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Teeth of the Storm - GM Iliad

Game Master HolmesandWatson

The Pathfinder Society has hired adventurers to investigate the abandoned Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands. But en route they discover a massacred merchant wagon. Who, or what, is responsible? And are they still around?

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ADVENTURERS WANTED: See Karlae Siegfrost

Each of you had met individually with Karlae Siegfrost, Pathfinder agent and hero of Olfden, in a small room at the city offices. She controlled the conversation, asking questions that seemed to cover a wide spectrum. Your answers must have been good ones, as you were selected and she instructed you to meet her and the other members of your party the following afternoon at the Silver Bulette, a local tavern and inn. Though she did not directly answer most of your questions, you did learn:

The Mayor is concerned with increased bandit activity in the area of Ironfang Keep, an abandoned castle in the south of the Arthfell Forest. You are to investigate and find out what, if anything, is really going on.

The inhabitants of the Keep were slaughtered by goblins and orcs and it has been largely deserted for decades.

The village of Swallowfeld would make a good base of operations.

The werewolf druids of the Fang Watch have been more active than normal in their efforts to hinder logging in the Arthfell.

The Pathfinder Society has commissioned this expedition and anything of interest discovered at the Keep is to be relayed back to Karlae. She was elusive on what that actually meant. "You're experienced, you'll know what you see."

She also implies that if you do your job well, there are other assignments to follow. She also intimates that successful adventurers could be Society material.

She subtly inquired into your experiences, if any, with the nation of Cheliax, which didn’t seem relevant to the Keep assignment.

It is now two minutes before your meeting time with her. You are either at a table in the rear of the Bulette, sitting across from her, or making your entrance. I’ll post “live” when everyone is at the table.

Make your opening comment…


Male Human Cleric 1

The door suddenly swings open with a crash as it slammed into the wall behind the hinges that precariously held it together. A large rotund young man standing over six feet tall and easily weighing more than two hundred and fifty pounds stands there with a wide smile and glowing green eyes.

His laugh rings through the tavern as easy as the wind moves through the trees

HAAAA HHAAAAHHHAA now then may Cayden Cailean bless this great hall of worship. Bar Keep poor me a strong dark brew of Dwarven Ale and a sweet smoothe honey mead. Both of my hands need to hold the nector of my god. So I may worship and honor him that set the oppressed free and celebrated like no other since has been able to.

Gyness waits for the bartender to poor his drinks as he looks around the place with a wide grin upon his face.

Now where is the pretty lil Mistress Pathfinder who will lead me to my test of glory for my god and myself

A tall, handsome, physically opposing man strolls into the inn. He sits down his great oak shield and scans the room. He is clad in a blckened chainmail that has a few patches of dried blood stained on it. He stands 6'4 weighing 230lbs. Dark black hair and piercing dark blue eyes. A blue cape drapes over his shoulder. A scabbard portrudes out the back from under the cape.

Where is Karlae, I am Desmond. It seems you have some bandit issues that need looking into. He looks down at the dried blood on his armor for a second. He pauses and looks around the room.

Seems to be one less now, as this unfortunate soul tried to relieve me of some coin.
He cracks a smile and looks around noticing Karlae sitting at a table in the back. He stroles back and takes a seat.

ah Mrs. Karlae. Seems I had a little run in with one of the notorious bandits your having troubles with. They are not that well trained. I think we can take care of that issue. Just need to knock a few heads together and figure out who is in charge and were there base of operations are. Unless there is a more pressing matter. I assume we will be taking care of all the task you mentioned, but I would prefer to make the people safe first.

Male Human Cleric 1

Gyness stands up as the stout soldier approaches and waits for him to finish his tale.
Mate dat be a good thing taken down an oppressive foe. my name is Gyness let me buy you a good dwarven ale for your efforts.

The large man motions for the barkeep to bring more ale for the table he than turns to the new comer smiles a nice warm smile and says.

