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Temple of Elemental Evil - Delving the depths of the Abyss on Golarian.

Game Master Tirion Jörðhár

The classic AD&D Temple of Elemental Evil - with a Pathfinder and Golarian twist.

Village of Hommlet - with building numbers <-- Legend in Campaign Info

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HP 25/25; Per +12 (+2 outside); AC 16, Touch 14, Flat 13; Gimpy HP 28/28; Per +6; AC 18, Touch 14, Flat 14

Hesitantly, he asks, "May I try some? I've never heard of it before."

Male Human Cleric 3 (FC) AC 20 HP 29/29 F: +5 R: +2 W:+5 Perc: +2

As the evenings entertainment starts to wind down Arindale seems to be drifting off...the long walk from Oppara finally starting to catch up with him, he perks up for a minute when Maegge asks for a drink, Be careful with is spirits and will affect you badly if you have never had any before...just a couple of sips should be enough! Yawn

He then starts to droop again in his seat...and says little for the restof the evening slipping in and out of the sleep as the others continue.

Profile not in use

Glorfin has no objection and gestures such to Maegge.

HP 25/25; Per +12 (+2 outside); AC 16, Touch 14, Flat 13; Gimpy HP 28/28; Per +6; AC 18, Touch 14, Flat 14

Maegge cautiously pours himself a tipple of whiskey; the small glasses used by the larger dwarfs and human a large drink in his own hand. Taking an exploratory sip, the coarse liquid burned a trail of fire all the way down into his sparse (for a Halfling) belly. Coughing and spluttering, he managed to rasp, "S'good..."

You all can continue the evening discourse, but here is the post for over the night. Might help smooth things out since it sounds like some of you are speaking different languages (which is possible with the racial make-up of the group.)

As things slow down for the evening, the serving girl, Lexi, comes by and cleans up the remains of the meat, cheese, bread and stew. Most of the other patrons have already left the Inn, some heading up to their rooms, others back outside, whether to return to their homes, to other inns, or to the tent city outside the walls, you do not know. The guardsmen with their turbans left just after Ranim finished her performance, and the dark stranger who had physically tossed the conmen out had left at about the same time.

Finally, you are the last ones in the Inn and you can tell that Lexi is ready to shut down, so you all head up to your rooms. Ranim has a private room, not sure what the rest of your are doing, let me know and deduct the appropriate amount of silver.


After finally turning in for the night, you have a restless sleep which is ended when you are suddenly awakened by a tremendous boom. As you open your eyes and look out the dark window, you see a bright flash of lightning followed by another boom of thunder.

The lightning brings you awake quickly, just as you learned to do when awakened from sleep in your training for the Ninth. However, you have a vivid recollection of the dream which the thunder interrupted. You recall a dwarf who appeared to be made of iron and surrounded with flame. On his face was the smile of success you recall seeing on the dwarven blacksmiths and craftsmen when they were working on masterwork pieces. It seems that you had watched him working for a long time, taming the flames and crafting the unyielding iron into a fine hammer. Each time his hammer struck the hot iron, the sigil of Ogoum appeared where his hammer had struck, and then faded only to reappear when his next blow landed.

You watched carefully and saw that each time the smith’s hammer struck, the chaotic flames were used to forge the hot iron into the perfect ordered form of a mighty war hammer. Chaos and order as one, together forging a weapon to serve the Empyreal Lord, to serve good.

As you recall this dream, you are suddenly shaken by another bright flash of lightning and crack of thunder. While you are not experienced in the ways of weather on the surface, you sense that this storm is not entirely natural while also sensing that somewhere to the north and west, a great evil is growing. What this evil is and whether it is tied to this storm, you do not know.


After turning in for the night, you fall into a light and disturbing sleep. Your sleep is cut short when an unnaturally loud crack of thunder shakes the inn, and likely the whole city. As you awake a flash of lightning brightens the room, followed by another crack of thunder.

As you struggle to throw off the exhaustion caused by days on the road running from the Lumber Consortium trackers, you suddenly recall the dream you had before you were awakened, a disturbing dream.

First you were standing in a beautiful forest when a tremendous roar caught your attention. As you turned to where you heard the roar, you saw a gigantic whirlwind bearing down on you. You turned to flee, but found yourself suddenly with a wild fire blocking your way, the flames being fueled by the air from the whirlwind. Turning to the side, you fled through the trees only to suddenly break out of the forest and find yourself on a frozen lake. Carefully maintaining your footing, you nimbly scampered across the lake, but as you did so, the ice began to break from a huge wave which was bearing down on you. To your left, you spotted land where you thought you could escape, jumping from broken slab of ice to broken slab of ice, you quickly fled the ice just in front of the wave. Standing and breathing heavily, you failed to notice the earth had begun to shake. Again, you attempt to run, but your foot slipped as the earth opened up beneath you and you felt yourself begin to fall. Looking down, you saw bubbling lava coming to meet you, as you looked up, you saw a vicious storm with snow and ice and bright forked lightning . . .

Then, you awoke to the peal of thunder. What this means, you do not know. But you know that these extremes of nature as weapons are neither natural nor normal.


Almost as soon as you climb into your bed, you fall into a deep alcohol induced sleep. Some time later, you are awakened out of your sleep by a loud crack of thunder. As you struggle to throw off the booze of the night before, there is another bright flash of lightning followed by your realization that you have an amazing headache from the amount of whisky you consumed.

You only recollection of a dream is the face of your grandsire looking down at you and shaking his head.


