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Team Dwarf/Gnome in Elves vs Dwarves -- ELVES KEEP OUT (Inactive)

Game Master Chainmail

Homebrew old school campaign where elves and dwarves interact in an ever increasing way as the game continues.
current map

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Gnome Fey-Blood Sorcerer/4 | AC 15/15/13 [19/15/17 with MA] +4 vs Giant type; HP 26/26; F/R/W 3/4/6 +2vs illushns; Prcp +4; Init +6;

Kib looks closely at Khazad to try and determine why he is acting so. Unsure as to what effects his ally but seeing a potential brouhaha brewing, Kib reaches out, using one of his lesser used abilities, touches Khazad on the arm while saying "What, you weren't afraid your important bits would be left behind, where ya Khazad?"

Instantly the seasoned warrior bursts out laughing hysterically, able to do little more than laugh for the moment.

Sense Motive: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 1 = 10
Touch Attack: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (19) + 2 = 21

Laughing Touch: Only able to take make Move actions for one round.


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Opening his eyes after hearing the brouhaha, he tries to take it all in. Seeing and hearing yet another dwarven civil discourse going on, he turns to the human to reassure her, possibly to explain the finer points of the debaters' skills. Catching the exhaustion in her demeanor, he wonders if he missed the bigger picture somewhere... Perception 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (15) + 7 = 22

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

Kragg will attempt to disarm Khazad of his weapon hoping that whatever Kib did worked.

Disarm attempt dc:18 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19

Liselle, does that spell work on unconscious people. Are they considered willing?

Something cracks where Gallak is hit, and he stumbles backwards a few steps before crashing to the ground. A dark, black bruise spreads up his neck and down his arm from where the axe hit him, and his arm contorts at an unnatural angle.

As Liselle steps back in confusion, Gallak attempts to stop Khazad with a spell, the axe swings in a vicious arc, striking with the flat of the blade. The axe laments, "No, my son." Gallak slumps to the ground.

Kib touches Khazad and casts a spell which tries to make Khazad laugh uncontrallably, and he attempts to resist. DC15?

Will fail will end this as you slump to the ground, Will success versus Kib's spell gives you an AoO versus Kragg.

Liselle backs further away, "Should I intervene here, or is this 'dwarven' business."


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

"Astute observation Mi'Lady. Dwarven business, please refrain from adding your input. In fact, if I may... " Hon gently grasps her her elbow to guide her some distance away, "Discussions do not normally get this, um, robust. But it would appear that the axe has a mind and agenda of its own, which does not alway coincide with the King's Rep." Wincing in sympathatic pain at Gallack's broken arm, Hon takes a moment to untie his hammer, assuming a protective stance between the human and the unruly dwarves. He scans the wilderness for predators that might be attracted to the ringing metal and raised voices.
He'll keep the perception 22 from previous input. Are we in same place or have we relocated?

Khazad starts laughing, but retaliates as Kragg disarms him. Kragg misses and the axe falls to the ground.
1d20 + 9 ⇒ (6) + 9 = 151d12 + 1d6 + 6 ⇒ (10) + (4) + 6 = 20
Khazad is back in control.

Correction - Khazad missed - the disarm was successful.

As no one looks to grab the axe, Liselle speaks up, "Can I examine that axe, it definitely looks interesting."

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

One minute Liselle. Let us get this straightened out before you touch that axe. It seems tomhave a ind of its own. I wouldn't want you to touch it right now in case it did something to you.
Khazad, are you ready to listen and follow orders. If so listen up, this is the second time you have acted this way. Once more, and I will be forced to take action against you. If you can not control yourself with that axe then we will have to replace it or you. I can't have a member of this team going rogue. What have you to say for yourself?

Gnome Fey-Blood Sorcerer/4 | AC 15/15/13 [19/15/17 with MA] +4 vs Giant type; HP 26/26; F/R/W 3/4/6 +2vs illushns; Prcp +4; Init +6;

It's an attack and special ability of his Fey Sorcerer linage. No Save! : )

From the ground the axe still speaks in dwarven, "I was not consulted in this magical travel. I have years of combat experience, and no one asks me anything. You, little gnome, are on my list again. No one else better touch me but Khazad or Gallak. And when Gallak wakes up, tell him he learned a valuable lesson for challenging me, he should show more respect."