Now my good man tell me what you know of these brigands and any ideas you might have of dealing them a blow they won't soon forget.

Ah, thank you my good man. I am Desmond. I don't have a plan yet. Just got the job from our good lady. I assume that is why you are here as well. I know they are held up in that old keep, and taking what these good people have worked year long for... Well that aint right, and it won't happen under my watch. I suspect there the usual types. Desperate men, unwilling to work for what they need so they decide to take. Pretty easy to take stuff when you have some steel to back up your words. I suspect there a bit unorganized. The leader is who we need to stop, not the men. You cut the head off the snake, it may move a bit after but it's dead. He nudges at Gyness..

I am kind of a direct approach kind of guy. I like being on the front lines shield in hand fighting the good fight. I'm not all that sneaky, but I do understand stratagy and can respect a well thought out one. We could try the age old approach of getting recruited ourselves.
He gulps down some of the ale.

I do thank you for the drink. So come on than don't let me do all the talking, whats your take on things?

Male Human Cleric 1

Patting his girth and laughing heartily.
Stealthy isn't zactly m'style either. You may be on t'something with the recruiting plan. Or we could go in with steel blazing and magic flowing.

Smiling he slaps the fighter on the back downs his ale slamming the tankard on the table shouting


sitting back down he says

Well let us see what other adventurers our dear lady benefactor has organized. we than will know what tactics we may employ. i am stout and good with healing but as you see am not agile.

Laughing Gyness waves at the barkeep for another drink.

Male Human Rogue/01

Already sitting at the table in the rear of the Bulette across from Karlae is a wiry looking, ebon haired youth with a friendly smile. Looking up from his cup, he jerks his chin at Desmond and Gyness.

Madame, I seems two more of our party have arrived. Shall I fetch them to the table then?

Male Human Cleric 1

Gyness stands and looks around the room noticing Lady Siegfrost in the back of the room at a table with someone else.

Well I'll be a bump in a goblins nose the lil Lady who be hiring us seems to be in the back

Standing up and grabbing his too tankards.

well come on there Desmond lets see to our benefactor than

And at that Gyness starts towards the table in the back of the riom.

Male Elf Bard 1 HP 9/9 | AC 16 | T 13 | FF 13 | Init +3

The door swings open to allow a tall, elven male to step through, his long, gray hair framing a handsome face that breaks into a bright smile.

"This is the Bulette, right? Last time I was supposed to meet someone in a taproom, it ended up being a room of taps." He winks as he makes his entrance.

"Lucien, Lucien Moonbow. Pleased to meet your acquaintance, and apologies for my tardiness. I was having some... women troubles."

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Ranger 1 HP 8/13| AC 18 T 14 FF 14 | CMD 17 | F +4 R +6 W +1| Init+4 | Perc+5 | SM

Carrying a pair of freshly caught rabbits slung casually over his left shoulder, Zane walks into the Silver Bulette, a joint like many others, which those with enough imagination had the courage to call an "inn".

After discussing briefly with the owner, trying to trade rabbits for a dinner and a mug of beer, Zane inquires about his true goal here. Being shown where Karlae sits, and seeing other interested parties make their entrance, he joins them with a very short introduction.

"Hello ladies, sirs. My name be Zane Cartpett, and I would join you in your noble quest." - he says with a slight bow.

Not to mention that I could really, really use the money...

As a crowd gathers around Karlae, an unassuming hooded figure leaves the table they were sat at, and the small group of locals drinking there. With a nod to them, she throws back her hood to reveal a pretty girl with dirty blonde hair. She smiles at Karlae and joins the table. As she does so, her eyes dart almost imperceptibly from one seated figure to the next.

Corvus Raaf at your service. Is this all of us? Her voice is smooth like velvet and her accent suggests she is educated.

Male Elf Bard 1 HP 9/9 | AC 16 | T 13 | FF 13 | Init +3

I think Wix posted in the wrong group's thread... else we'd have 2 rogues.

