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Tark's Skull and Shackles: Feversea Swashbucklers (Inactive)

Game Master Tark the Ork


How many ship actions will I be allowed per day?:

Two. One during the day and one at night. Do not bother attempting to time the actions in any special ways it is assumed by the AP that you're performing the actions at opportune moments between work.

So, why can't I rally some of the crew and take it over now?

Well to start, you have few to no friends at the start of the AP. Second, some of the senior officers are around level 12. So, feel free to start a mutiny with your fellow level 2-3 swabs. It will be hilarious.

Wait? So you're letting me make last minute changes and allowing me to buy equipment but not use it?

Yes. The AP is hard. Giving you a last chance to tweak your character to the group is the one bit of mercy you will be given before you get kicked in the teeth and crapped on through the gap. And that is without me making many changes. The equipment bit is necessary as it does give you a chance to recover the gear at some point. Write your equipment list separate from your sheet and post it in the OOC or PM it to me so I can set it aside for another time.

Oh gods things are going slooooowww!

I tend to run character oriented games going with the flow presented to me by the group unless there actions will force the game too far from the AP or collide headlong into a nasty boulder in the river. If you feel the game is going too slow encourage your fellow players to move along. I do ask for at least one post every twenty four or so hours even if it's just a checking in post. Let me know when you're ready to move on and don't be afraid to improvise scenery a bit for theatrical flair. In the end if it makes sense for it to be there I'll rarely have anything to say about it.

Daytime Ship Actions
Ship Actions: You get one of these a day.

Sneak/Steal: Choose to do this at either night or day. During the day you have an auto success on stealth check not to get caught but must make perception checks. During night must make stealth check to not get caught. Additional checks may be required to deal with locks/guards.

Explore: BAsically wander about and look into things without intention of getting into things. Same as above but with lesser consequences for getting caught.

Influence: Intimidate/Bluff/Diplomacy someone into becoming your friend.

Work: Stay out of trouble.

Other actions may be possible and are up to player/gm discretion.

Bilges: Mugwort
Quartermasters Store: KEss
Upper Foredeck: Riven
Mid Deck: Ryzern, Riven
Lower Hold: Kess
Middle Hold: Riven
Kitchen: Partial Exploration by Ryzern

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