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Khazad stops laughing, tears running down his face. He touches Gallak's body to make sure he's still breathing, then sighs deeply and looks at everyone with sorrow.
"Yes, I'm fine now. I can only say that I feel I'm becoming more attuned to it as time passes and should eventually be able to assume complete control. But for now all I can say is I'm deeply sorry for what happened. I also have a concern that if we get rid of it, we will find it at the hands of other dwarves which will not even TRY to control it and eventually we will have to confront it again."
He walks up to the axe and begins to scold it without picking it up yet.
"How on earth is combat experience related to magical travel?! I will listen to your expertise when we're fighting the duergar, thank you very much! But as it stands, you're refusing to even let me bring you to them! Now if you stop acting up, we have some dark dwarves to slay and real dwarves to help."

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

If you can't control it then we have only 1 choice as I agree that it would fall into nefarious hands. We would have to destroy it altogether. I would sooner it be destroyed than you khazad's. I would see it myself if needs be.

Turning to Liselle, I believe we are ready to depart now unless there are any other disruptions. Kragg will grab the axe with khazad as well hoping that the chain of command will at least cause the weapon ton obey this time.

Yes Kragg is threatening the weapon, but don't know if an intimidation check is needed as he is stating it more matter of factly than trying to coerce it. Your choice and go ahead and roll if you want Chainmail.

Liselle looks at Kragg. "Why don't I put that axe someplace safe and we can start a nice walk to the north. After camping and some morning meditation, we can try again. I don't just hop around at will without some magic to protect myself. I will make sure I am ready with the appropriate magic again tomorrow. How where you supposed to know the axe was surly, distrustful of magic, and xenophobic?"

As the group walks to the north, Liselle asks Khazad, "Tell me the story of that big Grumpaxe you carry."

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

So is this turning into a quest to destroy the One Axe in the fires of Mount Doom? :)
"Well, I knew the axe was surly and xenophobic already, but the magic part was new to me. Its story is somewhat tragic: It was first looted from the ancient dwarven treasury we've discovered, but then it was just a normal magic axe. Then we were ambushed by one Durnak who believed we were not worthy to have the treasure because we intended to trade it with the humans. He strongly believed dwarves should remain isolated and traditional, and was ready to kill and die for his belief. So it happened, and I was the one who executed him with this very axe. Since that day, it's trying to mess with my head."

Liselle replies "Well, its magic reading is off the charts. Why don't we give the axe some time alone. I can put it in an extradimensional space all by itself for a while. I think it will be a lot nicer after some time in isolation."

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Khazad raises a brow.
Sense Motive: 1d20 ⇒ 10
"I would prefer to have it on me when fighting the duergar, thank you very much. Also I think if I was imprisoned in an extradimensional space, I would be much angrier upon getting out. It doesn't sound pleasant."

"Well, while here, the axe can probably affect the outcome of my magic. But we can try again once every morning if you like. This is a pleasant walk and it is nice to walk with those that don't have to wait for me."

Every now and then a hawk lands on Liselle's shoulder and talks to her. There are no encounters, and the evening is uneventful--the watches report in the morning that nothing was seen.

Liselle wakes up and cracks some bones. She looks over a large book with a silver cover and the symbol you see on her medalion on it--the sun with many mirrors.
"After breakfast we can try again. As a sentient item, the axe will have to be controlled by someone if it is to be transported on this plane."
Let me know who is going to make 'Durnaxe' go.

Male Dwarf Fighter (Foehammer) /6 Hps 58/58 AC 24 FF 23 T 11 CMD 21 (23D, 27 BR, 29 Trip) Fort +8 Ref +5 Will +3; Init +5 Per +7

Nar steps up, "As a chosen of Angradd I will control the axe to allow us to get to our destination."

"That's what you think."
Once the chosen controller is designated, they can make a Will Save.