Picture of Karlae and info on page three of the campaign guide

GM Roll:

Corvus 1d20 ⇒ 17
Gyness 1d20 ⇒ 20
Desmond 1d20 ⇒ 13
Zane 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (15) + 3 = 18
Lucien 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 2 = 12

The five of you are seated around a worn table; the wood pitted (dagger marks?) here and there. All eyes are on the woman who is your new employer. Trim, brown hair, a calculating look in the eyes over a casual smile; Karlae Siegfrost has the manner of a woman one step ahead of everyone else.

A pitcher of local mead sits in the center of the table with five mugs waiting to be lifted. She has her own drink, perhaps some mulled wine or some such.

After she nods a greeting to each of you and mentions your name, she eyes Gyness and Desmond. "Far be it from a retired adventurer like me to suggest how you go about your business," she gives an arch smile "but perhaps shouting your intention to go after bandits for the entire inn to hear isn't the most, well, subtle way to start your mission?"

She looks around the place. There may be some here with a favorable view of them, you know.."

Now she pulls all of you in with her eyes. "Obviously, I believe you can successfully complete this mission. You've had a day to think over what you learned yesterday during your interview. What would you ask of me?"

She leans back a bit, watching each face.

Well Karlae, that is good advice, but if there are supporters hear then we will find that out and they too may have to pay. Do you have a dire need of any of the task need tending too, or do we choose what to handle first?

I had a post, and the board ate it. DRAT! Will follow up on Desmond's post this afternoon.

Once Desmond has finished his conversation...

I have a question. Corvus loosens her cloak to reveal dark grey studded armour beneath. One hears so many rumours around these parts. Which ones do you think are connected?

Male Elf Bard 1 HP 9/9 | AC 16 | T 13 | FF 13 | Init +3
GM Iliad wrote:

Now she pulls all of you in with her eyes. "Obviously, I believe you can successfully complete this mission. You've had a day to think over what you learned yesterday during your interview. What would you ask of me?"

She leans back a bit, watching each face.

"You asked about Cheliax," recalls Lucien. "I told you I studied opera there. What's the relevance here?" He asks, his innate curiosity piqued.

Karlae looks at Desmond with a puzzled expression. "Handle first? I THOUGHT I made clear yesterday that you are to investigate the Keep and the bandit activity in the area. Presumably, they are linked.

Loud and a little slow. Well, there are certainly uses for that type.

With a tight smile, he adds, "What other tasks were you thinking of?"

As Desmond thinks over her response, Corvus asks a question. Karlae looks to her.

"Rumors? Well, Lavinia may be seeing Dubral the blacksmith. The Consortium is starting to feel squeezed by the decreasing darkwood yield. And..."Her voice trails off.

She pauses and smiles a bit more genuinely. "You've got the right idea, but you need to be more focused, dear. I've done more than a few jobs for the Society. Information is valuable, but you have to know what you're looking for and how it fits."

She takes a sip of her wine, her movements precise. "You will likely hear much more at Swallowfeld, though some of the villagers are a superstitious lot. We have received reports that, in addition to the increased bandit activity in the area, goblins have been sighted further south than usual."

She actually laughs, a pleasant sound." A shepherd said he saw a green dragon flying overhead, but that was likely just too much ale. The Arthfell hasn't seen green dragons, in...well, I can't remember when."

"Now, what, specifically, did you have in mind? Karlae arches an eyebrow and you feel that this may be some kind of test.

She eyes the bard thoughtfully after he asks his question.

"Picked up on that, did you? Very good."

Her voice drops to a lower volume, though it's certainly not a whisper.

"You surely know that Andoran was once a part of Cheliax. Mother Cheliax and the House of Thrune would very much like to bring the wayward child back into the family."

She makes eye contact with each one in turn.

