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Tark's Council of Thieves: Rebels with a Cause (Inactive)

Game Master Tark the Ork


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Corrected spell selection and may need to slightly modify backstory due to Cheliax having state run newspapers (Mentioned in Asmodia's conversation with Arael ""We'll keep an eye out for someone. I take it you'd like a discrete printer? Not many of those around here with state controlled papers and criers.")

My players have chosen!

Would Teo and Bongomite please report to the OOC thread for brain flensing and subsequent reprogramming.

Yup - we reviewed the submissions and went through a thorough evaluation. But in our opinion it is size that really matters, so we went with the two characters who were shortest. Welcome gnome and halfling.

All joking aside, everyone else, great submissions. Even with only six applications it was not an easy decision.

Oh, and Tark, I am not sure where you mind is, but I believe his name is not Bongomite. It is Bingomite.

Good luck guys. Thanks for the opportunity to apply.

Fantastic! Thanks for the invite guys. I'll report to the OOC thread.


It was great to have the opportunity to review a bunch of really good and well thought out applications, normally these processes are so much simlper because it comes down to a few clear gems, but in this case it really was a bit of a lengthy dialogue!

Thanks for the consideration, guys. A gnome and a halfling should liven up any party!

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

Thanks for the consideration have fun with the gnome and halfling.

So. It looks like a call for 1 more has been sent out for this campaign :)
From what I can tell, you have a human barbarian who's good with melee and some maneuvers, an Aasamar ranger switch hitter with an animal companion, a human bard/cleric that can heal/support well, and a half orc inquisitor who can switch hit with some good skills :)
Do I have the gist of it?

So I get the feeling you wouldn't be too excited about a dwarven barbarian focusing on tank and bull rush :)
So I'll think of something else. Thinking of alchemist, either bomb happy or Mr. Know-it-all :)
Anything you are noticing you are lacking for sure?

Dark Archive

Good question, I can fill niches!

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