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Team Dwarf/Gnome in Elves vs Dwarves -- ELVES KEEP OUT (Inactive)

Game Master Chainmail

Homebrew old school campaign where elves and dwarves interact in an ever increasing way as the game continues.
current map

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The thread is up.

This is the dwarf team official gaming area. If you haven't been officially invited as a player or alternate, you should post in the main thread.

"They say the time of the earth children is at an end. Things have not gone well. After aiding the human race in the battle against the goblins, our fate has not improved. We have been driven to a small, nasty wasteland with limited water sources and a freezing climate by the humans we liberated. We fought to the exhaustion of our nation, and the dwarvish birth rate could not keep up with that of the humans.

Rock raises his stump of a left hand with prosthetic hammer "But that will change when I unleash this team on the human continent."

"It's not right, what the Humans did! Completely without Honor. What's your plan Rock?" Just barely 4' tall Thograt stands before Rock, a polished silver Warhammer symbol hangs around his neck resting on his scale mail armour (The symbol of the Dwarves creator god Torag. The chain it hangs on is obscured by a thick dirty blond beard that is starting to get grey streaks through it.

"Oh, that li'l overbreedin' problem tha 'umans have is nuthin' a few good shots couldn't cure." Almost a half foot taller than Thograt, Brask's lean, but toned, arms cradle a longbow as stout as any crossbow. He smiles like a wolf as he pats it, "Aye, an' we 'ave moren a few good shots in me opinion."

After a demanding six month training program in the halls of the deepest and last dwarven stronghold in the world, you get an appreciationg for the heritage of the earth children. You drill with weapons, and Rock comes in with for a few minutes each week to offer a curt word or to grab your hand in his solid grip to improve a technique. He even shows the monk some finer points of unarmed combat. The stories of the mighty gods that still remain to aid their chosen race linger around you as a virtual armor against threats and perils.

A few times you go outside and appreciate the emptiness of the landscape the dwarves now rule. On on trip through a few tunnels you emerge within site of the human encampment from a secret door carved into stone. Gazing from a small hill on a clear morning you see a small settlement. You see the human lands stretch on in the distance with warm fires and hustling activity. This human race is a race of haste and hurry; often a race of violence and hatred.

Rock gruffly states "When you go there, be always alert. There may be a few scattered allies for us, but most of them have lost their honor and their way." The burden of leading a race that was once great in his youth is all too apparent at this moment. "Make your final preparations and I will send you on your first mission."

You may upgrade one weapon to masterwork in the armory. Your leader is given two cure light wound potions. You may pick a third potion of equal value including another CLW. When you are all ready you will be given your instructions.

Liberty's Edge

A energetic tomboyish gnome stands with the rest but stays mostly quiet when Rock speaks. "The sooner we can bash in the heads of elves the better I say doubt those bloody humans will be of any help to us dwarves they have no honor." She is very short for a gnome and they are already very short she has short brown hair and acts like your average dwarven drunk not like those of the gnomes.

She thanks Rock for the help when asked if she wants her weapon upgraded she says. "Weapons, BAH I'll punch out every elf that comes at me nota one will stand when I'm done with em."

f dwarf rogue/1

Liriana enters the room and approaches the group. She is quiet but she is not trying to be silent. Upon hearing Ninni's rousing words she begins to ponder what weapon she would like to master work. "I second that sentiment Ninni. The only humans with honor are destroyed by the rest of their foul race." she is average height for a dwarf and slim build. well spoken but speaks very quietly and not often, however what she does say she means.

Could I master work my thieves tools?

"Aye me lord, I'll make sure our backs are free o' knives an' arrows." Brask grabs a masterwork greataxe from the armory, "An' I'll make this axe a name ta be proud o'."

Liberty's Edge

Ninni thinks about it for a second and then heads to the armory to get her hands on a mwk kama.

