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Team Dwarf/Gnome in Elves vs Dwarves -- ELVES KEEP OUT (Inactive)

Game Master Chainmail

Homebrew old school campaign where elves and dwarves interact in an ever increasing way as the game continues.
current map

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Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Will save 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8
The sun does shine brightly. Such a pretty sun. Glinting beautifully off the metal golem. And the colors, so many colors. If the unwashed masses would wash thier clothes more often I bet we'd have a pretty pretty rainbow, not that I have ever seen one. Two Three Four Five. I have five fingers. Five fingered discounts. Dis Count Chris sure likes rules. Rock Stonecrusher rules!

Male dwarf Cleric 2 17/17hp, saves 5/1/7 AC 18/11/17
Hon Semparatus wrote:

Will save 1d20+3

The sun does shine brightly. Such a pretty sun. Glinting beautifully off the metal golem. And the colors, so many colors. If the unwashed masses would wash thier clothes more often I bet we'd have a pretty pretty rainbow, not that I have ever seen one. Two Three Four Five. I have five fingers. Five fingered discounts. Dis Count Chris sure likes rules. Rock Stonecrusher rules!

I thought Hon was already on acid, now I know he is. :)

Gnome Fey-Blood Sorcerer/4 | AC 15/15/13 [19/15/17 with MA] +4 vs Giant type; HP 26/26; F/R/W 3/4/6 +2vs illushns; Prcp +4; Init +6;

Will save: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

The Gnomes' fury innures him to the bagpipe's magical lure and Sparkle Eye's charge continues unimpeded. The nible rogue though easily avoids the sorcerer's clumsy swing. Undaunted, and without anyone stopping him, Kibibblpep swings again.

Just curious, Brask had no reaction to Magnum conking him in the head a few times? And also, so Magnum is having his conversation with Chris while dodging angry Gnome?


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Shaking himself free of the fascination as his eyes return to focus.
"Kibibble SparkleEye stop acting like a goblin."

Hon steps up to Brask. Stares him straight in the eyes, "Aye. You've got everyone's attention. Don't let the rage control you. I will speak to this Chris and settle the terms of your duel. Since you challenged, he picks weapons of choice. Neutral location to be negotiated. Now shut up and let me talk before we have a mob overrule us." He shifts his eyes around significantly.

Turning and facing Chris and the golem, he approaches Chris with a copy of the Human/Dwarf Treaty still in hand. In a loud speaking voice to carry"This 200 year old treaty was bought and paid for in many thousands of lives: Human, Dwarf and even Elf. You would ban all dwarves over a misunderstanding for 10gp and two skulking taxcollectors who wouldn't give a straight answer? On whom does this really reflect on? May we discuss this like honorable gentlemen or all negotiations pandered for public opinion."
Diplomacy 1d20 + 5 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 5 + 4 = 18

Male Dwarf Fighter (Foehammer) /6 Hps 58/58 AC 24 FF 23 T 11 CMD 21 (23D, 27 BR, 29 Trip) Fort +8 Ref +5 Will +3; Init +5 Per +7

"By the Forge-Fire, listen to my fellow dwarf Hon. This goes far beyond money and far beyond us. Let us forget this misunderstanding, and move the discussion into a more interesting and lucrative subject. We dwarves may seem chaotic and unruly, but give us a chance and you'll find quite the opposite. We are loyal and steadfast in our honor, quick to temper yet also quick to stand by our friends when wronged, dwarven or human. We most certainly wish to be allies."

Diplomacy 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

After healing out the negotiators....

"Ok, I know much I bill on this job above my retainer, and these guys (points to golems) don't come cheap. I think the road crews with have to repair a little incident back there. So here is the deal..."

"20% tax on all transactions involving anything that isn't a commodity or a consumable. If you offer goods as part of payment for a sale, only 10% tax on those. Since you created a stir and the Society knows you are here, they will try to buy up things they think you might want to buy. Casting that grease probably upped the cost of all arcane items on market day."