After you climbed into bed, you fell asleep as soon as your head hit the thin pillow provided. A few hours later, you were awakened by a roar of thunder and your window suddenly rattling from wind outside. The amazing thing is that you are immediately awake as though you had slept a full night, something you know did not happen as the sky outside the window is still pitch dark before suddenly being lightened again by another flash of lightning. Perhaps this is a blessing from Cayden, or perhaps simply what happens when one does not over indulge, or perhaps something else you cannot figure out at present.

You do not recall much from your sleep, except two brief flashes of a dream. In one flash you recall the freedom of nature, the freedom of being able to have a drink but not being controlled by the drink. But, you also recall another flash in which evil constrained freedom, punished and imprisoned people against their will, a dream in which alcohol was used as a weapon to lull people into complacency and sleep, sleep from which many never awoke.


After finishing your third bowl of stew, which you are pretty sure Zorin agreed to give to you only because the other patrons had switched to alcoholic beverages, you finally head up to bed and soon fall asleep, only to be awakened a few hours later by a crack of thunder.

You are unsure of the cause of the thunder when there was no apparent storm the night before. You quickly detect magic figuring that this must be an illusion of some sort, but detect nothing. Then you see another bright flash of lightning and realize that this is a real storm, which immediately sets your brain into overdrive. What caused this strange violent storm when it was dry as dust the day before and no rain has fallen in weeks, if not months?


After finishing your performance, which was very well received, you returned to your room and turned in for the night. However, after what seemed like only moments of sleep, you were awakened by a sudden crack of thunder. Opening your eyes and reaching for your sword at the loud noise, you suddenly see lightning light the entire sky, followed closely thereafter by another crack of thunder.

Uncertain what caused this strange weather as you have not seen rain since shortly after entering the Verduran Forest, you climb out of bed and listen to determine whether this was a rogue bolt, or something else.

Hobbit [hp = 19/22; AC14/T14/ff11; F +1; R+3; W+4 CMD 12]

Braden updates Ranim. "It appears Glorfin thinks joining us is premature. He is waiting for a direct tasking from his god or some authority figure in town. I am ready to actively find a way to help tomorrow."

Male Human Cleric 3 (FC) AC 20 HP 29/29 F: +5 R: +2 W:+5 Perc: +2

I mentioned in a previous post that I was sleeping in the common room with Ty. Have already deducted the money for food, drink and lodging, covering his as well. Not left me with much...

Arindale looks around to see if Ty is awake, if so Looks like a storm is up. Hopefully we can get back to sleep.

He rolls back over and goes back to sleep if possible.

[(HP 20/26 | AC15 T11 FF13 CMD16 | F+2 R+4 W+2 | Inish +1 Per +3 S.M. +5) Female Suli Bard 3

Before bed

Braden Montajay wrote:
Braden updates Ranim. "It appears Glorfin thinks joining us is premature. He is waiting for a direct tasking from his god or some authority figure in town. I am ready to actively find a way to help tomorrow."

"Divine guidance or a noble task, there's a song in both we can draw out. If you plan to seek either, an alliance may be of benefit. I have seen many performances where one can bring joy, but a group can bring true emotion. At least consider that some form of fate has brought us all here."

After Bed

Hearing the storm, Ranim goes to the window in her room and opens it wide, letting the wind and rain wash over her. She didn't mind the heat in it's own way, feeling the warmth warm her even on days when other's suffered from the heat. The same was true of such storms. Some days she felt she could even hear the wind speaking to her.

Rain seeking her through the open window, soaking her through, she listens intently to the wind. Hearing the song within the storm, she begins to sing along, the words in the language of the wind itself, singing along to the storm's fury.

After awhile Ranim will head back to bed unless she notices something else.

HP 25/25; Per +12 (+2 outside); AC 16, Touch 14, Flat 13; Gimpy HP 28/28; Per +6; AC 18, Touch 14, Flat 14

Maegge will pay for a night in the common room as well. Much cheaper, and closer to the stables as well.

As the evening wound down and all the other patrons left for their homes, and the collection of would-be adventurers no closer to any kind of accord, Maegge left a sail as tip for Lexi before heading out to the stables to check on Gimpy.

Finding the great elk to be quite comfortable, he sat down in the clean stray and started chatting to the creature about everything that had happened that evening before eventually drifted off to a content slumber.

When startled awake by the peals of thunder, he struggled to make sense of his interrupted dream and the unnatural storm. Most troubling was how the storm seemed to be an echo of that dream: the dream didn't seem to be an echo of the storm. Rising, he left the stall to go outside and see the storm with his own eyes.

Not knowing what else to do after looking for a few minutes, he heads back inside to curl up in the common room and try to get back to sleep... a sleep that eludes him for the remainder of the night.


If you spent the night in the stall with Gimpy, you would have been unable to get into the inn at that hour of the morning as the door would have been locked once those in the common (eating) room had cleared out.

HP 25/25; Per +12 (+2 outside); AC 16, Touch 14, Flat 13; Gimpy HP 28/28; Per +6; AC 18, Touch 14, Flat 14

DM Chaos:
Instead finding the door locked, Maegge goes back to curl up with Gimpy, and is unable to fall asleep again. As dawn breaks, the arrival of stablehands and kitchen staff will allow him back inside for the much-anticipated breakfast.

Dwarf Rogue 3 (hp: 31/31, AC 18, Touch 14, Flat 14, Perception +7 (+9 Traps), Stealth +13)

Tybek suddenly wakes up in the middle of the common room while the storm is raging and interjects. "Damn Whisky! It's making me toss and turn as if a storm were brewing. Oi've got a head ache like boulders are rattlin in mae head. It serves me richt fer drinkin the cheap stuff!"

