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Team Dwarf/Gnome in Elves vs Dwarves -- ELVES KEEP OUT (Inactive)

Game Master Chainmail

Homebrew old school campaign where elves and dwarves interact in an ever increasing way as the game continues.
current map

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Sounds good to me. I want to get a "happy stick" (wand of CLW) asap.

Brask glares at the cleric when he hears him laugh.
"Ha ha, an' guess who's gonna 'ave ta put me guts back when she does?"
Brask gently, well as gently as a hang over dwarf can anyway, places Ninni on the floor and stands up.
"What 'appened ta 'im?" Brask points to Khazad's snoring form.

Female Gnome Sorcerer 2

Neji strolls back into the hall holding the hand of a younger dwarf. She slips him another kiss, and quickly darts into the crowd.

Suddenly, she appears on Brask's lap.
"Hi there, dwarf," she breathes into his ear.
"My name's Neji. What's yours? Does it matter?"

*reads about Neji's personality*
*eyes go wide*
oh... god...
This is gonna be some kind of fun!

Oh and forgive me, I'm kinda making up Brask's personality as I go.

Brask suddenly finds himself on the ground again, and is rather surprised to see it was a Gnome and not another tankard of the giant's tears.
"Oh I'm gonna burn in 'Ell fer this..."
Brask gives the little Gnome woman a crooked smile that seems oddly charming on the gruff dwarf's face.
"Th'name's Brask, but ye? Ye can call me yours."

No wonder the humans are outbreeding us ;D lol

"War leader, what are your orders?"

He unrolls a scroll and begins to examine it.

"I actually read the report from the last expedition. Let me quote 'the humans were unhappy to see the dwarvish banner. The hammer and anvil banner that never left the field of battle was a sore reminder of the lack of determination and honor of the entire human race. It was a grim reminder of their failures.' Does this mean I stay behind if we are to be 'diplomatic'?

Maybe time for a marching order and plans. Decide if you bring the bannerman or no, what time do you leave (one hour trip including journey to 'Secret Gate'==meeting time by agreement is noon.

A 20 to CHA and she ain't exactly subtle about wanting to do it. Me thinks someone's just a wee bit jealous ;)

I kid! I kid! I've never really played a character that would react positively to someone this forward, figured after the whole "Ladies, ladies" thing that Brask may be a bit of a pervert. Should be fun.

Brask kindly moves Neji off of him so that he can stand up and face his Liege with some dignity.
"I'd say bring 'im along. Tha 'uman's may not like it, but at least even they respect someone showing some guts. It's yer call Thograt."

"Ninni, would you like these masterwork brawling gloves. I think Khelgar used them before he got better ones. Did you know the three main causes of death among humans are (in order) (1) heart disease (2) Khelgar and (3) everything else? Supposedly Khelgar has been the only one to sucessfully touch the human warrior MC Hammer. Did you know if you use the word Khelgar as password, you will always be allowed in. I could go on and on about my old friend."

These masterwork brawling gloves give +1 to hit in unarmed combat.

Female Gnome Sorcerer 2

I hope you are not the Jealous type, Brask. I've just found out who has the reach weapon.
Neji wants to be surrounded by big, strong, muscly men with beards and body hair (now I'm talking about marching order).
In any serious battle she will be looking to cast Enlarge Person on someone with a reach weapon, and Mage Armour on the monk. She has some very minor healing due to her Celestial Bloodline.

"I'd rather die under a Dwarven banner than sneak into the human lands ta brown nose their king as if we were subservient to them. We have to teach them to respect us or our situation here will only get worse. So pack your things Big Mug, your coming with us! Everyone prepare tonight, we're leaving an hour after dawn. Make sure you've got cold weather gear u don't want anyone sufferin frost bite before we even get there. "

Nope, now the question is, are you?
You'll probably be behind Thograt and Ninni (the cleric and monk respectively), with Khazad and the banner man beside and behind you. Brask and Liriana will be scouting and providing rearguard (By the way if Liriana put a rank in stealth, it's a +3 not a +2 (+1 DEX, +1 Skill Rank, +3 class skill bonus, -2 armor check) otherwise it's a -1)

"AYE SIR! Guess it's off ta bed fer me then."
He gives Neji a wink as he walks off and beckons her to follow him.