"So here's what we will do. We will have market day right here so you don't pay more that what is fair. Since the Society has encouraged upgrading the standard of living, the swords to plowshares program has inflated the cost of things we would like to use to protect us from the scarier things that abound."

Chris waves over the city guard, "Go get the white wizard's folks and the merchants and tell them they have till last bell today to trade with the rich dwarves. We will do it out here, they make streets wide here for the wagons, plenty of room."

Items are 125% (1.25x) core costs due to supply here. On top of that there is a 120% tax for an overall 1.5x cost. Items in trade will count 1.25x.5x.9 or 55% of core costs. The dwarven kingdom can handle almost any armor or weapon enchanted to +2. The rest you probably want to buy here.

Gnome Fey-Blood Sorcerer/4 | AC 15/15/13 [19/15/17 with MA] +4 vs Giant type; HP 26/26; F/R/W 3/4/6 +2vs illushns; Prcp +4; Init +6;

@*#%! Chris! He's not heard the last of Kib, and this is one Gnome with a long memory. He'll get his someday. Also, so are there no dwarves at all, or even Nar, who know what the normal tax is, so that we know, exactly, how much we're getting shafted?

Completely ignoring Hon and his anger no where near abated, Kibibblepep keeps swinging at Magnunm.

Since he doesn't seem to be avoiding them at all, are these auto hits? Should I just roll damage?

Gallak whistles a shrill note that shakes the glass near him as he walks towards the human alongside Hon.
Daze Kib, DC 12

In a broken, heavy common tongue, We 'prechiate yer raysson, 'uman lord. Thar still be tha trade o' our folk ta' determine, o' course.
His beard twists in a smile.
Ah've a mind ta do that lata', after our tempers settled, and h'away frem 'ese pooblic h'eyes, eh? Mayhap we meet oop, play some knuckleboones, and talk sense.
diplomacy: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (12) + 8 = 20

Magnum takes the hits. AC 14

Brask save 1d20 ⇒ 14

Still here, just not sure how to proceed. Magnum could try and knock Brask out again. He's not exactly making any moves to prevent it other than holding (or trying to anyway) Kragg at bay.

In Dwarven: "Gnome, wait till me and meathead are free, we'll help you take that human out big time."

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Who did you just call meathead, you glorified carpentry tool? The moment the traders are here I'm selling you off, tax or no tax!

Chris the mage adds, "Magnum, why you hanging out with these guys. As soon as that artifact axe can, he is going to take you out. Your leader is losing it and the gnome is out for you too. Work can't be that hard to find."

Looking closely at the axe, "How did all those enchantments get stacked on that axe, you could buy most of the town if you sold that."

Plan was to have the drama in town wrapped up by Monday and off to get giants or the legendary ice ships. The dwarves go to the big city adventure has been more exciting than normal.

I'm thinking we approximate negotiations over the next few days with some nebulous diplomacy, Sense Motive, and KnLocal checks.

That sounds good to me. Glad you've been enjoying yourself there Chainmail.

Brask finally calms down, well, passes out is more like it. The dwarf simple falls limp and slips to the ground as he tries to fend off Kragg. Two nasty bruises can be seen coming up from where Magnum struck him.

It was all done with a single diplomacy roll. Can't get any simpler than that. When a single skill is perfect for a situation--doesn't get any easier.

Might want to decide what to buy--a full wand of CLW, even at 1125gp may be a good investment.

The first dwarven merchant quickly arrives. His price on all dwarven armor and weapons (gnome too) with tax is 120% of core prices (he does pay his taxes) and he has enchantments up to +2.

The grizzled dwarf speaks, "Thanks for keeping my business going--least I can do is offer dwarf prices."

Male dwarf Cleric 2 17/17hp, saves 5/1/7 AC 18/11/17

Do ya have superior armor as well or just mundane magically enhanced armor? Looking for something a bit more robust. Have some material for trade if you know what I mean.