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Ok I've decided to make the most out of GM generosity while it lasts and take on all 3 feats :) Also I was on the fence about how appropriate would it be for a dwarf to have a longbow, but since Brask has one I'll take one too :)
A question I have is - do the AB and AC bonuses from the feats affect CMB and CMD?

"So, the dwarven army failed to defend the rights of our people, and now you expect to change it with the help of a party?" Khazad shakes his unkempt head. "I can't see it happening, but I trust you, Thane Stonecrusher. I'll make sure enemies are dead before they even reach me."

Khazad heads over to the armory and demands a Mwk glaive and an oil of magic weapon.

"I'll be taking a nice sturdy Warhammer from the armory. Torag would expect no less of me!" Thograt says with zeal, also accepting the two potions of cure light wounds with gratitude.

am I understanding right that Rock Stonecrusher has offered the party a total of two CLW potions and one potion/oil of the same value (the oil of magic weapon that Khazad took)

Khazad is given the masterwork glaive and the armorer takes his regular glaive from him in exchange. The armorer states "I canna give you the oil, that is for Thograt to get. You do have your glaive--you do understand what an upgrade is."

Three feats do not affect CMB or CMD.

"Is Gluckle ready for the oath and the banner ceremony?"

Liriana Stonehilt wrote:

Could I master work my thieves tools?


"I have sheltered our people from some things including you. I will reveal more so that Thograt and his team can use the best judgement."

"We trade with nearest town for vital resources to keep our community going. I trade one ingot of valuable dwarven ore that can only be made my the finest dwarvish craftsmen for a years worth of vital supplies from the small city state now Called the Northern Reach. You will travel there and make the trade. Last year a similar team of six departed and returned without incident. They wanted to make the exchange at the pass rather than be shown to the halls of the human king, but the humans demanded another another ingot of ore. The team went into the halls and returned after "getting the respect we deserve" (quoting their report) -- and paying only a single ingot of ore.

Here are two ingots of the finest ore. You are to use your judgement and procure the supplies. These supplies are essential. Get them at all costs. If you cannot get them from the Northern Reach we will have to institute a new set of bribes and contacts that will cost at least five ingots of ore and more risk to our people."

The plan is to depart from the secret door by the pass and approach the human settlement. There is a protocol set by the years which sets a noon appointment in three days. Your bannerman is preparing a banner of a hammer and anvil on a grey background. This banner gives a permanent bless ability while deployed to the entire group; this can be further augmented by another bless spell. You are assigned a well armored bannerman to carry the banner; he holds the banner in two hands and will not let it go until death.

The climate is much more hostile in the human lands; this year this mission is more perilous.

Liberty's Edge

"We got three days plenty of time for me to familiarize everyone with me and my fists." She turns to her new group "The names Ninni and well there isn't much to tell about myself really I dedicate my life to my fists and well I'm um a bit of a klutz If you know what I mean." She turns feeling a bit awkward in the situation. "Pleasure to um meet you all." She bows and loudly blurts "I look forward to working with you lot."

"Well Ninni Lindnock, If yer lookin' fer a sparrin' partn'r, I'd be happy ta go a few rounds." Brask cracks his knuckles and gives the Gnome a friendly grin. "Though, I'd try an' 'void punchin' anyone we need ta like us."

"With thus team and Torag to back us up, I will return with the supplies we need. You can count on us!" Thograt says with enthusiasm, then he looks around "Hmm, where's our Gnome sorcerer? If we can't find him we may have to find someone else."

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Hey I didn't mean to hijack the 3rd potion, sorry! With everyone given 300 gp for a masterwork item, I assumed 50 more gp for a potion would be for everyone, not for the party! Sorry, please feel free to discuss whatever the party could need most! (protection from chaos / endure elements maybe?)

f dwarf rogue/1

It seems much has been hidden from us over the year. Perhaps with good reason, perhaps not. This mission is important non the less. I shall collect my masterwork tools and be glad to take all the luck in the world. I feel we may need it. Human actions do not often match their words.

