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The Absalom Gambit (Inactive)

Game Master Vuvu

A sandbox campaign focused on Absalom and the sewers beneath it.

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Dear Adventurer,

My Patron has instructed me to find the most capable men and women in Absalom for a very important, very lucrative and, most importantly, very secret job. While I cannot tell you the details this missive, I can invite you to my Lord's manor in The Coins. Directions are enclosed.
Please arrive at 10 am sharp, and present the enclosed invitation at the door. There you will be taken to your interview and your...shall we say, test.

Very Truly Yours,


Hello all

I wanted to gauge interest in adding 3 or 4 players to an ongoing campaign. It originally started as a "Mini" Campaign between a gaming buddy and myself after we had to halt our homegame. We have been playing for while in order to get the hang of the online, play by post, and get used to the lack of a map etc.

Well the long and the short of it is that we have gotten the hang of it and are ready to open it up. This is my first time as a PbP GM, though I am involved in playing a Shattered Star.

I will be looking for players that can tell a story, and play a role. I am not looking for meta-gamers. I love to see creative solutions, as much as I enjoy a good combat. Currently we are wrapping coming up on Level 5, at which point the group will be assembled.

I will leave recruitment open for as long as necessary to get some interesting posts, though I will give a 24 hour notice of the closing of recruitment.

A Little Bit About the World

1. Absalom, and the sewers beneath it is where the gaming is taking place.

2. The current player will continue, he is a Spellslinger, with a single pistol.

3. Players will begin as employees of a minor, but very wealthy noble named Halwer.

4. The PC's will be recruited by him for a particular job. After that, the sky is the limit.

5. The first job, will involve traveling underground.

Character Details

1. Any Neutral or Good.

2. Level 5. Two Traits, 10,500 gp. 25 pt buy

3. Two Traits, all paizo allowed. However keep in mind that if you are selecting a monstrous Race, you will need to be ready to deal with living in the city. Not forbidden, just something to note.

4. Please include a Backstory of why your character has become an adventurer, the way you envision them fitting into an adventuring party, and their appearance/personality.

5. Looking for people who can post at least 1 time per day. Though more is also just fine.

Hi there!

Would you be willing to take on a player who is new to the pbp thing? I feel like it would be a great opportunity to learn as you have mentioned this is a new endeavor.

Also, some questions regarding the setting. What kind of personality and mind set would best suit these adventurers? If they are simply being hired on to accomplish a task, would it make more sense to be somewhat hard bitten and less idealistic?

I ask this because I created a character for another game that never came to fruition. At its base, the character would be a dervish bard which requires the player to be a follower of Sarenrae, a neutral good sun god. Would this function in the above scenario? I was thinking about turning him into a clever duelist eventually, but that would be a ways off.

I'd like to jump in on this. I have a few ideas for different characters and I'll post one as soon as I get my character set up.

I am not opposed to a new PbP player at all, I would suggest checking out this link

There is room for all personalities, they just have to be able to function in a group. So a completely self involved character, with not a care for anyone else, would probably not function well. That being said, I think there is plenty of room for both idealistic and "hard bitten" it can make to a lot of good RP

Go ahead and work up your Dervish Bard and see what you come up with.

dotting for interest

Hello, I am very interested in your idea.

I would like to submit Calendir Eltoreth - I have created this ranger some time ago and took a liking to him after writing down his background. Recently I had been equating a slightly higher level campaign to give him a test drive mid levels, so this seems the perfect fit for what I was looking for.

He needs some easy adaptations to fit the 25 pt buy, and on the traits, but I believe what I like the most (the background andf personality I have envisioned for him) can remain pretty much as they are.

Do let me know, and I'll proceed with the modifications (well.. I guess I am going to modify his level anyway since I was already thinking about it :D )

I added to the initial post, that the expectation is at least 1 post per day, but more is fine as well. I had overlooked that.

Grand Lodge

I'd like to join as well, though I'm also new to the whole pbp experience. I'll probably have some days where my posting will be a bit spotty (especially weekends), but weekdays I should be around, provided my class workload doesn't pick up drastically.

I'll probably be bringing in a sneaky goblin gunslinger of some kind.

The backstory is good. Obviously edits are needed for the numbers etc. I'd love to see something about how he will function in a group, as a loner. Perhaps make a spoiler tag for that. Also a little bit about what he has done from level 1 to 5. I see what he started, what has happenned since.