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Hon steps alongside Kragg up to the grizzled merchant, "I've got some young talented guildsmen with wide open eyes and willingness to expand beyond the ClanHold. I already got Society approval for the new dwarven tradesmen. They'll bring family, some tools and a bit of seed money. Keep an eye out for any second-hand stuff and keep your scrap. Prefer our gold benefits our own first before Society get thier cut at inflated prices they set before our kin arrive. Please spread the word." He winks at Kragg, "He's got high quality stuff. Want any help?" Appraise 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10 Guess it was a quick glance and an honest Dwarf face, he didn't look further.

He steps aways and assists price haggling (Society's markup not withstanding) between the human merchants and our group.
Not sure if Bracelet adds +4 in this situation so I did NOT add it.
Appraise 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23
Diplomacy 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13
Bluff 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10
Sense Motive1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22
If questioned why Hon seems berift of funds despite the most recent haul, he shrugs and mentions something about debt and investments back home. Hon does indeed have Platinum bars but according to my inventory and past statements, these have remained back at hold for reasons not privy to the group.

The wizened dwarven merchant speaks. "Now mithral and adamantite are quite rare these days. The suits you possess are worth quite a bit. Not many work with the stuff, but there is one smith here that can. I have a suit of full dwarven adamantite plate armor he made, but it is quite valuable. It would need to be custom fitted to the wearer, a somewhat lengthy process."
As in the dwarven keep, mithral and adamantite items and materials are worth quite a bit, but here even more (2.5x not counting enchantments). The dwarves will sell at dwarf hold price (2x+20%) and buy from you at 1.1x core prices.

Human merchants have a huge variety of non magic items -- entire core list. Some wizards arrive wearing white robes. They have the ability to deliver almost any magic item within a week. Potions, wands, and scrolls they can do in a day. Unfortunately the inflated prices with taxes will cut into your buying power.

Example:If Nar sells his mithral armor he gets 1.1x list price. To buy a suit of full plate would cost 1.2x list price as he can buy them from the dwarves.

Male Dwarf Fighter (Foehammer) /6 Hps 58/58 AC 24 FF 23 T 11 CMD 21 (23D, 27 BR, 29 Trip) Fort +8 Ref +5 Will +3; Init +5 Per +7


Lets see if I get this straight

OK, So selling the Mithril Chainmail would be 5,150 normal or 5,665 at 1.1

Full-Plate +1 would be 2650 normal or 3,180 at 1.2

Then there would be money left for healing or other party items

Gnome Fey-Blood Sorcerer/4 | AC 15/15/13 [19/15/17 with MA] +4 vs Giant type; HP 26/26; F/R/W 3/4/6 +2vs illushns; Prcp +4; Init +6;

Will Save: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10

Despite his familiarity with, and, indeed, even superior ability with the simple cantrip Galak casts on him, his anger and distraction leave him weak to the bard's magic and as the spell washes over him, Kibibblepep stops hitting Magnum and gazes off into space. As such, he is unable to respond to the axe's promise.

The simple enchantment wears off in a few seconds though and the still angry sorcerer is about to go after Magnum again when rescue comes in the unlikely form of Chris, who once again displays his ignorance of Dwarven (or Fey Gnomish) temperament. His anger at Magnum instantly redirected he spins to point at the Syndicate representative. If anything, even angrier than before he yells "Ye! Ye mind yer own bleedin' business! Magnum's one o' us n' we don' need tha likes o' ye buttin in on Dwarven business any more than ye already have. So jus keep yer mind on yer Sndicate thieverey and shut yer trap when it comes tae business which is none o yers!"

Dismissing the much more powerful magic user with a sniff, Kib turns, and, his anger at Magnum apparently completely forgotten, pats the rogue comradely on the shoulder and moves over to make sure that Brask is ok.