Hello to you Ninni, though sparing isn't my thing, I look forward to seeing your skills in action.She turns to everyone to introduce herself formally to the people she has seen in passing in training. The names Liriana Stonehilt. My friends call me Liri, My enemies don't last long enough to learn my name.

Liberty's Edge

Ninni grins. "Sounds like a plan Brask though I doubt any could stand against me." She looks around to her companions "Anyone else up for a brawl, it would be a great way for us to get to know each other." She gives a wide, devious, but friendly grin.

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Khazad sizes up Ninni. "Normally I'd ignore you because it would be a disgrace to accept challenge from a female. But as we dwarves know, all proper women have beards, so you don't count! Ahahaha! Well, are you up for it or not?"
Please let me know if I need to tone it down, I'm trying to roleplay my 5 CHA, so going to be a jerk at times, but in a friendly way :)

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Also Ninny, before we start sparring, I noticed that there's a +2 monk AC on your charsheet. Where exactly does it come from? I thought monk AC bonus doesn't appear until level 4?

Liberty's Edge

"I think you will find I am the best brawler around these parts mate. Been in countless taverns that ave thrown me out , they tell me "No brawling" so I punch em out and then they don't let me back in ridiculous I say." She eyes everyone and adds. "I'll need a drink first."

monks get Wisdom to AC so I wrote as monk AC.

"Oh I dunno Khazad, if she needs ta get drunk first, then I think she mehbe more of a woman than ye thinks." Brask grins wickedly at the other dwarf.

Remember to adjust your feats. You get one additional feat and may take any from the list of three to start. I quoted and example where a dwarf fighter took all three because regular feat + bonus feat + additonal feat = 3. Not every starting character can take three from the list, but everyone can take 2.

"Ninni, I once knew a dwarf named Khelgar Ironfist. We decided to duel for honor and before I could swing my axe I was on my arse. I have learned to respect those who fight with their hands."

f dwarf rogue/1

Liriana is happy to finally be around true Dwarfs. most of her bretherin are downtrodden and fight to survive, not for fun anymore. She couldn't help but think of the stories her father told her of the old days and longed to pick up her axe and once again swing it an enemy. Ill be up for downin a few good old drinks with you. I'm sure I could persuade some of the old barman to let you in. I hold a few favours with them.

"Aye, but ta make things clear, if a one o' us is found out in tha cold on our arse, then we all are. Got it?"

Liberty's Edge

LOL love your reference to Khelgar his story is hilarious.

"Alright then let us head for the tavern and down a few eh, preferably one I've never been too don't know if they would be too happy to see me." Ninni would gladly buy first rounds as she will likely down MANY.

"Sounds like a good plan ta me. By yer leave me Lord?"

The entire party is treated to a keg of Giant's Tears (GT) - the strongest brew in the stronghold. More standard brews are available on the house. The entire 500 seat beer hall is full to toast the new heroes. If any of your group can down 3 tankards of GT without passing out, it is considered good fortune. Anyone drinking a tankard of GT must make a 10 Fort save to avoid passing out. Each successive tankard increases the difficulty by 2.

Brask steps up to the cask of liquor and raises a tankard of it in a toast.

"ARRRR! May the halls of Dwarves be ever filled with mead and our enemies ever drowned in vomit!"

1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 101d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 181d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7

He downs the first on and wobbles a bit. The Dwarves tending the cask look a little anxious and hesitate for a moment before Brask grabs the second tankard and downs it with little difficulty. Half-way through the third he passes out and falls backwards onto the floor and begins to snore.

Liberty's Edge

"Lets see how strong this stuff really is now shall we."

Forts:1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20

She downs one and foolishly continues on downing a second and falls over snoring in deep sleep.

Well, looks like Ninni got half-way through the second. Just out of curiosity, does having the whole party pass out trying to achieve this feat count as a bad omen?

Brask stirs a bit when the Gnome Monk falls on top of him.

