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Team Dwarf/Gnome in Elves vs Dwarves -- ELVES KEEP OUT (Inactive)

Game Master Chainmail

Homebrew old school campaign where elves and dwarves interact in an ever increasing way as the game continues.
current map

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Plot here against the elves. You will be given further instructions by your leaders.

Rock Stonecrusher wrote:

You may upgrade one weapon to masterwork in the armory. Your leader is given two cure light wound potions. You may pick a third potion of equal value including another CLW. When you are all ready you will be given your instructions.

Does anyone have any suggestions for our third potion?

Liberty's Edge

Hey everybody am opening ANOTHER pbp if your interested you can find the recruitment thread here

I just saw it. Looks good but I'm really at my max right now.

@ Brask, Are you planning for the ranged ranger?

time for making your final preparations and some getting to know each other as well as locating Gluckle

Ninni, just like Neji, you would lose nothing by replacing Toughness with Dwarven Toughness, while gaining the ability to stack the other one later. Liriana, it would be helpful to audience members like me if you added Luck of Stonecrusher to your feats; I only found it in your AC. Enjoying watching already; good luck with the drinking contest!

Ok I'm going to take dwarven toughness instead of combat casting. I'll take five foot steps.

Quoting again the final report.

They wanted to make the exchange at the pass rather than be shown to the halls of the human king, but the humans demanded another ingot of ore. The team went into the halls and returned after "getting the respect we deserve" (quoting their report) -- and paying only a single ingot of ore.

Local Knowledge DC=12 - no untrained checks:
Times are much tougher and tensions are higher than last year.

Enter or not to enter

Would have posted in gameplay if information was not new. I think the local knowledge check can was added, but it is not crucial. I will copy this to gameplay.

Late, I know, but yes I am going to be a ranged ranger.

and in other news, WHOA BOY! looks like we're about to have to knock some humans out.

Lol. It's going well... ... =D

So, just wanting to know, has Bogorin/Grabogrin made it into to the game and I should complete his sheet, or is he holding as an alternate or...?

Thanks! Loving reading the game so far anyway

Not sure about the former, but I'm glad you're enjoying the game!

Bogorin needs crunch as, last I checked, the dwarves be battling 6 crossbowmen, 11 axe wielding thugs, and a boss wielding a greatsword outside a fortified camp. There may be blood. You are #1 alternate.

Ok doke Boss. So as there's no rush, rush, i will have him done in the next day or two tops. (schedule changed a bit as I was suddenly called away out of town)

And wha? Only 18 Humans again' 5 o' me kin n' a couple o Gnomes? I don' get it, d' this just be tha warm up fight??

f dwarf rogue/1

Chainmail, I'm afraid I have to be the first drop out. (and only I hope) The game is great and I will still be following it with enthusiasm, just real life has gotten in the way. I love the idea and where it has gone so far. Can't wait to read where it goes, but I no longer have the free time to join in. Feel free to NPC my character if you wish. It's up to you how you let her leave the campaign. thank you, for the chance to join.

f dwarf rogue/1

maybe she if disappears to go spy on the elves. she can be your npc spy lol

d'oh! Spoke to soon! Sorry to see you go Liriana!

If Grobogrin is still in and you don't need a sneaky type instead I'll get him finished today. Will be travelling for much of the day though so likely won't be done till this evening.

Male Human Barbarian 3

Bogorin is on deck. Liriana, unfortunately, will note that as a NPC her risks of perishing have increased. I would ask Thograt what type of dwarf the group needs. Map is on the way--google docs is taking a while.

Oh boy, didn't realize how many hornets were in this nest.

It's TotIM all over again! Well, least this time I didn't go, "LEROY JENKINS!"

and I don't have to worry about barbed devils.

I guess a new rogue would be good, but a bard would be nice to. Jn the end people should make what they want to play and the team will make do.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If you do make a bard I do have two requests.

1) Keep disable device maxed.
2) He plays the bagpipes.

Lol Brask

Hmmm, while I am quite fond of old Bogorin as it's now looking pretty sure that the other game is going to resurrect I certainly don't need to play him twice. And suddenly, wouldn't you know it, a certain Daredevil/Savage Skald Bard is yelling at me to let him out so he can kick in the teeth of those $%^#$@ humans trying to rip off his people. This could be Fun!

Will need another day though to 'create' him so please all try to keep alive until he gets there!


EDIT: I'm not seeing that Bard's get Disable Device, am I missing something? Or did they change something?

It's not a class skill for bards no. Doesn't mean you can't put max ranks in it though. You just don't get the +3 class bonus.

Bogorin wrote:

:( lol

Male Battle Dwarf 1/ Daredevil, Battle Skald Bard

Start a fight without me will ya Thograt! After we finish moping tha floor with these beardless apes I'm be teaching ya a thing or two about proper manners I will!