"Cheliax's designs on Andoran are much more than paranoid fears. And if anything is to happen, it will start here in the west. We are the buffer. We are also the most isolated. But Cheliaxians are devious. It's not simple martial prowess that they will use."

"It's no secret that the Society has a pro-Cheliax faction. I had to satisfy myself that none of you were agents of Thrune, signing on to gain some type of advantage."

She smiles again. "I am satisfied."

None to speak of, didn't know how much trouble the tree hugging werewolves may be causing. They could also have some info on the keep and its inhabitants if they are being more active on keeping loggers out of the woods.

GM Roll:
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25


At Desmond's comment about tree huggers, a man at a table on the other side of the room nods to his companion, rises and leaves the inn. Bearded, he wears a tunic of brown, leather boots and a sword of some type hangs from his belt. You only see him for a few seconds.

Nobody else notices his departure.

Karlae looks at Desmond. "I hope your companions are more circumspect than you. I know you're not from here, but those kinds of comments about the Shadow Pack can have fatal consequences." There is no levity in her comment and she leaves the silence alone for several seconds.

"There is no logging near the Keep. I just mentioned the increased activity because I don't know where in the Arthfell you may end up. Be careful lest you find yourself immersed in the feud between the Pack and the Lumber Consortium. Neither side may be too discriminating in the heat of the moment."

I like nature as much as the next guy but speaking from a military point of view they can be holdin up progress. Wood is needed for many things. I just thought maybe they would be worth trying to communicate with and get the lay of the land.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Ranger 1 HP 8/13| AC 18 T 14 FF 14 | CMD 17 | F +4 R +6 W +1| Init+4 | Perc+5 | SM

Trying to look like he is speaking casually, Zane picks up on one of the gossips mentioned by Karlae, before lowering his voice. All the time he was trying to keep his attention focused indirectly on the companion of the guy who just left, looking at him from the corner of his eye.

"She migh be seeing whom?! An affair you say..." - he exclaims, before lowering his voice, so he could be barely heard just by the people at the table.

"Look, was it Desmond, right? I have no issue if you wanna paint target on your back, but do not drag me with you into there! You saw a guy who just left? A bearded guy, brown tunic, lether boots, sword hanging from his waist? Of course you did not. But that guy have chosen to leave the moment you shouted tree huggers loud enough so you could be heard in Swallowfeld. Now, I would ask of you to keep your opinions to yourself, at least for the time being, and your emotions in check. Looks like that soon, you will have a chance to express them in a diffent way"

Looking at Desmond directly in the eyes, but in such a way that he was still "keeping tabs" on the companion who remained, ranger continues to talk in a low voice, addressing Karlae this time.

"I believe you have your own reasons for coming with such a...different group. I would ask of you if you know maybe anything of the man I have just described - is he connected to the Fang, Consortium or something else? Also, if there are known contacts or meeting places of one of those two, in and around Swallowfeld we would really appreciate if you could share those with us. And finally, since you are our employer, two technical questions. A matter of our reward is one, while the second is - what would you expect us to do regarding Fang or Consortium, should we come in contact to them? Do we try and be neutral, or should we support or disrupt their goals, if we can? "

Male Elf Bard 1 HP 9/9 | AC 16 | T 13 | FF 13 | Init +3
GM Iliad wrote:

She eyes the bard thoughtfully after he asks his question.

"Picked up on that, did you? Very good."

Her voice drops to a lower volume, though it's certainly not a whisper.

"You surely know that Andoran was once a part of Cheliax. Mother Cheliax and the House of Thrune would very much like to bring the wayward child back into the family."

She makes eye contact with each one in turn.

"Cheliax's designs on Andoran are much more than paranoid fears. And if anything is to happen, it will start here in the west. We are the buffer. We are also the most isolated. But Cheliaxians are devious. It's not simple martial prowess that they will use."

"It's no secret that the Society has a pro-Cheliax faction. I had to satisfy myself that none of you were agents of Thrune, signing on to gain some type of advantage."

