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Team Dwarf/Gnome in Elves vs Dwarves -- ELVES KEEP OUT (Inactive)

Game Master Chainmail

Homebrew old school campaign where elves and dwarves interact in an ever increasing way as the game continues.
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Dark Archive

Please consider me for a alternate replacement. I would like to play a Dwarven ranger (melee) or Paladin, but will consider different options. I will have a background made once I know more.

Nelson VanDenHoek 692 wrote:
Please consider me for a alternate replacement. I would like to play a Dwarven ranger (melee) or Paladin, but will consider different options. I will have a background made once I know more.

Dwarves are ready for one more. They have a human guide to lead them and do some rogue duties if needed.

Dark Archive

Looking at the gameplay thread a few quick questions. Are you wanting me to create a character for Magnum or someone to take the place of Magnum if the group decides to pass on the rogue/guide? Either is fine with me just wanting to clarify and get some direction before I start work on him. Should he be a ranged, melee, or skilled focused character? Also noticed they leveled up. Is this a 1st or 2nd level character? Other wise I will build either the melee ranger (1st choice) or paladin.

I've looked over Brasks stats and he should be able to handle the guide and hiding tracks sorts of things. What we really need is a rogue. Though another melee type wouldn't hurt.

Magnum is an NPC. They have Liri's gear which include a masterwork thieves tools. Plan on working in at level 1 (halfway to 2)--cutting Liri out of the XP was how I could justify leveling the party up. Plan on average gold and access to the three feats, but no masterwork item.

The party could use a rogue--but I also think it is important to play what you want to play.

Dark Archive

Outside of magical traps the ranger will have a good perception and I will put ranks into disable device to be able to handle the traps. Especially if Brask can handle the guide type skills that will free me up for the other skills the party lacks. I will have a build up later today with background for your perusal.

Cool. Don't feel you have to cover disable device. We can always take the smartarse han along.

Here is Kragg Stoneheart using the variant Battle Dwarf build. Please take a look and tell me what you think. At second level ranger he will be taking the two-weapon style tree. My only concern right now is his lower AC for being an up front fighter type. I will have equipment done later. Right now just have armor and weapon.


Name is Hon. Word in the Halls says you may be recruiting extra talent for some extracurricular activities. I'll stay local for a few, but just put out a word or three you are looking for me. I'll find ya.

For your consideration, as an alternate on the replacement list.

It is up to Thograt whether he wants Hon or Kragg. Either way, he can decide if Magnum is going along too. (Magnum doesn't count to his six slots).

sorry I've been trying to decide for a day now, it's been a tough decision. But...

"Hon Semparatus, I like your style. You are just the kind o dwarf I'm lookin for and I'm glad to add you to the team!"


Thanks for the pickup. I'll head over to the Discussion thread and we'll figure out how to slide me in.

"Contract accepted. Are we talking a fully endorsed team member or contractual agreement? Equal shares regardless, I expect.
Hon rifles through a belt pouch, pulls out a scrap of paper and charcoal sliver. "I'll pick up some last minute items and head out ASAP as soon as I know where, and the goals of team."

No problem I will just wait here as an alternate if this gets as deadly as Chainmail/Rock claims.


Yeah, hopefully I'll last long enough to welcome you on the team. ;-)

Good luck and hopefully you won't get hit right away since your only 1st level and have 9hp. Hate to have you join just to get hit with a crit on the first trap.

Hey y'all, sorry about the delay in coming up with another corpse..oops!...player to fill the missing slot ; )

Guess I had just really been feeling Dogar and no inspiration was coming at the time for anyone else, and then the holiday season and, well. Anyway, I'll keep tabs on this thread though and if..oops!...when the next valiant dwarf falls, if there still need for another, I'll step up with a candidate then.

Until then, keep up the great gaming and kick some skinny elven butt!

Kragg - I'm the human guide for the expedition. I need an apprentice ranger along. Stick with me. Remember who got you your ticket.

Magnum has technically invited Kragg to be his henchman to get around leaving good talent behind. Move Kragg over to the gameplay thread if he is agreeable to this creative way of going along.

Very agreeable to this sort of inclusion. I am enjoying the story so far and definitely would keep options open for inclusion. Thanks Chainmail/Magnum.

Kragg will be waiting in the beer hall ready to toast the adventurers on their next journey in to the wild human lands.

you are then in. Here is your snowsuit -- you have a white rangers outfit that gives +2 stealth in snowy terrain. move over to gameplay thread with Kragg.

It appears the dwarves are looking for an arcane caster to replace a gnome with wanderlust.

Wizard or sorceror. Even a human would be considered.

Sovereign Court

I've an interesting concept of a white-dragon blooded sorcerer, the child of a line cursed to become more like the beasts they hunted every generation by a particularly powerful ice linnorm (or white dragon).
Sent here by Brask. I'd prefer this concept to the elf greatly, but ultimately I'd just like to be part of the world created here.

Ooo, This is cool. Are you going Dwarf, Gnome, or Human for this?