"Very good--the keg of Giant's Tears, (or GT as some of us call it), was not floating in its bath of snow this morning. Here is a one liter waterskin, Thograt, with some of the remains. If you need a similar vision in the future, better give it to one of the more delicate types and not a strong drinker like you."

An already well intoxicated character needs to make a FORT 15 roll the first time with GT rather than a FORT 10. It is not possible to 'load up' to intentionally induce a blackout anymore than the FORT 15 as the weak human brews cannot sufficiently compare to GT. One liter waterskin= two tankards. One liter of GT is now available at the general store for 25gps each.

"Remember, the supplies are NUMBER ONE, NUMBER TWO, and NUMBER THREE priority. Your adoring crowd from last night will not survive another year without them. You have two ingots of a very limited resource. If 'negotiations' break down and you return emptyhanded (or missing one of the crates), it will cost at least five ingots and some risk to more of my staff to set up another trading deal and I will consider your mission a failure. I highly approve of you plan to jump the gun on these humans and get there at first light."

Move out and have the point man/maiden make some perception rolls.

Male Human Barbarian 3

By the way, it is rumored that GT has a similar affect to the human pharmaceutical commonly called 'the morning after pill'. That may also be hurting the birthrate.

f dwarf rogue/1

Liriana Enjoyed the festivity's with out the GT. Someone had to persuade the barman not to kick everyone's drunken ass out. Besides watching drunken Dwarfs was way more fun than being one. Hmm...the task ahead is more important than previously thought. seems wrong some how to be dependent on the humans. they can barely depend on each other. I hope part of our teams existence is to lessen this need for a less than equal trade in the future.

{b] "As an experience battle leader, here is what I want you to do Thograt. Get your group together and hold a council of war and make sure everyone knows what you expect of them. Take their inputs and make the final decision.

[/ooc] One post from everyone and off you go. Marching order and two perception rolls for everyone to save some time clearly labeled PER1 and PER2.[/ooc]

Survival DC 12:
There is human innovation from the human barbarians called a snow suit that grants stealth benefits in this situation (10gp each) .

Quoting again the final report.

They wanted to make the exchange at the pass rather than be shown to the halls of the human king, but the humans demanded another ingot of ore (original agreement was one). The team went into the halls and returned after "getting the respect we deserve" -- and paying only a single ingot of ore.

If you can make a DC 12 local knowledge (must have at least one rank in the skill) - check out spoiler in discussion thread.

Enter or not to enter. Moved over for completeness.

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

"I'll march second rank and thrust my glaive over your shoulder Brask. But if you prefer, I can also be in the front and keep enemies at bay."

Survival:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23
PER1:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
PER2:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5

Out in front about 30 to 40 ft, scouting for anything that spells TPK"Nay, I'll be able ta scout better wit'out a pile o' Dwarf an' metal clankin' about. I'll let ye know if we run inta anythin' nasty."

PER1:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18
PER2:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15
Survival:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24
and Stealth for creeping forward:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (19) + 4 = 23

Thograt wakes before dawn and says his morning prayers to Torag. Asking for spells to help with his mission. My prepared spells can be found in the 'Mini Stats' spoiler. After that he goes to the hall to meet up with his team to make their plans. He watches them filter in and once they are all there he addresses the group. "Well it seems we have quite the task ahead of us. Failure is not an option and if we can teach the humans to respect us then so much the better. I'd like some idea of how we can combine our strengths and minimize our weaknesses. So I'd like you all to share with me two strengths one for combat, one for out of combat."

"Here's what I suggest for marching order. Ninni and Brask will scout together and then 40ish feet behind will come Liriana who can be protecting the main group from traps, then Kazad with that glave over Liri's head, then Neji and I'll bring up the rear."

Per 1.1d20 + 3 ⇒ (15) + 3 = 18
Per 2.1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7

Thograts mini stats:
HP: 12/12

Detect Magic

1st Lvl:
Divine Favor
Domain: Magic Weapon

"Sounds good ta me. If we find any traps we'll wait for Liriana ta catch up wit' us ta disarm 'em."

Liberty's Edge

Ninni mumbles some and then finally comes too."Damn that stuffs good pass another my way." Upon hearing of the gloves she smiles. "I would be my honor to hold the gloves used by the the traveling brawler imself I have always looked up to him as my hero." She accepts the gauntlets and seems to forget about her drink.