She smiles again. "I am satisfied."

"Wait, what?" Lucien blinks at the revelation. "I left Cheliax the soonest I could and now you're telling me they're coming over? Gads. How sure are you that House Thrune has firm designs on Andoran? Is this but a rumor or a firm bit of intelligence?"

If ok, I'm going to do a knowledge (local) check on werewolves to determine how the local populace feel about them, especially after the incident regarding the Night of Silver Blood

Knowledge (Local): 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 2 = 22

Male Human Cleric 1

Gyness moves a bit uncomfortable in his chair

bandits and goblins and dragons. this is starting to look like a possible epic adventure

Karlae listens impassively as Zane quietly berates Desmond, giving an almost imperceptable nod as the ranger finishes and turns to her.

She looks around casually, eyes not lingering on anything.
"I did not notice the man you are asking about, though I do not recognize the man you've been keeping an eye on for the past minute or so..

Fang Watch: oops. I meant the Shadow Pack. We'll pretend that's who you asked about. There is a Fang Watch faction in the area, but she hasn't mentioned them yet. My bad.

"As to the Shadow Pack: they meet throughout the woods: they have no central gathering place. And they do NOT welcome unwanted visitors. With their, well, 'special' bloodline, they are a bit sensitive. I did mention they are lycanthropes, did I not?"

"Regarding the Consortium, you well know that Boss Kreed is the operations leader, up in your hometown of Falcon's Hollow." A faint look of distaste showed through as she pronounced Kreed's name.

"I don't believe there are currently any camps near Swallowfeld, which is to the west. Operations in the Arthfell are mostly to the north, though there are still a few camps in the south."

She pauses and takes a drink. "Your mission does not directly involve the Consortium or the Shadow Pack. However, as we've learned through blood and trials, activity in the Arthfell often runs into their feud. I would treat with both organizations in whatever manner helps you accomplish your mission" Knowing Zane's background, she gives him a look that says, Whatever your personal feelings may be.

She looks at Desmond. "I would suggest not baiting a powerful group of violent, werewolf druids, were I you. If the man whom Zane notice leaving is associated with the Pack, you may already have garnered their attention. Though perhaps he isn't.

Having imparted that information, she turned to Lucien as he asked his question.

A slightly disbelieving look crosses her face.Rumor? How long were you in Cheliax? Surely you learned that the thrice damned House of Thrune wishes to re-establish the empire that Cheliax once had. Andoran, Sargava, Molthune: Cheliax has never forgotten the slight done to her by those who threw off her rule.

[b]"Andoran and her liberties are an affront to the empire of Asmodeous."

After she finishes, she turns back to Zane.

"I believe that you asked about payment. The practicalities must be observed, no? There will be 250 gp each for determining what is causing this bandit activity. If you resolve the issue, an additional 250 gold."

She looks at each of you before continuing.

"As we are convinced that the Keep plays at least some role in this matter, you will likely explore it. It is rumored that some of Valentin Ironwolf's treasure is still undiscovered. I wish to see anything you find. But if it is not something that the Society desires, you may keep it."

"As I said yesterday to each of you, if I am impressed, there may be further work available. Competence is always in demand."

Skills :
Acrobatics +8, Appraise +6, Bluff +4, Climb +6, Disable Device +10, Disguise +4, Escape Artist +8, Knowledge (local) +6, Perception +4 (+5 to locate traps), Sleight of Hand +8, Stealth +8, Use Magic Device +5
Init +6; Perception +4 AC 18, touch 15, flat-footed 13 (+3 Armor, +4 Dex, +1 dodge) hp 4/8 (1d8) Fort +0, Ref +6, Will +0 Base Atk +0; CMB +2; CMD 17

May we honor our gods in our accomplishments and do good service for this area in what we are about to do.
After funishing he bows his head slightly to Karlae and then finishes his tankard of mead.

know religion shadow pack druids1d20 + 5 ⇒ (14) + 5 = 19

I do apologize to you my new found compatriots. I'm a bit brash it would seem. Not the first time I have stuck my foot in my mouth. He smiles and shakes his head a bit.

