out over the others 3 scars on his chest a fire, a closed eye, and a leaf of some sort all stand out in sliver against the dark flesh. Going down from his shoulders across the elbows, over his palms and back of the inside of his arms down his side to his black leather kilt are razor thin scars stacked horizontally on each other the enitire all almost on single ridge if scar. On the left arm only going down to the elbow are 27 diagonal scar lines. Carved into the flesh of his face in crimson is a symbol both familiar and strange.

Now that you can pull your attention away from the scarred flesh you see hanging from his neck a blue wooden mask its face an evil, cruel, and twisted visage it seems almost malignant tumor upon his being. Yet it seems as if it could belong nowhere and to no one else....

As for the rest of what he is wear its a black leather pack upon his back matching his kilt with its belt of many pouches all of them filled to near bursting with bits of plants, mushrooms, and other less identifable things. Across his back crossing below the bag is a darkened steel Falchion. Strapped to one hip is a wand sheath to the other a crossbow. And around one finger he wears a sliver ring set with a bloody red ruby.

Hope you like mini

I added quite a bit more into the background section. Let me know if that is not the kind of thing you are looking for.

just under 3 hours till decision time!! Wound up off work this morning, and got to sleep in nice to have these posts to look at upon awaking

Nice, Make sure, if selected you pop that into your profile, and you are correct I couldn't remember if it was 100 or 50 so split it. If we find it later, then you can find 25 gp in the bottom of one of your herb pouches, I have not looked at the profile as of typing this.

That helps, I understand where he is coming from much more.

Looks good, a very interesting character, I really am...tickled I the ioun stones buzzing around him.

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