Ninni would want to stay at the front and be the first to engage combat.
Per 1:1d20 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18
Per 2:1d20 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14
Stealth:1d20 + 10 ⇒ (16) + 10 = 26
Survival:1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18

"The front sounds good for me best place for bashing skulls and scouting and well...that's what I'm best at." She puts on her new gloves and takes good care of them even if they may be a bit to big for her hands.

Female Gnome Sorcerer 2
Brask Alpsbane wrote:

"AYE SIR! Guess it's off ta bed fer me then."

He gives Neji a wink as he walks off and beckons her to follow him.

Neji smiles broadly at Brask.

Brask Alpsbane wrote:
You'll probably be behind Thograt and Ninni (the cleric and monk respectively), with Khazad and the banner man beside and behind you. Brask and Liriana will be scouting and providing rearguard.

Yep, that's where Neji wants to be.

Khazad wrote:
"I'll march second rank and thrust my glaive over your shoulder Brask. But if you prefer, I can also be in the front and keep enemies at bay."

"And I shall think of you thrusting, whilst Enlarged. I like a man Enlarged - it gives them such a long... reach. I'll be watching your behind, ready to cast Enlarge Person."

"I can also cast Resistance regularly, and though it only lasts a minute I can keep going all night and do it with any man or woman. And I like to do that for my friends."

PER 1 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (10) - 2 = 8
PER 2 1d20 - 2 ⇒ (3) - 2 = 1
Too busy watching Khazad's behind. And Thograt', Brask's, Big Mug's...

Neji’s Mini Stats:

Hp: 11/11
Current AC/Touch/Flat:
Normal AC/Touch/Flat: 15 / 15 / 12

Spells in Effect (upon whom)
Resistance (Neji, reapplied regularly)
Light (Small rock held by Neji. She keeps it tight in her fist, allowing a little light to shine through between her fingers in front of her, or closing her fight to block the light completely.)

Enlarge Person, Mage Armour [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Cantrips: Daze, Resistance, Light, Prestidigation
Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Prestidigitation, Speak with Animals [ ]
Heavenly Fire [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Bolts (20)
Flasks of Acid (3)

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

LOL. And that is why I don't play female characters. I wonder if there are any females in this thread - but probably they all went for elves :D

Female Gnome Sorcerer 2

I've decided to be a bit naughty. Let me know if you want me to tone it down, if I've gone too far.

No worries on one of the other two PBP's I'm playing in we have a couple of followers of Calistria.

Female Gnome Sorcerer 2

It just seems to make sense with low Int, low Wis and high Cha.

From Big Mugs journal:

As we hustled through the mining tunnels staging to the 'Secret Gate', I was pround of the chance to bring the colors back into the field. Many found an excuse to be in one of the side tunnels to shout encouragement or bang and axe on the shield. As I got to the end, the sound of axe on shield was almost deafening. Many a dwarven laddie was sorry to see the gnome sorceress go as her friendly, outward demeanor did more to improve dwarf/gnome relations during her visit than the three month "Friendship Council" years ago. Exiting the opened secret door into the white wilderness was abruptly deafening.

I was somewhat anxious and excited to be in "human territory" for the first time after years of training.

Brask lead us stealthily to within 50 feet of the gate and we saw four sentries huddled around a fire in the threshold of the gate to the wooden encampment. The dandy humans were more interested in keeping warm than keeping a proper watch, and I thanked Torag I had a think set of woolens under my mail. We were there a full three hours early.

A 20' wide road with drifts of snow lead up to the gate. We huddle 50 feet away, and my assessment is that the only secure footing (nondifficult terrain) is in the 15' x 15' covered threshold the humans are huddling in. Can't these humans build a proper gate. A charging dwarf would pop that latch easily and send both the doors swinging easily into the courtyard. Well, that is assuming them cheap hinges could take the strain and shock. It is three hours to the appointed time, and our supplies are no where in sight. If anyone is to charge the gate it is going to me, I wouldn't want someone with a weapon to risk this. If they got entangled, they could be out of action for a while.

"Ok everyone let's try to remember that we are here to trade. Big Mug hang back here if I give the signal charge the gates and pop that lock. Khazad and Neji hang back here, Brask sneak up and cover me with that bow. Liri, Ninni your with me."

Thograt begins marching up to the gate and will go all the way unless the humans try to stop him.