Just for clarification, there is the Common Room which is what I pretty much call the main sitting/eating/drinking room where you spent last evening. And there is the Common Sleeping Room which is a larger room with a dozen bunk beds spread around. This is the discounted lodging which costs 2sp per night.
By my understanding, Tybek and Arindale are in the Common Sleeping Room, Ranim is in her own room, and Maegge is sleeping with Gimpy. Not sure where Braden or Glorfin decided to call it a night.
You would not have been allowed to sleep in the main Common area, so the choices were Common Sleeping Area, private room, stables, elsewhere not in the Inn.

Hobbit [hp = 19/22; AC14/T14/ff11; F +1; R+3; W+4 CMD 12]

Braden is delighted to sleep in the Common Sleeping Room. So unhobbitlike, much different than my hobbit hole. He is somewhat apprehensive and nervous about sleeping with strangers, but falls quickly asleep with three bowls of stew in his belly and dreams of Ranim's songs in his head.

The storm awakens him, and he quickly looks around. Concerned for his dog, he looks to see if Maegge is close at hand and rushes to the stable. I hope 'Dworkin' is doing fine in the stables, especially with Gimpy to look after him.

Profile not in use

Balance Sheet:
Whiskey - 4 gold
Meat and Cheese - 0.4 gold
Common Sleeping - 0.2 gold
Total: 4.6 gold spent

As the night draws to an end, Glorfin bids the waitress to keep the half-finished bottle behind the bar for him "I shall complete it later milady, and to keep it you ensure that I will do so under this roof."

Shedding his armor before turning to rest, Glorfin is awoken by the storm and dream and spends a while pondering it as he lies in his bunk. Ill tidings and opportunities... may my anger be guided.

Come morning he attempts to find some water, cold or not, to use for rudimentary bathing or at least a wipe down of himself and his armor. Again, extreme care is taken to ensure that none of his divine lord's sigils are marked by any dirt or the like. When he has finished, his scale armor gleams dully and he re-garbs himself as though for war. He bears no headache for his constitution is strong and it will take more than a couple of glasses of human spirit to render it subdued.

A light breakfast is taken quickly before he flags the serving staff to ask after "Can you guide me towards whatever serves for either the magistrate or guard captain for this village? I would have words to them." and before he departs he gestures to Tybek to choose if he wishes to accompany him.

Dwarf Rogue 3 (hp: 31/31, AC 18, Touch 14, Flat 14, Perception +7 (+9 Traps), Stealth +13)

When morning dawns, Tybek rolls out of bed with a loud thump as he falls off one of the lower bunks onto the floor of the common bunk room.

"Yaaaaawnnnn!!!" The dwarf then shakes his head and reaches over for his pocket watch to check the time.

"Time tae get up! Oi wonder what they serve fer breakfast aroond these parts."

At breakfast, Tybek grabs the leftover bread from the night before, scoops himself a large helping of oatmeal, begins eating, and naturally gets crumbs and porridge in his beard. Trying to recover from the remains of a headache, he takes a drink of milk to try and counter the effects the whisky from the night before. He completes breakfast with a loud "Burrrrppppp!"

Before Glorfin departs, he gestures to Tybek to join him.

Glorfin wrote:
"Can you guide me towards whatever serves for either the magistrate or guard captain for this village? I would have words to them." and before he departs he gestures to Tybek to choose if he wishes to accompany him.

"Aye, Oi'm commin! Oi had a mae fill o' porridge and mae wee glass of milk. Now Oi'm ready tae tak on the day. Oh? Where's mae armor? Gie me just a meenit, Glorfin. Oi forgot tae put mae chain shirt back on this morning."

The young clockmaker rummages through his backpack and then pulls out a well used shirt of chain mail. The dwarf then proceeds to put the chain shirt back on, but unfortunately, he gets his head stuck in one of the arms as he wanders around the common room jumping up and down trying to get his head out. Finally he succeeds, but only to have the chain shirt on backwards.

"Kuruffikanis! This no good muddled armor. It never wants tae behave when Oi need it tae!"

Eventually Tybek gets himself straightened out, grabs his battle axe and accompanies Glorfin out of the Inn.

Knowledge, Local 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

"Dae yae ken where tae go, Kinsman? O'm still new tae this toon, but Oi dae ken that if Oi were Captain of the Guard then Oi wouldnae want tae live near this place! When we get thair, Oi'll let yae dae all the bletherin. Oi'll just be there tae watch yer back in case trouble follows us."

Hobbit [hp = 19/22; AC14/T14/ff11; F +1; R+3; W+4 CMD 12]

Braden will invite Ranim to breakfast (hoping the goodwill of the night before extends to the group again).

"I am not sure where a new adventuring group should start. As a former member in good standing of my local militia, I am thinking of checking with the town watch. Ranim, you may be able to gather information from the local people. I am especially interested in the gentlemen with the elderly fine pipes."

Braden inquires from the innkeeper about the pipe smoking elderly gentlemen of the previous evening.

After the initial crack of thunder, the storm continued unabated for what seemed like an eternity, the wind roared causing the building to creak and groan, but the well built structure sustained no damage. Finally, the wind and lightning dies down as does the torrential rain allowing you to return to sleep.

As you awaken and head downstairs, or if you are Maegge, make your way back inside, Zorin is already preparing the morning meal. There is leftover bread from the night before at no cost. You can also smell eggs, bacon and oatmeal cooking in the kitchen.