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

[b]Nar, get Gallak up and healed while we see about this axe. If khazad can get it under control then we let him continue to do so. In the morning we try again to the mines. Until then we march. Hon you got point. Tell us if you spot anything.[b]

In the morning ready to try the teleportation again. Khazad between Gallak and Nar with Kragg next to Liselle.

Will assist: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11

Gnome Fey-Blood Sorcerer/4 | AC 15/15/13 [19/15/17 with MA] +4 vs Giant type; HP 26/26; F/R/W 3/4/6 +2vs illushns; Prcp +4; Init +6;

Will Assist: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

Kibibblepep also aids his will in dominating the ask, sharing some inspiring words with whoever's holding it.


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Ears perking up with the mention of his name, "As much as I'd take my cue to put some distance from the talking inanimate object. And whilst another couple of hours of forced marching sounds like wonderful exercise, isn't it a bit futile do so when Her Ladyship can magically whisk us no matter what the distance? I'd like to take this time make a decent copy preferably three of Sir Wheatfield's gift. You know, without interference or distraction, that comes with constant movement." Hon's eyes keep flicking back and forth from the human witch back to group.

Liselle is somewhat surprised, "You were given one of his father's campaign maps? And you are going to copy it?"

"It is like being given a great chef's recipe. Well, he is really going to get it from the Council. That was not his decision to make. He has really overstepped his authority. That was the equivalent of you giving me a secret dwarven forging recipe from the clan, not your personal property."

"We could stop walking, but magic is not always the most reliable. I do not know how the axe will behave. At least we are heading to the mountains by walking, and the weather is perfect for walking."

You are not 'forced marching' since Liselle joined.

Liselle speaks to Kib, "Your magic signature is like a room full of candles. I assume you like to be prepared for every eventuality. I think one of our greatest sorcerors is a gnome. He claims to have dragon blood."

After an uneventful evening we can have Khazad's will save.

DM rolls:
10d20 ⇒ (18, 5, 2, 12, 9, 2, 17, 18, 17, 4) = 104


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Hon's eyebrows lift in surprise, then lower with indignation. He awaits for her to complete her opinion, taking a little bit of time to understand that her arguments are based in emotion, although he would not state this. Collecting his thoughts on the matter, take a bit of time, "May I use your examples? If a master chef gave you his favorite recipe, it is not used up, no longer able to be ever made again. It is a masterpiece shared. As for council secrets, there are no secrets if more than one person knows. The same applies to secret dwarven forging recipes. There isn't any. The secret is simply preparation, hardwork, an artisian's perspective and confidence in her skills. Would you hoard your magic from your apprentices and peers? Should we return these "Dark Owl" cloaks back to their creator?"
Sighing with emphasis, "Aye, the council may be upset, but it is nothing we could not also do if we had the time and dwarves available. I am sure we could take umbrage over the dwarf entries here on the map, informing exactly how to leverage the dwarven clanhold's weakness to thier gain. And rest assured, someone already has..."

Diplomacy 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Sweet roll

Liselle nods at Hon, "So your persuasive argument will have Rock share his forging recipes with the Council. They always wanted those. I think we have a deal."


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

"I believe those same "recipes" may be found among those Dwarven smithies already integrated in "Pick'yer Town" population. I do not know why Dwarven craftmanship is valued more, although I've a few assumptions, that would be a conversation for another time. And far be it that negiotation for smithy apprenticeship under Rock will happen under my name, I've no input, much less authority, into THAT process. The council can petition a name just like the rest of the dwarven clans. I did count a few human apprentices with a dwarven smith in a former town, so I suspect the secret and development of an artisian's eye has started. I should be able to convince a few other smiths recently departing the hold to take on apprentices selected by the council, in return are you in authority to put into place a dwarf Council page/intern or two?
In regards to the map, we promised to return this campaign map to Sir Wheatfield. This was loaned to us as long as our goals aligned for the greater good of society. I do not expect this to change anytime soon and it would be irresponsible of us not to minimize damage to the original oneofakind map. If you wish to gainsay his judgement, do so with him. Please do not begrudge my efforts to preserve the security of his map placed in our trust."