When the Dwarven merchant arrives Kib walks over and greets him with friendly relief to see another Dwarven face in this sea of stinking humans. Speaking in Dwarven, his natural charm finally apparent, Kib says with a big smile "Greetings grandfather! Glad I am to see one of the kin! How fare you here? I shall be most eager to speak with you at another time, one that is more...comfortable. But for now I am eager to see your wares. And as well, I also have some material I'm sure you will be quite interested in. One moment, I shall fetch some of it."

He then runs and grabs a sample of the steel alloy and volcanic glass to show to the old dwarf.

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13
Appraise: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

I'm sure you told us somewhere what the properties of the volcanic glass and steel alloy were Chainmail, but I can't seem to find it. Would you mind telling me again? Also, I'm assuming that the steel and glass get the same mark-up as adamantine and mithral? Or not?

Knowing he's nothing to trade, and wishing to take advantage of the crowd before it dissipates, Gallak strikes up a lively and calming tune with his summoned set of bagpipes.
Perform: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (7) + 8 = 15 earning only 1d10 ⇒ 1 silver.
Doubling this when needed with Inspire Competence for a +2 on "haggling" checks. (Primarily Appraise and Bluff, as diplomacy simply takes too long)

So selling the Mithril Chainmail would be 5,150 normal or 5,665 at 1.1 =yes

Full-Plate +1 would be [1500(base)+150(mwork)+1000(+1)]x1.2=3180
Then there would be 1,485gp left for healing or other party items
(full CLW wand is 1125gp).

The dwarf merchant speaks, "The volcanic glass is laen - a material more difficult to work than adamantite due to its non-metallic nature, but confers magic resistance on the wearer if used to make armor. Highly prized by druids as it makes armor they can wear. The steel allow is half as good as mithril."

steel alloy:
Spell failure chances for armors and shields made from steel alloy are decreased by 5%, maximum Dexterity bonuses are increased by 1, and armor check penalties are decreased by 2 (to a minimum of 0). An item made from steel alloy weighs 75% as much as the same item made from other metals. The armor does not change 'categories' as mithral.

The dwarf smith reveals, "The reason mithral and adamantite are in such high demand is the single greatest source of these minerals, the Superstitious Mountains, have been overrun by dark dwarves. They somehow tunneled into the mining operation and have complete run of the mines. The pansy humans have no skills at tunnel fighting and lost such huge casualties, they have pretty much given up on it. They even trade with the dark dwarves to get the limited sources they have. Last crazy human mercenary expedition there ran into dark dwarves in full plate with gnomish magic support and had two survivors out of fifty."

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

By the time the paralysis wears off, Khazad cools down, although he still regards the axe with suspicion.
He asks the dwarven smith if he is able to forge a custom weapon from special materials for him. Khazad wants a masterwork Dwarven Urgrosh with one side made of alchemical silver, and another one of cold iron.
He sells off his lower-grade weaponry for 1152 gp.
From the white wizard's he buys a belt of mighty constitution +2 for 6000gp.
If the merchant can't do the Urgrosh, Khazad will also buy an amulet of natural armor +1 for 3000gp.

Male Dwarf Fighter (Foehammer) /6 Hps 58/58 AC 24 FF 23 T 11 CMD 21 (23D, 27 BR, 29 Trip) Fort +8 Ref +5 Will +3; Init +5 Per +7

Nar will sell the mithril chainmail+1 (unless anyone objects) for 5,665gp

He will then purchase full plate +1 for 3,180gp
A wand of cure light wounds for 1,125gp

Leaving 1,360 gp that he will donate towards the party fund to buy the miscellaneous items on our list.

"We are not buying anything till I have tasted some human blood."

Will Save for Khazad at +5.

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Will save: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7
And the DC was?

Oh, dear.

"The gnome is right, he deserves it."

Khazad does his best to control the axe, but it swings at Magnum in a vicious overhand chop. Magnum heard the warning, and tries to defend himself.