Oatmeal - 5 caps
Bacon & eggs - 1 wolf

As you eat your breakfast, you hear the sound of voices outside and a few minutes later a guardsman enters the building and asks Zorin whether the Inn suffered any damage in the storm. You overhear the guard saying that a number of buildings lost their roofs and there were many tents that were blown down in the storm.

When you look outside, the sun is already blazing and except for the muddy ground where months of accumulated dust is now sticking to anything that touches it, there is little sign of the previous night's storms. However, you can hear the sound of hammers which you assume is people already working to repair damage from the night before.


@ Glorfin & Tybek - Despite the time and effort Glorfin put into getting his equipment clean, the minute he steps out into the street, his boots are covered with a thick coating of mud. You have no problem being directed to the magistrates office, which is the scene of many people coming and going as the prior nights storm caused more than a few problems for the guard to sort out.

After sending a messenger away, he looks up at you: Can I help you? If your tent blew down, you will have to speak with the merchant counsel, while we patrol outside the walls, it is not our responsibility for damage from storms or bandit raids.


@ Braden - Zorin tells you that the elderly gentleman is a retired merchant who likes to retire here in the evening to swap tales with adventurers, merchants and guards from other lands.

[(HP 20/26 | AC15 T11 FF13 CMD16 | F+2 R+4 W+2 | Inish +1 Per +3 S.M. +5) Female Suli Bard 3
Braden Montajay wrote:

Braden will invite Ranim to breakfast (hoping the goodwill of the night before extends to the group again).

"I am not sure where a new adventuring group should start. As a former member in good standing of my local militia, I am thinking of checking with the town watch. Ranim, you may be able to gather information from the local people. I am especially interested in the gentlemen with the elderly fine pipes."

Braden inquires from the innkeeper about the pipe smoking elderly gentlemen of the previous evening.

Ranim takes a breakfast of oatmeal with Braden and anyone else willing to share a table. "I would be glad to assist you today, Braden. If we are still deciding on a course of action to take, perhaps we can all agree to meet back here for lunch to finalize any plans? I would like to pick up a few things while about today."

If everyone agress...

Ranim will wander about town, attempting to put together an outfit for performing beyond the clothes she packed for traveling. While doing so she will ask about any possible happenings that may be of interest.

Diplomacy (Gather Information): 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (16) + 10 = 26
Time spent: 1d4 ⇒ 2

Will buy an entertainer's outfit while performing the gather information.

Profile not in use

Magistrate's Office:

Glorfin delivers a formal bow to the magistrate before introducing himself "I am Glorfin Umbar-Caeli, recently arrived from Rolgrimmdur - and I have not suffered from the storm. It has been overheard that there are reports of banditry and worse coming from the North and West... if this is true, then I come to question. Is this office of law willing to offer Letters of Marque to one who would seek to resolve the concern?"

Borrowing letters of marque from naval privateering days, basically looking for a legal blessing that the bandits are a threat to the community, and the bearer of the letter has been approved to act against them.

HP 25/25; Per +12 (+2 outside); AC 16, Touch 14, Flat 13; Gimpy HP 28/28; Per +6; AC 18, Touch 14, Flat 14

Hungry after a long, troubling night, Maegge orders double portions of both the oatmeal and bacon and eggs.

Coin Spent:

One night of stables: 5sp
Two orders of water: 2*3cp
Night in Common Room: 2sp
One massive tip: 1gp
Two oatmeal: 2*5cp
Two bacon & eggs: 2sp
2gp 0sp 6cp

Male Human Cleric 3 (FC) AC 20 HP 29/29 F: +5 R: +2 W:+5 Perc: +2

Arindale looks dejected when he is not invited to go with the dwarves to talk with the Magistrate but says little.

When he sees the Halflings and the women still around he joins them. He is quite pungent by now, not having had a bath in several weeks and his armor needing a severe cleansing.
Arindale seems not to notice but you would feel sorry for whomever got his bed next.

So you ready to hunt some bandits? It's going to be a tough day so I suggest you stay in the back and blast em' with balls of fire or some such magic!
Oatmeal...I guess it is better than nothing.
as he looks in his purse...

You see him stuff half a loaf of bread in his pack. For lunch of course. I have rations but who knows how long we might be out there.

Dwarf Rogue 3 (hp: 31/31, AC 18, Touch 14, Flat 14, Perception +7 (+9 Traps), Stealth +13)

Tybek listens with admiration as Glorfin speaks with such command and authority. However difficult, he keeps his promise and remains quiet, mostly.

A letter of marque! What a brilliant idea! Oi wouldnae hae thought of that. Oi cannae believe it! Just imagine . . . Tybek Odeon, rogue above the law! Oi could be like Albek Hammersmith, the hero of Maheto! Smashing!! Oi could start a new life as a gud dwarf again! Oi hope he can pull this off. Hehe!


Most of the discussion you hear involves the storm of the previous night and that it is an ill omen. You see a number of people make signs to a variety of good, and even not so good, deities when mentioning the storm. Several older folk say they recall stories from their sires and grand sires that similar storms occurred nearly a century ago and then ended suddenly for unknown reasons.

You also overhear that bandit activity has increased to the north and west on the far side of the Verduran Fork. So far it has not stretched to this side where the Yanmass guard and the Taldoran Horse regularly patrol, but that most patrols on the other side of the river have been severely curtailed since one patrol completely disappeared about a week earlier.

Glorfin & Tybek:

The magistrate - actually a subordinate as the magistrate is busy organizing teams to get the mess from the previous night cleaned up - looks rather surprised when you ask to be essentially deputized.

