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Tark's Council of Thieves: Rebels with a Cause

Game Master Tark the Ork


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M Aasimar HP:42/42, AC:16/T:12/FF:14 - Percep: +11(Dark Vis) F:+5/R:+6/W:+3 CMD: 19, Spd: 30ft, Init: +4/+6 Ranger 4

For sure

Inquisitor (Milani) 5; AC 18 T 13 FF 15; Fo +6 Re +4 Wi +6; HP 42; Lvl 2 2/3, Lvl 1 1/5, Cantrip: at will

Shield of Faith
Divine Favor

"Let's see what that thing was trying to keep us from." Salm casts Divine Favor then steps past the remains of the elemental and tries to open the door (at K20).

Male Orc Expert 5

So we're alive here? For a bit I thought the game died on me. Yes you can get Teo's wand though bugger me if I know what its state was.

Salm opens the door to a preparation chamber. The whole room smells of fresh blood and rust. HE hears no immediate threats.

Map Updated.

Male Human Bard 1 / Cleric 4

being nosy and puling up Teo's profile, I found this....Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (29 charges), Wand of CLW (25 charges).

Connell takes the team's wands and after a quick inspection he grabs the more powerful one to reknit Bejis's various wounds.

CMW: 2d8 + 3 ⇒ (3, 3) + 3 = 9
CMW: 2d8 + 3 ⇒ (1, 1) + 3 = 5 ugh
CMW: 2d8 + 3 ⇒ (6, 4) + 3 = 13
a wee bit more than you need, CMW wand down to 26

Satisfied that the warrior is back in fighting shape he tucks the wands away for safe keeping. He unslings his crossbow from his shoulder, confirms that it is loaded and ready, and begins moving up to follow Salm. Almost as an afterthought, he incants another short spell. His eyes take on a dim blue glow as he surveys the chamber as he walks.

Draw weapon then cast detect magic to look around the chamber. Move up to L22 while checking that furnace thing to the right for magic auras. Moment of Greatness is expired but Bless should still be active for a little while longer.

Inquisitor (Milani) 5; AC 18 T 13 FF 15; Fo +6 Re +4 Wi +6; HP 42; Lvl 2 2/3, Lvl 1 1/5, Cantrip: at will

Presuming the others follow as well.
Salm continues into the room (L13).

Male Human Barbarian 5

Bejis follows Salm, squeezing through the first door, and ready to squeeze through the next.

Full HP

Male Orc Expert 5

Connell detects no magic within the oven and the flames within the oven seems to have died down to mere embers.

The preparation chamber is empty and has little within here that is of interest to adventurers.

Inquisitor (Milani) 5; AC 18 T 13 FF 15; Fo +6 Re +4 Wi +6; HP 42; Lvl 2 2/3, Lvl 1 1/5, Cantrip: at will

Salm goes to the door to the central area and opens the door.

Male Orc Expert 5

The walls of this room are lined with shelves holding all manner of contents—books and clothes and tools and small casks of food and wine and other supplies. A few small tables and chairs sit to either side of a flight of spiral stairs leading down.

A quick look around the room shows no magic items.

Below down the stairs you hear the sounds of activity.

Male Human Bard 1 / Cleric 4

"What a frustrating place!" Connell briefly glances at the books lining the shelves to see if any titles or specific manuscripts catch his eye.

Quickly bored the cleric turns his attention back to the staircase. "Well, looks like we go down to go forward." With a quick incantation his crossbow begins to give off a soft bright light. He hesitates at the top of the stairs. He peers down but waits for one of the others to take the lead.

Perception: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (18) + 11 = 29 not expecting to find anything interesting, and certainly not taking a lot of time to check the books, but figure mabe he'll get lucky.....

Female Elf Rogue 2/Wizard(Air Elementalist) 3 (HP 33/33; AC 14(18 w/Mage Armor), FF 14, T 18)

All, I think it is time that I stepped back from this campaign. The pace is such that I really have no clue what we are doing at this point and when someone posts something, I usually have to go back and read 5 or 10 previous posts just to remember what is going on. Furthermore, at this point, I do not even remember what Aerieth's goals and objectives are.

