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Temple of Elemental Evil - Delving the depths of the Abyss on Golarian.

Game Master Tirion Jörðhár

The classic AD&D Temple of Elemental Evil - with a Pathfinder and Golarian twist.

Village of Hommlet - with building numbers <-- Legend in Campaign Info

Hommlet Legend:

1 = Prosperous Farmhouse
2 = Modest Farmhouse
3 = Cottage - Woodsman
4 = Well-kept Farmhouse
5 = Prosperous Farmhouse
6 = Leatherworker
7 = Inn of the Welcome Wench
8 = Blacksmith
9 = New Village Hall (empty)
10 = Weaver
11 = Cottage - Tailor
12 = Farmhouse
13 = Trading Post
14 = Carter/Teamster
15 = Moneychanger
16 = Cabinet Maker
17 = Cottage - Potter
18 = Neat Cottage and Large Stone Building - Brewmeister
19 = Modest Cottage
20 = Temple of Iomedae
21 = Cottage - Cow Herdsman
22 = Mill
23 = Cottage with Small Barn
24 = The Grove
25 = Large Barn & Home
26 = Barn-like House - Wheel & Wainwright
27 = Walled Manor House
28 = Large New Building - Carpenter
29 = Stone House - Stonemason
30 = Newly Build Castle Rampart
31 = Two Storied Tower
32 = Tents & Huts - Workmen on the Tower/Castle


17 Arodus 4711
- Six brave souls, some seeking adventure, others seeking to root out evil, meet at the Inn of the Spider Queen in Yanmass.
- The land around Yanmass appears to be suffering through a multi-month drought.

18 Arodus 4711
- In the wee hours of the morning, a violent storm strikes Yanmass causing much damage to homes and the caravan tent city outside of the city walls.

- After speaking with Sergeant Iliev, the party met with Corporal of Horse Raev who instructed them to seek out a man named Jaroo who tends the grove in Hommlet.

- The party then reconvened and decided to head out. They travelled north from Yanmass and then crossed the Verduran Fork at a ford.

- In the late afternoon, the party was ambushed by the tracker who had been following Maegge. After a brief combat, the tracker was defeated. The party then revived him and found who he was. They then sent him and his associates back to Yanmass weaponless.

19 Arodus 4711
- The party was awakened in the early morning by an earthquake. Once it ended, the party returned to sleep.

- The party spends the day travelling across the broad plains of northwest Taldor. This day passes relatively uneventfully and at sundown, Maegge is able to identify a safe place to sleep. Using the powers of nature, Maegge makes a small pool of stagnant water drinkable.

20 Arodus 4711
- During the night, the temperature drops much more than expected causing all to huddle close to the fire. This time, rather than a thunderstorm or earthquake, the party finds themselves in the middle of a late summer snowstorm. By morning the storm has ended, but the ground is covered with several inches of snow making travelling slow and muddy for most of the morning.

- About midday while traveling through a ravine between two hills, the party was ambushed by nearly a dozen goblins. After a short fight aided by Cayden's blessings, the party put an end to the attack. After a brief search, the party found itself unable to track the goblins back to their camp and decided to return to the road to Hommlet.

21 Arodus 4711
- This night passes relatively uneventfully, although several members of the party believe they smell smoke on the wind from the north. No flames are seen and by the time a second smell is attempted, the zephyr which brought the smell of smoke is gone.

- Shortly after noon, the party crests a small hill and sees before it in a valley a small town. Passing through the windbreak of trees, the party finds a small well maintained village - Hommlet at last.

- Upon entering Hommlet, Braden takes charge and immediately simultaneously insults and is caught lying to a local housewife.

Notable People:

In Yanmass

Zoran - barkeep/owner at Inn of the Spider Queen

Lexi - serving girl at the Inn of the Spider Queen

Sergeant Iliev - member of the Yanmass guard with whom Glorfin and Tybek discussed the troubles to the northwest, also asked about becoming deputies, but Iliev was hesitant to grant such authority.

Corporal of Horse Raev - female sub-commander of the Taldan Horse stationed in Yanmass to whom Glorfin and Tybek were directed to speak of going to search regarding the missing Yanmass patrol. The whole party met with her and she told them that she did not have the authority to assist them, but advised them to head toward the small town of Hommlet and seek out a man named Jaroo who tends the grove in Hommlet.
In Hommlet

Jaroo - Party was instructed to seek him out in the grove.


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