"Aye! Torag give us strength and bless our quest!"
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14

Thograt downs the first two quickly. Takes a moment to steady himself and then downs the third tankard. He sways dangerously and then gives a thunderous Bbuurrrp.

"Ta the quest!! he slurs. His eyes half closed.

Equaling a DC is enough to pass right?

That's the way I did it. If I remember right, the DC of a task is like an enemy's AC match or beat it you succeed.
"ZZzzzzzzzzzznrk... 'NOTHER ROUN' zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
Brask is dreaming apparently.

+1+2+1 = +4 for FORT for Thograt right

Dragon's Tears is strong stuff. It has been known to inspire visions and augury (as well as an occasional fit of shaking). After passing out from the strong drink, you see a possible future.

Your intrepid team departs to the human settlement of the Northern reaches from 'Secret Gate'. You approach a rough wooden gate that is the entry point into the human settlement of Tallwood. One foot of snow on the ground and a biting wind make travel difficult. You approach at the agreed upon time for the annual exchange, noon.

Eight thugs are gathered in front of a large wagon stacked with five large crates within the shelter of a large overhand over the threshold to the gate. The leader approaches and says "Price now is two ingots. Save you the need to meet the King. Save everyone trouble.

The men are obviously edgy, suspicious, and wary.

The vision disappears and you come to only ten minutes from passing out. Not a common occurence for GT imbibers as a quick look around reveals dwarves everywhere passed out.

Rock Stonecrusher wrote:
+1+2+1 = +4 for FORT for Thograt right

Add another +1 for his CON score. So +5 FORT.

"Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Ladiesh, ladiesh tharzzz enuff o' Brassssshk fer all o' ye...zzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Brask wraps his arms around the Gnome of him and looks like he's going to kiss her.
Apologies in advance if this last bit is going a wee bit too far.

"Huzzah, Thograt did it. He leads by example in drinking, a true dwarf leader. Normally this auspicious feat inspires visions in others."

Rock holds up Thograt's hand. A little more than half the dwarves are on their feet cheering, and those on the ground rouse from their slumber. "Thograt, Thograt, Thograt" is the chant.

"Where is that other sorceror, Thograt, did you lose another one?

When told about the visions, Rock stresses the importance of making plans. "These visions are one possible future. If you do not like it, you need to change something to make it different." "Now meet your bannerman."

"I am proud to bear the anvil and hammer. This banner will never fall while my heart beats and there is feeling in my hands.

He carries the banner two-handed and will fight defensively. He is wearing a suit of chain mail.

"Well I will put my banner down to drink some GT. I haven't had it in years."

After awaking.. "What a vision -- similar to what probably happened a year ago."

Thograt looks pretty pleased with himself, if a little concerned about the vision. Ge gives a drunken smile and says "Nup, I found another gnome sir, he's a fair and well ordered sort sir and we can count on him not to go missin like der last one." As he says this he grabs Neji a little ruffly by the arm to present to Rock. She is clearly female but it seems the effects if the GT are blurring Thograts vision a little. "May I present Neji! does everyone have some cold weather gear. Looks like we will need it."

Nope, but I'll get some on my way out.

Brask wakes up right as he's about to plant a big wet on on the monk's cheek.
"Oh damn, she's gonna gut me wit' a rusty dagg'r"
His eyes go wide as fear drowns out the pounding headache.

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Khazad happily joins the others in the dwarves' favourite pastime.

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (17) + 5 = 22
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 5 = 14

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Unfortunately, he stumbles right as he finishes the second tankard, and drops flat on the floor.
"Hey! No droppin' tha floors on peeple!" - is all he manages to say before passing out.

Thograt gives a hearty laugh as he watches Brask come to. Then he says to Big Mug " I'll be proud to march under your banner. Thank you for your dedication."

Thograt has taken a Dwarven Waraxe from the armory instead of the war hammer as he took the war domain as you suggested Chainmail. I think we will take three CLW potions unless someone has a better suggestion Thograt can cast MAGIC WEAPON 1 per day as a domain spell.

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