Sovereign Court

Dwarf, since the "clan and family honor" seems most appropriate from a dwarf, despite the gnomes affinity for sorcery.
Additionally, as the Scion of Clan Fangbreaker, Gallak, son of Durrig, son of Valtir, son of Jamiir, and cursed of the White Fate, carries always the burden of his station: the broken warhammer Fangbreaker itself.

15 pt buy - no traits but an extra feat - Core Rulebook only - this is a retro/ old school/ throwback campaign

3rd level character--Gear will be provided.

These feats can be chosen at start.

Luck of Stonecrusher: you gain +1 to AC (touch and flatfooted too), and you gain +1 to all saves. If you die, there is a small chance the dwarven gods will intervene and save you. If this happens, you lose all benefits of this feat. This feat can only be chosen at first level.

Dwarven Toughness: Just as regular toughness, but this feat can stack with Toughness too. This feat may only be chosen at first level.

Trained by Rock: You gain +1 to hit with all weapons (ranged and melee) and unarmed combat. This does not include touch attacks for spells. This feat may only be chosen at first level.

Dwarf team can use a bard or a monk. Only one gnome (a sorceror), used to be two. Current party composition fighter, two rangers(one melee, one ranged), rogue, cleric, sorceror w/NPC ranger tagging along.

Only class absolutely forbidden is ranger. Another sorceror would be fun too.

Sovereign Court

Oh I would so much love to have the luck of the stonecrusher, but alas, the feat I justify by concept is Dwarven Toughness.
I'll set to work at once. You can expect a finished crunch tonight with story hooks and a full backstory tomorrow for Gallak Fangbreaker. (name subject to change)

Remember, you get two starting feats, no traits. All starting feats can be picked from the added ones on the list.

Sovereign Court

Yes, but I simply can't justify a "cursed" character as "Lucky". If I've a mind to take it, I'll surely find some manner of element that describes its acquisition.
I'll be using the Elite Array of 15,14,13,12,10,8; as I feel it's the most appropriate in a true throwback.
I'd like a look at the gnome's skill selection and spell list. While I'm pretty sure I won't be stepping on any toes, since in the light of needing a monk, I'll be taking on a slightly more martial mantle than original concept, focused primarily on party-support spells.

Edit: Let me add that the build is childishly easy to adapt to a bard class. While I'll lose the claws and such, that's all just mechanics, and it's the concept I'm interested in. If it's a bard we want, a BARD WE SHALL HAVE!

I just have one requirement for a dwarven bard.

He has to play the bagpipes :D

Sovereign Court

-Looks over shoulder-

He'll also have an ocarina for those rare occasions bagpipes are simply not convenient.

I do have a question. My concept includes a MW spiked heavy dragonhide shield and a warhammer, the sign of his station. I'm guessing I'll have to figure out why he left these things at home, if gear is provided?

We each got a free upgrade to a masterwork weapon at first. You'll be getting what Ninni had, which was a set of gauntlets. I think she also got about 16,000 GP worth of precious materials so you can splurge on some nice stuff.

The shockingly albino dwarf before you runs a hand across his beard-clasp ponderously.
He stands tall for a dwarf, and towers over the gnome, at over four feet tall. Though muscled with the work of the hard life of the north, his build suggests a regimen of exercises, rather than a natural hardening. He toasts with a particularly stout dwarven ale at your approach,
Ah pleasure tah meet ye all, lads, milady. Ah be Gallak, son of Durrig, son of Valtir, son of Jamiir, of clan Fangbreaker. Ah oonderstand ye've a spot o' work ta be doon.
Ruggedly handsome in an eerie, almost ethereal way, the albino speaks with unusual confidence for a dwarf. While not quite welcoming, his voice is compelling, as though it'd be worth an evening's ear. He wears a necklace of bone shards carved to resemble various arctic beasts, the largest and most central a great scaled monstrosity bellowing forth a cloud of intricately detailed snowflakes.

OK, Gallak Fangbreaker is the son of Durnak Fangbreaker, a legendary barbarian and leader of a faction of dwarves called the Traditional Old Hall Dwarves. Unfortunately Durnak was executed for trying to zealously uphold dwarven traditions. Gallak is being flown by a dwarf druid that has found him named Hunter to meet the dwarves who executed him and reclaim his birthright, a magical +2 greataxe. Hunter transforms in to large eagle, and it is a harrowing, cold 8 hour ride on top of a large eagle. You arrive for the evening meal in the warehouse. You can post in the main thread.

@ Gallak - Battle dwarves can choose +2 STR; +2 CON; -2 DEX - that should make your bard better - +2 greataxe will be yours to keep or sell. There are plenty of northern barbarian tribes that Gallak can be among - as this is not Golarion there are no Linnorm kings. Human barbarian tribes have had rumors of the times of the ice drakes, which is long gone.

Excellent, then my ancestors will have hunted those ancient drakes. The curse, after all, is a few generations down now, and dwarves are a long-lived people. I'll be using that battle dwarf stat for sure...

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