Brask nods and stalks behind Thograt, Liri, and Ninni

stealth:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (6) + 4 = 10
Perception to see or hear anything that might be an ambush:1d20 + 7 ⇒ (7) + 7 = 14

Female Gnome Sorcerer 2

Before anyone moves ahead of Neji, she will hug them tightly, wishing them luck (and casting Resistance, +1 resistance bonus on saves, duration 1 minute).
Of course this spell is optional, you may choose to not take it. The bum rub, however, may require a Reflex save. Or perhaps a Will save.
GM - do I have time to cast Mage Armour as well? Twice if the monk wants it?

Neji’s Mini Stats:

Hp: 11/11
Current AC/Touch/Flat:
Normal AC/Touch/Flat: 15 / 15 / 12

Spells in Effect (upon whom)
Resistance (Neji, reapplied regularly, Thograt? Brask? Liri? Ninni? Khazad? Big Mug?)
Light (Small rock held by Neji. She keeps it tight in her fist, allowing a little light to shine through between her fingers in front of her, or closing her fight to block the light completely.)

Enlarge Person, Mage Armour [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Cantrips: Daze, Resistance, Light, Prestidigation
Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Prestidigitation, Speak with Animals [ ]
Heavenly Fire [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Bolts (20)
Flasks of Acid (3)

Thograt looks a little uncomfortable as the gnome hugs him. :D

Female Gnome Sorcerer 2
Thograt the Sexy Cleric wrote:
Thograt looks a little uncomfortable as the gnome hugs him. :D

"Oh c'mon, Honey. Nothing bad could come of a little hug with me, now could it?"

Bluff 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (17) + 9 = 26

Liriana takes her position. looking for traps as they go. Feeling right now like she may as well of drank. But she does her best to spot what she can. No human will try anything on us. She Says, whilst thinking to herself Neji is going to be so much fun to travel with. Liriana was already laughing at some of the men blushing. Part of her wished she could be as confident around men as Neji seemed to be.

Trap finding1d20 + 5 ⇒ (5) + 5 = 10

PER1 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11

per2 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

Liberty's Edge

Ninni stays silent not much of a talker or diplomatic type she realizes whatever she says will probably cause some havoc as when she speaks it usually does. She hopes this will break put into a brawl or something as she is bored not having punched a man in several days that begin a long time for her.

Ninni has noticed no traps. Neji gestures in the air with her small hands and an insubstantial suit of armor resembling a chain shirt encases Ninni.

The human guards are startled as Thograt clanks out of the snow.

"Your a dwarf and.....well, you're early. The humans quickly draw handaxes and attempt to look menacing. "One more step and that beard is coming off."

He looks even more taken aback as Ninni and Liri glide out of the snow with confidence and ease.

"Let me go talk to the Captain. I am sure you will want to talk to him, right. He can get you the stuff."

Per (2) check >= 15:
These boys are wound tight.

Thograt stops and as they brandish their hand axes he says "Relax there. Yer I'm a Dwarf, and I'm here to trade not fight. I'll wait right here while you get yer captain."

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24

8 more human thugs arrive with handaxes except for the leader who has a greatsword after the gate is opened. The leader is the only one who talks "Well you didn't give us time to get the stuff. You brought two ingots didn't you. I need to see em now. You don't have any other dwarves sneaking and skulking around out there too do you?"

"In case you didn't know, times they are a changin and leavin yousen behinds. I'll take one ingot and start loading the wagons, on completion you give us another and you can have them."

The humans have studded leather armor on.

"That's ok I know we are early. I have a few friends behind me on the road as you can see Thograt indicates the party behind him on the road. "One thing though, the deal is supposed to be one Ingot for the supplies. Why are you trying to raise the price?"

Diplomacy for haggling: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16

The rest of the group gathers on the road barely withing sight of the light about 30' from the humans (except for those who do not wish to reveal themselves. This decision to reveal yourself or not cannot be mad AFTER a stealth roll

"You dwarves not only skulk around now, but you getting chincy. We been thinking and talking--two little bars of metal for five big boxes of stuff--you lazy dwarves been living off the hard work of humans for too long. How about you actually work to make your own stuff rather than trading for ours. By violating the 'deal' and showing up early I should be jacking you even more."

"Three ingots of ore at the gate without having to risk pissing off the king and leaving face down. I am saving you from meeting the king--who will treat much more harshly with you."