Attack/Will 1d20 + 9 - 2 ⇒ (12) + 9 - 2 = 191d20 + 10 ⇒ (18) + 10 = 28

Magnum barely parries with two axes, and as quickly as the storm starts, Khazad gets the axe under control.

Khazad feels he can easily handle the axe under normal circumstances-- the recent surly attitude of the humans, and the assault by Kib were both needed to give the axe a chance to get the upper hand.

The dwarvish merchant looks unfazed as the axe goes after Magnum.
"These staged demonstrations will not increase the price of your items."
He takes the orders and will need Nar available for some fittings over the week and will have to make Khazad's custom Urgosh. The white wizard's acolytes will have to bring back any major magic items if they are in stock, but they have all minor items.

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

How much chuck would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck humans?
Khazad apologizes profusely to Magnum. "I'm afraid after the death of Durnak the axe has gotten a temper of its own, and it's not a quiet one. This conflict has gotten me off balance, and it used my anger to take over control. I will not let it happen again."

Hunter, the dwarf druid arrives bearing a dwarf-sized hooded figure and consults with Khazad. He returns with some new information: "Brask is to head back to the hold leaving his stuff behind, the spirit of Durnak is critical to your quest, and Kragg will be the new leader with Khazad second in command. Durnak's son will lead all diplomatic efforts in the future. I heard we almost had a near disaster along those lines. I also found the expert on giant-hunting in these parts. I guess if you have one human in your group, another can't hurt."

Cue for Jean to post.

Ah'm ta be talkin' it o'er wi'h humans? What wi' my fatha's agenda?
Gallak whistles.
Whew, t'is trulah thah bad, eh?

Description of Gallak:

A tall albino dwarf, slightly gaunt, with a certain charismatic smile behind his ice-white beard. A set of dwarven bagpipes dangle from under his shoulder, and a great axe is slung in a makeshift holster on his back. A heavy crossbow, made pragmatically and without ornamentation, graces his hip opposite a full case of bolts, which weighs his belt down greatly. A well-worn warhammer hangs as well, one of a great many doodads and thingamagigs that adorn the hoops and straps of his backpack. He looks fairly ready for any eventuality.

HP: 34/34, NL: 0 | F: +3 (+4 vs. Environment), R: +7, W: +3 | Per:+13, Init: +3 | Arrows: 12, Laen: 16, Healer's Kit: 10
HP: 24/24, NL: 0 | F: +5, R: +5, W: +2 | Per:+5, Init: +2

Joan, actually, but that's okay. And since when is 4' 8" tall? :P

A short woman with a fiery mane of red hair follows Khazad to the rest of the group. Her gaze sweeps over each one of dwarves, her expression is neutral, except for a slight smile at seeing Kibibblepep, a slight gnome, among a bunch of burly dwarves. Until she spots Magnum that is. Her eyes widen with recognition, surprise, and maybe just a hint of fear.

"Myron? What you doing here?!"

Dwarf tall, that is =/

Male dwarf Cleric 2 17/17hp, saves 5/1/7 AC 18/11/17

Dealing with the merchants...

Kragg will sell his flaming dagger unless Hon wants fire instead of cold. then consider the cold dagger sold. Either way, the result is the same: 32352*.55=17793.6 Also sell the +1 tower shield: 1180*.55=649. Total gp is 18442.6

Kragg will place the following orders:

to the Garrison dwarf smiths: +1 breastplate (1620gp), MW composite longbow +5 str (1140gp)
to the white wizard: belt of str +2 (6000gp), boots of elven kind (3750gp), ring of featherfall (3300), 10 potions of enlarge (750gp)

Total: 16560gp spent, 1882.6gp added to equipment list in form of gems.

If I need to make changes please let me know. Kragg has not sold his bars of volcanic glass or black metal.

P.S. Sell normal Urgrosh for 25gp.

Gallak, may, at this point, SEE the frost dagger. He follows it with his eyes for the next few minutes with a look of at once disgust and longing, but makes no comment.