(While you may seriously come to regret it, Dogar will be with you sometime tomorrow. All I can say is, you asked for it! )

Bogorin Rockstomper wrote:

Aaawwwwwww maaaaaaaan!

Male Battle Dwarf 1/ Daredevil, Battle Skald Bard

OK! Here he is!

Just still need to buy a some equipment items and fill in the appearance, backstory etc. but other than that, he's ready to rumble.

But of of course if anyone notices any errors or anything I'm missing please let me know.

I do recall the dwarves were given some stuff, yes? I added the masterwork weapon, and what else was it, a potion?

GM, how do you want Dogar to enter the fray? I was thinking that he had been left behind because he hadn't returned in time from a scouting mission. Once he found out the group had left without him his been furiously following them. He's got a serious mad on for Thorgrat right now for leaving without him. But if that doesn't work for ya, no worries. I'll roll with whatever ya want.

Err are you using archetypes?

Male Battle Dwarf 1/ Daredevil, Battle Skald Bard

Ya, am I not allowed to? If I'm not, I'll probably go with the Rogue instead, as I find the vanilla Bard pretty boring.

Hmmm, or maybe a battle cleric? Or a Barbarian?

Only Core = no archetypes. Vanilla bard boring, I guess he can be, unless he plays the drums or bagpipes. No masterwork item yet (budget only called for 6).
As soon as you have him, we will work him in. You get to be Stonecrusher third nephew twice removed who insists on going anyway. Better not have lawful alignment.

Uh I forgot about the potions... I was planing to give one each between myself, and the two other melee types (Khazad and Ninni) would it be ok if we assumed Thograt remembered to do that chainmail?

Male Battle Dwarf 1/ Daredevil, Battle Skald Bard

Sigh. Was really looking forward to Dogar too, and he woulda fit in perfectly I think. Ok, well back to the drawing board...

And lol, no worries, a lawful alignment is nowhere in the blueprint.

Sure - Thograt, Khazad and Ninni have one CL each. Remember drinking potions provokes an AoO.

Clarification on flanking:
I used the house rule if you were flanked by one you were flanked by all (once flanked, anyone got +2), but I am going to stick with Paizo's ruling in this game. I have ensured no flanking attacks on Liri would have missed by official Pathfinder rules.

That's Thograt Past -12 by my count ;) thanks for the game Chainmail :)

Stay around -- we may need replacements quickly.

No one is on deck in the recruitment thread. Theograt, if you are still interested, make another character and you are good to go. You died in battle like a true dwarf. If there is still time you may want to collaborate with Dogar and possibly switch if you want to try a rogue and he a battle cleric. If you want to cut and paste Thograt's stats to another character, feel free. As you can see, I do not balance for CR at every turn, but I have no (link->) Kobayashi Maru scenarios either.

I apologize for missing Ninni, won't happen again; please bear with me.

Sorry, I've had a busy couple of days. I've posted my action and I'm probably not going to be able to post much during the day during the week until after January 8th.

Well, I guess we're about to find out how quickly I can get us regrouped.

You are flying a banner of your kingdom in a battle where things are going bad. You are lawful combatants in the field of battle. Spoils of war and ransom are not uncommon. Dwarven pride is also quite fierce, so I understand the dilemma. I think the troops are ready to fight to the bitter end. Consider all your options.

Colonel Wainwright USMC supposedly cried before he surrendered his marine command to the Japanese at the battle of Corregidor. I do see some parallels.
Battle of Corregidor

My idea is retreat then try and meet with the king, alone if need be. We may win, but right now it's not likely, and I'd prefer to get the wounded out of harm's way and then try negotiating my way in.

And I can already see this ending badly, no matter what. Brask, as much as he hates humans, is pragmatic, he would rather cut his losses than try and win a Pyrrhic victory.

Thanks Khazad I might survive.

Well done; elves got an old song reference and so do you. Makes me remember how long ago I did this.

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Sorry, could you please remind me - do we roll for HP or pick? I suspect we roll, so here goes:
Level 2 HP:1d10 ⇒ 10

Nice roll :) 1d8 ⇒ 8

Sweet, must be the time for it :)

ALL OF THEM!!! Goblin 20 Grandmaster DM/10 Charismatic Salesman/10 College Professer/4 Average Lad/6 King

Fallout War Never Changes

Running a futuristic setting campaign based on the fallout setting. Rules are a mix between my own the modern d20 rules and the original fallout d20 ruleset. Please check it out if you are interested.

Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Brask was waiting for someone eloquent and wise and got a fighter with Cha 5 and Wis 10. Oh the irony :D


Rogue3/Wiz1 by training, Machiavellian by temperment

Checking in. Onboard, on duty. I've to tweak my equipment list for minor items, ie Rations, pitons. Planning for contingencies, nothing that will break bank nor affect balance.

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