Inquisitor (Milani) 5; AC 18 T 13 FF 15; Fo +6 Re +4 Wi +6; HP 42; Lvl 2 2/3, Lvl 1 1/5, Cantrip: at will

That's sad to hear. I guess I understand though.
Shield of Faith
Divine Favor

In agreement with Connell, Salm stealthily goes down.
Perception 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (20) + 9 = 29
Stealth 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (8) + 7 = 15

Male Human Barbarian 5

Perception: 1d2 + 9 ⇒ (1) + 9 = 10

Is there any time on the Enlarge Person left?
@Bloodless: Still there?

Bejis is ready to take point going down the stairs.

M Aasimar HP:42/42, AC:16/T:12/FF:14 - Percep: +11(Dark Vis) F:+5/R:+6/W:+3 CMD: 19, Spd: 30ft, Init: +4/+6 Ranger 4

Yep, was just awaiting a group consensus

Male Orc Expert 5

I'll give a proper post tommorrow afternoon. Enlarge person will be down by now wiht the searching and all. I'll just bot our missing lady until the end of this. Then we gotta get our replacement.

In the meantime any last prep things before the final part of this run?

Inquisitor (Milani) 5; AC 18 T 13 FF 15; Fo +6 Re +4 Wi +6; HP 42; Lvl 2 2/3, Lvl 1 1/5, Cantrip: at will

That means my shield of faith and divine favor are probably gone as well.

Salm will cast another Shield of Faith on himself, just in case.

Male Human Bard 1 / Cleric 4

As the divine energies of his spells wear off Connell grips his crossbow even tighter than before. He still has a few gifts available to him but none last as long as he'd like so better to use them as needed. He follows the others as they continue deeper into the building.

Male Orc Expert 5

Going down into the bowels of the mausoleum you find yourself surrounded on all sides by lit black candles, carefully labeled urns on every side and hard stone walls. As Salm steps out into the room a shrill call issues from his left hand side.

"The intruders are here! In the name of the Black Winged Mistress kill them all!"

Bad Guys have 12.5 Init.

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11 Connell
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (17) + 3 = 20 Aerieth
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (4) + 4 = 8 Bloodless
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9 Bejis
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24 Salm


To Salm's left is a crude waist high barrier. Someone could spend 4 squares of movement just to go over it or do it in one with a DC15 acrobatics check. The sisters you can see are armed with crossbows. Bloodless is at the top of the stairs with scraps immediately behind Connell.


Male Human Bard 1 / Cleric 4

Being bottlenecked on the staircase is far from ideal but it does put most of the band within reach as Connell casts another spell. Within seconds a warm glow surrounds Salm, Bejis, Connell and Bloodless. The glow again disappears in an instant but it leaves behind a sense of righteousness for the battle ahead.

Standard Action: Cast Protection from Evil, Communal on the 4 characters mentioned. +2 to AC and +2 to saves for 1 minute each.
Move Action: Once the others have moved forward Connell will clear the staircase for the rest. Probably moving away from the barrier putting him closer to AD17 and more fun behind him. He'll use an immediate action to cast Stone Shield if he starts getting shot at....

Spells Used:

Lvl1 Bless, Magic Weapon, Stone Shield, Weapons Against Evil, shield(dom)
Lvl2 Web Shelter, Protection from Evil (Communal), Shield Other, locate object (dom)

Bard Spells per Day (CL 1):
Lvl1 1/2 remaining

Inquisitor (Milani) 5; AC 18 T 13 FF 15; Fo +6 Re +4 Wi +6; HP 42; Lvl 2 2/3, Lvl 1 1/5, Cantrip: at will

Shield of Faith +2 Deflection
Protection from Evil (from Connell) +2 Deflection, +2 Resistance
Divine Favor +2 Luck on Attack and Weapon Damage

After Connell gave his protection, Salm casts Divine Favor and moves to AB14

Male Orc Expert 5

Need a Bloodless and Bejis post.

M Aasimar HP:42/42, AC:16/T:12/FF:14 - Percep: +11(Dark Vis) F:+5/R:+6/W:+3 CMD: 19, Spd: 30ft, Init: +4/+6 Ranger 4

Bloodless will push down and move as far as he can in one move and ready an attack to go off when the first enemy moves into range. He will also call Scraps the wolf to his side...

Male Human Barbarian 5

I'm not sure if it takes 6 or 7 squares to AC20. If it's 7:
Acrobatics: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (12) + 7 = 19

Bejis goes over the barrier, boxing the 3 hags in against the wall. He roars, "Gorum guide my hands" as he swings at the southern most hag.

Start raging
Greatsword PA: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (3) + 10 = 13 for 2d6 + 14 ⇒ (3, 3) + 14 = 20

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