May I offer this character.

Meera's family are all 'connected' with shady dealings. Meera herself being a 'Tavern Bouncer' by trade.

Since I put the character together there have been some more books added to the Paizo stable. As such I may adjust her traits and which 'School' of Monk she is.

Much cheers to all.

Grand Lodge

Also, how would hit points be done? Rolled, or max first level, average for all levels after?

Alrighty, So I'm looking at an Oread Ki Mystic Monk of the Sacred Mountain. I'll have to work out the back story and crunch, but I think I'll be looking at making him an initiate into the Brotherhood of the Seal or having just left it (its a monk specific prestige class I'm looking at taking later). I'll work it all out in the back story and such. Figure LN or LG.

Okay cool, I'll work on a background to suit the campaign in a bit. My lovely misses has arrived and wishes to use the computer.

harte035 wrote:
Also, how would hit points be done? Rolled, or max first level, average for all levels after?

thats embarrassing HP Max + con mod at first, then 1/2 +1 +con mod thereafter

Entropy-Very interesting, I was not aware of these newer prestige classes, though now I am. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Yeah, it should be fun. Are the variant racial traits allowed? Being a non spell caster, the earth affinity trait doesn't really do much for a non-sorcerer. was looking at maybe 'stone in the blood' instead. If you want me to keep with the basic traits though, just let me know.

Scarab Sages

Dotting for interest. I'm thinking maybe a magus, but I'll have to think about it for a while.

@Entropy-The alternate traits are fine

@ Davor, take your time. I will give a 24 hour warning before the end of recruitment, probably be a couple of days

Shadow Lodge

Dotting for great interest.

Name: Nathaniel
Race: Half-Elf
Alignment: NG
Class: Summoner
Archetype(s): Synthesist
Party role: Front-line Fighter/Arcane Support
Backstory: See profile.

So Nathaniel, are you playing the same character in multiple campaigns? I am a little confused about how to read the profile info. I do like the backstory though.

MiniGM, I sent you a pm.

Shadow Lodge

That's it, basically. I just store the stats for each campaign under a different spoiler.

Updated the backstory, added a bit about personality and goals. Glad you like it.

@Grand Moff

I sent you two PM's back.

Noting interest!

Hey perspective players, I have been asked about some potential 3rd party materials.

I will consider them, though it is against what I had said in the original post. For me to do so it has to be a very good story, and I will have to look at the material closely.

If it seems overpowered, but the story is intrigueing enough I would have the character start at level 4 not 5.

Just don't count on them being accepted carte blanche :)

Great submissions so far.

Interesting mix Ninja/Monk. Can you give a little bit more backstory, appearance,and personailty?

I'd like to toss my hat in the ring, should have character sketch in tomorrow after work.

Hello I would be very interested in playing. I was thinking of playing an elven mage. A very quick backstory is that he spent his early life as a celibate protector of a temple of Yuelral in an attempt to be taught the secrets of magic. Once he was initiated into the service of Yuelral and took his first steps unto the path of the magi he got himself chosen to travel the world seeking lost lore. In reality the only thing he was interested in seeking was women a goal hampered by his complete lack of social skills. I will pm you a full character with complete backstory.

@ Almagafor what kind of hat are you tossing?

@conchubhur make sure you put into it a personality as well, how he will interact with others. Also feel free to just put it as an alias, since if selected you will need to do that anyhow. But if a PM is easier that is fine for now

For MiniGM:

Some quick ideas for background:

Meera's family is a 'fixture' in the underside of the city. Normally only concerning themselves with the 'lighter' parts of the trade, namely as Bouncers, Body Guards, Couriers and the like. What is not known outside of the family is that they are a 'displaced' family originally hailing from Minkai who fell afoul of the politics there. After running to pretty much the far side of the world the relocated Clan went about integrating themselves with the new locals, finding that their previous life style blended in almost seamlessly.

Meera has grown up well protected by the family and trained as per is family custom. Working as a tavern Bouncer she is in a position to both make money and 'Keep her ears open' as she works amongst the bar patrons. Anything of interest she relates back to her 'Elders' within the family so that they can 'Keep abreast' of any developments.

As she's matured, gained skills and worked her way up within the Families hierarchy, she is slowly learning the more secretive background of her past.