Who are you and why do you think that I would deputize you when I only met you but a few moments ago, even if you are from Rollgidoor. You can see him struggling both to remember and pronounce properly the rather guttural dwarven city name.

If you want to be a bunch of do gooders, we lost a patrol about a week ago. Don't know what happened to them, but if you are able to get some solid information, or even better rescue them, then perhaps the magistrate might consider such a proposal. I must tell you though, there are reports of strange happenings across the river, and with the Fork being practically dry this year, I have no doubt that they will begin to spread. There are even reports that some humanoid with dog heads have been working with the bandits, and that the bandits might even be using magic.

With this, another guard comes in with a report of a fire in the south of the city so the officer's attention is directed elsewhere. Suddenly realizing that you are still there: I wish I could help you more as you seem like a good and honorable dwarf, but please be careful, if I had to guess, there is more up there than meets the eye. If you want a place to start, there is a small farming town over there with a well organized militia, it is called Hommlet, you might want to start there. I don't know any contacts, but my understanding is that a couple of priests have a good size temple there, so it might be worth talking to them first.

For anyone that needs to purchase anything, standard price for whatever gear you need, the city is large enough that most mundane items are available.

Dwarf Rogue 3 (hp: 31/31, AC 18, Touch 14, Flat 14, Perception +7 (+9 Traps), Stealth +13)

Chaos & Glorfin:

Magistrate Assistant wrote:
"Who are you and why do you think that I would deputize you when I only met you but a few moments ago, even if you are from Rollgidoor."

Tybek's face falls as he hears the rejection. "Kuruffikanis!" he mumbles under his breath.

"Oi should hae known it was tae gud tae be true. There gaes mae plans fer glory and redemption. Ach! It daesnae matter any way. Oi've still got mae pocket watch tae remind me of better times."

Tybek, although discouraged, looks to Glorfin to see how his kinsman responds.

Profile not in use

DM & Tybek:
Glorfin measures the words of the assistant and if they cause any emotive impact it is not shown on his stoic visage. They have lost men, and yet this one seems unconcerned... This is not to be endured. When he has said his piece, Glorfin responds calmly and in a measured tone "You have lost men, I would see to their fate. If you are too busy to speak with us... then I only need four things from you that will cost you little. To whom should I speak regarding them, where shall I find said person, your name and your blessing to pursue this task. Will you give them?" cold and hard eyes regarding the magistrate's assistant as a silent challenge.

Glorfin & Tybek:

The officer looks rather confused by your questions. After pausing and considering his options for a moment, he responds.

I am Sergeant Iliev. If you wish to speak with someone about this, I would advise asking for Corporal of Horse Raev, you should find her in the Taldor Horse barracks near the east gate. The Taldor Horse have taken over the search since the Yanmass guard have been pulled back to this side of the river after the patrol went missing. Here in Yanmass, we always welcome adventurers seeking to put down the bandits and humanoids that come out of the Fog Peaks from time to time. But rarely does the city formerly empower such adventurers. However, should you succeed in rescuing the patrol, or providing information that will lead to the rescue of the patrol, I have no doubt a reward of some nature could be found.


As Zorin provides you with a loaf of bread and watches you stash it in your pack, he wrinkles his nose and says:

If you perchance wish to get rid of some of that dust from the road, there is a well and wash tub out back. There is a curtain you can use for privacy as well should you wish.

Sense Motive 10 - for Arindale:

You can tell that Zorin is attempting to be polite and to breathe as little as possible as your fragrance is rather overwhelming, and not in a good way.

Profile not in use

DM & Tybek:
Bowing to the man "My thanks Sergeant Iliev, I will seek out the Corporal as you have bade... May your god smile upon you this day" and with that takes his leave.

After departing the magistrate's, Glorfin makes for the Taldor Horse by way of the Inn... so as to allow Tybek to advise the others what had been learned thus far.

Anyone is welcome to come with if you want to - I don't want to glory hog the set-up portion

Hobbit [hp = 19/22; AC14/T14/ff11; F +1; R+3; W+4 CMD 12]

Braden was anxious to get started. Hearing Ranim is already going to talk among the locals, he arranges to meet back at the Inn for lunch (the normal human lunch time, not first hobbit lunch time). Seeing Arindale and Maegge at breakfast, he explains, "I was planning on visiting the older gentleman we saw in the room smoking a pipe this morning. Soliciting the opinions of elders or greybeards is always wise. Would you like to come along? I would love to hear about Cayden on the way. Talking about advancing yourself, although I don't hope for godhood, I do aspire to do great things."

DM Chaos:
Feel free to abort these plans to have a consolidated thread. Note the talk in the future tense and the plan :-)

HP 25/25; Per +12 (+2 outside); AC 16, Touch 14, Flat 13; Gimpy HP 28/28; Per +6; AC 18, Touch 14, Flat 14

Maegge, upon hearing from Tybek that Glorfin may have a lead on a job, was overjoyed.

"Why, I'd be quite happy to accompany you two to the Taldor Horse. It'll be good to get Gimpy out of the stable for a bit, but also because Arindale smells... and with that kind of hygiene, may have lice."

I can't think of anything Maegge would want to purchase, so good to go for equipment - unless there are any recommendations?