By this time Hon's face become a bit flushed, his smile has soured. He dons his Dark Owl Cloak of Elvenkind, packing away the Cloak of Resistance. He hitches up the backpack again and, unless Her Ladyship wants to continue this debate, he will set off into the wilderness to scout ahead, grumbling as long as he remains within hearing distance. "Human superiority complex... Dwarf superiority complex... egoists all of them... Bueaucratic... Gradually he calms down, and attempts to stealth like a good forward scout.
Stealth 1d20 + 7 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 7 + 5 = 23 Perception 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (5) + 7 = 12

To all:

Dang Chainmail, I haven't written like this since I retired. Makes me kinda want a more thuggish rogue just so I don't have to type/think thru the arguments as much. Alas Hon insisted on being a diplomatic sweet-talking Rogue. Someone give him the Axe to carry, please...

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

Help move this along here is a will save for Khazad. not counting any assists.1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

When Hon speaks up about the dwarves secret recipes, Kragg is slightly alarmed but is reassured with his last couple of statements. Kragg will search out Hon to help him scout.

Hon, I will help you out scouting. Wait it will be easier with the two of us. If Kragg can catch up to Hon, Kragg will suggest that he actually copy the map while Kragg scouts. This will give him some privacy and an excuse to be by himself while he copies the map.

DM rolls:
1d100 ⇒ 626d20 ⇒ (1, 13, 1, 15, 17, 16) = 63

After some hiking further north and an uneventful evening, after Liselle reads from her books, the next attempt is made. The circle is completed except for Liselle. Again Liselle makes some passes and casts a series of spells, this time Khazad is sure the axe is on board and completely under control, but after the spell is completed, everyone finds themselves in the same place again.

Liselle looks around in frustration "My magic was successfully countered somehow.". The Axe grumbles, "This one isn't on me."

If you can't figure out what happened, I will move the story along.


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

"So an inanimate but willful magic item can stop magical travel? I wonder if anything I am carrying is stopping travel but is stealthy about it... Kib, can ya find anything magical upon my person and backpack besides this here armor, crossbow, two cloaks and two potions? Just wondering if'n I might've picked up something from my newfound associates..." He sheds each item named into one pile and steps away.

"I am not too experienced in these things. How does one counter magic such as this or am I approaching this the wrong way? How does this spell become successful?"

Male Dwarf Fighter (Foehammer) /6 Hps 58/58 AC 24 FF 23 T 11 CMD 21 (23D, 27 BR, 29 Trip) Fort +8 Ref +5 Will +3; Init +5 Per +7

"Maybe those rings you made is stopping us now?" Nar says to Kib

The mention of the rings, leads to a discussion about laen. Laen has the ability to resist magic and spells when properly crafted. It is not a property that is selective at all.

Liselle asks, "How much of this material do you have?"

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

Well we each have rings but beyond that don't rightly know. How much does it take to cause problems? If we don't wear them would they still affect you?. Kragg will look to the other spell casters for confirmation and follow their lead when it comes to the magical arts. This is just something Kragg is not interested in at all.

Male Dwarf Fighter (Foehammer) /6 Hps 58/58 AC 24 FF 23 T 11 CMD 21 (23D, 27 BR, 29 Trip) Fort +8 Ref +5 Will +3; Init +5 Per +7

That is a good question. I haven't been wearing mine as I didn't want it affecting my spells.

Liselle asks, "Can I borrow all your things made out of this material? It will make the next attempt tomorrow much easier, we will be halfway to Garrison by then."

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

Kragg will take off his ring and hand it to her for the current trip. Not treating it carelessly as it was finely made, but rather not knowing what other alternative there is.

Haven't been wearing mine, either. It messes with spells!

Well, I don't want to make the will save for Khazad. Gallak can roll his aid later if needed. We are down to DC 8, because the axe is mostly trusting. If Gallak makes Will DC 11 it is DC 6 for Khazad.