Meera is not ashamed, nor worried about her families mixed heritage, nor about any 'looks' she might attract. She keeps her hair contained and protected by a scarf. Her hands and arms covered by 'Wraps' (Or 'cestus') a light shirt, leather vest above leather trousers over which solid boots are buckled up to her mid thighs.

Her position as a 'Bouncer' has won her both many friends as well as many a hot headed patron who would be more than happy to even a 'score' after Meera having removed them after they thought they could cause trouble in what ever establishment she's been hired to look after.

Am going to change one Trait to 'Adopted' which will let me then take the trait 'Enlightened Warrior' from the "Agathion-Blooded" Aasimar listed in "Blood of Angels" (PG 21)

Enlightened Warrior: You have always found it easy to maintain inner peace and enlightenment that translate well to the battle field. You may take levels in Monk while maintaining a Neutral or Neutral Good alignment."

I am going to change from "Martial Artist" to a different type so that I can increase the character's Ki pool. (^_^)

]Will also edit the equipment list, since originally the gear was all bought as a 'disguise'. Trade all that disguise stuff in for more useful things. (^_~)


I am going to make a fighter. I am liking this concept the best so far. There seem to be no fighters yet so I will make an attempt to fill that role. I will have something tomorrow.

For those creating characters and wondering about the 'Classes' behind them Meera is a fighter. Though of a more 'martial' bent.


Dark Archive

Description, backstory and personality done.

Lantern Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I have a concept coming together for a half-elf detective bard who grew up in Puddles, but has worked his way up to The Coins. It's going to be a bit of an odd build in that he is going to dip a level of haunted ancestors oracle. He doesn't know anything about his parentage, but is continually visited by all manner of more ancient ancestors some of whom are helpful and other that are a pain in the you know where. He's known in the city to be very professional, but to have some rather unorthodox methods that leave him a bit on the outs with traditional law enforcement. It is also not unusual for his patrons to make some special requests such as working directly with them or as part of a group. As long as it is an interesting job and pays well, he's open to nearly anything.

What are your thoughts on the Scarred Witch Doctor archetype found in the Advanced Race Guide (and linked here)? Would you allow that to apply to a half-orc character? If not, could an orc walk around Absalom freely?

I'll update the background a bit if you would be willing to consider the character.

I also have Calvin the Surgeon that would love to be resurrected for a game, if the scarred witch doctor is a no-go.


Sounds pretty awesome. I could boost this guy up to fifth or I could do a Hunter Thompson-esque flame Oracle ...

Grand Lodge

I have made up my sneaky goblin. One eared Fik. He challenged leadership and had his ears bitten off, then found a gun and got revenge. He wears the ear of his former big chief as a trophy (hence the name), and moved to Absalom and found work doing odd jobs in the sewers. Also he dreams of being tall. Stealth, disable device, disguise, knowledge(local) and other general roguishness.

This is what I have do far, with some basic feedback of what is missing. Almost no one has completed their characters yet. Keep em coming.


Calendir-needs to be updated to level 5 with crunch completed

Meera-would like a personality summary, how does she interact with others. Awaiting edits

Grand Moff-Awaiting Build and Crunch. Idea approved

EntropyRules-awaiting details

heart035-need to see build and details. only given basics idea so far


Michaelane-only concept given so far.

Digger-needs backstory and personality as well as being updated.


Nathaniel-need to know how he fits into a party still, and am not clear on what the exact build will be for this particular campaign

Conchubhur-needs Crunch and build

Hereldon-awaiting build concepts

Vigal-Calvin needs to be updated, or the witch doctor created-note how will an orc function in the city? not impossible but something to think about


Interest only


Here's the write-up I did for Digger for his first stalled campaign.

Digger's backstory:
Tock Chandler was born of a Taldan father and a Tian mother in Varisia. They were once successful traveling merchants, but when Tock was about three, he became very ill while they were between towns. They had to push their horses near to death to get him healing in time. They then decided to move permanently to a small town to raise their handsome son. Tock isn't sure if he blames them or himself more, then, for his boring life so far.

On the road, there was always someone who'd love to tell a great story to a young boy. Tock's favorite stories were all about Cayden Cailean. He marveled over how the human-cum-god went through life with nothing more than a sense of adventure and a chaotic tendency towards luck. As time went on he became a devout worshipper, though without a real cleric around, his theology isn't exactly orthodox. He loves nothing more than chaos and luck. He spreads it wherever he goes, constantly spinning tales about himself and the world around him.