Another small-rat faced human speaks excitedly in a squeaky voice - "They got real weapons and armor Bart. Look at their equipment - it's the good stuff. Some of them are beyond the ability to make anywhere in the Northern Reaches. How about we let them pony up an ingot and some of that really good gear? Then we all are happy? If you let me closely examine each of them and pick one piece of gear, we would do well"

The burly man with the two handed sword casually spins his large sword while he talks -- "Squeak is wise. One ingot it is and we get to cherry pick at least six pieces of gear as a tax for bringing combat gear to a parley and showing up early.

After listening to this (*&^ I can't stand it. Don't seem like negotiations are going well.

Big Mug steps out of the shadows and the hammer and anvil seem to have an unearthly glow in the firelight. The humans react as undead to a holy symbol for a few seconds and take an involuntary step back.

"You throwing your past glories in our face now. Take the deal or the steel."

I see Howie Mandel saying it is pretty good deal from the TV show deal or no deal. Unfortunatley there are no ladies with shiny suitcases.

A few humans nervously laugh at the joke.

dm roll-secret:
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5

Brask stays out of sight. Good thing I decided to keep watch over the rest o' them, he thinks when he sees the other humans walk out. When he sees Big Mug walk out into the group, he decides to try and diffuse the situation as best he can. He stalks back to the back of the group hanging back.
Stealth:1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5

"Well, looks like we're in tha clear." Brask looks at the captain of the guards, "Yer boys are doin' a fine job 'ere. Please fergive tha lad, it's 'is first time outta tha hall. As fer why we're here early, we wanted to get a good look at yer fine city afore we had ta make our way ta tha king." Brask looks around at all the guards, and smiles with a twinkle in his eye, "An' if yer up ta it, I'll buy ye all a roun' after our meetin'."

Diplomacy:1d20 - 2 ⇒ (13) - 2 = 11 to aid Thograt

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Is there such a thing as "hinder another"? :D

We're putting too much faith in the g~%&*#n humans. They're clearly up to no good.
Khazad looks at the Big Mug appreciatively, and steps forward, standing aside him.

You think we're living off your hard work, eh? Why don't you go mine and smelt that ore yourselves then? What, is it too hard for your precious skins and girly hands? Then take one ingot with you and deliver it to your king, before we deliver him your arses on a plate!
Diplomacy:1d20 - 3 ⇒ (2) - 3 = -1 to aid Thograt
Glaive readied against charge

Crap, deleted my post by mistake. the basics were I readied to draw my great axe when the humans attack and I rolled a -1 on a Diplomacy check to try and diffuse the situation. Below is the dialogue.

"Aw, s$!~. Look lads, he's just a li'l wound up. Why don't we all just relax an' have a mug o' mead."

Diplomacy: -1

readies to draw greataxe when the humans attack.

Brask Looks at Thograt, "Can't blame tha lad really. Ne'er did like tha 'umans."

Female Gnome Sorcerer 2

Speaking quietly to Khazad and Brasks and the others in the group:
"From what this... Human," she almost spits as she says the word, "it seems his king wants one ingot, and this one wants some profit. We should go see the king himself, and let him know what this rascal is up to."

This is not meant to be loud enough for the humans. We are about 30 - 40' back, right?

I don't know where Khazad is. I'm up there with Thograt and the others. This is going to get... messy. EDIT: Khazad is up here with us. Oh, boy.

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Epic dwarven diplomacy FTW! :D Next time, let's send someone with actual skills do the talking!

Oh don't worry, I had helped Thograt out a little. You on the other hand may wind up getting a nice shave.

f dwarf rogue/1

I'm With you on this one Neji, I say we try and see the king and see what he has to say about the price. Something needs to be done if we are going to come up against this every time we attempt a trade. Seeing the tensions escalate she considers drawing her weapon slightly. but she trusts that Brask and Thograt can a handle things.

Liberty's Edge

Ninni has no clue what is going on but really wants to bash the living hell out of these humans so she decides that is what she'll do. "So do I have to crack a couple skulls cause I'll tell you that's the way your headed."

Ninni is not trying to intimidate but to get the thugs to draw their weapons for an excuse to beat them up.

Never send me to deal with problems the only way Ninni deals with problems is beat the s*** out of the problem.

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