[(HP 20/26 | AC15 T11 FF13 CMD16 | F+2 R+4 W+2 | Inish +1 Per +3 S.M. +5) Female Suli Bard 3

My Expense List (and earnings)
Oatmeal 5c
Private Room 5w
Stew 3w
Wine 3w?
Entertainer's Outfit 3s
Performance gains 3s 18w 23c

Ranim arrives back at the inn for lunch, deciding to go with Glorfin and the others as well. "I do enjoy meeting new people. So many stories to be told, made into song." At Maegge's comments on Arindale's unique aroma, Ranim stifles a laugh, hiding it behind one hand. "Perhaps the next storm he can be dragged outside? The rain does feel comforting, even when it is a downpour." She appears to be oblivious when a pair of workers repairing a roof give an angry look in her direction, though one turns to an appraising look, Ranim having not pulled the cloak tight as she did yesterday, feeling comforted by the presence of companions.

Male Human Cleric 3 (FC) AC 20 HP 29/29 F: +5 R: +2 W:+5 Perc: +2

sense motive 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (17) + 2 = 19

Arindale sniff's his pits and wrinkles his nose, deciding that the offending smell is actually his. Week's on the road must have ruined his nose he decides.

Arindale takes up Zorin on the offer of the tub...he gives himself a good cleansing before also scrubbing down his armor and weapons.
There was no soap, but the horse-brush seemed like a fine idea until he was done...raw skin on damp armor made for a grumpy Arindale. He returned just in time to see Glorf re-appear.

Glorf, so do we have a job? he is confused by the two choices he has, going to see the seargent or going to see the old man. The seargent seems the more exciting choice so he agrees to accompany Ty and Glorf to go see him.

Assume you tell me what was in the spoilers?
I am sure once he meets us he will be impressed!

Hobbit [hp = 19/22; AC14/T14/ff11; F +1; R+3; W+4 CMD 12]

Tracked on char sheet: Expenses (Spider Inn) =.63gp night 1 stew/stable/room/water
Day 2 = .15gp bacon+eggs/oatmeal

Not sure whether Braden is off to meet the old man or the Corporal of Horse, I think the rest of you are heading off to the barracks.

After regathering at the Inn, and finding Arindale substantially less fragrant then earlier, you all (except Braden if he heads elsewhere) head off toward the opposite side of the city where the fabled Taldor Horse are stabled. After a brief inquiry, you are directed to a small office at the entrance to the barracks and within is a woman you would guess to be in her early 50s. You can see from her tanned appearance and the lines on her face that she has spent much time outdoors, likely in a saddle.

As your mismatched group walks into her office, she looks up from a map and greets you.

Good morning, I am Corporal of Horse Raev. If you have questions about tents getting blown down, Quartermaster Levski has a pavilion to handle those issues.

Profile not in use

Glorfin again delivers a short and formal bow to the lady and speaks "Good morning and god's blessings upon you Corporal of Horse Raev, I am Glorfin Umbar-Caeli, recently of Rolgrimmdur. The storm has borne me no ill and I come to speak on a different matter. I have come directly from the Magistrate's and Sergeant Iliev has permitted me to speak to you on the matter of a lost guard patrol North and West of the river." pausing to allow the lady to nod her assent before he continues.

If she does not challenge or refuse: "I was brought up in the shadow of the Ninth, and it does not sit well with me that the Yanmass guard have abandoned their patrol without learning their fate. I know that the Taldor Horse have been tasked to seek them... it is my intent to offer my assistance in that regard."

Hobbit [hp = 19/22; AC14/T14/ff11; F +1; R+3; W+4 CMD 12]

Braden hears about a fabled Tadlor Horse company at their stables. He eagerly saddles his riding dog and heads out with the group to see this esteemed company. After eating a hearty breakfast, his stomach was fine until the conversation gets interesting. Missing patrols. How exciting.

Braden suddenly remembers the stew he managed to throw onto a hot surface in the kitchen for a for a few minutes when no one was looking the evening before to make an improvised meat pie. He takes his improvised pie out of his pocket and munches slowly taking in every word the elderly corporal says.

HP 25/25; Per +12 (+2 outside); AC 16, Touch 14, Flat 13; Gimpy HP 28/28; Per +6; AC 18, Touch 14, Flat 14

Maegge's belly rumbles as Braden is eating his meat pie. Looking crossly at his elder (more in envy than anything else), he instead tries to pay attention to Corporal Raev.

Glorfin sure seems to know what he's talking about... I guess that'll settle the discussion on who the pack leader is.

Hobbit [hp = 19/22; AC14/T14/ff11; F +1; R+3; W+4 CMD 12]

Braden breaks off a piece of his pie and hands it to Maegge.
I think I can make more.

She is not by any means elderly and would probably take you off your dog 99 time our of 100 with a lance. The 100th time you would fall without her help.

The Corporal of Horse pauses for a moment and looks at the group one by one.

Did the Sergeant tell you why the guard was on that side of the river as well? Did she mention that they were not on official duties, but rather were making some extra sails guarding a caravan? Did the Sergeant tell you that we have had units of the Horse out there for the last week searching and are yet to find a trace of either the caravan or the guards? Did the Sergeant mention that this is not the first caravan to go missing without a trace on the route to the north and west from Yanmass. Or that the bandit raids have greatly increased over the past few years?

She pauses for a moment. And then looks directly at Glorfin.

Master dwarf. I am familiar with the Ninth and respect it's training. But if you wish to search for this missing caravan and the missing guards, you must be prepared to realize that every enemy is different, and your tactics will have to likewise vary. Your dwarven phalanxes are nearly impervious against duegar or undead, but against three or four bandits with bows hidden in trees, the formation is likely useless. And remember, I am saying this from years of training with calvary. A calvary charge or flanking is frequently the decisive difference in a battle. However, I have seen enemies who hid pits and snares which eviscerated the calvary.