Tock loves nothing more than telling a story. Whether it's meant to be fictional or a lie, he is in his element. He befuddled his parents as a child, getting away with more and more as time went on and they tired of trying to figure out "the truth." One day at the market, his convoluted reasonings on why he should be allowed to drink as much ale as he wants became so intense that there was no way to refute them.

Also at this market was Scarnetti, who was impressed with the youth's force of personality. He later dug up some information on the child and periodically kept tabs on the boy's development. When he reached 16, already tall and handsome as most any man, Tock was hired to work as a bartender at a tavern Scarnetti had influence upon.

His oft-stated goal is "to live the greatest story of all time." He generally believes in the greater good of life, for what is more chaotic than sapient life? However, he is a near-compulsive liar and cheat and hedonist. His ethics and moral code are flexible to say the least. His deepest dream, which he would never reveal, is actually to garner enough power to conquer the Starstone and join his hero in godhood.

Digger is tall, in great shape, and very handsome. He is frustratingly aware of these facts. His story-spinning is aided all the more with that charming smile. He has the medium-brown hair of his father, and the small but expressive eyes of his mother. He dresses stylishly, bordering on foppishly. He always makes eye contact and remembers people's names. He loves a good joke, and has almost perfected the art of friendly teasing.

However, he is conceited and sometimes downright spiteful. He feels a life of adventure is basically owed to him, and prefers the story of the Drunken God to the slow deterioration and death of his parents. He will not go out quietly, but he can hold a quiet grudge for years before acting upon it.

He enjoys creating other identities and disguises, filling each in with elaborate personalities and backstories. He seeks adventuring with characters fit for the greatest story of all time. His friendship is unswervingly loyal (unless it would make a REALLY good story).

Despite his demons and flaws, he does hate actual, true evil. His definition of it might just be a bit more specific than others'.

Digger's a good bowman and a great bluff charisma rogue. His goal is to become the greatest lia--storyteller of all time.

I'll roll up the Oracle when I get home from teaching. I'd be happy to play either. I'm thinking either flame or bone ...drug addled Dr. Gonzo type. Digger's a pet creation but I know he lacks trap skills. If I end up being considered I'd be fine with either one.

Seems like Digger should have Oratory, also would have to change that campaign trait to a regular one, but I like him so far. Be curious how you leveld him up.

Post oracle when ready.

I went ahead and updated Calvin's character sheet. The spells are mostly placeholder and I have some more gear to acquire. I think Calvin is fun, and the scarred witch doctor, while flavorful and awesome, may not lend itself well to the streets of Absalom. You can see his...well...quirky... behavior on display in his posts.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Free period ...doing a fifth level Digger as we speak. Er, type. And read.

There are still a number of things to tweak here, but here is the start of Boneyard Pyke, michaelane's submission.

Notes on build:

Remaining to-dos:

I'm still deciding dual-cursed or just haunted, but I like the idea of him being sickened if he fails to live up to the obligations of a job he accepts. It also opens up Misfortune as a revelation if I take extra revelations or swap any out.

If you are uncomfortable with Voice of the Grave (speak with dead), I have a few other revelations that I think would be interesting and in character. It pretty limited since he can only use it one round a day so it really probably gives you a decent plot device and if you really don't want to give something away, it is pretty easy to work around with that restriction - probably only one question unless you're extremely generous. Also should probably get your feelings around augury since that too is potentially available.

I have not completed spell selection. I'll probably settle on that soon. He's going to be going for things that have a fair degree of flexibility and then will use scrolls for things that are more one time use (will probably add a few more of those).

Still has one trait to select.

Looking good. Feel free to continue to update him, add to his history of how he got where he is now (first 5 levels)

Looks good I am fine with all of it. You actually stumbled on one of my favorite bard archetypes. I really like where he is going

The build on the link has the fifth level stuff in bold. Doing equipment.

@ digger got it.

As these begin to be filled out there are some concepts that I really like. Already more concepts that I really like than I have space for. I think I plan on letting recruitment go until friday or monday.

Crunch on level 5 Ranger is up.

Equipment and updated background will follow.





Grand Moff-Fighter



Boneyard Pike-Bard/Oracle

Digger-Rogue (Charlatan)






Interest only, have not confirmed exactly what they want to build


I have to say, Digger and Boneyard would make for some great rp-ing.

Minor update to 5th Level Digger ...Skill mastery is an advanced talent, I now see.

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