Male dwarf Cleric 2 17/17hp, saves 5/1/7 AC 18/11/17

Very well Hunter, if that be Rock's will, than so be it. We'll follow the course he has set. Please tell Rock that I'm honored for this chance.

If this human be like Magnum in heart and spirit then she be welcome. If not, then we might have a problem. Especially Khazad and his new toy. A giant hunter ya say. We may need such as her if the visions Brask had were true.

Although Kragg seems to be fine with Joan joining the group, it hurts him deep that another dwarf won't be able to take Brask's place. Not that it is Joan's fault, but Kragg's disappointment is that there isn't a dwarf at the hold that would join with the group. What have we done to alienate ourselves form our home? We have those actively trying to waylay us, those that don't want to join with us, and merchants that grumble when we do business with them. Our next actions must be seen to further the dwarves than our own pockets.

It will take a week to refit the group and get all the orders filled. Kragg can buy a wand of enlarge for 1125 vs the potions. Now that Kragg is officially the third leader (third times a charm), he can think about where the group goes next.

The white wizard disciples ask the group if they want to investigate the magically warded, magically trapped, magically guarded, magically cursed and sealed sealed Tower of Power. It was left behind by one of the goblin wizards killed in the goblin war. Somewhat humorously, the Tower is in the town just a short trek from downtown.

At first Magnum looks more afraid of the petite human than Khazad's new axe. He is somewhat dumbstruck.

"Uhhh, Joan, the name is Magnum, Magnum the Enforcer remember. I heard the giants were still active, but I didn't expect you to still be after them. They are after us by the way."

Male dwarf Cleric 2 17/17hp, saves 5/1/7 AC 18/11/17

Being new to the whole leadership thing, Kragg just stands there looking at Magnuma nd Joan wondering what is happening and is going to happen. sense motive 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 1 = 12

Kragg will also like to purchase a pearl of power 1 for 1500gp and armor spikes. Nar will hold on to the pearl for now and get 1 more healing per day out of it.

What wands are available for less than full charges? Trying to figure out what to do with party fund. True a wand of enlarge would be cheaper, but this way Kragg can use his action to drink it rather than someone else's full round action to have to cast it. Even from a wand. I try not to have other use their actions for my character if I can help it even if it isn't always the 'best' option.


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Watching Brask fly away, Hon wished him luck and bemoans the missed opportunity to trade armor. Hearing Kragg offer up the Flame for the IcyBurst, Hon purses his lips and gives it some serious thought. He does indeed put the two daggers side by side unintentionally in full view of Gallack. Noticing Galacks interest, Hon makes a simple decision. "I'll keep my Icy Burst dagger for now. I'd really like both but we need the money for upgrades. And Flaming daggers are so last century." With a quick flip of the wrist, returns it to the armpit sheath.

Consider all level 1-3 spells on wands available at 10 and 25 charges too.

Update in the elf - dwarf common thread -- see campaign tab for link.

HP: 34/34, NL: 0 | F: +3 (+4 vs. Environment), R: +7, W: +3 | Per:+13, Init: +3 | Arrows: 12, Laen: 16, Healer's Kit: 10
HP: 24/24, NL: 0 | F: +5, R: +5, W: +2 | Per:+5, Init: +2
Magnum tE wrote:

At first Magnum looks more afraid of the petite human than Khazad's new axe. He is somewhat dumbstruck.

"Uhhh, Joan, the name is Magnum, Magnum the Enforcer remember. I heard the giants were still active, but I didn't expect you to still be after them. They are after us by the way."

One of Joan's eyebrows quirks up in question to Magnum talking to her like she had lost her marbles.

"I haven't been, not since the wolverine incident."

Sorry if I'm over stepping my bounds. I thought it might be funny if Joan had partnered with Magnum once to hunt down an ogre causing some trouble for merchants. They happen to come across a wolverine, and Magnum decides to impress Joan by wrestling it. The thing almost kills them and Joan has to be carried to town on Magnum's back, pants-less, because the wolverine gave her the scar on her leg and the two of them had to use her pants as bandages. Needless to say she doesn't stay in town much. If that doesn't work, it could be he blundered into one with the same result.