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Are we rolling again?
Will save: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6
OMG unbelievable

Liselle is not surprised when Khazad confesses that even without speaking up, the Axe's doubts still kept running throught his mind. He broke the circle at the last minute. For you old timers, Dr. McCoy always hated to use the transporter in Star Trek. Having is matter scrambled and reassembled made him unhappy. She stoically packs up her stuff, "Another nice day for a walk."

But, on the morning of the day 4.... 1d20 ⇒ 9 The Axe is cooperative, the rings are stowed, and the magic circle completes successfully. Somewhat pleasantly surprised, this time your are whisked to the base of a huge mountain peak.

The dwarves appear in a circle with Liselle at the base of a huge (4000' high) mountain by a running stream. A 200 foot deep, ten feet by ten feet air shaft descends into the rock below. Rough hand and footholds are carved in the north side of the shaft for descent into the mountain. Someone has recently chiseled a gear at the lip of the top of the shaft.

The stream seems to turn an iron set of paddle wheels near the air shaft. Air is blowing down the air shaft at a decent rate. As the stream eddies near the paddle wheels the air flow decreases slightly.

Enough with the drama

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Finally, we're here! Thank you, Liselle. Are you going to return now?

"If we find Thumper and his group dead, their blood will be on your hilt. You'd better make up for it in the number of cleft Duergar skulls.", Khazad whispers to the axe in frustration.

Khazad looks at the crude shaft and ponders if he's going to be able to fit in his heavy armor.

Male Dwarf Fighter (Foehammer) /6 Hps 58/58 AC 24 FF 23 T 11 CMD 21 (23D, 27 BR, 29 Trip) Fort +8 Ref +5 Will +3; Init +5 Per +7

Nar takes a deep breath and looks around, "Already I feel more at home than I have in a long time.."

Liselle hands back the rings.

Liselle Know 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (13) + 12 = 25

Knowledge History DC 20:
The gear is Thumper's Gladdringgar rune.

"I think that gear symbol is Thumper's Gladdringgar rune. It looks to be carved recently. The fact that he carved it at this level shows he wanted the Council to find it, or he thought that this rune might be his last."

The handholds are made out of stone and provide three combination handholds and/or footholds at all times. One person can go down at a time. The mist from the stream leave a mist on the stone making them somewhat slippery. Magnum and Kragg easily find a few track leading to the stream where heavily armed dwarves drank and refilled water skins. A discarded ripped waterskin is left at the side of stream. the climb is a DC8 and 10 can be taken out of combat :-)

Liselle looks relieved to have finally made it. "I cannot stay as I am late for an important meeting. Well, should I return the map? I will inform the Council that you made it safely. Though I think they will be somewhat unhappy with our time table."

Male dwarf Cleric 3 24/24 hp, saves 5/2/7 AC 18/11/17

Since it has been 4 days, has Hon had a chance to copy the map completely? If not then, Sorry, Liselle, but we told sir Wheatfield we would guard it and return it to him. It was a matter of honor and contention between us. So if you don't mind we will take charge of delivering it personally. Thank you for your assistance, and if you need some assistance yourself, please let us know and we will help if able.

Kragg will head to the streams nd fill his water skin and prepare for the trek down into the mines.

Scout squad first. Hon, Gallak, and I in the scout squad and the rest follow 30 paces back. We don't want to be caught in another fire conflagration like last time. Any prep need to be done do so now. We enter in 20 minutes.

Kragg will take 10 on the way down.

Khazad full plate with a loud axe, Kib and Magnum don't have darkvision, Nar not stealthy, BigMug also in full plate. Not the quietest group.

Stealth 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22
Perception 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23

Gallak also takes ten on the climb down.
Stealth: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (16) + 1 = 17

Male Dwarf Fighter (Foehammer) /6 Hps 58/58 AC 24 FF 23 T 11 CMD 21 (23D, 27 BR, 29 Trip) Fort +8 Ref +5 Will +3; Init +5 Per +7

Nar will take 10 climbing down, but even being careful is almost falling. But keeping it slow and steady seems to be working for now.

The climb (making the DC) gets you to a ten foot high and five foot wide tunnel leading east-west. East is away from the mountains. West leads under the stream and mountains.

Gallak scratches his beard.

Head West, yethink?

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