Once again she pauses and looks at her map, turning a large map toward you and circles an area with her finger which you can see is just to the south of the Fog Peaks and a fair distance west of Yanmass.

If you and your friends wish to find the guards, or the caravan, I would advise heading to the village of Hommlet. At this point, she points at a place marked with a small circle and the name "Hommlet". It is about four days march from here on the old northern route toward Galt. She looks at the two halflings. Not on the south route you are probably familiar with just to the north of the Verduran and also used to reach the north of Andoran. Rather, to the north through the foothills of the Fog Peaks. It was from here that the rumors of elemental evil arose a century ago of which I am sure you are familiar. And considering the drought we are suffering through, together with the unnatural storm of last night, I have no doubt that someone, or something, is attempting to again use the elements as weapons.

She then looks at Glorfin and thinks for a moment as though trying to read a book in which all the pages are blank.

And in response to the look I can see behind those blue eyes, I wish I could send more Horse to battle these bandits, but the Grand Duke has ordered the majority of our cavalry to stay to the east guarding the lucrative trade routes from Casmaron. As such, the northern route to Galt has been essentially abandoned to bandits and humanoids. I have reports of both bandits and gnolls in the area as well as other humanoids. Thus, should you decide that you wish to proceed, I can provide you with a contact in Hommlet, but recall that there is little support I can provide once you are across the river.

Profile not in use

Glorfin listens to all that is said, his face remaining respectful and attentive throughout. When he was sure that the Corporal had finished he responded "The Sergeant mentioned nothing of this, though it was clear that the paucity of words he expended in speeding me from his office was more important to him. However his words brought me unto your ears, and for that his part was important. What you say is troubling to hear, but does not dissuade me... my will remains tempered."

"Fear not for my safety Corporal of Horse... as I said, I grew in the shadow of the Ninth... but purpose has taken me into the greater light." a small smile showing now on his mouth "And I am sure your eyes cannot measure myself with the ones that stand beside" indicating the motley crew of human, dwarf and halflings that have accompanied him to the Taldor Horse "I trust our approach will prove sufficiently mutable to conform to the foes that oppose us... whatever shape they may take."

Eyes cast unto the map "Hommlet would indeed seem a worthy place to begin our истрага. The name and place where a contact could be found, and your permission to use your name in greeting them would be valued greatly." bowing slightly to show respect "Also... would it be possible to take a copy of your map? It would also be valued greatly"

истрага - investigation (Dwarvish)

Hobbit [hp = 19/22; AC14/T14/ff11; F +1; R+3; W+4 CMD 12]

After listening to the corporal, Braden smiles at her.
"I have been set out to find something to do that is noble. I will help you in this. To make sure this is done with the appropriate amount of preparation and thorough background work, I will need more than a copy of the map. I would like descriptions of everyone in the missing patrol, any military records on them, their most likely route marked on the map, an itemized list of what they would be carrying with all noted identifying marks, and information about along with a letter of introduction to the contact in Hommlet. The wizards' way is to make sure every advantage is understood and obtained before contact with the enemy as we have a vast array of magic to choose from. I never underestimate the forces of evil."

After this, Braden looks back at the corporal, "it sounds like you may share my views on preparation"

Male Human Cleric 3 (FC) AC 20 HP 29/29 F: +5 R: +2 W:+5 Perc: +2

Arindale says in the back, Hommmmmlet, that town doesn't sound like a story from one of those tales, sounds more like something I would eat! he grins trying to make light of the situation and what he has heard...

I guess we will make whatever we can out of it...I will get my Mule and we can go. The sooner we are on the road the better. Once we rescue this town from the bandits and whatever other evil is plaguing them, we will be heroes!
And heroes get rewards and the attention of the ladies...

If nothing else is said he goes and gets Durney, his mule.

Deducted 2sw for the night's stay and 6 days of feed 3sw.

[(HP 20/26 | AC15 T11 FF13 CMD16 | F+2 R+4 W+2 | Inish +1 Per +3 S.M. +5) Female Suli Bard 3

Ranim tried to pay attention to the discussion, but the topic was dry and the discourse uninteresting, lacking the passion which drew her. She found herself wandering, listening enough to get the gist of the conversation. Guards disappeared, bandits to blame, someone in a small town to meet.

She liked small towns. While they didn't get the same draw as the larger cities, or near the money, the enjoyment was more in earnest. They didn't see such performances as often, and it brought great joy to the young children's faces.

As the Corporal mentioned Casmaron, she thought of the suitors from last night. She appreciated such attentions, knowing it was the strength of her songs that brought them. She had thought about it before, settling down with a family. One day perhaps she would found her own troupe, joined to another. She hoped she could only travel the small towns that never saw such shows. But that required money.

As Braden discussed his needs, thoughts turned to her father. He too would make such lists, things the troupe would need when they stopped. He hated it, but endured it for love of the troupe. A love he instilled in her. Each had a role to play, not just in their performances, but in the daily life of the troupe as it traveled. Ranim had often helped others with their tasks, having little in the way of practical skills besides her lovely voice, skilled dance, and winning charm. But she helped as able.

She may have found another troupe with these people. They sought to do good, or at least in a way. Bandits had attacked her troupe before, she knew the plague they were. To her, that was enough of a reason to travel with them, to lend what talents she could.

Seeing an agreement seemed near, she tried to focus her attention back to the conversation, smiling inwardly at the thoughts of the future.