Maybe we should move to a more secure place away from prying eyes and ears to discuss our first move then.

He finishes his tankard and stands.

Karlae looks at Desmond levelly. "You're an impetuous one, aren't you?"

She looks around the table. "Is there nothing more you wish to ask me before you begin your planning?"

The Shadow Pack is a faction, not a religion. You could roll Knowledge - Local. Or just ask Karlae for more info...

Male Human Cleric 1

My good Lady, was your scout able to get any information on how many brigands and if any others may be in or around the keep?

Gyness says in a quiet subdued tone.

This type of information could help us in making decisions about our plan.

Karlae is surprised to hear the cleric speak without his voice reverberating off the walls.

"Unfortunately, no. He only managed to sneak briefly inside the entrance before he was forced to flee. He did not spot anyone inside the Keep. Remember, we are only linking the bandit activity in the area to the Keep because it is logical. You may find out something else."

She looks expectantly at the group and sighs when no one asks the question she expects.

"I strongly suggest you follow the road to Swallowfeld and establish a base there before you begin roaming the forest. There is a trader named Tryphena there who may prove to be a good source of information."

She pauses and makes a bit of a face. "Be wary of her. I can't say anything definite, but there is something about her.." Her voice trails off.

Liberty's Edge

Male Human Ranger 1 HP 8/13| AC 18 T 14 FF 14 | CMD 17 | F +4 R +6 W +1| Init+4 | Perc+5 | SM

His eyes still darting around, Zane notices that Desmond already stood up, while Karlae's tone has changed to a "farewell mode". Despite all that, he continues to speak in a soft, level voice, while at the same time counting off his fingers:

"So, let me recap. One - You, or the Mayor, wants us to investigate increased bandit activity in the area of Ironfang Keep, an abandoned castle in the south of the Arthfell Forest.

Two - both Shadow pack and/or Consortium might be involved, but you do not see direct connection, at least at the moment.

Three - Chelaxian involvement might be expected, although no real leads to that avenue.

Four - our initial contact in Swallowfeld is Tryphena, a female trader of...interesting repute. We should be wary of her allegiance.

Five - goblins have been sighted further south than usual."

Seeing that he has "run out" of fingers on his right hand, Zane quickly adds: "I guess we could really disregard this green dragon rumour, while payment terms are more than acceptable, at least for me"

He casts an inquisitive look towards his new companions, prior to returning his gaze at the Karlae: "So, am I forgetting something?"

Karlae looks up at Zane, softly drumming the fingers of her right hand on the table.

"I warned you about the Shadow Pack because when they are active, as they have been of late, the Arthfell can be a very dangerous place to roam. Which you'll be doing."

"I don't say anything about Cheliax involvement. I had to make sure that you weren't Cheliaxan agents, interfering in my business.

"Tensions are always high here in western Andoran. Increased bandit activity may be nothing more than a nuisance. But one never knows. We are a kettle of competing interests. But you are correct in that your mission is to investigate this increased bandit trouble."

Male Elf Bard 1 HP 9/9 | AC 16 | T 13 | FF 13 | Init +3

Would you allow Lucien's previous Knowledge Local check to apply?

During your travels in the region as wandering bard, you heard much quiet muttering about those 'unnatural beasts' plaguing the Darkmoon Vale: including the 'warped tree worshippers' in the Arthfell. Your sense is that while there's little love for the Lumber Consortium, the residents choose people over trees and werewolves.

But there is certainly a strong sense of fear of the Pack.

Corvus has held her tongue whilst the conversations play out. When Karlae finishes speaking to Zane, she asks in her low, soft voice, Are there any reasons that you might think of for the folks in Swallowfield to be superstitious? At least more than any other place around here? And are you aware of a reason why the goblins are so far south?