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Khazad makes sure the axe is strapped securely to his back before heading towards the human lass and offering her his big grubby hand.
"I'm Khazad, and I'm glad to meet you. You'll have to excuse me if in battle it would seem otherwise at times. With Brask's departure we sure could use some help. How many giants fell by your hand?"

Sensing the looks at him Magnum speaks, "Joan and I used to do odd jobs for people when we were very young. She stayed with the wardens and rangers, I got involved in jobs with some of the fellows you met yesterday. I think Joan made the better choice. She got to meet dwarves like Hunter, I got to meet humans with metal servants."

sense motive 10:
Obviously there is more than just a professional history, and it is obvious who left with the upper hand. Not Magnum.

HP: 34/34, NL: 0 | F: +3 (+4 vs. Environment), R: +7, W: +3 | Per:+13, Init: +3 | Arrows: 12, Laen: 16, Healer's Kit: 10
HP: 24/24, NL: 0 | F: +5, R: +5, W: +2 | Per:+5, Init: +2

@ Khazad: "Not many I'm afraid. Most of those have been ogres and the like. Big, mean, and not very bright." She gives the dwarf a sly smile as she says the last bit.

@ the group: Joan snorts in amusement as she senses Magnum's discomfort. "Oh yeah, last job I took with Myron the moron here was to get rid of an ogre causin' trouble for a few of the merchants. He decides to impress me by wrestling a wolverine. He's normally a smart lad, so I don't know why he tried to wrestle on of those furballs with claws, teeth, and a bad attitude. The thing almost kills us, almost took my leg off and we just barely get away. I can't walk, and we don't have any bandages, so we wind up using my pants to bind our wounds until we can get back to town. So here I am, being carried on Myron's back with no pants while it's cold enough to make a frost giant say, 'sod it I'm staying inside.'"

Joan takes a breath and chuckles a little bit at how ridiculous it must have looked, then she starts again. "He was a perfect gentleman all the way back. I was mad, but we went our separate ways before I could get over that and thank him." She turns her attention to Magnum, "So thank you for saving both of our arses," she gives him a friendly punchin the shoulder and starts laughing, "Even if it was your own stupid fault that we got into that mess."

sense motive: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16

Gallak chuckles, but it's pretty clear he's not really amused.
Sense Motive: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9
What da' we git oop ta' fer a week? The mahn? Or tha boots?

Male dwarf Cleric 2 17/17hp, saves 5/1/7 AC 18/11/17

Gathering everyone around, Kragg starts discussing the different options laid out before them all. With input from the group, Kragg decides to take the northern approach and try to get some allies. It seems the elves are gaining allies. Not such a bad idea to do so ourselves. We got some equipment now we need the numbers to help us. Once the week is over and we have our gear, we head north to further ties with those that agree with our ways. The society has shown us that we need others to deal with that are like ourselves. Hon, Gallak this is where your skills are gonna come in handy. We need you to see what this group wants and if the dwarves can agree to get along with them. Hon this does not mean make a fool of yourself and dwarves in general. I'm not against pullin you back if you start acting like most humans again. There's a line between makin new friends and forgettin who you are. Don't forget that.

HP: 34/34, NL: 0 | F: +3 (+4 vs. Environment), R: +7, W: +3 | Per:+13, Init: +3 | Arrows: 12, Laen: 16, Healer's Kit: 10
HP: 24/24, NL: 0 | F: +5, R: +5, W: +2 | Per:+5, Init: +2

Joan listens to Kragg, apparently the leader of the group of dwarves. She holds her hand in front of her face as Hon gets scolded to hide the smile, but it doesn't keep it from reaching her eyes, which sparkle a bit with mischievous delight.

"So I guess we're going north as soon as your gear's ready. Good thing I dress warm out of habit."

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