As Glorfin finishes speaking, the Corporal of Horse is about to respond when Braden begins his demands. Being in a position that is both military, and in Taldor political, she waits until Braden has finished his requests. After hearing the number and type of requests that are being made, she again pauses, likely determining the appropriate response during which time Arindale pipes up from the back with his comments which fortunately for the Corporal of Horse do not require any response.

After another pause, she turns to Braden:
Master Halfling, I do not know where you were brought up or schooled, but if you had made demands such as those to senior member of the Taldor Horse and were in the calvary, you likely would have felt the lash, or at the very least found yourself swabbing the stables for a few weeks.

Turning back to Glorfin:
Master Umbar-Caeli, as I said, there is little that I can formally do to assist you. You are welcome to make a quick copy of this map. The land to north and west of the river is well known and was heavily farmed before the death of Aroden. Shortly after his death as I assume you know, a great evil arose there, and evil which used the elements as tools of destruction, brushfires, tornados, earthquakes, heat waves, snow in the summer. Taldor did nothing to protect its people because of political infighting in Oppara, so eventually forces from the west marched through Galt and into Taldor. I know little of what was done, all I know is that the reign of evil was halted, but not eliminated. Since this time, disorganized bands of bandits and humanoids have continued to trouble the lands north and west of here.

She pauses again to take a breath and gather her thoughts.

If it were just small groups of bandits and humanoids, then the Horse would not have a problem, but over the past few years, the raids by these groups have become much more frequent and appear to be organized. And now for the past year or so, some group seems to be making raids that leave no sign. We can track the caravan, and then suddenly there is nothing, no sign of a battle, no sign of bloodshed, it is as if the caravan simply disappears. There are no demands for ransom and the goods from these caravans do not seem to reenter the market.

Whoever, or whatever, is in charge of this is well organized and capable. The Taldor Horse has been ordered to not risk patrolling this area and, thus, it has essentially been abandoned to the bandits. If you truly wish to seek out what happened to this caravan and its guards, then you should head to Hommlet. She looks up at Arindale. If you call it Omelet, I imagine you will find yourselves less than welcome in the town.

Looking back at Glorfin: I have an old friend there, his name is Jaroo. He is well respected in the town and can usually be found tending a grove near the middle of town. While I doubt that anyone in Hommlet will be able to tell you what has been happening to the caravans, it is a good starting point to begin your investigation. They would also likely have more knowledge of what occurred all those many years ago as they were near the epicenter of the elemental disruptions of nature.

Turning back to Braden and frowning one more time: I know little about the caravan, they hired three guardsmen as guards, so I would assume that it was not too large, or else the merchant was very foolish. If I had to guess taking that route, it would have been food stuffs or something perishable as few risk their goods, or their lives, on the northern route these days with the increase in bandit activity.

Finally turning to face Glorfin one last time. I cannot give you a letter of anything of a formal nature. Our orders are to stay out of that area as long as the troubles subsist. So long as the bandits stay on the far side of the Verduran Fork and do not attack caravans on the southern route, we have been ordered to not risk our units. I did send some to investigate the disappearance of the caravan, but that investigation was fruitless and I will not risk my troops or my position further at this point.

When she finishes, she looks to see whether there are any additional questions, But from the look she gives you all, you can tell that the discussion is finished and she must return to her official duties.

Male Human Cleric 3 (FC) AC 20 HP 29/29 F: +5 R: +2 W:+5 Perc: +2

I am going to get my mule, we can gibber gabber more on the way there. We still have a whole day that we can use to get closer to the town. Thanks Corporal!
He can't help but grin to himself as he thinks of eggs again...he starts to walk off whistling away, happy that he now has a destination for adventure!

Profile not in use

Inwardly Glorfin winces as Braden speaks out of key, but externally he shows no sign of it. Listening to all that is said and taking it to heart Glorfin nods to the Corporal of Horse "You have been most patient and said much that will aid us. I understand your need to remain officially aloof from our actions, but if we meet any of the Taldor Horse in need I will treat them as kinsmen. Fare well, Corporal of Horse." extending a hand to shake hers respectfully.

Turning to Braden he asks "Would you care to perform the scribing of the map?"

Once we get a copy of the map, Glorfin is good to head back to the Inn for a short pre-venture session.

HP 25/25; Per +12 (+2 outside); AC 16, Touch 14, Flat 13; Gimpy HP 28/28; Per +6; AC 18, Touch 14, Flat 14

Paying only cursory attention to all those martial details, Maegge's ears perked up when the Corporal mentioned that Jaroo tended a grove in Hommlet.

Finally, someone interesting to talk with!

Male Human Cleric 3 (FC) AC 20 HP 29/29 F: +5 R: +2 W:+5 Perc: +2

Arindale finally has little to say as they gather their things, he seems anxious to be on the road whistling various tunes...

Hobbit [hp = 19/22; AC14/T14/ff11; F +1; R+3; W+4 CMD 12]

Braden looks at Glorfin and takes out a quill, vial and two sheets of parchment. "You do have writing equipment, don't you Glorfin?"

Braden makes two copies of the map in parallel, copying each feature one at a time to the new maps. He alters which map receives the feature first to avoid creating a huge difference in the quality of the two copies. At times he uses the digits on his hand to compare the scale of the features on the two copies to the original. When he is done, he returns the original to the corporal and puts the copies in his saddlebags.

"Thank you for your help Corporal. We will find them if anyone can." Braden can't resist adding, "I am betting now is not the right time to put in my application to join the Taldor Horse."

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