This one will barely be heard with that noisy cleric...

She looks directly at Corvus as she answers. "Superstitious? Just that they're simple peasents who grew up in the shadow of a great forest. With a devil worshipping nation to the other side. Surely there are some over active imaginations there."

She looks away for a moment, motioning towards the bar, then continues.

"Goblins. Pesky little creatures. Long ago, there was a sizeable goblin population in the Arthfell. The Half Goblins of the Tangled Wood particularly flourished. They were eventually driven out, but periodically small tribes of the creatures would move into the woods."

The bartender, a painfully thin man with a bald pate and long arms, sets a new pitcher on the table and takes away the old one. He nods to Karlae politely and retreats.

"You know, of course, about the Goblinwood Wars. The Diamond Regiment Regiment is headquartered in Aldamas in large part to deal with any possible renewal of that threat."

She paused. "Where was I?" Oh, yes. While the small tribe exists here and there, they usually keep to themselves, as they are a distinct minority and drawing unwanted attention would likely lead to their extermination. It is unknown why at least one tribe has come south and has been causing problems. But, combined with the bandits, there's too much trouble in the area."

Male Human Cleric 1

Gyness’s eyes widen and the new pitcher and he smiles. Mighty nice mead they have here not too sweet..

As he takes a long draw from his tankard he looks to Karlae and quietly states

Goblilns are only brave in force as I have heard it. So if I had to guess there are more than just a small tribe if they are being seen regularly. The lil buggers seem to get stronger back bones the more they are.

He draws another drink and starts up again almost at a whisper this time.

Do you think it possible if we could get a cart and maybe a couple left over casks the barkeep may be storing out back? The reason I ask is if we are protraying ourselve as tradesmen of some type a small group of the bandits may try to steal our load of alcohol. It is a very tempting prize to say the least. Of course we would fill the casks with water.

A little smile is showing in the corner of his mouth.

Male Elf Bard 1 HP 9/9 | AC 16 | T 13 | FF 13 | Init +3

"We could just dress you up like a rich, corrupt clergyman, my dear Gyness," Suggests Lucien, grinning. "I'm sure that will make an attractive target to bandits.

Male Human Cleric 1

giving a hearty chuckle at Lucien's comment Gyness turns to him with a smile,

That is a good idea as well. I'd love to play the rich guy once.

in a haughty tone,
I believe that my servants would need to bring me drink on regular basis.

waving his hand in the air go on young servant bring me more mead

Gyness chuckles again at his own silliness.

Karlae raises an eyebrow at Gyness' suggestion.

Ah. There is more to this one than he lets on."

If you guys want to pursue some type of 'travelling plan,' feel free to work it out on the discussion tab; then you can present it as a fait accompli in a discussion here. I imagine there will be some back and forth (horses or mules, who rides/walks, how much gold do you have,etc).

Male Human Cleric 1

Gyness looks over the table. He gives a quick smile and wink while standing.

Let me feel out something before we start, I’ll see if I can’t get us a ride to help. One of you more diplomatic types could help with this as well. Just follow my lead.

Looking at the group Gyness looks to see who will join him.

Do I wait to see who will accompany and if they assist?

Go ahead and start. Assume somebody walks up behind you and offers moral support in the background. If nobody offers within a couple hours, I'll roll for Lucien, he being a dimplatic bard...

Male Human Cleric 1

Gyness strolls over to the bar with anyone who decided to join and leans in close to the man behind it. It is obvious that Gyness is talking but he seems to be as quiet as a mouse when he wants to be.

Conversation with Bar owner/Keep and who ever joins me:

My good barkeep may Cayden Cailean bless your establishment and may you gain in your efforts to hold such a grand place. Let me introduce myself, I am Gyness Stout… A Cleric of Cayden Cailean, Brew Master of the Cailean order, and a friend to all.

I have come to offer you a barter… an exchange as you will. My knowledge of brewing and blessing from Cayden Cailean upon your establishment is what I offer.

I have a secret recipe for a summer beer that is light and refreshing. It has a pale yellow color with summer clouds rolling in it. It pours with a thick creamy head that has the legs to stand up for a long bit of time. It smells of fine hops and light citrus and it has wonderful light ale sweetness but also gives a lil pop in the end. It is the perfect enjoyable summer beverage and I can ensure you that it will sell well. And seeing that it is a limited time product you can charge a wee bit extra for it.

I will also anoint your establishment with the blessing that I can perform as a cleric of Cayden Cailean. And I’ll throw in a couple gold to boot.

What I ask from you is the ability to rent a cart, a few empty Kegs and Casks you have outback, and a mule or horse to pull the cart. Ohhhh and let people know that a well to do Priest of Cailean is passing through and blessed your establishment and is now on his way up to Swallofield


diplomacy1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18
profession brewing 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (13) + 8 = 21

Rubbing the good bar keep on the shoulder and looking into his eyes and saying it loud enough now for others to hear.

So what do you say my good man

Male Elf Bard 1 HP 9/9 | AC 16 | T 13 | FF 13 | Init +3

Holy Crap. I think you should have played the bard. I can't write like that :P

Lucien walks up to the two men talking, as though just passing by coincidentally. He stops as he 'listens in' on the offer.

"What?" He says in a loud whisper, audible enough for the owner to hear. "You're going to reveal that recipe? But that brew is... legendary, its meant for kings, emperors! Its not meant for..." His voice trails off. "Men will come from miles around... just to have a sip."

Bluff to assist:
1d20 + 7 ⇒ (10) + 7 = 17

Corvus adds moral support to Gyness. She lets him take the lead but nods, smiles and makes approving noises whenever she feels it's appropriate.

Rolling for Diplomacy +6

1d20 + 6 ⇒ (12) + 6 = 18

Those are good rolls

The barkeep, a grizzled half-orc whose nose has clearly been broken more than once, pushes the hand off of his arm quite forcefully.

One of his small tusks is cracked, his face is scarred and one ear resembles a cauliflower shape. His eyes had been constantly scanning the room while he listened, but now he focused on Cayden, speaking in a surprisingly clear voice for one of his appearance.

"A cart? To Swallowfeld? Gold?"

He listens to Lucien's speech with no visible response.

There is a bit of back and forth, but he's clearly receptive to the idea, with the diplomacy roll

"I need two casks of Olfden jak delivered to Maben Tagyes at the Wolf's Head Inn in Swallowfeld. If you make that delivery, you can use the cart and a mule."

He glowers a little; it is an imposing sight. "You better bring the cart back. Leave two gold as a deposit and we've got a deal."

He stares at Gynness, impassively.

You don't sense that he's unfriendly: just that he takes his job seriously.

Male Human Cleric 1

Turning and strolling back to the table Gyness takes the small tankard around his neck and pours dome of the meed into it.

Looking at the others at the table Well looks like we have our transportation to Shadowfeld. Now I must give Cailean blessings to this place

Stepping away from the table Gyness holds his hand over the small tankard filled with mead around his neck (holy symbol) and starts to pray.

By the honor and glory that is Cayden Cailean bless this fine establishment and those that serve here. And may all those that spend time here do good in this life, enjoy this life, enjoy the fine drinks of this establishment, and stand up for what is right and true. In the name of the Hero Cayden Cailean may it be so.

And with that the cleric dips his finger into the small tankard around his neck and walks to each wall and draws a tankard symbol upon it with the mead. At the last he walks to the front door and draws the same symbol.

The rotund cleric than walks slowly back to the table and sits looking to the Lady

anything you can tell me about Maben Tagyes at the Wolf’s Head Inn? Good, bad, or indifferent. And are there any other allies we can count on in Shadowfell?

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